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Why so Serious?

“Neh, Sasuke, is it true that it’s physically impossible for someone to tickle themselves?”

Sasuke shifted a bit from his slouched position on the couch right across from the recliner Naruto was currently lounging on, the other’s feet propped up against the coffee table.They sat in silence as Sasuke took a few seconds to allow the sudden question to properly sink in, blinking the sleepiness from his heavy lids. 

He aimed an unimpressed glare in Naruto’s general direction, brushing a loose strand of black hair from his cheek. “I’m not even going to answer that, usuratonkachi,” he said, sitting up. “And get your filthy shoes off my furniture.”

Naruto huffed and pouted, but grudgingly complied and let his sandal-clad feet slide from the small table. “Why do you always have to be so mean? I was only asking a question. I’m actually genuinely curious, I’ve never tried tickling myself before,” he remarked, looking down at his torso.

Sasuke’s glare become impossibly more unimpressed as his mind began to fill with irritation. “It’s not my fault you choose to be an idiot and a slob all the time. And in case you didn’t realize, your stupid question kept me from my nap. I’m tired as hell after that long mission; not everyone has your inexhaustible energy, and you can’t expect me to handle every one of your antics whenever you see fit.”

Just as he went to shut his eyelids again, Sasuke had half a second to brace himself as the couch dipped underneath him and the breath was abruptly knocked from his lungs. He snapped his head up only to come inches from a grinning, triumphant face. 

“Lighten up already, teme, you should know by now I never listen to a word you say when you go off on your lecturing tirades. Let’s experiment on each other!” Naruto urged, enthusiastically pulling off his light t-shirt. 

Head spinning with bewilderment and flaring anger, Sasuke latched onto the broad shoulders of the blonde who was comfortably seated right on top of him and shoved. He was further infuriated when the body above him refused to budge. “Get off me, idiot!” he demanded pushing again. He should’ve known his efforts would be in vain, though. Once Naruto had an opponent pinned, it was nearly impossible for anyone to get loose, much less throw him off. 

Naruto’s grin widened, pleased to watch the Uchiha’s fruitless efforts and only barely containing his laughter as the other’s usually pale face became flushed with red. “Don’t act like you don’t like what you see,” a tan hand gestured down at his own bare chest,”I’m some hot stuff.” He just barely caught the volatile fist that was thrown at his face, some of the mirth temporarily melting from his expression. 

“Not when you just got back from a mission covered in sweat and smelling rancid,” Sasuke replied with a crinkling of his nose, giving up on his attempts to shove the blonde off but not allowing any of the hostility to slip from his eyes. 

His insulting words didn’t serve to dampen Naruto’s enthusiasm. In fact, they instead seemed to spark a sinister gleam in his wide blue eyes that had been missing before. “Well, maybe I can’t tickle myself, but I know you’re ticklish as hell, Sasuke.”

He gave the Uchiha no time to react and aimed his hands straight for his stomach, wasting no time in repeatedly digging his fingers into the other man’s gut. Sasuke nearly bit through his bottom in an effort to contain himself, but the act of tickling coupled with Naruto’s gusto swiftly overwhelmed him and he let out a choked giggle, cringing as he felt his very pride disintegrate before him. This lead to an entire series of poorly-contained laughs. All the while, however, Sasuke was plotting Naruto’s slow, torturous death in his head.

At one point, Naruto was so preoccupied with laughing at Sasuke’s laughing that he gave the Uchiha an accidental opening, and oh, how quickly Sasuke lunged for it. Knowing full-well Naruto himself was as ticklish as Sasuke, he reached one arm and began tickling him back, effectively catching him off-guard. Suddenly Naruto found himself on his back with Sasuke attacking him with twice as much vigor as he had been attacked with. 

Naruto’s laughs rang out with much less restraint and filled their entire shared apartment with sound. Somehow Sasuke never ceased giggling himself, relishing Naruto’s helplessness as the tables were turned on him. Once the Uchiha began to tire, breathy puffs sweeping across Naruto’s face beneath him, his hands were caught once again, although this time he had no resistance left in him. His breath caught in his throat as he was swiftly kissed by his lover, lips parting automatically to allow the other more access. Naruto’s hand flew up to pull Sasuke’s chin closer and deepen the kiss. The sweetness of the act only lasted a couple of seconds though, Naruto’s body jerking along with with the giggle he released directly into Sasuke’s mouth. Consequently, Sasuke let out one of his own, and the pair broke down once more, eventually winding up in a boneless heap on the floor.

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