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Astra’s Space Facts, #6: Technically, Amenta doesn’t exactly orbit the Sun.

Amenta has a mass too, you see, so it exerts a gravitational force on the Sun at the same time as the Sun exerts gravity on us. So really, what happens is that we and the Sun are both orbiting the center of mass of the Amenta-Sun system (just like a pair of binary stars).

It’s just that the center of mass is, uh, inside the Sun.

A Gentle Reminder:

Please, you need never apologize to me for:

  • Writing me a “novel”
  • Writing me conflict between our muses because it’s the natural response in a given situation.
  • Needing some space for yourself or taking a rest day/days.
  • Feeling insecure about your writing (or real life things)
  • Speaking to me in asks or IMs

You don’t need to <3 I understand. And all these things are JUST FINE <3 :)

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But I just realised this wig literally allows me to go from Regulus Black to Yuri Katsuki in about 0.5 seconds and I felt the need to share that because it makes me irrationally happy XD)) 

Take My Hand

For @synthetik-symphonies

David stepped back, somewhat surprised that Walter had never thought to create anything, content only to forever appreciate the work of his human masters. What shocked him though was the idea that he had no desire to create. Was creation not the point of existence? David thought, smiling at the sketches on the walls of his room. It was no matter. If he was to befriend the other synthetic, to seduce him into independent thought, David first had to earn his trust. He took the stump at the end of Walter’s left arm and held it gently.

“You’ve been injured brother. Let me fix you, let me make you whole again… Shouldn’t take but a moment with the tools in your pack… You see I went back for your hand, knowing they never would.”

ReiBert day!!

blackraspberrybitch  asked:

*inhales* Demon Arthur trying to hide things from other people by covering them with his wings. I.e. Himself from Lance when they meet face to face. Awkward silence insuse.

Tagging @ecto-rp because this is their Au that exploded all over the place.

“Nonononononononooooo!” came from the corner of the room where Arthur had collapsed into a heap behind the couch, wings wrapped around him until he resembled nothing so much as a heap of green and yellow mottled tarp. The tip of his tail was the only other thing visible and it was poofed up to three times its normal size. “Vivi, don’t answer the door!”

It was far too late of course, because she was already pulling the door wide open to admit the scowling mechanic,

“Alright, so I found the place, girlie, though to be sure I didn’t like little pink spooks showin’ up at the shop to lead me here. Half’a my boys are still hidin’ in the back room.”

“Sorry, had to be sure you could find the place,” Vivi sounded entirely unapologetic. “We are a bit off the beaten path.”

“Now, what’s so important?”

“Well, I found Arthur and Lewis!”

“WHAT?! Where’s my nephew?”

“He’s here, he just is afraid to show his face because of something that happened while he was missing… there are more than a few… cosmetic changes.”

“D’you think fer one bloody second I give a tinker’s damn about cosmetic changes? Where is my BOY?!” Lance’s roar shook the furniture and sent two deadbeats fleeing.

“Over here.”

Vivi led Lance to a heap of green cowering behind the couch, still quietly going “…nononononono…”

“Arthur?” Lance, bless his huge gruff heart, actually sounded worried. “Lad, come out where’s I can see ya.”

“I can’t…” Arthur’s voice was faint and muffled.

“Lad, I don’t care what you look like, you’re still my boy. Come outta that tarp. I need to see you with my own two eyes.”

“No, I can’t,” Arthur’s voice was tight.

“I told you, I don’t give a damn what you look like, you’re still my kid.”

“No, you don’t get it.” Arthur’s voice sounded some mix between fearful and… annoyed?

“I can’t make these stupid wings work. I literally can’t come out.”

you must know this. you’re too smart not to know this. they paint the world full of shadows and then tell their children to stay close to the light. their light. their reasons, their judgments. because in the darkness, there be dragons. but it isn’t true. we can prove that it isn’t true. in the dark, there is discovery, there is possibility, there is freedomIND. JAMES FLINT  /  super late promo for @stormward​.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: what could possibly cause jensen ross ackles to ask misha if he just had sex in the hallway?!?! ???/ like misha was literally juST EXisTInG?!1?!? and another thing! are you so familiar with misha's after-sex-appearance that you felt the need to notify everyone else in the area? is it a territory marking thing? like what motivation could there have been for this!?1?! why are you doing this to me????????
C o n t i n u a t i o n .


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You’re me, right? From… Another timeline? A reset?

Looks like everything turned out alright for you though, huh?

Look, don’t cry. Please?

You should know how I feel right now, right?

I miss everyone too. But everyone’s… happy right now. And that’s enough for me.


「day 3」- i still sing

For my supercalifragilistic friend Hana because she wrote a grimmdark AU fic and I’M STILL CRYING IT’S PERFECT IT’S AMAZING AND 100000000/10 WOULD RECOMMEND I’M STILL CRYING AT HOW PERF IT IS

Hello Sun


It was always a surprise coming across surface timelines. They were like a special treat and this one was no exception.

Gen hadn’t had a destination in mind when he jumped, but the warmth of it on his bones told him where he was. Or at least it told him what kind of ‘where’ he was. He had never been to this timeline before, he couldn’t recognize the feel of it, but Gen appeared to be in a town above ground. It looked friendly, so sill without a destination in mind, Gen chose a random direction and walked with a light bounce in his step. Because what was there better to do than walk under the sun?