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Harry Potter RP Character Roster Pt. 1

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You’re me, right? From… Another timeline? A reset?

Looks like everything turned out alright for you though, huh?

Look, don’t cry. Please?

You should know how I feel right now, right?

I miss everyone too. But everyone’s… happy right now. And that’s enough for me.


“My meat senses are tingling!” 

He’s gonna die, he’s gonna die, he’s gonna die.

Yugi clutched his heart, back against the wall. The darkness didn’t help. It constricted him, clutching at his lungs and squeezing out the air.

It was alright, he went through this before. “ I’m fine. I’m fine. Everything’s going to be OK. I just need to breathe. He whispered, counting in his head. It was easy. He’s done it his entire life. Yugi gripped at his hair, squeezing his eyes shut. Instead of anything calming, he saw himself. Himself fading away into nothingness. No friends to comfort him, no words to remember him by, no point to anything he’s done.

No one was going to be with him when he died. He was going to be alone. He couldn’t stop it. He was gonna die, he was gonna die!

          “ Help me! He screeched into the darkness, his legs moving without his brain input. He circled the room, pulling at his hair and scratching his scalp. Sobbing. “ Anyone, please! A curse with living alone, there was no one.

He slammed his body against the front door, slipping to the wood flooring beneath him. No one… there was no one.

Tears streamed down his face as he got down from his fear-induced high. He gulped down air as his brain remembered how to breathe, curling up against the door.


Yugi didn’t answer, bringing his knees close to his chest. Whomever it was can bother him int he morning. He just couldn’t right now…


「day 3」- i still sing

Somebody: What are your kinks?
Me: Good characterization, characters bonding and building important relationships whether romantic/sexual/platonic. 
Somebody: ….Is that a thing?

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Lestallum nights were cold.

When was ordered by Ignis to blow off some steam outside, it just made it feel even feel colder.

With another argument with Noctis under his belt, Gladio did his best to keep his chin high, walking steadily outside of the hotel room while his team watched. There was a tinge of embarrassment, being bossed around like a dog, but he knew better than to snap back at Ignis when tensions were this high. Gladio understood his duty…and his own. It was their job to protect the Royal Pain in The Ass, not fight with him.When would he learn?

Gods, it was so cold. Why was it so cold? Why did he always choose to wear the least amount of clothes on nights like this? With a huff, Gladio continued on, pacing over the Leville’s front steps, stuffing his hands in his pockets to help keep warm.

“Damnit…” He spits, cursing mostly himself. After such a heated day, it was no wonder why things were so stressful, almost losing the Prince twice in battle. Half of it he can blame himself for, but damnit if it wasn’t for Noctis’ carelessness, things wouldn’t have gone wrong so fast. If he had only listened to Gladio’s warnings first rather than having to have the entire group escape from what would have been a great bounty reward. It was all so frustrating to look back on.

He kicks a stone around, listening to it clash against some empty trash bins, letting it echo throughout the alleys next door. A low hum of the market could be heard over a few buildings, and the low beat of music from a bar a short walk away. Gladio slows down his pacing to take a breath and focus on the sounds, tilting his head to the sound of oncoming footsteps from behind. 

[ @sunshinetechnophile

The woman had no problem showing off her powers. So when the other person asked for proof after time talking about it, she decided it was time to put on a show. “It’s no problem at all,” she told them, “I love doing this.” She held up her hand and gave a little concentration as her fingers gave a little wiggle. Within a few seconds a small diamond about the size of a quarter began to form. “What colour would you like?” She asked with a grin on her face.

Return To Light

△CLOSED STARTER FOR: @eponas-number1-fan

Clip clop. Clip clop. Clip clop. The sound of Epona’s hooves on the dirt and pebble pathway echoed into the empty void of the blue sky above as Link passed through those gates that separated the pathways to Ordon Village to the rest of the world. 

The village had always been in a world of it’s own, seemingly even now, after everything that had happened. Excitement roared across Hyrule for the Hero and Princess’ defeat of the evil demon Ganon, and people seemed to be up in arms in celebration for the longest time. Even though Link had not been focused on such pleasures, it seemed everyone around him wanted the country boy to join in the fun.

But…He never wanted a celebration. How could they celebrate? Easily. They didn’t lose her. They hadn’t seen the complete story. Both sides of the coin. Both the story of Shadows and the story of the Realm of Light. 

Link tried to shake the worry and sorrow from his head as he approached the new arches overhead that read “ORDON VILLAGE” as well as the old sign that sat at the entrance, near his hold house. To be honest, he had no idea what he would do or say to everyone once he returned. Something in him just told him he had to. 

His search for any more Twilight had shown up flat. Zelda no longer needed his help in any matters now that Ganondorf was dead. And everyone he used to help and assist with everything seemed better off now. 

That was the story of this Hero’s life now. Everyone was better off. Except Link. Who got no closure to anything he had gone through other than the defeat of an evil power. Deep in the back of his mind, he hoped that returning to where his journey began and relaxing once again would bring him the closure he yearned for.

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Like for a Modern Night/Day AU starter. 
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          ✒️ “Hey, sorry about my friend!
                   John gets really excited when it comes to the
              revolution! I mean, I do, too, but he gets even
                   more excited! He punched a guy earlier for being
              a loyalist, and that was before he got really
                   drunk! Oh, and sorry for Burr, too! He’s a downer,
              but I think it’s just because he thinks realistically!”

     Realizing he’d gotten a bit too excited, he took a step back and laughed uneasily. He scratched the back of his head, jostling his hair and loosening a few strands that fell to frame his face. There was still excitement in his features, accentuating how young he looked. From what they’d been talking about before, it was obvious that he had ambitions. All of his shouts about ascending and rising above his station, telling everyone in the bar about how he was an orphan and came from an island in the Caribbean. Everyone knew his life story, and he didn’t seem to mind.

     He held out his hand, grinning as he did.

          ✒️ “Sorry, I get carried away sometimes.
                   I’m Alexander Hamilton.”

Steakhouse AU (Agni/Sebastian RP for williamtea)


It was a relatively typical day for Sebastian. As one of the chefs at ‘Silver Ranch Steakhouse’, he was at work an hour before opening to get his station ready. While unloading his ingredients for the day, his gaze was drawn across the street. There was a relatively new store that had moved in. From the look of it, it was a Vegan health store of some kind and people had taken to vandalizing it quite aggressively. While he knew some vegans could be extreme, he doubted they deserved such regular property damage.

It was not, however, the damage that had drawn his eye, but the man cleaning it up. It was the first Sebastian had ever seen of the owner, and boy was he something to look at. Tall and fit with striking caramel skin and silver hair. Not realizing he’d been staring, the raven haired male jumped slightly when the man across the street started grinning and waving at him.

Readjusting the box of steaks in his arms, Sebastian gave a small grin and waved back in response before darting back inside. He was being polite of course, the raven haired man rationalized as he continued setting up his station. There was no way a vegan store owner would want to talk to a steak chef. Vegans seemed to hate anyone who even came in contact with meat. Let alone those who cooked and sold it.

On Satisfying A Sweet Tooth ||  with ShipKevEdd


The problem with offering rush catering service is that there were in fact people who would wait until the day before the wedding to actually order their cake and that left Miri in a bit of a bind.  And by bit of a bind, she actually meant ‘up to her elbows in chocolate ganache and pureed mango’.  The bride to be had sounded apologetic on the phone, seeming like a very polite young woman when she’d come in for a tasting earlier that afternoon.  Apparently the cake was supposed to be made by her grandmother, but then the dear woman had taken a nasty spill on some wet steps and had broken a hip, leaving them in a lurch and Miri scrambling to get a freakin’ four tier wedding cake ready in time for a 2 pm wedding.

At least she loved her work. She had to if she was going to manage to keep working fourteen to sixteen hour days to keep up with demand. Granted, May and June had been a madhouse, but now that the largest portion of the wedding season was over, she could have a small breather before people came requesting specialty desserts and catering for Labor Day and their big end-of-summer bashes.  No rest for the weary it seemed, but she couldn’t help but smile as she slid the cake pans into the oven to bake.  She was lucky; the day hadn’t been too busy and with Maggie and Anton stopping by during the busier lunch rush, she had enough help to keep her from drowning.

However, it was getting close to closing time, and the bakery was blessedly empty.  It would be a late night tonight, what with the cake to get finished up, but tomorrow was Saturday and she could open late if she wanted to.  One of the perks of being the owner of the place; you got to set the hours.  Glancing at the clock she stretched, feeling her back pop, and went to wash her hands and face.  It was remarkable how much more alert a little cold water could make a person feel.  She had about a half hour for the cakes to bake, and the oven was set to turn off automatically, so she could maybe get in a few chapters of her new book while she waited.  

Settling in at one of the empty chairs in the dining area, she propped her feet up on another chair, settling in for a few steamy chapters of her latest naughty girl books.