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nonbinarysasquatch  asked:

Romilda Vane (sorry I'm having Romilda Vane thoughts today lol)

You always pick interesting ones! (Would love to hear your thoughts on her btw). :)

NOTP - Romilda and Harry, obviously. Consent is important, kids.

BROTP - I like to think she and Cho became friendly after the war, bonding over their Harry dramz and being underrated DA members.

OTP - Romilda needs some time to be single and figure out what she wants out of life before she commits.

Second Choice Pairing - Maybe when she’s 35 or so, she settles down with a muggle painter who’s chill and tempers all her Extra.

Fluffy Pairing - Romilda and Ginny once got drunk and hooked up in a broom closet after a DA meeting.

Angsty Pairing - Ron literally almost dies as a direct result from her love potion incident, I don’t think it gets much angstier than that.

Favorite Poly Ship - I don’t think she seems cut out for a poly relationship tbh. It’s not for everyone, and I think she’d be a bit too intense and single-minded.

Weirdest Pairing - Romilda and Cormac. Too much ego in one pairing, like whoa.