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Title: Let Go

Rating: Explicit as shit

Characters: Suzuya Juuzou and Mutsuki Tooru

Summary: Mutsuki stiffened for a moment, stifling another gasp. That dismayed Suzuya, who wanted to hear every little noise the boy had to offer him.

After half a year of training together, Suzuya has a new lesson in mind for him.

I noticed an uptick in general Suzuya/Mutsuki sentiment and then I was like “wow this could be cute” and “wow this could be naughty” and then finally I was like “¿Por que no las dos?”

Tagging suzuyajesus​ and mutsukis-tiny-bangs because I think most of the posts I saw were asks on their respective blogs??? I know we’ve never spoken before holy heck. I just thought you might be interested.

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