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Let’s talk about reposting, shall we? c:

I’m a little late to the party because I’m a dumdum who thought this was in August, but here we go. Long post ahead.

Funnily enough (or not), because I was late to join this protest, I posted a comic celebrating a follower milestone during the blackout and barely 2 HOURS later, it got reposted on Instagram. I kid you not:

(if you can’t see it, I posted mine 20 hours ago, and the repost was made 19 hours ago)

Anyway, this really puts a bad taste in my mouth. Not only was my work reposted almost immediately after it was made, it was also by someone who doesn’t even follow me AND they even changed up the caption for their own, thereby erasing my message for the comic I made.

I feel really disrespected as a creator. I made that comic to thank my followers, and right off the bat someone who is not even following me goes on and snatches it up.

The intent to repost this before anyone else was clear. Not once have I received a message asking for permission. It’s like… nobody cared to ask me first? It’s okay as long as they slap my name on the description like “lairep on tumblr made this”? Haha. no

Did they directly link the original post? Did they directly link my blog? No. And let’s be real, who’s even going to bother manually typing my name on the searchbar to go to my blog to see more of my posts when they can easily find them on some reposter’s account? Just giving the name is not enough credit. Just giving a name is not enough “exposure” or whatever new excuse a reposter has for doing it.

I’m not asking for much. Just don’t make me feel this way. Like I don’t matter besides providing content for you to peruse as you please. I do this for fun and I enjoy sharing, but I have the right to share in however way I want to. I’m the one making it, not you.

It took me a lot of courage to even start posting anything at all, because I’ve had previous experience of art theft that drove me from drawing and sharing for years… and if this goes on—- let’s just say I don’t want a repeat of that. I want to share, I want to make content, so please don’t do things that would make me want to stop.

Please don’t make other creators feel this way. Let creators feel like they matter. That you appreciate them. That you want them to keep making content you and others would enjoy. Make them feel the joy they give you with their posts. Make them feel like staying in the fandom instead of leaving.

Don’t steal, don’t repost. At the very least, drop a line to ask permission. It’s not hard to click links and type words. Even just to show you respect them as a person. It’ll be worth it, I promise. c:

This has been a long post (and I haven’t even touched on PLAGIARISM), but I had to say my piece. I fully support this blackout for me, my friends, and for other creators who are dealing with this kind of thing every. freaking. day.

Edit: Accidentally posted early instead of drafting, but I wanted to say I love all you artists/writers out there who bring joy and angst to the fandom and I hope you continue doing the thing c: I support you against all thieves, reposters, and plagiarizers. 


—  in every life, i will find your shoulder to cry on.

inspired by the fanfic of the same name by one of my absolute favorite authors @versigny.



Royal Mail!

I accidentally deleted this on my other blog, but this is the reply from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their sixth wedding anniversary. 

The photo is from their trip to India/Bhutan. Even though it’s very casual, I like it. I wasn’t expecting anything grand for a sixth wedding anniversary. But they do look so happy and cute. 

ch. 16 | the town without me k.t.h

“When I get bigger, big enough to go somewhere by myself, I want to go to a land that’s far away. I want to go to a faraway island. I want to go to an island that has no people. I want to go to an island that has no pain or sadness. There are no adults, children, classmates, teachers or my mom on that island. On that island, I can climb a tree when I want to climb, swim in the sea when I want to swim, and sleep when I want to sleep. In the island, I think about the town that I left behind. Kids go to school, as if nothing has changed. Adults go to the office, as if nothing has changed. Mom eats, as if nothing has changed. When I think about the town without me, I feel a sense of relief. I want to go far, far away.” -  雛月 加代  (Hinazuki Kayo)

hello darlings! towards the end of each year on tumblr, i make a follow forever to thank the people who make my dash such a lovely place. even though the graphic says this is my ‘first’ ff, i’ve actually been using this dumb website since august 2010 (yeah i know what even) and had over multiple ffs. over my five years on here i’ve had a total of four accounts that ran nine blogs (i think? i can’t even remember anymore). i’ve literally been in every ‘big’ fandom that you can think of; including some such as the harry potter fandom, glee fandom and yes even the one direction fandom.

however, i have never been apart of such a wonderful, excepting and loving community as the exo fandom. before i found exo, i started to hated my time on tumblr - it was like a burden to me… running a blog that had a good sized following just because i didn’t want my follower count to go down. i was so close to ending my time on tumblr, but then i watched call me baby and my life changed. over the four months i’ve been running this blog, i have changed for the better - i’m happier. and that is thanks to both exo and you lovely angels, my followers/this fandom.

never before have i been welcomed into a fandom with such open arms. i have gotten to know more people during my short time on this blog, than i have on all my other blogs that i’ve used for 5 years. to those who have taken some time to get to know me or to just chat, thank you so much - it really means a lot.

recently i reached 200 followers, which isn’t a lot i know… but in all honesty i don’t care about my follower count anymore. i’m here to enjoy my time. c: so i would just like to thank not just my followers, but also the blogs i follow for making my day and dash that extra bit special. i love you all very much!

ok so under the cut are the blogs that i follow! thank you for making my dash so awesome! <3

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