sorry rebekah

also i love how throughout the entire episode every time michonne mentions going home rick like nearly begs michonne to just stay out a little longer, just a couple more days and michonne seems slightly confused on why he seems to be dragging his feet so much on getting back to alexandria.

but it’s because rick has already thought about and processed the reality of what they’re going to do, and the possibility and implications that come with it. he knows that people are going to die, that he could die or he could lose michonne and he’s already forced himself to accept this because he knows that what they’re doing is bigger than them, and they have to keep going and see it through.

and he knows that they have the people now, and all they need to really start this is the guns. and once they have the guns, he knows that this trip is it.  that as soon as they drive through the gates of alexandria, this little bubble of peace and happiness and laughter bursts and they have to go forward with this plan which could easily result in both of their deaths, so he’s trying to hold onto it, to her, for just a little longer, for as long as he possibly can.

but michonne hasn’t processed this and doesn’t even consciously realize it until she thinks rick is dead. and when rick talks to her in the van, the weight of it finally hits her.  that this is it before they put everything they have and everything they are on the line. 

and i think rick, the whole time, realizes that she hasn’t thought of this yet, but he doesn’t tell her because he just wants he to be able to be happy without exception for just a little longer.

andy keeps calling it their honeymoon, but i think it’s even more than that in a way.  this is the first significant amount of time they’ve been alone together since they’ve been together (maybe the first time in the entire series????? idk don’t quote me on that).  this is their time to be them and be happy with each other and enjoy each other and love each other.  it’s the first time, and it may be the only time.

and they can’t change that.  it has to be that way.

but it’s so amazing and they’re so happy and in love and rick’s so happy and in love, and he doesn’t want it to end. he’s trying to hold onto it for as long as possible.


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Rebekah had been the one to help turn no one other than Esther knew that you were still alive. She hoped that she could bring you to Klaus, each year promising herself that she’d take you to him, each time he’d do something that made her rethink the idea.


It was never her intention for Marcel to find out about you and after listening to him plot your demise as a way to control her brother she’d begun rethinking her alliance. Every time he asked about where you were being kept or why she’d moved your hide out she’d beg Marcel not to kill you but simply show you to Klaus.

When Marcel set his vampires on Klaus Rebekah left his side, hurrying to fetch you before Klaus tore the whole city apart, but before she could unlock the front door she was grabbed from behind.

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86 + kc

And we’ve reached the final part of this short series! Thank you for all these prompts Maf! It was awesome to write, and I hope you enjoyed them.
| Part one | Part two | Part threePart four |

KC + “Am I scaring you?”

Caroline hadn’t seen Klaus since the bonfire party. At this point, she wasn’t certain who was avoiding who exactly, just that they hadn’t spend more than ten seconds in the same room since that night.

She knew her reasons for avoiding him -tall, brunette, gorgeous- but what were his? He had clearly moved on and was over his infatuation with her. She groaned. Why couldn’t she have just fallen for some random kid in her history class or something? Did it really have to be her best friends brother?

Because she had. Fallen for him. She had discovered that weeks ago. The day that she had realized that Klaus Mikaelson had the power to break her heart, he had. And he never looked back.

But now she wasn’t so sure anymore. At the bonfire he had been quick to rush to her, helping her when she tripped and looking downright ready to hurt anyone that had done so to her. She shivered when she thought back to the intensity of his eyes.She sighed, maybe she was just seeing what she had wanted to see?

He always did have the perfect words, but the girl didn’t lie. Katherine Pierce. She knew the girl from reputation only, but it was enough.


“Rebekah?” she called out while she entered the Mikaelson’s living room, “Where are you?”

“She’s upstairs,” an unfamiliar voice answered, and Caroline looked up in surprise at the sight of Katherine Pierce in the house. Of course. Caroline should have prepared herself for the possibility. Klaus didn’t need to hide this one. She regretted the thought instantaneously. It had been her idea to keep their ‘thing’ a secret after all.

“Oh hi,” she waved awkwardly at the intimidating girl, “I’m sorry what are you doing here?”

“Just waiting for my boyfriend,” Katherine told her before she looked back at her phone. “Rebekah is in her room.”

Caroline felt dismissed and without another word walked up towards Rebekah’s room. Boyfriend. The word tore through her hard. Of course, Klaus would date this girl. She was gorgeous, daring, sexy, confident. Everything she wasn’t. She walked up to Rebekah’s room and sighed one last time, masking her feelings before she faced her friend.

“Well you took your time,” Rebekah joked when Caroline entered the room.

“Yeah sorry, I was held up by Katherine for a minute.”

“Oh yeah- my brother’s lovely new girlfriend,” Rebekah said, rolling her eyes. The sarcasm was evident and Caroline was relieved that she wasn’t the only one disliking the girl. Her reasons were a lot more selfish than Rebekah’s though.

“You don’t like her?” Caroline inquired, hoping she didn’t sound too eager for information.

“I don’t know her, and she’s certainly not trying to get known. I mean she’s been over a couple of times in the past two months and all I know is her name and that she has a younger sister. She’s not the kind of girl I would have thought my brother to come home with.”

Caroline processed the words. Two months. She had still been with Klaus at the time. She couldn’t believe he had someone he took home with him, while he was still stringing her along. Anger overcame her and she stood up.

“I’m sorry,” she told Rebekah while she grabbed her purse, “I need to- I totally forgot that I had to- I’ll call you later, okay?” she asked while she ran out of Rebekah’s room.

She had to find Klaus. This couldn’t continue like this. Not while he had some other girl that probably never knew about her either. He couldn’t hurt another girl like he had hurt her. Not that Katherine seemed like the type to break easily…


She had tried his room but it had been empty, looked around the house but hadn’t succeeded. She was pleased to note that Katherine was no longer in the living room, but that brought up the fear that she was gone, because they were somewhere together. Would her heart be able to take it if she found them like that?

It didn’t matter. This was about more than just her.


She found him in the backyard. Before she could second guess herself she ran towards him and pushed him into the direction of the shed, closing the door behind them.

“Caroline-” he said in surprise, glancing around unsurely. He had missed the girl terribly, but he knew they had to keep their distance before he did something they would regret. She deserved so much better than him.

“No. I talk. You listen. I thought I made it clear at the bonfire how you hurt me. How you broke me. I thought by telling you, that I took back the power that made you be able to do so. But I was wrong,” she swallowed deeply and took a step back from him. “You’re ruining me. How could you?”

“Caroline,” he came closer to her, a hand raised in concern. He wanted to keep her at a distance, but she was never supposed to get hurt. He had never imagined she would care enough to get hurt. “I never wanted to-”

“No I don’t need your excuses!” she slapped away his hand. “I have enough of those. I need answers. I need the truth!”

“I’ve given you all I can,” he answered dejectedly. “I’ve tried- I tried to do right by you, and I failed. I don’t know what else to do!”

“Right by me?!? You call breaking up with me when I tell you I’m okay going public doing right by me? You call dumping me over text! Doing right by?” she was seething and started articulating slower, emphasizing her last words, “You call having a girlfriend! Doing. Right. By. Me?” She swallowed back the sobs that were threatening to break free. She knew that no explanations would ever relieve her of her pain.

“Girlfriend? I don’t-” Klaus looked around unsurely, “Who the hell are you talking about?”

She shook her head in anger, “Don’t try to act like you don’t know. I’ve met her. It was one thing to hear that you moved on, but discovering that you’ve been seeing each other while we were together? How could you do that to me? Or if you care about me so little, how could you do that to Katherine?”

“Katherine?” Klaus chuckled and shook his head. “Caroline this is all one big misunderstanding! I’m not dating Katherine. Elijah is.”

“You’re… you’re not?” she was stunned. She was so convinced Klaus had moved on and found himself a new and better girl… but he hadn’t. She wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed. A different girlfriend at least explained their sudden break-up.

“I don’t even like her. We were only talking at the bonfire because we were both waiting for my brother. Ugh Katherine and me,” he made a disgusted face at the thought. “I thought you knew me better than that.”

She bristled, how dare he be offended by her assumption. “Well, what was I supposed to think! You broke up with me out of nowhere. Clearly, I didn’t know you as well as I ever thought I did.”

“At the very least I would expect you to know my type,” Klaus moved closer to Caroline. Now that she had moved past some of her anger, he felt himself relax more. It started to feel like it had before he had ruined it all.

“What is that? Naive and easy?” Caroline sniped back, taking in a harsh breath when she could feel his chest brush hers. Damn, she hadn’t thought this confronting Klaus in a quiet tiny space thing through. Her body still reacted to him, like it had before.

Klaus chuckled. “No. Strong, beautiful, full of light,” he pressed a small kiss at her jaw, “Bossy. Stubborn.” He places a kiss at the corner of her mouth, smiling when he didn’t feel her pull away. “Sexy.”

She shivered and automatically took a step back. Her mind screamed at her not to fall for his pretty words again, but her senses, her heart, they all screamed Klaus.

“Am I scaring you?” he asked when he realized she had flinched away from him. He didn’t want to do anything that Caroline didn’t want to. It was just so easy to get distracted by the blonde beauty. To get lost in her.

“No,” she breathed out. She needed a minute to sort out her thoughts. Her body was screaming at her to lean forward, to have his lips roam over every bit of her skin but she knew she had to be stronger than that. Clearly, he was still interested in her. A lack of physical attraction was never their issue. Communication was. “We can’t,” she whispered at the unspoken question.

“I can’t be the girl that meets you in empty places, Klaus. I deserve more than that.” Before he could interject she continued. “And yes I know the secrecy was my idea, and it was fun at first. But that was when I was still discovering what we were. What I wanted. And I realized that sneaking around? That wasn’t it. If that’s all you want? That’s fine. But it won’t be with me.”

Klaus took the last step forward, his body pressing against Caroline while her back was against the door. “I don’t want anyone else,” he told her, looking at her in disbelief at the suggestion. “All I’ve ever wanted was be with you. Be someone worthy of you. But I’m not-” his voice broke and Caroline looked up in surprise.

“Someone worthy- Klaus!” she hit his arm, “You can’t decide who is or isn’t worthy of me. I chose you. I-” she inhaled sharply, “I choose you.”

“Even after I hurt you?” his voice sounded raspy and she knew she hit an emotional snare. “Caroline I’m not good for you.”

“Why? Because your father made you believe you would never be worth a damn? Don’t forget I’ve known you for years. I never had any illusions about who you were or weren’t. You’ve never hurt me. Not until you told me to leave you.”

“So what are you saying?” he asked, telling himself not to hope. If he was lucky, after today he and Caroline would continue being friends. He wouldn’t have her, but at least she would still be in his life.

“I’m saying,” she pressed against him, and lifted her arms around his neck, “Don’t ever tell to leave again.” With those last words, she pressed her lips against his. She could feel Klaus push her against the wall and moaned at the feeling of his body against hers.

He had made a mistake. Acted badly. But she know realized it came from a place of caring. Where Caroline had wanted to show her feelings by telling people, he had thought setting her free was the right decision. What was that saying? If you love somebody, let them go. If they return they’re yours forever? She didn’t know about forever. But for now? This was who she wanted to be with.

She reached for the hem of his shirt, wanting to remove the pieces of clothing that separated them, but Klaus’ hands on her stopped her. “We can’t,” he gasped against her lips. “There’s something else we have to do first.”

“What’s that?” she asked dazedly. She couldn’t imagine there was anything more important in that moment.

“I believe there’s something we have to tell my sister.”

“You’re serious?” she asked with a grin on her face.

“About you? Always.” He pecked her lips and she captured them in another heated kiss. They were going to make it this time. She was sure of it.

And so the miniseries has concluded. Hope you enjoyed it!

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here’s some teenlock Johnlock spring headcanons bc I love spring and I haven’t made headcanons in a while

  •   Sherlock and John going on drizzly spring walks after school, they share an umbrella that Sherlock holds over both of them (John secretly has another umbrella in his bag, but didn’t say so because he wanted to be closer to Sherlock) 
  • Sherlock and John spending time together in a flowery park in the sunnier spring weather 
  • John putting tiny flowers in sherlocks curls and making him a little flower crown in the park. Sherlock acts annoyed but he secretly loves it, doesn’t ask John to stop, and loves johns gentle hands touching his hair. 
  • rugby season starting again for John, and Sherlock going to all of his games. All of them 
  • Sherlock taking his school work or small experiments outside because it’s nicer out, John working with him or just watching him work 
  • them going to little outdoor markets together, holding hands 
  • Sherlock getting extra excited because bees start coming out again, and he’ll talk about bees to John for So Long, telling him bee facts, which John thinks is so cute 
  •  Sherlock borrowing johns jumper when they’re outside on days that end up being a bit chillier 
  •  John renting a tandem bike for them 
  • soft kisses in the light drizzly weather 
  •  just. Them being soft. In spring. 
  • yes

She is everything to me/ the unrequited dream/ all I need to make it real is one more reason/ I don’t know what to do.


Rebekah x Fem!Reader x Klaus

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, sex, threesome, oral, mind reading, dirtyish talk

“What’s happening?” You whispered to Klaus as you wondered inside to find a thick stream of smoke flowing from the kitchen.

“Rebekah’s cooking you dinner.” Klaus hummed as he watched your things down in the hall.


“Really?” You swallowed nervously and a flush filled your cheeks, the odd action not going unnoticed by Klaus who decided he’d investigate later on.


“No love, we plan to starve you and deliver your body as a warning to our enemies.” Klaus scoffed making you roll your eyes.

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 21

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 21 (And with that we finish the third season)


Might be the last part (maybe… I don’t know…)

Please, note that I am French and that there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy this really long chapter :)

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Klaus and Rebekah weren’t talking to each other. You wanted to go see Alaric, make sure he was okay. But you didn’t want to see the others and you didn’t know what Damon would do to you if he saw you.

You stayed at home for a few days, practicing magic. You couldn’t believe how easy it was for you now to manipulate the elements. Even though you were too scared to try electricity and you still had no idea how to manipulate light or darkness. You didn’t even know what it was about.

Rebekah wanted your help with the dance she was organizing at school. “Uh, no! I didn’t like the dances when I was in high school, I’m sure as hell not going to organize them now!” She said something about you being a bad friend and hung up. She texted you all day though. Matt helped her with the dance, brought her home. She found that suspicious and so did you. But that wasn’t the best part. Or, worst part. Her mother was back in town. She asked you to come over, she said she’d rather have you there so you could help her if her mother tried something. You weren’t sure you could do anything against the Original witch but what other choice did you have?

You were in what could be called the living room at the mansion with Rebekah and Esther.

“You have grown stronger since the last time I saw you” the witch tells you but you don’t answer. “I understand you saved my son Elijah by drinking his glass of champagne in his place… why would you do that?”

“What can I say, I’m pretty stupid” you shrug. That woman tried to kill you and your friends, you weren’t feeling like having a heart to heart with her. “Rebekah says you’re dying.”

“I am” she says.

“I thought Ayana had preserved your body with a spell.” Rebekah asks her mother.

“She did. I’m drawing my power from the Bennett witch line. When Abby died, the connection was severed. So my body is weakened.”

“Well if you’ve come to spend your last moments with your loving daughter, prepare to be disappointed. You should have spent less time plotting my death.”

You look at your friend with sad eyes.

“Is that what you think I’ve been doing on the other side? I’ve been looking over you for a thousand years of joy and heartbreak. Your fights with Klaus. The nights you cried yourself to sleep calling my name. Not a day has gone by that I wasn’t right there with you.”

“And yet, you still tried to kill me.”

“Because it shouldn’t have been a thousand years, Rebekah. No one should live that long.”

“But I haven’t lived at all” the blonde says with tears in her eyes.

“Sorry, Rebekah. So, so sorry.”

She takes her daughter’s hands in hers, but then, she starts trembling.

“What’s wrong with her?” you ask.

Rebekah doesn’t answer you and her mother falls to the ground. Klaus enters the room not long after. “What’s going on?” he asks, seeing his mother lying on the floor.

“She’s dead” Rebekah tells his brother.

“Guys…I’m so sorry” you don’t know what else to say.

Klaus stares at his dead mother for a while. You take one step towards Rebekah and put a friendly hand on her shoulder. “Are you gonna be okay?” you ask in a low voice.

She doesn’t answer. He takes a deep breath and say “Well, at least I don’t have to kill her now” then leaves. Rebekah looks up and watch him leave. “Leave” she tells you.

“Are you sure?” you ask her.

“Yes, I want to be alone” she doesn’t look at you. She was acting odd. You nod and leave.

The day after Esther’s death you hear from Caroline. She tries to apologize for almost killing you.

“You know what, there was a time, not so long ago, I wouldn’t have been angry at you, but you keep trying and trying to kill Klaus and when you fail and everybody gets hurt but him you try again. Now you’re telling me that everybody, including you, but Bonnie was ready to kill Finn even though I was still bound to him and that doesn’t help me to forgive you.”

“I understand. You need time.”

“Time? Time?!” you yell at her. “I think I’ll need a little bit more than just time, Caroline!”

“Okay, I get that, look.” She sighs “I am so, so sorry that Elena let you drink that champagne, you known when she told us, we couldn’t believe it. We were so mad at her. But…that didn’t change the fact that, Klaus needs to die…”

“You know why, Klaus needs to die? Because he needs Elena’s blood. You were ready to kill me and the entire Original family because of Elena. So, Caroline, I don’t really have a problem with you, even though…” you sigh.

“I know. We hate Elena, I get it…” she sighs. “Jeremy’s back…” she tells you after a few minutes of silence. Like you cared…

“How’s Ric?”

“Good, apparently…”

“That’s good to hear” you sigh, relieved.

“I gotta go, I have this dance thing to organize”

You frown. “Isn’t Rebekah, doing that?”

“Well, she had to show up if she wanted to do that”.

“Rebekah’s not at school?” you ask, surprised.

“No, you didn’t hear from her?”

“Esther died yesterday. She’s probably at home” you shrug.

“Oh…okay… Talk to you later?”

“As long as you don’t try to kill me again…”


You laugh. “You deserved that”

“Yeah…I did, didn’t I?” she laughs. “Bye Y/N”

“Bye, Care…”

You hang up and try to call Rebekah but she doesn’t pick up. You decide to go to the mansion to see if everything was okay.

“Klaus?” you call once you’re inside the house, but you received no answer. You go to the studio and that’s where you find him, painting.

“I’ve been calling you” you say.

“What do you want, love?”

“Have you seen Rebekah?” you ask.

“Not since she asked me to go to that dance tonight” he says.

“You’re going to the high school dance?” you ask, surprised.

“I couldn’t resist my baby sister’s puppy eyes” he smiles at you.

“So, you have no idea where she is now then?”

“Sorry, love, not a clue”

You sigh. You see him putting the brush down. “Would you make me the honor of being my date?” he asks.

You laugh and shake your head. “Don’t you want to ask Caroline that?” you tell him.

“Well, Caroline will be there” he says.

“Then why do you want me to go with you?”

He doesn’t answer at first, is not looking at you. “I enjoy your company” he finally says.

You sigh. “I warn you, I don’t dance” you tell him and he laughs.

“I’ll pick you up, love”

“I need to find a dress” you sigh and you leave the mansion.

Klaus comes to pick you up early.

“You’re breath taking, love” he says and you blush.

“Thanks” you laugh like what he said was ridiculous.

You arrive at the dance and Bonnie spotted you there.

“Y/N, you came!” she says, smiling at you but her smile goes away once she saw who you were with.

“Hello, Bonnie” you say with a small smile, knowing exactly what she was thinking.

“Y/N…” you hear Elena’s voice calling you.

“Don’t even try, Elena” you say without even looking at her.

“I just wanted to…”

“I don’t care what you want” you cut her off, turning to look at her “the moment you let me drink that glass…no, you know what, the moment you looked Elijah in the eyes and lied to his face about his mother, the moment you decided to let him die, to let them die and me along with them, that’s when it was too late. That’s when you decided that my life wasn’t worth anything to you and that’s when I lost all respect I had for you. You made me angry, Elena. And that’s not going away anytime soon. And that’s on you” you yell at her. She looks at you, hurt and everybody stays silence. You only move after you hear screams coming from students.

You look up and that’s when you see some decorations next to you on fire.

“I think you should calm down, love” Klaus tells you with a serious tone.

“Did you do this?” Stefan asks you.

“Is this about you being an elemental?” Elena asks. Her voice irritates you.

“Get-away-from me” you tell her with a threatening tone and the flames disappear. You had lost it a few seconds ago but now you were in control again.

You walked away from Elena to the hallway and you were followed by Klaus. “I’m sorry. I’m the worst date ever” you sigh.

“I think that was well-deserved” he says with a smile and you smile back. “Feeling better, love?”

You nod, laughing “God, yes!”

“Go, go find Caroline, I’ll be fine” you tell him.

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to be the worst date ever” he says, smiling at you.

“Go, I’ll try to find Rebekah” you tell him. He nods and leaves you in the hallway. “Don’t burn the school down, love” he says before stepping out and that makes you laugh.

You were joined by Bonnie. “Don’t feel bad” she tells you. “You’re right to be angry”

“That’s all? I’m right to be angry?”

She sighs “She was wrong to do what she did to you. I would’ve never done that”

“I know” you sigh. “Have you seen Rebekah?”

She frowns “No,… sorry”

“It’s okay…”

“So…” she wants to ask you something. “Are you like…dating Klaus now?”

Your eyes grow big and you laugh “No”

She sighs, she looked relieved “Oh good, good”

“Enjoy the dance, Bonnie”

She goes back inside and you decide to look around for Rebekah. When you don’t find her anywhere you decide to go outside. You find a line of salt on the ground and you frown.

“Rebekah, call me back immediately, I only came at this ridiculous dance because you beg me to and now you’re nowhere to be find” you hear Klaus’s voice coming from behind you.

You were standing in front of the salt line, armed crossed. You see him stop next to you. “I don’t think you can leave…” you tell him.

“What is this?” he asks looking at the line.

“I don’t think Rebekah’s coming”  

“Your mother’s back” you hear Stefan say. He leads you to a classroom where Bonnie was trying to undo Esther’s spell.

”What’s taking so long?” Klaus asks. “All boundary spell have a loophole”

Matt enters the room saying only vampires were trapped. Jeremy wants to go ahead to help Elena but Stefan refuses. “It would be suicide, Jeremy”

A split second after Stefan says that, Klaus holds Bonnie’s friend by the throat and his feet aren’t touching the ground anymore. “Suicide would be disappointing me. Now work your magic, witch, or I’ll start killing people you fancy” he says.

“Klaus stop, or I’ll set you on fire” you tell him.

He turns his head to look at you. You’re raising your eyebrows to silently tell him you’ll do it and he smiles at you putting Bonnie’s friend down.

“Let Bonnie work, she’ll figure it out” you tell him.

“She better, or you can set me on fire all you want, love, I’ll start killing people”

“You know, I’ll just freeze you and let you thaw instead, it could take a while” you’re not being serious, he raises an eyebrow and you smile at him.

“What if I break the line?” you ask.

“How would you do that?” Damon asks.

“I don’t know? I burn the salt, make a plant grow, start a storm…” you wave your hands.

“You can do all that?” Stefan asks you and that’s when you see everybody staring at you.

“Yeah…” you nod.

“The salt line is enchanted but you can always try, love”

After Bonnie managed to find out where Esther was, Jeremy and Matt leave to have a step ahead. You were now outside trying to break the line. You managed to manipulate the wind and you create a little tornado that you tried to push against the invisible wall that was protecting the line.

“You know this is your fault” you hear Klaus say to Stefan behind you. “You set us on this path when you released my mother. I wonder if revenge will prove worth the cost”

“Oh, I’m done with revenge. As far as Esther, we’ve stopped her before, we’ll stop her again” Stefan says.

“We were strange bedfellows you and I. You know, all this reminds me of our time together in the twenties.”

You hear Stefan chuckle “You say that like I’m supposed to have happy memories about it”

“Well, there were moments, real friendship, brotherhood…”

“Oh, he already has a brother” you hear Damon say. “Not to be territorial or anything.”

“Oh, no of course. The Salvatores and their unshakeable bond. I wonder what’ll happen when Elena finally makes her choice. Will we see you shake, just a little bit?”

The brothers don’t answer.

“How’s it going, love” he asks you.

“I’m almost there” you tell him.

You finally break the line of salt. “You should be able to go now” you say. You watch Klaus trying to reach the other side of the line with his hand.

“Thank you, love” he says, smiling at you before leaving, vampire speed.

You follow Bonnie into the cemetery to see what’s going on. Esther was dead. Alaric was in transition to become the new “Mikael”. You were all saying goodbye as he decides not to complete the transition. You were trying not to cry as he steps outside the mausoleum to look at all of you and say goodbye.

Once at home, you received the visit of Rebekah.

“There you are!”

“Sorry, my mother daggered me…Well, actually Alaric did…”

“I thought something had happened…”

“Look, I just wanted to tell you I was fine and…to require your help, I’m cleaning up the school tomorrow. The leftovers of the dance I organized but didn’t go to…”

“Right…Sure…” you nod.

You hug her and she leaves. Today was the first time you used your powers to help and you were happy you did.

The next morning, Rebekah comes pick you up a little bit before 8 and you’re the only one at the school. You start cleaning up before Caroline steps in the room.

“Where is Matt?” she asks

“He bailed. Got called into work at the last minute.” Rebekah answers.

“Are you kidding me?” she sighs “So, it’s just us?”

“Nope, I’m here too” you say with a singing voice.

“Oh, hey, Y/N, didn’t see you there”

Of course not.

“You’re late, clean up committee started at 8”

“It’s like 8:02” Caroline says

“Exactly. I managed to turn up on time and I didn’t even get to attend the dance that I organized” she says, angry walking over to the trashcan.

“I’m sorry about your mom…” Caroline says, after a few seconds of silence. “I mean, I know you, like, hated her and everything, but still. I’m sorry”

Rebekah sighs. “Sorry about your teacher. He seemed like a nice guy.”

“Yeah…He was” Caroline says.

After a moment of silence, Rebekah looks at you “We’re gonna get started on the gym”

You follow her into the hallway and that’s where you see him.

“Alaric?” you breathe out, stunned to see him.

“You’re supposed to be dead” Rebekah says.

“I am”

Rebekah, then, uses her vampire speed to push him against the locker. He fights back but Caroline comes to help. Rebekah stabs Alaric with the last white oak tree but, surprisingly, that doesn’t kill him. Rebekah takes you outside with her as fast as she can. Caroline tries to get into her car but Alaric breaks her neck. You try to help her but Rebekah stops you.

“He’ll kill us”

“He’ll kill her!” you shout.

“We can’t do anything. My brother and I have to leave town. He was made to kill us!’

“You’re leaving?” you ask her, stunned.

“I have to, now go home, you’ll be safe there”

“I’m not leaving her!”

She sighs “Well, I’m not staying, I’m sorry, I need to warn Klaus”

You look at each other for a few minutes.

“Fine” you sigh. “I’ll go home” you tell her.

And that’s exactly what you don’t do. You had received a text from Bonnie telling you she was at Elena’s. You sighed. You didn’t want to see the Gilbert girl but you had no other choice. You knock at the door and Jeremy opens. He let you in and that’s when you see Bonnie’s hurt.

“What happened to you?” you ask her.

“Alaric drank my blood to finish the transition” she tells you.

“That would explain why he attacked Rebekah, Caroline and I 20 minutes ago at the school” you tell them.

“What?” Bonnie asks.

“Yeah, and he has Caroline there, we need to go help her!”

“Why us, couldn’t Barbie Original help you?” Damon asks, raising an eyebrow.

You sigh. “She had to tell Klaus Alaric was alive, he has the only weapon that can kill them, they need to leave town.”

“How brave of them” Stefan breathes.

That’s when you hear knocking at the front door. Jeremy opens and you see Klaus standing on the porch.

“What the hell do you want?” Jeremy asks.

“Now is that any way to treat a guest?” Klaus answers.

“What are you doing here, Klaus?” Stefan asks again.

“Well, for starters, young Jeremy here could show some manners and invite me inside” the hybrid answers.

Stefan tells Jeremy to go to his room.

“I know all about my mother’s invulnerable little creation. That’s why I’m here. I’m leaving town. I just need to pick up a few road trip necessities. Spare tire, flashlight…doppelgänger…” he says the last part smiling.

“Can’t help you there” Damon says, closing the door.

Stefan calls Elena’s name but she doesn’t answer.

“She’s not here” Stefan says.

“What do you mean, she’s not here, where did she go?” Damon asks, irritated.

“What’s going on?” Bonnie asks.

“Klaus wants in. We have to keep him out.” Damon answers.

But then the window of the living room shatters. Klaus had thrown a newspaper at it.

The door flies open and Klaus throws pieces of wood at Damon who was in front of him.

“Missed me!” he yells taking the piece of wood from the wall where it crushed and throwing it back at Klaus. The hybrid avoids it and when he tries to throw another one at Damon the piece of wood consumes itself, leaving only ashes.

“Enough!” you shout at everyone. “You have no need to destroy this house, Klaus, Elena isn’t here and we don’t know where she is!” you tell him.

“Well, you could’ve told me that earlier, don’t you think, love?”

“I would have but you started tearing this house apart and I was too busy trying to avoid the projectiles you were throwing at us” you tell him and he grins at your attitude.

Stefan’s phone rings and you all shut up.


Turns out, Alaric had Caroline and Elena and he was going to kill them both if Klaus didn’t surrender to him. You tried to find a plan to save them.

“I might have an idea” Bonnie says.

“My mum used a desiccation spell on Mikael that immobilized him for over 15 years. If I can get it I might use it on Alaric.”

“If and might. Your words inspire such confidence”

“I’ll get it. But even with the spell, we’ll need a lot of vampire muscle to take him down. Including yours” she tells him.

He sighs.

“Just so we’re clear. The sunset is in about eight hours, if we don’t succeed before then, Elena will be dead, I’ll be gone and the rest of you will be rest to fend for yourselves” Klaus say.

You sigh. You had to succeed. Or people will die, again, and you will be left here alone. Bonnie and Damon went to the boarding house to wait on her mother. You follower Klaus and Stefan to the school. You were joined by Jeremy and all you had to do now was waiting for Bonnie and Damon.

When they finally arrive at the parking lot Bonnie gives Damon, Stefan and Klaus her blood to empower them.

Jeremy is lying on the grass, Bonnie’s ready to do the spell. All she needs is for one of the boys to make contact with Alaric.

“They’ve made contact” she finally says.

She starts the spell but stops.

“What’s wrong?” you ask her.

“They’ve lost contact” she says.

“Damn…” you say. “I’ll go find out what’s wrong”

“Don’t…It’s too dangerous”

You frown, then sigh. Your phone rings, it’s Caroline. She’s back home but you don’t hear anything from Elena.

“I’m gonna go check up on her” you tell Bonnie. She nods and stay with Jeremy.

You knock at the blonde’s door. She looks terrible. You stay with her until dark. You receive a call from Jeremy. Elena was getting out from the hospital, he found her unconscious on the floor and had called 911 but it was too dangerous for her to stay there. So you go to the Gilbert’s house with the blonde even though you still didn’t want to see Elena. Matt and Tyler are there too. Caroline insists on Elena staying on the couch and ask her what she can get her.

“Vodka will help you sleep?” she laughs.

Elena turns to look at you. “Thanks for your help” she says. You look at her for a while.

“I didn’t help you. I helped Caroline” you say. “I’m gonna go help the boys make sandwiches” you walk away.

You clean up the mess Klaus made earlier while Elena was sleeping on the couch. She wakes up a few minutes before Stefan gets in. They insist on her not moving from the couch and she complains.

“I’m being over-coddled. I feel completely fine” she says.

“You’re on house arrest.” Stefan says. He was cooking in the kitchen. “You’re supposed to be coddled”

“Wouldn’t it be smarter if we got you the hell out of town?” Matt says. He was cleaning the kitchen.

“And do what?” she asks. “Go on the run for the rest of my life? No, thank you.” She gets up. “And I’m not an invalid. I’m done with the couch” she says, walking towards the other room, the one where you were, before stepping in the hallway.

“Stefan…” Elena calls her (ex?)boyfriend’s name and you look up.

“Elijah” you hear Stefan say and you step out of the room into the hallway, next to Elena.

“Hello again” the Original vampire say, looking at Stefan.

“You’re back” you breathe out, your heart starts beating a little faster. He turns his head to look at you and you go to him, burying you head in his chest, pulling him close to you into a tight hug. He hugs you back, putting his hands on you back.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” he asks you.

You look up at him and smile. You nod yes, moving your hands from his lower back to his chest. “You?”

He smiles down at you and nod. You move your hands to his shoulders and behind his neck and you pull him back into a hug, burying you head into his shoulder.

You hear Stefan clear his throat and you blush, stepping away from Elijah.

“What are you doing here Elijah?” he asks.

“I understand you have stopped my brother and I’m here to get him back”

“What?” you shout out. You had no idea Klaus had been “stopped” “What do you mean stopped?”

“Oh, they didn’t tell you? The spell that was used to stop Mikael 15 years ago was used on Niklaus earlier tonight” he tells you, looking down at you.

You sigh “You people are unbelievable” you shake your head, angry.

“We had to stop him from killing Elena and from dying. If he dies, we die with him” Stefan explains.

“I don’t care” you tell him, angry. The door that was opened, closed in a loud nose. Elena jumps, scared by the invisible forces that came from you and that made the door move suddenly. “We were supposed to stop Alaric with that spell!”

“There is still a way to stop your former professor” Elijah says.

You all sit down in the kitchen.

“All we need is to take that stake from him. Once he’s been disarmed, the weapon’s in my possession, my family will scatter to the ends of the Earth. And Alaric will follow us.”

You didn’t like that plan at all.

“And you’ll just…run?” Stefan asks.

You didn’t like it one bit.

“We’ve done it before. Klaus and Rebekah spent the better part of a thousand years evading my father. What’s another half century while Elena’s able to live out the rest of her natural life?”

Elena sighs “We finally stopped him, Elijah” you didn’t like to hear his name coming from her mouth. “After everything that he’s done to us, I can’t just let you bring him back”

You roll your eyes.

“’I give you my word, Elena. I will not revive Klaus within your, nor within your children’s lifetime. Perhaps it’ll finally teach him some manners…”

“Why should she trust you?” Matt asks “All you’ve done is screw her over”

“She tried to kill him” you say “you don’t get to ask that” you look at Elena with an angry look.

Elijah takes your hand to calm you down. You look up at him and you breathe, shaking your head.

“And for that, I’m deeply ashamed. But know this, she could’ve been dead the instant I walked through that door tonight. So, Elena, I leave it to you to make the decision whether to trust me or not.”

“Not! Hello!” you hear Damon’s voice from the phone. “Did that concussion give you brain damage? His lunatic siblings will kill you the first chance they get!”

“Rebekah and Kol will honor the terms if you return Klaus’s body to us, Elena will come to no harm”

Everybody is thinking. This is enraging you. He was being way too nice.

“Do we have a deal?”

“No! No, no, no, no, no. Did I mention, no!” that was Damon’s answer.

“Yes” you say.

“This isn’t your choice to make” Elena says.

“But killing me was yours? Don’t make me angry, Elena, remember the dance? I just cleaned this house don’t make me burn it to the ground” you threaten.

“Please, calm down” Elijah squeezes your hand “I understand you’re angry but there is no need for violence” he looks you in the eyes and it calms you down a little. You sigh.

“Why do you want Klaus’ body?” Elena asks.

“He’s my brother. We remain together.”

Elena sighs. “We have a deal.”

Your phone rings. You pick up.

“Katherine” you say, looking at Elena who raised her eyebrows, surprised. You get up and go to the other room. “What’s up, you haven’t called in a while…”

You talk a little bit with her, telling her Klaus was “resting”. It was good news to her, even though the thought of the hybrid lying unconscious for two centuries wasn’t making you happy. When you get back to the others, they had told Alaric where Klaus’ body “was”. Bonnie was with Damon where Klaus actually was. They were waiting for Rebekah.

You stayed with Elijah and Caroline in the woods, waiting to set the plan in motion.

“I understand you care about my brother and disapprove of my intentions to let him in his current state”

You sigh “As much as I disapproved when Klaus daggered you and Rebekah…”

“I see… Your compassion is admirable” he says and you look up at him.

Caroline clears her throat and you look away. “Big bad vampire to steal from on his way, remember?”

You’re joined by Stefan and Jeremy.

“He should be here already” Stefan says. “Something’s wrong” His phone rings, it’s Damon.

You walk over to where Stefan and the Gilbert boy were and he hangs up.

“What happened?” Elijah asks.

Stefan stays silent.

“Stefan?” Caroline tries to make him talk.

His look says everything. You put your hand on Elijah’s arm and your eyes are tearing up. Caroline decides to leave to find Tyler and Stefan and Jeremy go back to the Gilbert’s house. You stay with Elijah who had stayed quiet.

“I’m so sorry” you tell him, taking his hand.

He pulls you to him, one hand on your head the other on your back. His chin on the top of your head.

You hug him back. You stay like that until you’re joined by Rebekah who was crying.

“He’s gone, Elijah” she says to his brother. “There was nothing I could do to stop it”

You step back so he can go over his sister and you watch them hug and cry in silence for a moment.

“Tyler Lockwood is dead, but the rest survived. You said that Niklaus turned their bloodline.”

“I thought he did”

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t Kol…”

“It wasn’t me, Elijah” she says “It was Niklaus, I’m sure of it”

Elijah thinks for a moment “Then how are they still alive?” he asks.

She shrugs and sniffs. When she sees you she waves at you.


You give her a sad smile and walk over her. “Hey” you tell her and you pull her into a hug.

“We have to go” he says “We need to be gone before Alaric comes back”

You step away from Rebekah, looking at him with a sad face.

“I’m done running, Elijah. There’s a way to kill Alaric…”

“No” he cuts her off “ I made a deal”

“Nik is dead, Elijah. There is no deal!” Then she disappears.

“Rebekah” he calls her name.

“She’s going to kill Elena” you tell him, wiping tears off your cheeks.

He doesn’t go after her.

“Do you want me to stop her?” he asks you. You look up at him. Saving Elena or saving Elijah and Rebekah?

You stay quiet. He takes you silence for a no. “Come” he says. “I will bring you home”

You both stayed silent in the car. You were thinking back to the first time you met him. When he brought you back home after Elena had forgotten you in the old house. He pulled over and you see Robert’s car in the front of your house. You frown and get worried.

“Is everything okay?” he asks you.

You look up at him and nod. He sees worry on your face but says nothing. “I’m sorry about Klaus” you tell him and he nods. “Are you going to be okay?” you ask him. He doesn’t answer right away, staring at the windshield. “I will be” he says in a low voice. “I have to get back to my sister now, see what damage she’s caused” he looks back at you. You give him a small smile and nod. “Of course” you kiss him on the cheek quickly and leave the car “Goodbye Elijah” you say before closing the car door.

You take a deep breath before getting into your house. What was Robert doing here and, more importantly, in what state was he? You step into the kitchen and see a couple of empty bottles of what you believe was vodka on the counter.

“Where have you been?” he screams at you as soon as he sees you.

“Out” you tell him, tired.

“Out? That’s your answer? Out?” he screams even louder, getting up and getting closer to you.

“What are you doing here?” you ask him.

“How dare you ask me that? This is my house, you little bitch!” he shouts, slapping you, cornering you between the wall and himself.

You put your hand on your cheek. Your heart beats faster out of fear. You try to push your back on the wall as if it could swallow you. You’re trembling.

“Now, I asked you where you’re were while I was getting my ass dumbed!” he screams again putting his hand on your throat.

“This…is…my…house” you try to say but he was struggling you.

“What did you just say?” he yells and you close your eyes as you see his fist getting fast to your face. You wait for the pain to come but you open your eyes after a few seconds when your face doesn’t meet his fist.

The first thing you see is Elijah holding Robert’s arm. You gasp then breathes, relieved and you start to sob, loud, reaching your soaring throat with your hands. Robert cries in pain as Elijah breaks his arm. He looks furiously at your stepfather like he’s going to kill him. And he would’ve but he didn’t want to show you this part of him.

“You are to leave immediately and to never come back here. You are to stay away from her, forever” he compels him and Robert goes away. Elijah closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to calm himself down. You were doing the same. Your heart beat was slowing down in your chest. “Thank you” you breathe out, closing your eyes as more tears fall down. You gasp out of fear when you feel his hands on each side of you face, his thumbs wiping away your tears. “Are you okay?” he asks with a worry look, checking you out for any injuries.

You take a deep breath and nod. “Yes” you breathe out. You feel his fingers tracing the marks of Robert’s hand on your throat. You take his hand in yours and then bury your face in his chest, fisting his shirt. His arms are around you and he rests his chin on the top of your head. You both stand there like that for quite a while before you move away.

You were still very close and you look up at him as he looks down on you, stroking your cheek with the back of his hand. Your eyes get trap in his. Your heart starts to beat faster, but not out of fear, this time. You can’t focus on nothing else but his hand on you face and his eyes in your eyes. He puts a hand on your waist. “I’m leaving town.” he says and your throat tightens. “You can come with me if you wish.” You look at him with bright eyes. “I’ll make you leave this place. I’ll take you anywhere you want to go” he says. “I’ll help you reach your full potential as an elemental…” he promises you so many things. You keep staring at each other in silence. “You just have to say yes…” he’s waiting on an answer. He looks at you with all the hope he has in him.


Hearts and Daggers part 1. This is my first go at a series imagine, I don’t know how long it will be, but I hope you guys like it.
I had finally made it back to the French quarter, as the sun was just rising. The last 24 hours had been very chaotic, trying to keep Klaus from killing anyone, and trying to track down Lucian. Elijah left early yesterday evening to meet with the Mayor and to talk about maintaining the peace in New Orleans. Our house in the quarter was quiet, I guessed everyone was resting from yesterday. Slowly I made my way to the room Elijah and I shared desperate for my bed. I walked in the door quietly and turned to walk further into the room, but froze. Elijah was asleep in the bed, with Haley beside him. My heart felt like it had been ripped from my chest, Everything in my body screamed, the pain was worse than anything I had endured in my life. Then the anger boiled up inside me, I turned yanking the door open and slamming it shut behind me breaking the hinges. I stormed down the stairs and out of the house before anyone could act. I didn’t stop, I heard the shouts of my name, but I didn’t respond, I couldn’t. I ended up on the other side of town sitting on a bench thoughts and feelings bombarded me. It felt like I was drowning, drowning in pain, and rage. I had shut off my phone, and did my best to disappear so they couldn’t find. I rented out a small apartment in a small building hidden within the large city. There was a small kitchen area, with a bedroom, and a couch in a small room near the entryway. I sat on the couch thinking. If I turned it off it would all go away, I wouldn’t care. It would be fixed. But then I remembered, I had promised not to turn it off…I made that promise to Elijah…but not just him, I made it to myself. After hours of debating I decide to leave it on, he wouldn’t do that to me, I wouldn’t let him.

I sat alone for five days, only owing out to buy more clothes, and food, or to feed. On the end of the fifth day, Klaus showed up at my door. He’d found me, but kept it to himself. He asked me to come back, but I refused over and over and over again. Rebekah soon showed up, and did the same thing. I still refused. I was thankful that they never told Elijah where I was, but had noted that he tried to get it out of them constantly. Soon they stopped asking for me to come back, and stopped trying to reason. Rebekah would come for visits, Klaus stopped to say hi when he could. The pain was still there, and anger. I cried myself to sleep most nights, the other nights I didn’t sleep at all. It had been two weeks and I got a phone call from Klaus, he sounded worried, and in pain. Lucian had kidnapped Hope and had held her somewhere he was getting her to safety. But Elijah was in trouble, he had gone up against Lucian alone.

“I can’t get their fast enough.” He said through the phone, “you’re closer to where they are.”

“Klaus…I.” I stumbled over my words.

“He needs you, and I need you. I wouldn’t have bothered if it weren’t urgent.” He pleaded.

“Give me the adress.” I reluctantly.

My body hit the hard stone floor, I looked over and saw Elijah, Lucian had his hands around his neck. *snap* Elijah fell limp and Lucian tossed him to the other side of the room.

I lifted myself up slowly as Lucian began to walk towards him smirking. Quickly I flashed between the two facing Lucian.

“Don’t touch him.” I warned. Lucian stopped and smiled, “well, the beautiful and brave Juliana finally shows her face. Lovely to see you again.” I glared at him, “leave, now.” Lucian laughed, “ah, of course. You coming to save your one true love. Even though his heart may very well belong to someone else…a certain hybrid girl?” I didn’t move.

“I know there has been something going on…why else would you be on the other side of New Orleans? Let me guess…” He looked up into the air thinking, “he finally decided who he wanted? And it wasn’t you.” He shook his head in mockery.

“Just like you always were Lucian. Assuming things that are just too beyond your knowledge.” I answered smirking. His smile fell, “you should do well to show me a little respect.” I flashed infront of him and took his neck, “I do not care who you are, or what power you posses, I have lived longer than you, been through more than you have. So show me respect.” I picked him and threw him through a window. After a few moments of him not coming back I ran over to Elijah turning him on his back.

“Elijah?” I asked softly touching his face, he stirred slowly and opened his eyes, “Juliana.” He said sitting up and growing from the pain of his neck.

“Hi.” I said, “are you alright?” He nodded then looked up at me, “how did you?”

“Klaus called me, told me where you would be. He asked me to come and lend a hand.” I answered, “come on let’s get you up.” I grabbed his arm and helped him up. He grabbed my hand and turned me to look at him, “Juliana I…”

“It’s alright.” I nodded, “you’re okay, so is Hope. Klaus is back at the house with her…and Haley.” I said the name quietly then cleared my throat, “I need to go now.”

“Please don’t.” Elijah begged. I shook my head and pulled away, “if you’re going to leave,” he spoke up making me stop, “then why did you come.” I turned around and looked at him breathing heavily, “because besides my better judgment I am still completely and hopelessly in love with you.”

“As am I.” He stepped forwards swiftly his eyes looking sad.

“Then what was your thing with Haley?” I asked my voice monotone.

“A mistake. A one time, mistake.”

“A mistake?” I laughed stiffy, “Elijah Mikaelson, makes a mistake. Must be the end of the world.” I nodded slowly turning around again.

“It was the end of the world.” He spoke again his voice sounding rushed. I stopped but didn’t look at him. He spoke again, “my world ended when you walked out the door. My world ended when I hurt you, when I saw the way you looked at me, the hurt in your eyes.” Suddenly he was in front of me, slowly he touched my chin and lifted my head to look at him, “I would do anything to take everything I did back. Please, please forgive me.” I swallowed the lump in my throat, “Elijah, I-I just need a little more time.” I stepped backwards then sped out of the building. I stopped when I was outside miles down the road the cool air felt good, but chilled the tears rolling down my cheeks. I walked down the streets until I came to my apartment building, quickly getting to my room. It was quiet when I walked in, then I heard the familiar voice, “well that took you long enough, I’ve been waiting here forever.” I looked over to see Rebekah sitting in a chair.

“Shouldn’t you be at home?” I asked hanging up my coat.

“Shouldn’t you be?” She asked. I glanced back at her, “not at the moment no.”

“Well I am here to apologize, and to give you a heads up.” She stood brushing her shirt straight.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Elijah is on his way her right now.”

“What?” I asked in disbelief, “Rebekah-”

“Now look,” she grabbed my shoulders, “before you start panicking, I am doing this for you. You two have loved each other for centuries, I doubt a mistake would change that. You cannot keep running from this, just give the situation a chance to work itself out. Now you two are going out on a date, so go get dressed in something nice.” She pushed me towards my room, and closed the door behind us, “now, I brought some of your dresses over, but my favorite is this one.” She held up a deep red dress with short sleeves that only went over the shoulder. Fabric crossed over the chest and wrapped around the waist fanning out into the bottom of the dress.

“Well, go on take it. Get ready, I’ll be outside.” Rebekah pushed the dress towards me. Reluctantly I took it and headed into the bathroom.

“And make sure you do something nice with your hair.” She called before leaving the bedroom. I looked into the mirror, before I slowly began to get ready, washing my face, then applying light makeup. I curled my hair with long curls that fell over my shoulders. I heard a knock on the door, then Rebekah opening it, “Elijah, please come in.” She said sweetly. My stomach turned, I could hear the two of them talking, their voices murmured through the walls. I slipped on heeled shoes to match the dress, taking a deep breath I walked out of the bedroom into the small living room. I saw Elijah look at me and smile. I nodded to him but didn’t smile back.

“Well, have fun you two.” Rebekah said before leaving. We stood there in an awkward silence for a few moments before Elijah spoke, “You look stunning.”

“Thank you.” I pushed a curl behind my ear.

“I’m sorry if Rebekah sprung this upon you.” He stepped closer, “she did the same to me.” I nodded slowly doing my best to avoid his gaze. He was in a nicer suit than usual, but still a suit all the same.

“Shall we go?” I asked suddenly looking up at him. I had to get out of this small space.

“Of course.” He nodded and went to open the door, holding it for me. I walked past him quickly murmuring a thank you. Rebekah had apparently made reservations for us at a small restaurant in the quiet part of New Orleans. The restaurant had been one of Elijah’s and I’s favorites years ago. The conversation during dinner was short, and at times awkward, but I had to say it was good to talk to him. I had missed the sound of his voice, his laugh, his smile, him. After dinner we took a walk through lit up public garden.

“I enjoyed this evening.” Elijah said. I nodded slowly

“Although,”Elijah continued, “I think the owner got confused when we walked in and pictures of us were on the wall as some of the first customers of the restaurant.” Elijah chuckled warmly.

“Yes, that was a surprise.” I looked down again the pain once again settling in.

“I’m sorry.” He spoke as we stopped walking.

“You’ve already said that.” I answered.

“Why won’t you accept it then?” He grabbed my hand.

“It is not that easy. Love never is, exceptionally not a broken love” I answered pulling away, “this was a bad idea.” I shook my head looking at the ground, and began to back away.

“How is it broken?” He questioned.

“How is it not?” I looked back up at him anger building in my voice, “you don’t want me back, with me gone, you can be with Haley.”

“I don’t want you gone. I want you back.” He stepped forward.

“If you wanted me, then why did you forfeit me in the first place?” I questioned raising an eyebrow.

“It was a mistake.” He answered.

“I am really tired of hearing that word.” I replied monotone.

“What else would you like me to call it?” He stepped closer, “I know what I did was wrong. Terribly and horribly wrong. I never wanted to hurt you.”

“You should have remembered that before your night with Haley.” I hissed before walking away.

“I can’t lose you.” He said sadly, “I swore a vow to you, always and forever. If I lose you, it would kill me.”

“How do you think I feel Elijah?” I stopped, “if feels like my heart has been ripped out of my chest, like I am dying every moment. You are the one who broke the vow, not I.” With that I vamped away, not letting him see my tears. I stopped at the door to the building I lived in the tears swelling in my eyes. Sucking in a deep breath I walked up to my room and once inside I leaned back on the door and slid to the floor.

“I take it, it didn’t go well then.” Said a smooth voice from further into the room. I jumped at the sudden sound and bent to look around the corner. Klaus was sitting on the couch.

“Do you and Rebekah have something against knocking?” I asked hoisting myself up. He shrugged, “well, I wanted to be the first to hear how things went.” I threw my purse onto the couch and slouched down beside him.

“Bad, I’m guessing?” He questioned.

“Don’t know why I went in the first place. I think it just hurt the both of us more.” I said staring off.

“It was worth a try was it not?” He looked at me. I shrugged.

“I know he hurt you Juliana.” Klaus spoke slowly, “but he is miserable too. Having to live with what he did. He never speaks to Haley, and avoids her at all costs. I can see him suffering, it’s in his eyes. He thinks about you constantly.”

“I don’t know what to do Niklaus.” My voice broke and the tears came flooding down my face. Klaus pulled me closer to him and held me. I sobbed for what seemed like hours, everything that I had been holding in came flooding out. Once I had calmed down I heard Klaus speak, “come home.” I shook my head, “no.”

“It will do you good.” He answered.

“How?” I asked sharply.

“Well, for one Rebekah and I miss you. And shouldn’t you stand and hold your ground? I’m not saying it will be easy, but it will be better. I can set up another room for you.”

“Where?” I asked.

“On the other side of the house is you like.” He looked at me, “just give it a try. I’ll be there to protect you.” I thought for a few minutes in silence then slowly nodded, “fine. I’ll give it a week.”

“Two weeks?” He bargained, “and you can retreat here any time you like.” I nodded again.

“Good.” Klaus smiled and kissed the top of my head, “I’ll move your things into your new room tonight and I’ll have Rebekah pick you up in the morning.” He kissed my head once more before getting up and heading towards the door.

“Klaus,” I called, he stopped and looked at me, “don’t tell him. Please, not till I’m there and settling in.” He nodded slowly, “he’s probably not home yet. I’ll move your stuff quickly.”

“Thank you.” I said before he left. Now alone my mind was racing, wondering if this was a bad decision.

The Immortals- Part 17- Mikael

Hi, hello, bonjour :)


Summary: Julie learns more about Elijah’s past as Rebekah tells about how they became vampires.

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I really hope you like it :) Please, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think :)


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Something unexpected

Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Elijah Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, vampire!reader
Summary: Being a Salvatore sister is hard (and boring), but at least you get to meet the originals.

Being the Salvatore sister wasn’t as fun as it might sound. You had to endure all the bickering and the protectiveness. And with the originals (and hybrids) running around and being dangerous, the boys were getting even worse. (Y/N) wasn’t even allowed to leave the boarding house without one of them to accompany her.

So she tried to convince them otherwise. And she kinda did by promising to annoy them until they let her go. Even though they insisted that they only let her go, because no one else knew she was a Salvatore, since she just came back to Mystic Falls and all.

That’s how she sat alone in the Mystic Grill eating a cheezburger and celebrating her freedom. Well until someone sat across from her. She looked up thinking it was one of her brothers and nearly choked, because it was none other than…

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