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So much FLOOF!! ( 0 v0)!!! Can floof dergon and this floof birb combine forces to become the ultimate floofy team? ( 0 o0)!!

After some trepidation concerning Aingeal’s typing, he decides that someone that floofy can’t possibly be bad! 

Floof friends forever!

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Thinking about what might have happened to our favourite pineapple made me cry... Like, Marco is... wonderful [Marco is love, Marco is life]. Love him, love him a lot. I was wondering if you could give me some fluffy headcanons for the wonderful whitebeard pirates, including lovely Edward Newgate [Whitebeard], because they all need the love right now. Q.Q Marco...

Sorry about not saying exactly who but adding to Marco and Whitebeard, Ace and Jozu.

Marco… the pineapple bae… These aren’t going to be many just because of the lack specifics regarding ‘fluffy’… Hope this is okay <3


  • I literally have a thing for Marco flying his s/o on his back when they’re upset. It’s so cute!
  • He’s one of the most relaxed guys too; if his s/o is in trouble, yeah he’s going to worry but he’s not going to interrupt their fight
  • Basically he’s the least likely to treat them like a child
  • Always seen with an arm loosely slung around their waist though


  • Not gonna lie, if he had a female s/o, he’d totally take the piss when they’re alone and call her ‘wifey’
  • He get’s a roll of toilet roll thrown at his head (He thinks he’s hilarious)
  • If his children ask him anything and he can’t think of something, he does tell them to ask his s/o just to avoid not telling them that he doesn’t know
  • Is avidly interesting in all of his children’s hobbies; ice sculpting, dance, football, swimming. He’d avidly help them out and show an interest in them all. 
  • Has joined in with prank wars before. The prank was that he joined in and everyone was scared of what he would come up with. It worked until Marco called him out on it. They all replaced his alcohol with water for a week after that.


  • Has used everyone on the Moby Dick as a pillow at one point
  • His good pure nature has made him jump into the sea in an attempt to rescue more than one crewmate. Thatch hates it when he does this
  • If they dock in a town that has kids, he manages to convince Marco to join him in creating a little fire ‘puppet’ show for the kids
  • They all love it! 


  • His incredible loyalty has made him become a shield for so many people
  • A lot of them owe their lives to him.
  • Likes to join in with Ace’s fire show when it’s sunny because of the light going throw his diamond skin. 
  • Blushes whenever someone shows a keen interest in it
  • Always helps people with heavy lifting, no matter who they are
  • All the hair-ruffles from this guy- he loves to ruffle Ace’s hair because it’s moderately messy anyway

Ever since I read Floran’s newest reference sheet and his backstory, I got a bit intrigued haha! His backstory is so sad, but I’m glad that Floran had Elise to help him~! Which is exactly what I wanted to express in this short comic! Hope you like it and I wish you again another awesome birthday!


(i wanted to draw Reol, but i.. can’t draw wyverns… Sorry, sweet Reol q.q)

| For @galacticdemon

Gon’s always been a proud child. From his first alchemical transmutation, he was always one to show off his successes. When he was still traveling with Ging, he’d proudly present his creations and new understandings of alchemy to his father, and soak in the praise it got him. Now, years later, he’s no different. With his pocket stuffed with the latest success, he rushes through the city streets to find Killua, or Kurapika, or any number of the people he knows so he can brag.

In his haste, he fails to avoid the people walking down the same sidewalk as him, and bumps shoulders with shouted apologies after. His mistake is when a flash of white hair catches his attention across the street, and he slams directly into the poor soul unlucky enough to be in his way. He stumbles back immediately and looks at the woman with wide eyes. “Sorry! I was looking for my friend, and-” He glances back to the other side of the road, but the white locks were already long gone.

With a sigh, Gon bows his head and looks towards the ground. “I wasn’t looking where I was going…” He finishes, upset that the chance had slipped him by. He wanted to chase after whoever it had been, in the event that it might be Killua, but he couldn’t, not without making up for his mistake somehow. “Are you alright?”


Sorry, anon, I accidentally deleted your ask trying to upload these pictures. -_- The question was whether or not Jeffrey Dahmer was a nail biter (down to the quick, specifically) or a thumb sucker in his life and how big his hands were:

As far as I know, he wasn’t a nail biter or a thumb sucker, but he did smoke cigarettes and masturbate very often, and his father stated that Jeff was always into touching and feeling things as a child, which later would be confirmed by his compulsion to touch viscera. I want to assume you’re asking because he was a Gemini (since they ‘own’ the hands in astrology?) or to confirm some variant of anxiety? He sent the drawing/print (above) to a woman named Dahlia while in prison, but I’m not sure how to scale them because I don’t know the paper size he used, etc. Letter size paper (standard) is usually 8.5 x 11, and his hand doesn’t take up a huge part of the page, but he could’ve been using stationary, as well. He was 6 foot 1, and his body type obviously fluctuated multiple times during his life based on his mugshots, so I’m going to assume he had bigger hands, but nothing above average. Although I looked, I couldn’t find his ring size. He did keep the hands of one of his victims, though, if you’re interested in maybe a fixation on or with hands? Just in case you are asking because of astrology, fun fact: Jeff was a Gemini, Libra ascendant, Aries moon. Hope that helps!