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The boys reaction when they find a photos of your childhood and they tease you. Sorry if you ever done something similar >_<, btw I love your blog it´s amazing !!!

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BTS Reaction To Finding A Childhood Picture Of You And Teases You About It

“Hey princess? Where did you put your old recipe book from your mother?” He called out from the kitchen.
“It’s in here.” You answered back, hearing footsteps running towards the bedroom. You handed him the book as he appeared in front of the door. “Thanks.” He smiled, placing a kiss on your cheek. You smiled at him in response as a little picture fell out of the book. Curious, Jin picked it up. You panicked, knowing exactly what it was. You watched him stare at the picture for a while before speaking.
“You really are a princess.” He chuckled, revealing the picture of you from kindergarten dressed as a princess. Your face turned red and you turned around so he couldn’t see you. He tried turning you towards him, but failed, “Don’t be embarrassed! You look so beautiful, who knew that you were actually a princess.” He laughed again.
“Stop teasing me!” You turned around giving him light punches on the chest. “You’re such a violent princess.” He teased again, wrapping you in his arms. “Stop, please.” You mumbled against his sweater.
“Okay, okay but you’re my princess.” He smiled, looking down at you.
“And you’re my prince.” You smiled back, looking up to give him a kiss.  

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You asked your mother to mail you some of your childhood pictures for a work interview. You didn’t understand why they needed a picture from your childhood but you didn’t dare to ask. You were standing in front of the kitchen counter opening the brown file with one big rip, all the pictures went flying all over the place. One happened to land in front of Namjoon who was sitting in front of the TV. He looked down and picked it up before you could. Your eyes widened as you stared at his expression to your childhood photo. His face was the same, but soon a smirk grew on his face.
“Nam-Namjoon? Can you give that picture back?” You asked, somewhat scared by his reaction. “No way, I’m keeping this picture. You smiling while swing sitting on this toy horse, it’s too cute. Especially the little overalls that you’re wearing. How can something this cute become something so sexy, like yourself” He commented. You blushed at his comment and looked away, he stood up and pulled you towards him.  
“But I need it for my job interview.” You mumbled, pretending you didn’t hear his comment.
“You have plenty over there on the floor.” He chucked, glancing down on the floor behind you.
“But Namjoon I-”
“Nope, this picture is mine. Just like you’re mine.” He claimed, placing a kiss on your forehead. “Now if you don’t want any of those pictures I will collect them and keep them forever.”

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He came home to a surprise, to you looking at an album of his baby pictures that his mother dropped off. You chuckled at the pictures as you turned to the next page, not noticing Jimin in front of the bed until you felt a weight on the bed. You looked up and quickly closed the album, not sure if he saw it or not. “What are you looking at?” He asked, reaching out for the album. You put it behind you before he could grab it.
“No, nothing. Just some pictures.” You answered, trying to smile.
“Oh really? Some pictures huh? Pictures of me as a baby?” He stared at you. You shook your head not able to say no at the serious face he gave you.
“Is that so? Well I have something to show you too.” He held his phone to your face and you frowned when you saw your baby pictures on the screen.
“Where did you get that?” You asked, trying to grab his phone.
“Your mom posted a lot of your baby pictures on her facebook.” He smiled, “And I just happened to come across one. I mean you’re so cute, and chubby. Look at that face. Who can resist saving these on their phone.” He teased. Two can play that game you thought.
“Well my chubby cheeks are nothing compared to yours.” You smirked, flipping to an open page. “You may have a few, but I have a whole album full.”
“Okay, okay, truce. Since we both have each other’s baby pictures, we’re even. But look here, you still have your puffy cheeks.” He smiled, squeezing your cheeks.“You’re still as cute as ever.”
“Same goes for you.” You smiled back.

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You had been busy with paperwork and he started to get bored. Deciding to go through some of the hidden boxes in the storage room for amusement he found something truly amazing. You heard his footsteps heading towards your work room.
“What’s this?” He chuckled holding a piece a paper near your face.
“Yoongi, go away you know that I have to finish-” You turned your head recognizing the picture from when you were dressed up like a doll. You reached out to grab it but he quickly took it out of reach.
“Where did you find that?” You panted from being out of breath trying to grab the photo back, failing miserably.  
“Oh, you know I was bored and decided to go look around and found this.” He smiled at you. “Look at how cute you were… What happened?” You frowned at his comment as he continued to laugh. You snatch the photo back and placed it back into the box. You knew his comment was a joke but it still pissed you off. His eyes followed you as you made your way back to your work. He got the feeling you were mad but he wasn’t sure.
“Um, Y/N?” He called out to you but you ignored him and continued with your work. This time he knew you were mad. You knew how cruel Yoongi’s jokes can be, but this time he went too far. You were surprised when you felt his arm wrap around you and his head resting on your shoulder. He would usually leave you alone to cool down.
“You know I was joking right?” He mumbled, “I think you’re the most beautiful girl ever, and you grew up even more beautiful than ever. Don’t be mad. Okay?” You smiled slightly at his comment.
“I’ll think about it.” You answered.
“Maybe this will help you think.” He smiled back, placing a kiss on your cheek.

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While you were in the washroom, Taehyung quickly got bored waiting for you to come back. He noticed you left your phone on the table. He grinned and grabbed your phone, only to find that there was a password on it. He frowned just as you came back. You looked at him confused until you saw your phone in his hands.
“Taehyung! Why did you take my phone?” You questioned, snatching your phone out of his hands.
“Jagi, why do you have a password on your phone? Do you not trust me?” He pouted at you. It wasn’t because you didn’t trust him, it was because of the massive amount of pictures from your childhood that are way too embarrassing to show to him. You couldn’t delete the pictures because it was old pictures that your mom sent you for memories.
“It’s just-” Before you could finish your sentence he grabbed your phone and ran. “TAEHYUNG!” You yelled, running after him, but he locked the room and stared at the password screen. He didn’t know what the password was but knowing your personality he guessed, first try and he was in. He quickly went through your pictures because, who wouldn’t? he was surprised by your never before seen childhood pictures. You gave up on opening the door and stood outside until you heard a click from the door unlocking. You barge in the room. “Why would you do that even after I told you not to?” You questioned him, dead serious.
“I’m sorry, but I was curious.” He mumbled, “But I don’t understand why you would hide these.
“Because I was a fat baby.” You confessed.
“But you looked so cute. You and your chubby face.” He smiled, “I mean look at you! You looked like a little marshmallow.” You couldn’t help but smile at his comment but at the same time, he kept teasing you about your cheeks.
“Too bad you’re not as cute as me.” He said puffing his cheeks out.
“No one is as cute as you.” You smiled back, cupping his cheeks.
“The you now is.” He chuckled, pulling you closer to him. 

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“Jagi?” He grinned calling you over. The tone in his voice was very suspicious but you went towards him, asking him what he wanted. “
Before you say anything, I found something while cleaning our room the other day and I didn’t want to share until now.” He replied, still smiling.
“What is it?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. As soon as you saw the picture in his hand, your eyes widened and your first instinct was to grab the picture. You quickly shoved it down your pocket before Hobi could grab it back.
“Oh well,  at least I still have like, a million copies of it.” He winked. You frowned at the fact that he had more than one copy. You were embarrassed by the picture and you had hid it in your room, not knowing that one day he’ll find it.   “By the way, I really love your tiny pigtails and your crooked smile and your cute little dress. Why don’t you try that fashion again?” He laughed. You pouted at his comment, but he continued to tease you. You sighed and it signaled him to stop.
“Aw, come on Jagi. You know you’re as cute as the picture when you pout. I can pout too.” He pouted, revealing his dimples.    
“Okay, this, I like.” You smiled, placing your finger on his two dimples. “It’s so cute.”
“Now you’re teasing me? You’re just too cute.” He sighed, placing a kiss on your cheek. “Way too cute.”

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You didn’t know how but he did, no matter how much you tried to hide it. He was able to find a picture of you as a baby. Not just any picture, a picture of you taking a bath. A naked baby picture, something that he had yearned to do for years of dating you. He finally did it through manipulating your mother after finding nothing at home. Once he did it, it was time for him to show off.
“Y/N~” He called out to you in a sing-song voice.
“What?” You asked annoyed, knowing what the tone meant, “I know you’re just bluffing like every other time. You’re just trying to get me to give up and let you have it.” You watched him as he walked over towards the bed and sat down next to you. You didn’t even bother to glance at him. Your eyes widened when he placed the picture over the drama playing on your laptop.  You didn’t even bother to pause the drama before slamming your laptop shut, putting your full attention on the photo Jungkook held in your face.
“How in god’s name did you manage to get that in your hands?” You asked, embarrassed at the naked picture of yourself.
“Oh, you know, I have my ways.” He smirked, waving the picture back and forth. “I just love the expression you’re giving me. It’s the exact reaction I had when I saw this. But of course anyone would be smiling like an idiot at the cutest picture ever, including me. You have no idea how long I was waiting to show you this. I just couldn’t keep it to myself.”
“Jungkook, stop.” You whined covering your red face. It was embarrassing enough to have him see the picture but having him comment on it made it even worse.
“What? I just wanted to express my love for this picture. It’s just the cutest thing ever. Your toothless smile, playing the rubber ducks, and the bubbles surround your little body. The bubbles on your head. Y/N, why are you so cute?” He teased with a smirk on his face. He was enjoying this. A lot.
“Kookie, please! Stop.” You turned away from him. He took your hands away from your face and gave you an innocent smile.
“What if I can’t stop? You’re even cuter now than in the picture.” He whispered, pulling you in his arms. “And you’re my cutie.”

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Bechloe Week Day 3: Fire

Here it is, oneshot number three for @bechloe-week​! This one’s a little longer, and I *think* I figured out how to do that “Keep reading” thing… Anyways, hope you like it!

Alicia Keys. Vocal powerhouse. Music industry legend. Beca Mitchell’s recording artist.

‘Wait, what??’ Beca thought to herself. ‘How is my life real right now??’

A few short months after graduation, she was already situated in LA, an actual producer instead of an intern at Residual Heat’s West Coast hub. And now she had Alicia Keys belting away in her recording booth?!

“Great session, Alicia. Really great. Maybe just one more to really nail those alternate vocals in the final chorus, but it’s really coming together!”

“Well, I couldn’t have done it without an amazing producer! See you tomorrow!”

Beca waved goodbye, then pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“Ow..” Nope she wasn’t dreaming. ‘Seriously, Mitchell? Did you really just pinch yourself? You’re such a weirdo.’


Life was perfect, yes. But Beca couldn’t help but miss her weirdos. Though she was living her dream, something was still missing. When her dad left, she vowed she’d never allow herself to miss anyone. It hurt too much. But it was impossible for her not to miss the Bellas.

She hadn’t seen any of them in months. She used to beg them not to post ridiculous pictures of her on Facebook and playfully punch them when those pictures were shared anyways. Now, browsing through their Facebook was the only way Beca saw their faces. They’d been trying to set up a Skype chat with all of them, but it’d proven to be difficult, with most of them in different time zones, all with busy schedules. She knew they’d grow apart. She just never guessed how quickly they would do so. Or how empty she’d feel without them.

One Bella especially.

Keep reading