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This is just an idea and I still have more (not very canon) ideas on how to make this plot end with more than a romance type ending. Feel free to add your ideas!! I recognize the challenge with timing and stuff but whatever.

Episode 1: Shelter

Episode 2: Divinity
- The episode begins with Rin waking up in her world for the first time, learning how to play around with the technology she is given and creating landscapes she’s never experienced before. Over time, we see her develop in this feild, Until one day, she questions what would happen if she drew a person. She attempts at this, and accidentally creates the boy of her dreams, giving him tools similar to her in a way where she wont feel so alone. However she assumes the creation didn’t actually work, because the boy had not spawned directly in front of her. Little does she know that he is only in a different coordinate of this world.

Episode 3: Sad Machine.

Here is an episode where she begins to recall the Machine her father put her in. Ontop of these memories, she begins to think about the boy she “created” and how she feels only slightly robbed of her opportunity to ever find real love due to her father’s decisions. She knows her dad only wanted to protect her, but she can’t help feeling as if she’ll never live a real life, even with the life of her dreams around her. That is, until she receives the first message. Maybe it’s a mirage, maybe shes just imagining it as if she doesn’t already have her entire world at her finger tips. But the message is there, an unknown number, asking how this contact entered his device. the two begin to speak, and with every call she truly feels something special, growing a bitter sweet dependance on this boy she knows she’ll never actually meet. Thése concepts are later and more in depth explained in episodes Years of War, Flicker and Fresh Static snow.

Fellow Feeling:

The two eventually find eachother, and her whole world is flipped upside down. However, insecurities about her past and present begin to swallow her whole. Together they realize that they will be able to find a method behind their madness.

That is until


It is revealed to us that the boy wasn’t exactly just a creation of her imagination, but a real boy, who was dragged into her world.

She doesn’t want him to leave but she knows he needs to pass with the rest of his family like he wants to. He wants to be there for them and cannot live for eternity knowing he left them behind.

When with him She learns about his life on earth and the struggles of the public she failed to see for she was stored away at such a naive and young age.

And realizes some all the things her dad was trying to protect her from. This also gives her a new appreciation for the beauty of life as well as its destruction.

Goodbye To A World:

The last text message is sent, where she promises to live life to the fullest while she has the chance to make it how she pleases. Her love must leave, and she begins to panic. Losing her mom and her dad, she feels as if she wont survive. She would rather him and his family join her in the sad machine, but they would much rather rest after having existed for so long. they are contempt. And she too wants this feeling. He leaves, and she is left again with nothing but herself, the shelter provided by her father, and the hOme provided by the love of her life.

Years will pass.

And over time she lives up to her own words.

She lives alone,

but she is never lonely.

For the memories make her stronger.

edm artists as flowers  ( ◕‿◕✿)

madeon: garden lavander (fervor), centaurea (happiness), calendula (’’i will calm your sorrows’’), begonia (cordiality).

dillon francis: bellflower (coquetry), nigella (gentleness),  st John’s-wort (animosity), fennel (strenght). and anything yellow, because it’s oftenly related to happiness and brightness.

porter robinson: peony (shyness), honeysuckle (nostalgia), snowdrop (hope), calla (beauty).

zedd: vervain (charm), goldenrod (cheer), white zinnia (goodness), jasmine (kindness).

skrillex: field bindweed (humility), magnolia (sympathy, nobility, perseverance, dignity and happiness. yes! all in one! pretty accurate).

deadmau5: lunaria (sincerity), gladiolus (strenght of character), geranium (gentility).

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porter x gigantuar from final fantasy

18 “you’re the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen”
(268 words)

Porter usually couldn’t care less about Christmas.

He buys gifts for his family and they buy gifts for him and they spend the day together but otherwise he thinks he could ignore it entirely if it wasn’t, well, expected of him to participate.

This year, though, he comes downstairs Christmas morning and there’s a huge box next to the tree.

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Shelter was just… The best. I’m still not over it, and all the jumping and singing and dancing destroyed me, both mentally and physically. (No lie. My muscles are literally aching.) But I loved it, so, so much, and it was the perfect first electronic music concert ever.

The visuals were amazing and beautiful, and I could barely look away. The music was perfect, an awesome blend of Porter and Hugo, and they were amazing too. I was so close. Maybe 20 feet away. Everything was insane and beautiful and I couldn’t stop singing and dancing (so sorry about my shaky hands, haaa). I destroyed my voice. But it was worth it. It was all worth it- even though I didn’t meet Hugo and Porter- because I saw them, right in front me. My two favorite people, right in front of me, for the first time. No computer screen and thousands of miles between us. It blew my mind, I still am having trouble comprehending. And I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, never in a million years.