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Main Theme (Piano Version) (VERY Rough Draft)
QZ Productions
Main Theme (Piano Version) (VERY Rough Draft)

I did some music composition this weekend for a few post-demo songs and decided to experiment with live piano recording on my new laptop. So here’s a VERY rough draft recording of my arrangement of the Main Theme (still figuring out how to record HQ audio, so sorry for the piss-poor sound quality orz)

I’ll make a higher-quality version and sheet music for this later on! Hopefully.

Drink me

An inviting cup of tea - @tangentqueenofdragons sorry for the poor photo quality, the lighting in here is worse that I realised 

And welcome to my garden tea party! I was worried about this picture at the start because I couldn’t get the saucers right (don’t look to closely) and because the original sketch was just the table with the stuff on it which meant most of the page was blank and I just wasn’t sure what to do with it. 

Thankfully I got it done. It’s not by best drawing, but I feel like it has a nice atmosphere to it. I hope you enjoy the drawing, and maybe a nice cup of tea. I know how you love the tea


teenage AU in my vision???
Nikki certainly was keen on wrestling, so many were afraid to deal with her, Max would most likely be a “man in the shadows”, very sarcastic and troubled young man. aaaAAAAND Neil… would be a nerd….who covers his friends when they commit any “crimes”….