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how do u think harry is in bed?

oh good question! I think he loves sleeping on his tummy and does it a lot, and he says ‘goodnight, sleep well’ to his butterfly tattoo every night. He definitely is a blanket hogger. He probably rolls around a lot in his sleep and hogs all the sheets and blankets and when he wakes up he ends up looking like a fluffy sleepy burrito. I also think that he uses more than one pillow, but he’s got a favourite one that’s extra soft and silky. Oh and he starfishes for sure, cos he’s a lil starfish!


No bendy!!!!!!111!!!

I’ve just always loved old cartoons, i watch them in my spare time!

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Idk if you are open for mlp requests too but if you are, maybe you could doodle something sunpie related? ;; (sunset shimmer/pinkie)

sortaaaa sunpie related…. 

from the fairytale au, pinkie’s side quest is to find a “mysterious unicorn who knows celestia’s darkest secrets” and its, of course, sunset shimmer, who was once human but became cursed to live as a unicorn until she can redeem herself 

uhuhhhh so yeah, the moment pinkie the forest witch finds sunset shimmer, the unicorn with the sun on her back.