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Humans Are Weird

Another “humans are strange and confusing creatures” idea came to me. Our smell. “What about our smell, Sab?” I hear you ask, “Are you saying we would smell bad?” Allow me to answer your question with another question. What of the aliens who don’t rely on sight? (And, why? Do you think you smell bad?).

Imagine, if you please, a species of aliens, who, not unlike the Earth bat or mole, has very poor eyesight. One way they could get around is through superior hearing; another way they could recognize one another is through smell. But what do humans have to do with this? Perfume. How confused would those aliens be, to be walking around the ship when all of a sudden they smell someone unfamiliar.

“Who are you?” asked Draxonis, in his gruff Thelonian voice (Thelonians, from Thelonis, have remarkable senses; sight isn’t one of them, unfortunately). Human Steve stopped in the hallway and glanced around; was he talking to him? “It’s me, Drax.” Human Steve replied. “It sounds like Human Steve, Draxonis said defensively, but Human Steve has never smelled so… musky.” Human Steve sniffed his collar and chuckled. “New perfume, buddy, sorry.” He patted Draxonis’ shoulder playfully and continued on his merry way. Draxonis had heard of “perfume”, humans and Delfini used it to artificially alter their odour. However, the Delfini only seemed to use it during important rituals or traditional ceremonies; flowery smells were only used at Pelona, for example (the annual Shedding Of The Skin, a very joyous time of year for young Delfini). But there were no Delfini on board. Humans seemed to use it daily, without much regard as to what the smell was. It only served to confuse and disorient poor Thelonian crew members like Draxonis.

Perfumed soaps, laundry detergent, deodorant, perfume, fabric softener, diet, shampoo, conditioner… changing but one of these can drastically alter a person’s smell. The possibilities are endless.

pink : hs

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Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Word count: 764

What are you about to read: A very small piece where Y/N really adores Harry’s pink suit from Today Show

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“Y/N?” She turned her head immediately and looked at the man who was calling her name.

Y/N wasn’t expecting someone to come look for her since she let them -including Harry- know that she was going to the bathroom.

She even spent twenty minutes trying to find the stalls in front of the luxurious building that the Today Show was taking place.

She put off the cigarette quickly and wished that he wouldn’t question her.

“Oh, Jeff. You scared me,”

Jeff gave her a small smile and took a step towards her, now making it easy for Y/N to smell his expensive perfume.

“Sorry about that, Harry’s live in ten. He kept asking for you so I thought I’d look for you.” He spoke softly, breaking their eye contact for a moment to glance at the fag on the floor.

“Yeah, sorry. Was just getting some air.”

“He won’t be too happy you know, about the smoking.” Jeff started again, now they were headed to the room where Harry was waiting, along with other people.

It wasn’t her fault that she was addicted to smoking.

It wasn’t her fault that she kept craving a cigarette when someone smoked near her.

She started smoking at seventeen, stopped for only a year while she was with Harry but she couldn’t stop smoking once or twice, here and there when she got too anxious or nervous.

When they arrived to the large room where Harry’s clothes were spread, Y/N'e eye caught a certain tall guy, a bottle of water on his hand, making a conversation with an old man.

When Jeff left to answer his phone, Y/N made her way to Harry, lusting over his pink suit. She was a sucker for Harry in pink -also a sucker for Harry in nothing- and she could help the tingling sensation between her legs while looking at Harry in his pretty suit.

“Are yeh eyeing me love?” Harry whispered, kissing the shell of her ear making her more fidgety.

He knew what he was doing and Y/N was damn sure he didn’t care on bit.

She gave him a smile and wrapped her arms around her waist, careful not to wrinkle the outfit too much.

“You ready to rock this place,” she said, her fingers caressing his waist slowly and looking at his lips while he smiled down at her.

He looked extra handsome today, Y/N thought.

His face was totally glowing, the smile on his cherry-pink lips reaching his emerald eyes and making the dimple -oh God, that dimple- appear gracefully.

He had a stubble.

The thought of his stubble touching, bruising and destroying her thighs making her eyes teary.

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Buttons and Meg are the cutest pairing I swear, they give me life ;o;

On their way home after Budapest Parade 2003 they had to stop 6 times for Buttons to throw up on the street, while Meg held his head by his hair. +a 4 hour train ride with homeless people and a guy who almost knifed them when they didn’t want to buy “real brand” perfume. They locked him into one of the carts on the train and the ticket inspector never bothered to come around.


Perfume doesn’t Netflix and chill. 

They Kiss and Music.


Pairing: Peter parker x reader

Request: HEY could you pretty please write a Peter imagine where Peter and yn are dating for quite some time but she doesn’t know he’s Spider-Man and then yn is in danger and spider man comes to save her and then she’s like “how can I trust you” when spidy come to the rescue because her dad is always saying how spidy is no good and he takes off the mask!? LOVE YOU DARLING- anon

word count: 1557


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Y/n tried to listen at her father’s bickering, however she had more important  stuff to worry about. Her father continued to watch the news and give his usual unfriendly thoughts to local hero Spiderman, but her mind kept going back to Peter.

They were supposed to meet later for date night, however he had canceled the previous weeks with lame excuses. Would he actually go to this one? She was feeling kinda anxious. She wanted to be a good girlfriend and be there for Peter, however he kept hiding things.

She often wondered if he was cheating on her, however refused to believe it. Peter was the most loving and caring person in the world.That boy wouldn’t do anything to hurt anybody, let alone her. She just had to believe in him, he would tell her what’s wrong when he’s ready, right?

The girl was brought out of her thought as her father talked to her once again.

“Y/n, you listening?”

“Sorry dad, what were you saying?”

He pointed back at the screen, showing footage of Spider Man trying to stop a robbery in a bank, at least until he made the whole thing blow up, along with some stores nearby.

“You see this freak in the streets and you run the other way, you hear me?”

The girl rolled her eyes at her father. He was really paranoid when it came to Spiderman, always saying how the boy did more wrong than good to Queens.

“Yes dad”

The girl looked at her phone. It was already 5:40 and she was supposed to meet Peter by six o’clock by that Thai place they loved.

She grabbed her coat and say goodbye to her father as she made her out of her house. She decided to go walking, after all, she had some spare time.

Everything looked like your average  afternoon at Queen’s, busy and loud, but still like home. She knew the streets like her own hand, so as usual she decided to take one for the many shortcuts for the city.

She crossed the streets and got into an alley behind a building, trying to get to the other side, right were the Thai place was.

The girl was halfway through the alley until she hard some laughing behind her. She looked back discreetly, only to see a pair of men watching her. She kept her eyes on them as she tried to hurry up her pace, however was stopped after she bumped with someone in front of her.

“Why are you hurrying up love?”

There was another man in front of her, blocking her way. She heard as the other two quickly approached her.

She tried to move around, however they took her hands and pushed her against a wall. Her heart was beating up fast. If they wanted money they could have it all, she just hoped they would stop there.

However the men had other plans. The tallest of the group kept her hands over her head, as he got his nose up to her neck. She tried to push away as much as she could, however he kept her head right in place.

“What is a lovely girl like you doing out alone uh?”

“I-If yo-you want my money- You can have it all”

They laughed again, this time as the men to her right placed his hand in her leg.

“We don’t want money, we just want to have a good time with you”

She tried to hold on the tears as she realised what he meant. She was about to be raped and there was nothing she could do about it.

She tried to yell for help, however the man slapped her, and kept his hand on her mouth, shutting her up. She felt her heart break into a million pieces. She had always dreamed her first time would be special, maybe with Peter. But now she was just going to be fucked in a dark and stinky alley,next to the dumpsters.

As the men slipped his hand under her shirt she heard a voice behind the group.

“How about you leave the lady alone and come have a good time with me instead?

Before the man could even see who the voice belonged to; he was kicked on his back and pushed against the wall, leaving him unconscious.

The other two tried to go for the masked boy, however he jumped on the dumpsters before they could reach him.

“C’mon guys! You can do better than that!”

Spiderman shoot his webs at one of the men, sticking him to the floor, while he made a long string of webs and used it to tie the other one. .

The girl had just been standing there, staring speechless. She could not believe she had just been saved from her worst nightmare by Spider Man himself.

The boy finally looked at her as he stepped closer.

“I should take you to your place”

He tried to take her hand as he shot a web towards the building, however she stepped back. She had had enough, all she wanted was to got to Peter’s and tell him what had happened.

“I don’t want to-”

The girl words were interrupted as she realised that the unconscious man was starting to wake up, looking around for them.

She quickly took Spiderman’s  hand as the men realised they were still there.

“Never mind, get me out of here”

The boy grabbed her waist and jumped, swinging them out of the alley and from building to building. Y/n hadn’t realised how up they were until she looked down. She felt herself holding on tighter onto Spiderman’s neck, afraid of falling down. Somehow, holding onto him made her feel safe.

She was almost forgetting about the height when she remembered something else. Dear God this was Spiderman! She was holding on tight to the one boy her father asked her to stay away from!

“Let go of me- Let me go!”

The boy looked confused at Y/n, She was no longer holding on to his neck, and was trying to push him aside. If she kept that they were going to fall down.

“Wait- Stop it! You’re going to fall”

“Let me go! Don’t touch me!”

The boy swung his way to the rooftop of a random building, placing them both on ground as the girl tried to get as far away from him as she could.

“Wait! What’s  wrong?”

“You! Just- get away! I should not trust you!”

She knew she was being unfair, for God’s sake, he had just saved her! However she was still in shock, and her father words got the best of her!

“Why not?”

“Give me a reason to!”

“I just saved you!”

The girl was a little embarrassed, however she would not be easily convinced.

“Give me another one!”

The boy behind the mask groaned in frustration. He wanted to tell her how he was the person who loved her more than anything else, however he didn’t want to see her reaction.

He finally decided to show her, after all, Spider Man was another part of himself. If she didn’t love him after she saw him, then he would have to move on, despite how much it might hurt.

He took the base of his mask and quickly pulled it up, closing his eyes in the movement.

Y/n could not believe what was  infront of her sight. The boy she loved the most, the one who always stood by her side, was also the superhero everyone had warned her about.

“I understand if this changes things for you-if you don’t love me anymore””

The boy suddenly looked hurt and tiny, like a teenager; and she realised. This was still her Peter. She should have known. Only someone as selfish as Peter would risk his own life to protect and cherish his home;Queens. The boy probably thought she hated him, however she felt everything but hate towards the boy.

“ Nothing could stop me from loving you”

She finally approached the boy, holding him tight. She took his face between her hands and gave him a long and sweet kiss, trying to show him how she really felt. The boy felt himself relax and smile in the kiss. He could finally let out a breath he didn’t knew he was holding on. He pulled apart and hugged the girl, hiding his face in her hair, smelling her sweet perfume.

“I’m sorry I ruined date night”

“The night is not over yet”

“But the restaurant is probably closed now”

“Well, we could do something else-”

“Got something in mind?”

The girl smiled as she got an idea. She hold on tight to Peter, sliding her arms around his neck as she said.

“Well, the swinging around was pretty fun, at least until my paranoid ass made all that drama”

The boy let out a giggle and smirked at her, lifting his eyebrow.

“Sooo, you want me to swing you around Queen’s?”


“Your wish is my command”

With one last kiss he put his mask back on, shooting his webs once again, holding the girl beside him and swinging them, as the lights of the buildings and the stars lighted their way through the night.

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