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Soon Today Will Be Tomorrow ~ Marichat

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Title: Soon Today Will Be Tomorrow
Author: Reyxa
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Summary: Marinette plopped down in her seat, groaning. “Today has been just peachy.”

“Sorry Princess, I didn’t mean to burst in like that.” Chat gave a small smile as he passed her a bandage. “I guess… I was distracted.”

“Yeah I can tell something’s on your mind. You’ve spoken like ten sentences and not one of them had a cat pun.” she joked lightly.

He shoved a hand through his hair. “I’m proposing tomorrow.” he whispered.

Happy birthday ash!!

Marinette was not having a good day.

That morning she had gotten yelled at by her professor for coming in late, again. Then her favorite pencil snapped in half halfway through her human figure class. Then she got yelled at for moving someone’s cart at the grocery store even though it was clearly in the way. On her way home, as she carried twenty bags of groceries, she tripped.

And her eggs cracked.

She didn’t want to make two trips, don’t act like you’ve never done it.

When she had finally gotten home, she shoved her broken groceries into the fridge and began violently designing a dress.

So when Chat Noir burst in through her bedroom’s skylight, she was not happy.

Chat was groaning on her bed, having just smashed through her glass skylight. Glass shards littered the floor like a sea of broken glass. There was a throbbing pain at her cheek but she barely noticed as she was too busy staring at the needle she had just nearly poked through her finger.

It was definitely sticking right out of her finger.

“Wh- what who where am I… Marinette?” Chat’s eyes were wide as he jumped from her bed. The glass on the floor cracked as he made his way over to her. “Oh jeez, that… doesn’t look good.”

“Chat,” Marinette fought to keep her voice calm. “I’m going to need you to rip it out.”


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