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Happy one month to this super duper adorable cutie !! 💕💫💕 She’s the sweetest and cutest thing and she’s so nice and puts up with me and she’s just the best person ever ! and I just really really like her a lot and I’m so lucky to have her 💕💫💕

Yesterday was National Love Your Pet Day! - Feb 20th
(Sorry, Peachie only just found out)

We love you Pumpkin!
Pumpkin is our sassy little boss bun. She likes to look and act all tough, but she’s really a big ‘fraidy-bun! She’s just being the best an instinctive rabbit can be. She’s always very cautious, careful, and of course, highly judgemental! She’s a lady of high expectations and classy tastes, and if you fail she’ll give you a long hard disapproving stare, a sassy cold-shoulder or even a foot flick. Despite this, at heart she is just a classic tsundere; she’ll act all cold and bashful, but every so often she’ll give you a little lick, a groom, a binky, or a purr out of nowhere just to remind you that despite all your flaws she still loves you.

We Love You Pudding!
Pudding is our mischievous little silly bun. She has a serious case of the princess syndrome, and will demand attention, praise and treats at all times- even to strangers who are visiting! Luckily, she’s incredibly easy to please, and will binky, flop and purr at the smallest of things- she’s always happy! She’s also incredibly affectionate and loves to groom Peachie with licks all day. But despite innocent appearances, she’s a clever little manipulator who knows very well that her cuteness gets her extra attention, and maybe even more treats! When she feels like being the center of attention, trust us- you’ll be able to tell.

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Keith, impulse control weakened without shiro and in full-on cryptid mode (but also low-key wanting to make lance jealous, turned on, or both): LOTOR IS REAL AND HE TRIED TO SUCK MY DICK lance, bolting straight up in his chair and at full attention: he did *cough* WHAT NOW (while hunk and pidge give him a Look(TM), coran remains blissfully unaware, and allura looks like she's about to pop a vein)


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A very done Soul… I doodled him on some notebook paper based off of an AU by @marshofsleep because holy shit it’s my new favorite thing.
I didn’t doodle it in my usual Soul and Maka style which is normally close to the official style but here ya go.
P.S. Go read all of Marsh’s fics
P.P.S. I’m not sorry



Peachy: It’s especially nice since autumn is here ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

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