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Langst prompt: Lance has been underselling his battle wounds.. his arm's been broken for four weeks but we can still function so " it's just been really sore lately, no biggie." ( Me right now... I said that to my dad this morning) once he does get out of the pod everyone wants to know why he never said anything he tells them that Voltron was more important than a few broken bones and a gaping wound or two, what if you guys needed me while I was in the pod?


Also I hope you’re feeling better!

Mentions of Injuries 

Lance groaned in pain as he sat back in his chair in Blue. “Blue, can you get me out of here? I need to check myself over.” Blue purred in response and took off from where she was stationed. Lance reached up and pulled his helmet off his head and wiped the sweat that was formed. He just ran back from a Galra base, he was snipping them down but ended up getting surrounded and had to fight his way out. Yet before he could escape one of the Galra managed to grab his arm.

Lance ran his left hand down his body and bit back a scream when he touched his right shoulder. It felt hot and Lance could tell it was swollen. Lance closed his eyes and pulled up a video chat with Hunk. “Hey Hunk.” 

“Lance! Thank goodness you’re okay! We were all worried about you. Are you okay? You look pale and sweaty?” 

Lance nodded, “Yeah the Galra scared me….I got closer than I wanted to.” 

Hunk nodded, “well everyone else headed back to the castle when they saw Blue starting to fly. I’m almost back to the castle, how far are you?” 

Lance looked at his map and focused on the distance left, “maybe 10 to 30 ticks.” 

“Alright, I’ll be in the kitchen making something special for your success!” Hunk closed the video chat and Lance slumped back into his chair. His arm throbbed in pain and he could feel Blue’s concern. “I’m okay girl, just a little sore that’s all.” A few ticks later Blue landed in the castle and Lance slowly made his way to his room, smiling at his teammates and fighting back tears when Shiro patted his shoulder in congratulations. 

As soon as Lance reached his room and snapped off his armor and peeled back his body suit. His arm from his elbow up to his shoulder was swollen and was slowly turning a deep purple. It felt warm to the touch and Lance nearly cried when his fingers brushed a little too rough against his skin. 

Lance slowly moved his shoulder in a small circle, moving through the pain that shot through his body. Well, I can still move it, that’s good at least. I should be fine, this is nothing to worry about. I just need to keep this a secret, don’t want to worry the team after all.

“Lance, dinner time!” Coran’s voice was muffled through his bedroom door and Lance managed to pull his everyday shirt on without blacking out because of the pain. 

“Coming Coran!” Lance grabbed his jacket and plastered a smile on his face. Smiles hide everything, just keep one on. Nobody will question anything.  


It had been a week since Lance’s injury and Lance thought he was hiding it well. Every time Lance was around Blue she would growl at him and tell him to go to medical but Lance would always brush her off. “Like I said I’m fine Blue, I can’t burden the team anymore, after all I’m the teams sharpshooter! They need me to be ready to go on missions with them.” Lance poured more water on Blue’s paw and started to scrub her down more. He was taking longer than usual but his shoulder still hurt whenever he move any object over 3lbs. 

“Lance? What are you talking about?” Keith approached Lance and the Blue Lion and Lance broke out into a cold sweat. 

“Well would you look at that! It’s the famous Red paladin! What are you doing buddy” Lance gave Keith a toothy smile. Smile’s hide everything, just keep it up.

Keith stopped a few feet in front of Lance and crossed his arms. “What can’t you tell the team?” 

“Tell the team what? I don’t need to tell you guys anything! Everything is A-O-kay.” Lance chuckled, prayin that it would throw Keith off yet it only made him pry farther. 

“Lance tell me what is going on?” Keith took a few steps forward and placed his hands on Lance’s shoulders. Lance inhaled through his teeth and stepped backwards. Keith pulled his hands away like he just touched something hot. “Lance!? Are you okay?” 

“Ye-yeah, I’m peachy. Sorry you scared me a little bit.” Another chuckle. 

Keith narrowed his eyes and reached forward again, “Lance are you hurt?” 

“No, I would tell you if I was hurt, but I’m not so can you just leave me alone?” Lance took a step back and turned towards Blue who responded with a growl. 

“You’re keeping something from us, and I’m going to get to the bottom of this.” Keith point his index finger at the taller boy and stomped out of the hanger. 

Lance sighed and mocked Keith, “I’m going to get to the bottom of this. Sure you are Keith. What’s one person going to find out.” 

“Lance, what’s this about you being hurt?” Shiro and Coran entered the hanger and Lance released a groan. 

“I’m not hurt, I’m fine. I don’t know what Keith said to you but I can assure you that I’m uninjured and completely fine.” Another smile and a chuckle for good measure.

Coran approached Lance, flashing a smile at Blue and turned toward the boy. “Well can you accompany me to the med bay? I would just like to check you over, just to be sure.”

“You don’t trust me? I’m telling you the truth.” Lance crossed his arm, keeping his face straight through the pain. 

“I trust you, I just want to ease my concern.” Coran touched Lance’s back lightly and Lance looked at his leader. 

Shiro released a breath, “Lance, can you humor us?” 

“Fine, let’s get this over with.” Lance let Coran lead him out of the hanger, feeling Blue send him encouragement as far as she could. 

“Alright my boy, let’s take a look at you.” Coran had told Lance to sit on the exam table and he started to examine Lance. Lance attempted to remain calm but he knew that there was no way out of it, and everyone was going to find out what he was trying to hide. 

Coran continued his business and and Lance remained silent, until Coran rotated his shoulder. “Ouch.” 

“Are you alright?” Coran pulled his hands away, just like Keith did and Shiro stepped closer to the table. 

“Did you hurt your shoulder?” 

Lance shook his head no and attempted to pull away from Coran but he managed to hold him still. “Let’s have a look at this shall we?” Coran pulled the tan boys shirt back and narrowed his eyes at what he saw. “Lance….what happened?” His voice sounded dark and Lance attempted to keep his voice even. 

“A few weeks ago I bumped my shoulder, it’s nothing major. It doesn’t even hurt.” Lance tried to jump off the table but Coran held him down. 

“This is dislocated Lance and your elbow is sprained. You need to get in a pod.” Before Lance could protest he was being shoved into a med suit and the pod door were shutting on him, blocking him from his concerned team. 


Almost a week later Lance stumbled out of the pod right into Hunks arms. “Lance! I’ve missed you so much.” 

Lance reached up and hugged his friend, “hey Hunk. How long was I in there?”

“Almost a week, are you feeling better?” Shiro stepped forward and Lance pulled away from his friend. 

“Yeah.” Coran told Lance to move his shoulder and arm and Lance complied, feeling nothing but normality when he moved.  He flashed a smile of thanks at Coran and he faced his team. Nobody said anything but Keith eventually stepped forward. 

“Why didn’t you tell anyone? Why didn’t you tell me? I thought be bonded.” 

“I didn’t want to be a burden, well more of a burden than I already am. I’m the team sharpshooter after all, what if you needed me for a mission? What if you needed me while I was healing? I can’t help you if I’m stuck in that tub.” Lance stared at the floor, he didn’t want to see everyone reaction. He never wanted them to see how weak he actually was. 

Nobody said anything but Lance was nearly knocked over by Keith hugging him. “You idiot, you can’t be our sharpshooter if your arm is broken. It’s okay to get healed, it’s okay to ask for help.” Lance hugged his mullet friend back and soon everyone joined in. 

Lance was okay, he was with his family and everything was going to be okay.

What is a good ending? Do I know her??????

I hope you like it!

Thank you! <33

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Hi there! May I request the Phantom boys + Goro on an ice skating rink with an S/O who has never ice skated before! Love your work ^^

!!! Thank you so much!! You all spoil me with these adorable requests lolol. Enjoy! The girls are here for anyone interested!


  • Akira’s probably having a difficult time himself, regardless of his confidant facade.
  • Remember the treadmill?
  • He’ll hold hands with S/O to keep both of them steady, but the two inevitably slip and drop to the hard, icy floor.
  • After the duo ensures that they’re safe, they’ll press their foreheads together and giggle with rosy cheeks and noses.
  • “Let’s try that again,” he says lightheartedly.
  • S/O clings to Akira for the duration of their endeavor.
  • He loves it, of course. Even if S/O’s cutting off his circulation.
  • Every time they fall over, they land in a different position, and sometimes they’ll play it off with a pose.
  • Akira adapts to it very quickly, but S/O’s just a mess.
  • Sometimes he falls with them on purpose so they don’t feel embarrassed. he’s such a sweetheart
  • However, Akira will not pass up an opportunity to tease them. nevermind
  • “You’re getting better at this,” he says.
  • “Really?” S/O asks, eyes glimmering with hope.
  • A mischievous smirk spreads across his face. “Yeah, your falling is much more graceful now.”
  • S/O will pout and refuse to speak to him, but it only lasts about 2 minutes because Akira’s playfully smothering them with kisses while holding their waist, hindering them from escape.
  • They both nearly fall, but they catch each other and try again.
  • That’s their relationship in a nutshell.


  • Ryuji’s pretty athletic, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s capable of ice skating.
  • He is the smuggest man alive when S/O is grasping onto him so desperately, trying to avoid the harsh impact of slamming on the ice.
  • Ryuji’s voice is seeping with arrogance. “Whoa, babe, we’re in public; ya can’t keep fallin’ all over me like this.”
  • Time for some payback.
  • “I can’t help myself; you’re just so cool, Sakamoto-senpai,” S/O says in the cutest voice they can muster.
  • “H-huh?! C-cut that out, ya brat. It doesn’t suit ya,” he stutters as his cheeks light up. He nearly loses his balance.
  • Ryuji loves busting out a few moves just to impress them, and when S/O snickers from his antics with their pink cheeks, his heart just swells.
  • He’ll pick them up too, and he’ll skate around the rink carrying them in his arms.
  • “You’re so talented, Ryuji,” S/O says as they plant a kiss on his cheek.
  • Their tone was so sincere and admiring that he immediately ceased skating so he could take a break. lay down; try not to cry; cry a lot
  • He’ll skate in front of them and hold their hands, gently guiding them forward.
  • If he even sees S/O so much as stagger, he is holding them in an instant; as a result, they didn’t fall once.
  • S/O will actually pretend to fall on purpose, just so Ryuji will catch them in his strong arms. His warmth makes them feel so protected.
  • is it obvious that i love him


  • Yusuke is decent at ice skating. better than Akira
  • S/O is concentrating so hard on skating that their face appears squished.
  • He tries to force back his smile for their sake, but it invades his lips regardless.
  • “S/O, your passion is admirable, but there is no need to strain yourself.”
  • “I’ll try…”
  • They squeeze the life out of his hand instead.
  • He’s very poised and elegant when he skates, as if he’s a human statue. S/O gets very distracted by this and they slip often, but he’ll seize them and balance them upright again. very dependable bf
  • Yusuke’s very accommodating with them, and he would be lying if he said he didn’t love how close they were to him.
  • Sometimes he’ll release them so they can experience skating without aid. He’ll praise them if they manage to do it.
  • “Marvelous. You seem to be quite the natural at this.”
  • “Only because I have such a great teacher,” they reply.
  • He shakes his head. “Do not dismiss your own ability, my love. Limiting yourself only tarnishes the potential for how phenomenal you can be.”
  • Yusuke 
  • why is everything you say and do PERFECT
  • The duo waltzes together, maneuvering warily around the rink. They take it slowly at first, but once they get the hang of it, they exchange warm smiles and press closer together.
  • Stop it you two you’re making everyone else jealous.


  • Akechi would be very adept at ice skating. He enjoys it because it’s stylish and eye-catching.
  • He’ll put S/O’s skates on for them, since he wants to ensure that they don’t obtain any injuries due to ill-fitting skates.
  • S/O warned him that it was their first time.
  • He could tell.
  • They moved like a snail, gently and cautiously sliding their skates one inch at a time. Akechi couldn’t help but chuckle.
  • “Would you like some assistance, my dear?”
  • “Wait, I think I’ve got the hang of it,” they replied stubbornly.
  • After a brief moment, S/O tripped into Akechi’s arms and they both plummeted to the ground.
  • They glanced up at him from under their eyelashes and their face flushed with a peachy hue. “Sorry.”
  • His ears burned and his heart pounded in his chest.
  • cold showers and baseball
  • “I-it’s no trouble. Here, I’ll show you.”
  • Akechi snakes one arm around their waist and clasps their hand with the other as he instructs them on the basics. But it’s only an excuse to hold them close.
  • He’s very straightforward, but he’ll tease them, too.
  • “What would you do without me?” he sighs jokingly. give him validation hint hint
  • “Wait for you to come back.”
  • He freezes and becomes one with the ice.
  • Akechi also teaches them some silly dance moves. The two giggle and shimmy the entire time.
  • He’ll most definitely show off in front of S/O, and he’ll gracefully skate laps around the rink with an occasional step sequence. He’ll finish with a little flourish. big dork 
  • S/O is S H O O K.
  • “Goro… you can do anything, can’t you?”
  • “It certainly feels that way with you by my side.” He kisses their forehead, and they resume gliding around the rink holding hands and swapping affectionate glances.
Chaos (Raven x Reader)

Request: I need a reader villain being turned good by Raven caring about them m

This is not exactly how it was supposed to go, but it just kind of got away from me and turned out like this.

Trigger warnings: Blood, fighting, and swears

Originally posted by soul-selfless

You let the dagger in your hand drag against the Penguin’s car. This was not your idea of fun, team work is boring and you like adventure.

“You want to kill the Bat?” Joker screamed, riling up the criminals he had gathered. The worst of the worst were here, Two-Face, Penguin, Harley and Ivy cuddled in the corner. You weren’t sure as to why you had been called to such a meeting, your crimes while dastardly mostly warranted the attention of the Teen Titans, not their adult counterparts. For now however, you were content to watch the chaos unfold.

The criminals all erupted in chatter. It was tedious to watch the old villains talk, your chipped nails became the most intriguing thing here. Most of these villains wanted something stupid, money, fun, cat merchandise. You on the other hand you wanted chaos because it is all you ever known. You were born in chaos and you don’t know how to live without it. For you fighting and screaming and killing was for survival.

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Expression Meme - 6B, 5B

World’s coolest brother pulls an all nighter building tiny child-sized practice D-Wheel, has consumed at least two pots of coffee and time is no longer real, news at 11.

Yesterday was National Love Your Pet Day! - Feb 20th
(Sorry, Peachie only just found out)

We love you Pumpkin!
Pumpkin is our sassy little boss bun. She likes to look and act all tough, but she’s really a big ‘fraidy-bun! She’s just being the best an instinctive rabbit can be. She’s always very cautious, careful, and of course, highly judgemental! She’s a lady of high expectations and classy tastes, and if you fail she’ll give you a long hard disapproving stare, a sassy cold-shoulder or even a foot flick. Despite this, at heart she is just a classic tsundere; she’ll act all cold and bashful, but every so often she’ll give you a little lick, a groom, a binky, or a purr out of nowhere just to remind you that despite all your flaws she still loves you.

We Love You Pudding!
Pudding is our mischievous little silly bun. She has a serious case of the princess syndrome, and will demand attention, praise and treats at all times- even to strangers who are visiting! Luckily, she’s incredibly easy to please, and will binky, flop and purr at the smallest of things- she’s always happy! She’s also incredibly affectionate and loves to groom Peachie with licks all day. But despite innocent appearances, she’s a clever little manipulator who knows very well that her cuteness gets her extra attention, and maybe even more treats! When she feels like being the center of attention, trust us- you’ll be able to tell.

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I hear drabble requests? Trés bien! Can I please request something domestic, Ignis involving Prompto in his cooking or something?

This….. is so late….. I’m so sorry Peachy and Tea-anon ;______; I hope you’ll forgive me and still like this little drabble. I imagine that it takes place the second or third time Prompto ends up staying over. Promnis, as ususal, 1200ish words. 

Ignis wakes in the early hours of the morning to the unmistakable sound of pots and pans clamouring together from the kitchen.

It’s a familiar sound, one Ignis often creates when rummaging through the cabinet in search of a specific dish, but is unsurprisingly jarring when floating from under the closed door of his room as he lies sleeping in bed.

He stirs, uncharacteristically disoriented, and glances at bed beside him. It’s empty, the only indication of another occupant the slight, head-shaped impression in the center of the pillow and the rumpled sheets that seem to have been carefully pushed aside.

The sun has already risen behind the blinds of his window, throwing pale light across the room in alternating slats of light and dark. And while it is most certainly his bedroom, it seems different now in a way that Ignis cannot place.

He pauses, staring at the pillow through a furrowed brow for a long moment.

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