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Ulric Siblings Headcanon #21381237

When Mama Ulric was too tired to tell bedtime stories to 5 year old Selena, 10 year old Nyx would do it for her. He’d read to her Peter Pan because it was his personal favorite. 

And then one night Selena asked “Can you fly like Peter Pan?”

Nyx said “You betcha!” and he jumped between beds. Selena laughed and said “That’s not flying.” Then Nyx laughed back because he just couldn’t fool her. 

Years later, Nyx joined the Kingsglaive. He warped for the first time and he felt like he was flying. Flying just like Peter Pan. 

If only Selena could see it.

honestly i am freaking out

pj is so good?? what the hell it is literally a person exploding with the originality and creativeness why is he so underrated

i think we should promote the pure arty mess and raise it to a president because i think that pj is the synonym to art and we all need the art in our lives i don’t understand he is so good

pj is honestly so good just imagine bright but pleasant colours, summer nights being spent ranting about aliens, wierd jokes that are funny just because they’re wierd, never wearing similar socks, drinking tea every day and trying to draw/write down crazy ideas that came to your head, paintbrushes and crayons everywhere, cakes for no reason and a spontaneous pizza whenever your inside-pizza-pal wants it this is so good

i swear to god pj is very good

honestly newt is probably one of those people who keep photos of their family in their wallet, except of his creatures. and there’s that plastic slip that falls out when his wallet is open and he tries to keep it to his favourite animals but he loves all of them, so there’s basically a photo album of photos in his wallet. and its not just one of each animals, he probably has two or more for every each individual animals. i love him.


Alfred: I’ve played it, but honestly, the first FNAF was my favorite!

Ivan: He’s done more than just “play” it though. One time, he called me, saying it was an “emergency”. But in reality, he made me travel all the way from Washington, just to participate with him in a costume contest down in LA. 

Alfred: …..The winner got free pizzas for the year, man. I had to at least try.

Hoshi fanart~ |- o)