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Busy, Busy, Busy

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Word Count: 2,221ish
T/W: Fluff! (little bit of angst, Alex has anxiety)
A/N: “IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY MY WHOLE LIFE! Can you do a Hamilsquad fluff where the reader is like really busy and the Hamilsquad thinks that the reader is avoiding them? -Flower Bee anon” 
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“Good morning ma belle,” Laf purred, placing a kiss to your neck. 

You were the last two in bed. Stretching out, you hummed at Laf’s affection, up until you turned to look at the clock. It was well past when you were supposed to be up. Work was already crazy enough and your boss was stressing you out to no end. Blinking your eyes you groaned, yep, you were late. 

“Shit!” you tossed the covers back and started pulling clothes out of your dresser.

Not realising you had abruptly left Laf’s embrace, you headed to the bathroom to get ready and leave. Laf thought it was strange, but got up, going to the kitchen. Herc was in his studio as usual, but Alex and John were already at work. Laf started to get out ingredients for breakfast. You walked out, dressed for work and hopping as you tried to put your shoes on while standing. As you double checked your work bag, Laf’s arms wrapped around your waist. He placed one more kiss against your neck, before you wiggle out of his grasp. 

“Bye, I’ll see you later tonight,” you gave him a peck on his cheek, closing the door behind you on your way out. 

It was very, very unlike you. Usually you loved the attention. Laf furrowed his eyebrows, walking into Herc’s office. Herc was at work with a soft pink dress, meant to be for you. Laf wrapped his arms around Herc’s neck from behind. 

“Did she try it on for you?” Laf asked, placing a kiss to Herc’s jawline. 

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Big and Scary? More Like Soft and Squishy (CEO AU Kris)

Originally posted by wuyifans

Type: Fluff

Request: Can you do a Kris scenario where he is known to be a cold hearted, scary, strict leader of a CEO. One day you (his wife) and you newborn daughter come over to visit him. When you visit him he’s acting cold to one of his co-workers, but once he sees your baby he does a complete 180 and becomes super fluffy and silly.

This wasn’t his ideal first day back to work. Well that’s not true, it was just the first day he was in the building in over two weeks. His assistant had forgotten to bring paperwork over to him those two weeks so he had a rather large stack of paperwork in his office for the day. “I told you” Kris’s hands slammed on the desk “I’m sorry sir I really am, I know you’ve been busy with settling your family in. You were probably more worried about them than papers” his assistant says as he cocked his head a little. He was right but he would have still wanted the work done. “Equally divide these out between you and the other workers on the floor. Obviously if I wasn’t here and no one brought the work to me you should have done it” his tone grew more and more as his assistant cowered. His glare was fierce as his phone on his desk went off. 

“What” he said loudly “sorry to disturb you sir but your wife is here” he was told as he instantly loosened up “send them in” he comments as his assistant bowed lightly and rushed towards the door. It opened revealing a young female holding a baby carrier. He stepped out of the way and let you in as he didn’t want to die by his boss’s harsh glares. 

A smile crossed his face as moved out from behind his desk and towards you two. Many people on the office floor were staring at the moment as papers were placed onto their desks. “Is Lingxin okay?” he asked worried as he glanced down at his awake newborn whose carrier was soon placed onto his extremely expensive desk. “She’s fine but she seems to miss a certain man being around” you say as your hands rested on his shoulders as his went onto your sides. “Who misses daddy more?” he whispered as he leaned in and placed a soft but passionate kiss onto your lips before pulling away. 

He turned around as he unbuckled his baby girl and picked her up carefully. “Did you miss me?” he cooed softly as he turned around. His eyes linked with one of his worker, his face went stiff again as she rushed getting up and closing the door apologizing. They were all very shocked by the mood change of the cold hearted boss when his family was in the room still. 

“What was that about?” you asked him as he smiled “nothing for you to worry about baby. How are you feeling? I’m glad to see you up and out” he says as he bounced his small daughter. He was wearing an overpriced suit, bouncing your daughter. It was something that he couldn’t let too many people see of him. “I am fine and Lingxin is fine my love. We just missed you” you tell him. “I liked seeing you often” you continued as he smiled. “Then I will have to take more days away from the office” he whispered as he pressed a kiss to your cheek “go sit down. I’ll have my assistant make us tea and everything. And you’ll tell me about your day so far” he whispered to you as you nodded.

This is the man you saw everyday. Soft and kind Kris and not bossman Wu Yifan. This was the man you loved dearly and even more as he took care of his daughter. 

Friends// Jeon Jungkook

➤ Pairing -  Jeon Jungkook x Reader

➤ Summary -  Getting annoyed by your coworker from work, who happened to have an office crush on you and also found you eating alone at one of your favorite restaurants, you ask your brother’s best friend, Jeon Jungkook, to save you.

➤ Word Count -1,263 

➤ Genre - Fluff/Slight Angst

➤ Warning(s)/Heads-up - None

  Author’s Note - I’m sorry I made you guys wait for a +1 week(s) for an update of mine! I’ve been busy with school and my main blog, but here it is! I hope you enjoy it~ I’m also sorry for the fluff part. I’m terrible at being a fluffy person. This is also a one-shot for a baby boy for turning a year older!

  Admin - Admin Yoongz

“Yeah, Namjoon, that’s really interesting. Please go on,” you sarcastically insisted, but your coworker, Byun Byung-Ho, did not seem to pick up the sarcasm part. Sighing, you propped your chin in your right hand, looking around the restaurant bored as Byung-Ho kept talking.

When we he going to get the idea that you just wanted to go home?

Apparently, never. He kept going on and on about boring paperwork that you did not even partake in, being that you and Namjoon had two different jobs for the same company.

“I’m sorry, I’ve got to use to ladies’ restroom real quick. I’ll be back out in a few minutes,” you smiled at him lightly, watching him nod and smile back, then dashed off to the restroom, wanting to get away from Byung-Ho as you could.

He was a sweetheart, he really was, but he could be one of the most boring person you could have ever met. You two only saw each other in the office, but that was only if he needed assistance from you or another one of your co-workers, mainly you. He only seemed to talk about business with you, and that was so boring to the extent of falling asleep while having a conversation with him.

You scrambled around in your purse, finding your phone and quickly unlocked it. You scrolled through your contacts, needing someone to desperately save you from this disaster.

Humming to yourself, you saw your best friend’s, Ahn Hee-Yeon. Clicking on the message bar, you started to type, but then suddenly remembered she was going on a date with her girlfriend tonight, being that she’s been busy with her comeback, and wanted to spend the next week with her, and had told you to only contact her when it was an emergency.

Sighing, you backed out of the screen, scrolling to find your older brother’s contact, smiling you pressed it but groaned when he sent you a text to not bother him as he was practicing for his own upcoming come back and back out of the screen once more.

Groaning to yourself, you wondered who else to text to save you, scrolling the last few, you had come upon Jeon Jungkook’s contact name Kookie🍪”  and he had told you nothing of not to bother him.

Smiling to yourself, you quickly texted Jungkook’s number.

[You-8:30 p.m.] Jungkook, can you please come pick me up at the restaurant a week ago we went to a week ago?

[Kookie-8:31 p.m.] Why? I’m playing Overwatch.

[You-8:32] Because this guy from my work won’t stop talking to me about work and I can’t call Hee-Yoon or Yoongi. Please come get me

[Kookie-8:33 p.m.] Fine.

Smile triumphantly, your stuffed your phone back into your purse and walking out of the restroom, going back to the place you were seated at, seeing Byung-Ho smile at you when you sat down.

“I’m sorry I took so long and made you wait.”

Namjoon shook his head,” It’s alright. I don’t mind.”

Nodding, you listened to him till you saw Jungkook hurrying towards you.

Being that you had been through the same situation as him not long ago, you promised each other you’d help each other getting out of any sticky situation with anyone.

“Y/N! You need to come to the dorm. Yoongi fainted,” Jungkook fake heaved, pretending that he ran all the way here, his scared looked almost real.

Widening your eyes, you nodded and look back at your co-worker and quickly grabbed your things, “I’m so sorry. I need to go make sure my older brother is okay.”, and ran out with Jungkook, only stopping when you ran to the next corner.

You smiled, pulling the small hairs back that escaped from your ponytail, at Jungkook, “Thanks. You really saved me back there from falling asleep.”

Jungkook reciprocated the smile, nodding, “He looked boring.”

Shaking your head as you watched Jungkook call over a cab, following him into the backseat, “He is. He can be really sweet and nice, but it’s like work is the only thing he talked about, and office work is so boring.”

Jungkook’s smile faltered, the smile instantly being replaced with a frown for a quick second before putting on a fake smile. He felt a twinge of jealousy in his chest when you talked about your unnamed co-worker.

He didn’t like when you talked about other guys with him. It angered him and made him jealous.

He had no reason to be jealous though. You weren’t his, you two were just friends and that’s all you would be, to him at least.

Jungkook has liked you for the past year and only Jimin, Namjoon, and Seokjin. He trusted them not to blab to Yoongi that he had a massive crush on his younger sister.

Lord save him if Yoongi did find out.

Jungkook knew how angry and over-protective could get over you.

While on a day out with them, a man had come up to you and being the nice person you were, you conversed kindly with the stranger. Jungkook and Yoongi, as well as the other members, could tell he was blatantly was flirting with you, and you were the only person who couldn’t notice it.

When Yoongi noticed, he had grabbed the man by his collar and shoved him away from you, telling him to never talk to you again or he’d hurt the man for even breathing or glancing at his baby sister.

Jungkook felt a cold ripple go through his back, remembering how scary and frightening Yoongi could be and how the man had run away because of Yoongi.

You noticed how quiet Jungkook had gotten and nudged him lightly. He was looking out of the cab window, looking longingly in the distance.

Jungkook came back to reality after a few more nudges. You smiled at him, “Seriously, thank. He’s a good guy, but he’s not my type.”

“What do you mean ‘not your type’?”, Jungkook questioned curiously but hoped you wouldn’t answer with another man’s name.

“He’s not the person I find an interest in. Hmm.. the guy I like is tall, kind, gets jealous easily, and very cute.”, you smiled, looking at Jungkook. You giggled when his face turned sour and he huffed in annoyance. The daft man had no idea you were hinting it was him.

You watched him pout for a minute before you got out of the cab, arguing with Jungkook that you would pay the tab, but then he had already paid when you were getting out your money and went up to the dorm.

“You’re really cute when you pout, you know that right?”, you smiled, looking up at him.

“W-What?”, Jungkook stuttered, not wanting to look at you while his cheeks started to turn a bright red color.

“I said you’re cute, Jungkook. In the cab, I was hinting I like you. You are my type, but you were too busy being jealous and pouting to realize it.”

He looked down at you as you reached your hand to ruffle his hair, but he caught it, holding your wrist in his hand,”You’re not joking, are you?”, he asked quietly.

“No, Jeon Jungkook I am not lying.”, you rolled your eyes at him.

He smiled brightly before leaning down and capturing your lips in his, softly moving them against yours.

“Y/N- Yah! Jungkook! Get off my little sister!”, Yoongi shouted, heading towards the two of you as Jungkok looked down at you, scared.

“Run!”, you yelled, grabbing Jungkook’s hand as you ran out of the dorm.

Just Work Stuff

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Fluff (OMG NOT ANGST FOR ONCE), humor, Fashion Worker!Jungkook

AU: “You’re older than me and a lot more professional and mature but you can’t help but laugh at my terribly childish jokes.

Word Count: 2,529 sorry for any mistakes this is unedited 

A/N: BRUHHHH NO ANGST IT’S A MIRACLE!!! I was gonna do a secretary/business man one, but nope, I did this instead. Hope y’all like it!

      Another day, another five coffees, another smug co-worker, and more stupid immature jokes. Besides the fact that someday you’ll probably die from too much caffeine intake, you kinda looked forward to work. Well… More of a certain someone at the office.

      Your shoulders were hunched as you walked into the enormous building, clutching onto your black coffee for warmth. Your heeled boots clicked on the marble as you made your way to the gates, swiping your company card to get through. With your face buried in your knit scarf, you entered the elevator and pressed your floor. You cherished these quiet rides, having to  do nothing for a single minute. The rest of the day you were rushing around, fishing out outfits for the models, going to bougie shops to pick up orders, reading and re-reading and re-re-reading through important emails for the boss. But the second those double doors dinged and opened, you were met with pure chaos. There was an important fashion show happening at the end of the week, which meant everything had to be absolutely perfect or else quite a few people would be getting fired. People were already scurrying in front of you, trying desperately to hold onto the mounds of files, dressed, shoes, and coffee cups in their hands without dropping anything. Walking to your desk, you were accompanied by one of your best friends in the office - Jung Hoseok. He was probably the heartthrob of the company, and everyone loved him. To be honest, what wasn’t to like about him? He was perfect. He even substituted for models more times tan you could count, but he insisted to stay cooped up in his desk so he wouldn’t have to miss the office rush.

      “How many do you think will be gone this week? Five? Ten?” He took a sip of his coffee and ran a hand through his perfectly styled messy hair, his usual smile on his face.

      “Hopefully, none. We’ll be okay if we do everything right.” Hoseok was much older than you, him being in his late twenties while you were only twenty-three. You were an intelligent intellectual, getting into prestigious colleges early on, and graduating as the youngest in the class. people were shocked when you walked in one day, seeing your age on your resume, and your name being the topic in any whispers. The boss loved you, hired you, and had you working the next day. It was strange at first, having to get used to the age gap. But you were considered a comedian, your college humor cracking everyone up.

      He chuckled, helping you out of your long black coat. “If. That’s the catch.” He hung it up on the coat rack next to your desk, sitting himself on the top. “So what’s today’s plans?” Hoseok was your equal, both of you being the dynamic duo of the office. You two would work on everything together, from helping the models at shows to just getting paperwork done. Both of your desks were sat on either side of the entrance to the boss’s office, so you two were - thankfully - together for the whole day.

      Wrapping your yellow scarf around your chair, you checked your notepad. “Outfit help now, confirmation with the boss after, getting a new shipment from Versace, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent at the meeting place. After that we have a giant dinner meeting with some other companies. Can you go to that, though? I thought you said something about going out with your family?” Hoseok had two kids and a beautiful wife, and they were quite possibly the most adorable family you had ever seen.

      His eyes widened. “Holy fuck, I do. God, shit, ugh, do I have to cancel on them?” You knew how much he loved his family, and the thought of having to cancel on them hurt both of your hearts.

      You smiled and laughed, hitting his shoulder. “I’ll take notes, go be a dad. Now c’mon, we all know how sad Tae gets if we aren’t there to help him pick out his Gucci.” We both laughed as we sped through the building, making our was to the exquisite storage room paced with the newest lines.

      “(Y/N)!!!!!! HOBI!!!” The deep baritone voice of Kim Taehyung caught your attention, his tall figure slithering his way over to you. “I thought you two were gonna leave me.” He playfully pouted as he crushed both of you into a hug. Taehyung was a world renown model, envied by all. You knew how privileged you were to even be in his presence at this moment, but to you, he was just another close friend. “Now, hurry hurry hurry I need your opinions!” He grabbed both of your hands and pulled you over to his… Expansive… Collection of clothing. You noticed some of the representatives from other companies here with their respective models, but you couldn’t help but stare at one in particular. He should’ve been a model too. But before you could get too deeply into fantasizing about him, Taehyung pulled you from your thoughts. “(Y/N)’s got a crushhhhh~”

      You learned a lot in college, and one thing was being able to hide your emotions. “I have a crush on a painting? I thought that was you, Mr. ‘I’m going to drag (Y/N) to a museum just to look at Van Gogh’s paintings’. Because I’m staring at that.” You jabbed your thumb in the direction of the painting next to the man you were staring at.

      He chuckled and turned back to Hobi, teasing you in a sing song voice. “Say what you want, but I saw you were staring at him~. His name is Jungkook. You’ll be seeing him at your meeting tonight.” How does he know all this? I never told him anything? You rolled your eyes, scanning over the huge rack of clothes to take the man off your mind, uttering a quiet ‘whatever’. You could feel eyes on you. You could just sense it. And your whole being was just praying that Jungkook didn’t catch you. You sat down on a chair, dragging it over to your two friends. Your coffee was finished, and Taehyung had left to change into his rehearsal outfit. 

      By the time  the run through was over, you could still feel someone’s eyes on you. Your boss, Mr. Kim Seokjin had sat with you during the pre show, so you and Hobi now had time to talk with the other models and reps. As if on cue, Taehyung came over with Jungkook and his model. You acted as if you didn’t notice, continuing to read through the notes Mr. Kim had you write down. At the sound of Taehyung’s forced cough, your eyes shot up, forcing a smile onto your lips.

      “(Y/N), This is Jeon Jungkook, and his model Park Jimin.” Both of the men were insanely handsome, and you graciously accepted their hands.

      “(Y/N) (L/N).” You shook their hands, noticing how long Jungkook’s dark eyes lingered on you.

      Tae must’ve noticed as well, so he cut through the silence and took matters into his own hands. “Jungkook here is the heir to his family’s throne. He’s known Jimin his whole life, and their company is very successful.” A buzzer rang over the speakers ahead, indicating that it was time to pack up everyone’s shit as fast as possible so they could continue preparing. Tae was called over somewhere else, as well as Jimin.

      In all of the rushing bodies, Jungkook’s gaze was still locked on yours. “I’ll be seeing you tonight at the dinner then?”

      Your words faltered the slightest, but you quickly regained yourself. “U-um, yes sir.”

      He chuckled, sliding a card into your palm as you both shook hands again. “You make me sound old, please, just call me Jungkook.”

      You smiled, knowing he was still much older than you, but you complied nonetheless. “Of course, Jungkook. I’ll see you tonight.” 

      You parted ways, trying to ignore how your pulse was throbbing in your ears.

      You and Hobi had returned from picking up the shipment, and the boss had let you both off early. He bid you farewell with a wave of his hand as he stepped into a taxi. “Have fun with your family!” You could hear his laugh from inside the taxi as he waved again. You made your way down the streets smiling, walking to your apartment. Your mind was drifting back to the Jungkook guy, your thoughts tangling with the state of reality. You could see him on everyone’s faces, reflecting in every shop window, and you couldn’t seem to understand why. Sure, he was attractive, almost everyone in your industry is. But there was something about him that caught your attention, and you had no idea why it was him in particular. You shook the feelings off, unlocking your front door. You smiled and greeted your dogs, pouring them some food, and heading straight to your bedroom to get dressed.

      After quiet some time, you were ready, and you made your way back down to the streets. You were cursing your lack of decision making skills for making you late, as you skipped on the whole taxi option. You composed yourself as you walked through the restaurant doors, nodding to the waitress at the front. You found the designated table at the large table near the westward window, finding only a few people gathered. Huh. So I’m not late. You were waved over by Seokjin, sitting next to him with your notebook in your lap. You greeted the others at the table, shaking hands with everyone. You felt those same eyes stabbing needles into you, the buzzing voices from all around you seemingly louder all of a sudden. Your eyes locked, his pupils blowing wider, a glint of mischief swimming around in them, a smirk growing over his lips. He was sitting next to you, feeling like you were enclosed in his grasp. And he was only shaking your hand. CALM. DOWN. YOU SOMEHOW GOT YOUR LIFE TOGETHER, DON’T LET SOMEONE WALK IN AND DESTROY IT BY SHAKING HANDS WITH YOU. 

      You retracted your hand hand away, sliding it down to pick up your pen. The point moved freely over the back page of your notebook, drawing comics of how you presumed the meeting would go. Little did you know, the man next to you was biting his cheek to keep from laughing. Guess he wasn’t just a flirt after all.

      By the time the other reps had arrived, you and Jungkook were having a full blown comic conversation. You had personalized your characters, doodling the company food fight, pulling down screens and pointing at graphs with a breadstick. You had both been unnoticed throughout the entire thing, everyone else’s eyes and ears being trained on their food and paperwork being moved around. You had no idea why you wee here, Jin was fully capable of doing this himself - and he was doing just that. Maybe he brought you for fun? Or food? Or accompaniment?

      Jungkook had been grinning ear to ear, trying to keep himself from bursting out laughing at your doodle of the fat man across the table eating your breadstick pointing stick. He was so much older; so much more mature, so professional, and he was laughing at your college humor doodles. It made you feel tremendously better.

      You two were invisible to the rest of the table, but at the thought of someone looking at you two, your heads shot up and toyed with your plate of food. By the time the “meeting” was over, you both had eight pages full of doodles and notes of the runways show in the margins. Hopefully neither of you would get fired.


      You shot up from your seats and walked out with each other, stopping at the door once you saw the pouring rain.

      “Shit.” Your voices rang in unison, laughs bubbling from your throats. You sighed and turned on your heel, walking out into the rain.

      “(Y/N)! Where are you going?”

      “Where do you think? My house.” You laughed and walked further out into the rain, stopping when his hand gripped your shoulder.

      “Bullshit. Not without me you aren’t.” He slips off his suit jacket - his crazy expensive suit jacket - and hands it to you as a replacement for an umbrella for the meantime. He was quickly getting soaked as he slung an arm around your shoulder and dragged you to the nearest Seven Eleven for an umbrella. You both stumbled into the small convenience store, leaning against the wall as you tried to catch your breaths from the sprints you did. You both looked at each other and laughed, your eyes trying not to wander down to the white dress shirt that was now almost transparent, showing his insanely toned torso. He pushed himself off the wall and grabbed two umbrellas and some packs of hot cocoa. He came back to you and handed an umbrella to you as he grabbed your hand in preparation for running back through the streets.

      You felt the tingles running up your arm, throughout your body - the sight of him dripping wet in a see through shirt not helping any. You stopped for a bit, looking up at him. “Why are you doing all of this? You could make it to your fancy penthouse with the snap of your fingers, but you’re walking me back to my apartment in a downpour?” He laughed, rubbing the back of his neck with the hand that wasn’t encasing yours.

      “You’re different from everyone I’ve met. You’re funny. I mean, hell, you’re younger than everyone, but it’s nice to see a change. And I don’t want to fuck up our doodling bond.” You laughed, ignoring the flutter of your heart as he spoke. No, stop. You two just met today, there’s nothing going on between you two. Just comics during boring meetings. That’s. All. He’s too rational to be with someone like me, he’s older and smarter and so… Fucking… Hot… NO STOP (Y/N) JUST FOCUS-

      “Good enough for me. Now let’s go!”

      He laughed, and oh, what a beautiful sound. He tugged you out the doors and ran down the streets with you, following your directions that were interrupted with both of your laughs.

      You made it to your apartment, inviting him inside. You both drew out dozens of comics with each other over hot cocoa and soup. It happened more and more often, both of you staying over at the others’ house multiple times a week, whether for drawings, or dinner, or… Getting tangled in each others’ sheets, the rooms being lit by the moon, your names rolling off of tongues, cries of pleasure bounding off the walls. He made everything better, and neither of you cared about anything other than each other. But, as time passed, you both cared about two other things - your two children.

Not a good idea|Derek x human!reader

Requested by : @fangirl-moment-x

“Hey! Could you do a Derek Hale x human!reader fluff imagine where the reader of Derek’s age and is super shy and insecure and one day the people from her new workplace ask her to go clubbing with them and she says yes, even if she doesn’t like parties, bc she wants to fit in. Derek thinks it’s a bad idea but she goes anyway. Then she gets in trouble and calls Derek for help and he comes and saves her from said trouble and then takes care of her bc she’s a drunk, crying mess. (Sorry it’s so long)”

Thank you for requesting honey xx. I messed this up a little bit sorry.

Sorry for the grammar english isn’t my first language.



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You enter in your office walking fast, hoping that no one notices you.
You arrive at the elevator and one of your co-workers keeps it open for you smiling.
‘Oh no’ you think trying hard to look busy.
The last think you want is starting a conversation.
You close your eyes, biting your lip.
‘Please don’t ask me anything’.
Saying 'no’ is really hard for you.
“We go to the club tonight for celebrating Steve’s birthday, do you wanna come?”
He stated at you, his eyes shining a little.
He has had a crush for you for years but don’t have the guts to say that you’re not interested.
“I have to think about it.”
In the exact moment the elevator opens you run out, trying to reach fastly your desk.

You stare at your coffee thinking about your co-worker’s invitation.
It has been a very bad morning for you, you stressed your self even more after the little “conversation” in the elevator.
Should you go?
This is the perfect occasion to fit in and finally make some friends.
But clubbing isn’t really your thing, you didn’t even like it when you were a teenager and now that you’re an adult your repulsion for them became worse.
The sound of your phone buzzing snaps you out of your thoughts.

I’m here.

Wait a minute

You drink your coffee as fast as you can and grab all of your things, running towards the exit.
“Hi” he says as you slam the door of his car.
“Hello” you answer as you continue to think about the invitation.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s just that my co-workers asked me to go clubbing with them and I think that I’’ll go but I’m not sure.”
He furrow his brows, taking a deep breath.
“I don’t it’s a good idea honestly” he turns his head to stare at you.
“Keep your eyes on the road! And too late by the way, I am saying yes right now.”
You type on your phone sending your co-worker a message as he stops in front of your house.
“We’re here”
“Look, Derek, this is the perfect occasion for me to fit in. I don’t wanna be alone any more” you stare deeply into his eyes trying to make him understand.
“You’re not alone, you have me”
“See you tomorrow Derek.”

When you step in the club the smell of alcohol and smoke hits you like a truck.
Around you people are dancing and drinking, making you feel really uncomfortable.
You’re about to turn around and go home when you hear a voice.
“Y/N, you made it”
“Yes, I’m here” you say, looking at your shoes.
“Come we’re about to make a toast”
You are pushed through the hot bodies and arrive at a small table at the end of the room.
They give you a small glass full of what looks like vodka.
You smell the transparent liquid, groaning after the strong scent hits you.
“I don’t really drink” you say trying to put the shit back on the table.
“Oh, c'mon! Don’t be so boring”
You look at the glass and sigh deeply.
'I’m gonna regret this’ you think as you swallow all the liquid.
You hear all of your co-workers scream as they pass you another glass.

You push your self into the bathroom trying to hold back the tears as you lock the door.
You sit on the toilet taking your phone.
“Y/N?” Derek’s voice feels like the one of an angel in this moment.
“I’m sorry, so sorry. I was a stupid today, I was mean to you. Please, forgive me, you’re my only friend” you mumble as you cry out all the frustration.
“I’m coming please wait there.”
He hungs up and you place your head on the wall trying to calm your self, falling in a state between sleep and wakefulness.

You shot your eyes open, looking around you.
“Where are we?” you ask confused.
“I am taking you to my loft, we are currently in the elevator”
“You can let me go, I can walk”
“Don’t even think about it”.
You sigh, testing your head on his chest, closing your eyes again and trying to hold back the tears once again.
You explode only when he  places you on his bed carefully.
You sob violently as he kneels in front of you stroking your hand.
“I’m so sorry. You always take care of me and I treated you so badly. Please forgive me.”
He looks you in the eyes, a serious expression on his face as he moves closer.

He puts his lips on yours so lightly that if you don’t have your eyes open you won’t belive it.
He pulls away slowly.
“It’s fine. Now get some sleep.”
He stands up, turning around.
“Derek, the next time don’t let me go please”.
He laughs litghly, stepping out of the room.

significantly heavier

the absolute turmoil - drabble series
part seven | yoongi/ofc relationship
words: 1,245 | drama/angst
warnings for mental illness and related themes

remember these drabbles aren’t necessarily posted in a linear fashion.

go here to read previous parts and learn more about the series.

Originally posted by yoongichii

It tears him up to watch her push the noodles around with her chopsticks, head perched in her opposite hand, propped up on the table. How the fuck did she help him? What did she do to pull him out of it, or at least give him a damn good floatation device?

“Babe–sorry–Mina, you need to eat,” he says.

“I don’t have an appetite. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have agreed to come to dinner with you,” she says.

He lets her words seep into him and he frowns.

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Hey guys, Dax Holt here. So recently Louis Tomlinson had a baby with Briana Jungwirth. ….Or did he? That is the question that the internet wants to know. And they have put it to us very lightly with the hashtag #EndBabyGate. So. We’re investigating. (transcript after the jump)

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221beefcakes  asked:

Lizzington, 30?

This is my first Lizzington AU, and it turned out so random, I hope you like it! 

Tourist/knowledgeable local AU. Liz is an office worker, Red is still…Red. Strangers on a plane meet-cute. Also on AO3.

“I enjoy just about anything, with the right person,” he replied sincerely. “But I suppose I’m more interested in local discoveries–places that are off the beaten path. You wouldn’t happen to know any?”

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Washed Clean, part 4

The last part of this story! Don’t worry, though, I’ll be returning to this AU soon, with a fic focusing more on Obikin :)

on ao3

part 1

part 2

part 3

Pet-sitting for her favorite teacher over spring break? Check. Mysterious roommate begging to be found out? Check. Trapped over at said teacher’s house during a massive storm? Check. Handsome neighbor? Check.

All in all, it’s turning out to be a fairly busy week for Ahsoka.

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