sorry nothing new today!

Today, while dealing with something at work, it came to me, finally from a very external, detached point of view, that I’m theoretically meant, as a fan, as a professional with a pertinent degree, as a regular person with working braincells, to believe that the reaction of Louis Tomlinson’s team to the unexpected issue of an unplanned pregnancy with a random girl was to:

· not pressure either her or him into a paternity test

· very publicly announce it barely two months after the conception

· make a big deal out of it, so that the news was spread throughout the world, while simultaneously using it as a platform for Larry jokes

· not allow anyone to release a formal/informal comment until a very awkward confirmation on live tv

· be sure that their client totally avoided his mama-to-be, blatanly going out clubbing and being generally involved with other girls

· keep everyone else around him, his bandmates included, from showing any hint of enthusiasm, except for a very inappropriate comment on a gay magazine

· let their client repeatedly state that his plans for the future didn’t include any responsibility and act accordingly to that

· let their client start a new relationship with another random girl about a month before the planned birth of his son and throw it into the face of the general public

· let the news of the birth leak from the IG account of the baby mama’s (quite problematic) grandmother

· have their client completely change his attitude the day his baby was born

· have him and the baby incredibly publicized with several papwalks and articles, but not a single proper statement about health, name, official details

· let the complicated relationship of their client and his baby mama’s family be brought up, complete with their custody fight details

· still not care to force a paternity test and let the press insist on the lack of said paternity test

· let the press go wild with offensive and silly speculation about the newborn

· push their client’s questionable behavior while in the middle of the custody fight

· keep on making his very new relationship with the new random girl very public while her presence stands as one of the main issues in the custody fight

· react to the offensive speculation through a very poor exclusive from the same outlet who started it instead of a regular rep statement or photoshoot with their client’s involvement and direct quotes.

And of course this is not even the complete, exhaustive list of reasons why we’re sure nothing of this is organic. But put it all together, from a PR perspective, from the little basic facts that are common knowledge and elementary pillars in the scene (not only the entertainment one) and the profession, it’s totally, absolutely, unquestionably an endless load of bullshit.