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Trying to do the bodyrolls like Minhyun is the cutest shit ever

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I heard olympics au, and would u be willing to consider a Winter Olympics au with Lance and Shiro being figure skating partners? (Kinda like blades of glory but without the 'we're rivals and I hate you' but more Lance being PSYCHED that he was selected to dance with someone who inspired him to compete in the Olympics, and who's world renowned for being the only Paralympion in the contest since he's so good.)

Urghhhhhh~~~ Anon~~~ Now I need to hear the rest of the story. THIS IS SO GOOD. I NEED TO KNOW HOW THEY FALL FOR ONE ANOTHER. CAN WE HAVE SOME ANGST??? The moment I got this, I can’t help but to do some reading on it myself beforehand. 

The Winter Olympics is only held every four years, so of course Lance was hyped when he was chosen and on top of all, his partner was Takashi Shirogane! It was impossible to not recognize that man when you’re involved with the sports world especially in pair skating/figure skating(???) 

Since pair skaters usually start off as single skaters and the male skaters went for it at a later age than female skaters, I’d like to say that Lance is exceptional. He was not described as enthusiastic and energetic for nothing. Although he has always been participating in single skating competitions, he’s also trained for pair skating since a really young age(with maybe one of his sisters who’s already been competing for pair skating herself,also just because he was quite a sappy and affectionate guy) so he’s pretty much more experienced but it remained unknown til the selection for the WO happened and Shiro finds out about this (which indicates his involvement in pair skating is pretty recent). 

Obviously, Shiro was impressed and they helped each other out while they start to fall in love :D 

But Shiro is in denial :o What if he was involved with what made him lost his right arm in his adolescence and during his preparations/training with Lance, he started to open up about it which reminded Lance of when Shiro went missing from public’s eye for a period of time years back, just to find out he got into an accident (that maybe sacrificed someone who’s important to him? idk) which he rises back to his feet from and to the top pretty quickly after, despite the incident and the grieving and Lance was then reminded him that there was another reason for him to be fascinated by this hero of his. Shiro was caught off guard as a tint of pink spread across his face at the admission.

So although Shiro thought he was doing great, Lance’s presence around him eventually made him realized that the accident left a pretty deep scar within him, leaving him paranoid and such with having someone else to be close to him.But the problem is that, no matter how long it takes,no one can resist giving in to a really charming guy who’d never give up easily on anything like Lance who wouldn’t give up on him~

I’m not sure if I’m done with my ranting but thank you so much for entertaining me, Anon :’) 

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Tfw the official ISU twitter posted about Malaysia’s Julian Yee qualifying for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics with the hashtag #HistoryMaker [x]

(Coincidence? Perhaps. But it certainly isn’t the first time ISU twitter has directly or indirectly referenced Yuri on ICE before. As you may have noticed from my sidebar, I’m Malaysian, so this is highly amusing to me. )


This is what happens when you get deep into Yuri on Ice and still have a place in your heart for Destiel so here’s some ice skating + Destiel

“Oh my god. Look! Is that who I think it is?”


“Right over there! On the ice rink!”

Dean rubbed his hands together briskly as he half-listened to the conversation that was getting louder from directly behind him in line. He frowned at the hole he’d just noticed in one of his knitted gloves - but they were something he’d quickly picked up at the dollar store, so he couldn’t be too upset over cheap quality.

“I don’t know what you’re -”

“I swear to god, Anna. Use your eyes and tell me that’s not him.”

The skate rental line wasn’t as long as he’d been expecting, but Dean had already been standing in the cold air for five minutes with nothing to do for entertainment but eavesdrop. Trying not to show he’d been listening in, Dean casually looked over his shoulder until he had a good view of the people currently skating on the rink. There were a few families slowly dragging each other along the ice, plenty of couples holding hands and laughing, a few people racing around the rink, and one lone skater doing a very impressive spin in the center that eventually slowed to a stop.

“Oh, I think… I think you’re right…”

The voice that had previously seemed to doubt her friend apparently belonged to a redheaded woman that was almost directly behind him.

“Told you.” Dean saw the blonde woman smirk out of the corner of his eyes. “What the hell is Castiel Novak doing here?”

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Oh, ok I see what you did here kubo sensei 😱 (The girl is Yulia Lipnitskaya a Russian Olympic ice skater)

(Credits to the owbers of the fan arts i found this on google, sorry.)

Here a vid of Yulia Lipnitskaya :
1.Sochi 2014 winter olympics

2.RUS SP Rostelecom cup 2016


Okay guys. I did a post earlier about this but I’m going to do it again with photos to back me up.

Can we stop saying that Germany’s coats and Greece’s gloves are there for support of equality? Because this just isn’t the case.

I thought it was at first which was silly of me. I am usually great about fact checking and not jumping on whatever Tumblr thinks is the truth.

First let’s go with Germany. Do their coats really look like a rainbow to you?

Rainbow flag

That’s not really a rainbow, is it?

Look at this…

This is Waldi, the first official Olympics mascot from the 1972 Summer Olympics in…Munich, Germany. They are wearing those colors to represent their history with the Olympics. 

Now let’s go to Greece. Again, look at their gloves. 

What are the colors? Black, green, yellow, red, and blue.

Wait…black? There is no black in the rainbow or on the rainbow flag.

But you want to know what has those exact five colors?

Blue, yellow, black, green, and red. The Olympics rings. The games started in Greece and Greece is always the first nation out. They are wearing the colors of the rings…

I get wanting to see these nations wearing such in your face shows of support for equality. I wanted to believe it so bad that I did until I looked at the facts. 

Their colors represent their history with the games and nothing more.

Spreading around false information about what the colors represent doesn’t help anybody. It’s just making people get all excited over something that isn’t there. 

Sorry, guys.