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annienymous  asked:

Cute art! Just askin' how to draw beautifully, as my drawings are not so good.

Step 1: Draw circle(?)

Step 2: Draw a line

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Draw the body

Step 5: Draw the clothing

Step 6: Draw the line and erase the sketch

Step 7: Ink it/color it

Step 8: Add background

Step 9: Add the extras and effects if you please c:

Step 10:

Regret :D

Character used is Palette @angexci

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Peridot's height is absolutely not the same do you have eyes??????

yeah is not the most consistent ever Mr.Sarcastic fruity goo (I would really appreciate if you could ask things nicer), but all the characters have this little height inconsistencies and Peridot is not “getting smaller”.

Hey is not my fault you are swallowing so much discourse, be nice jfc, its not that hard.

y'all awful and boring whites who have been spoilt rotten with good rep and writers who actually give a shit about them: stop saying good things about bellamy hes not atlas hes just trying his best like every other character even though he’s the only one who canonically has to redeem himself and whose past mistakes are literally up brought up every episode by other characters who have recieved much better narrative treatment from the writers and are already worshipped by the fandom!!! Hes more interesting when the writers AND fandom shit on him :))))
me, an intellectual: bellamy blake has literally never done anything wrong in his life and he has not one flaw also he is atlas reincarnated and an angel i luv bellamy jesus martyr blake!



Finished! ;w; Gosh, I actually finished it on time. I know I may have messed up a few things here and there but I hope you like it! ;w;

Rey, ever since I came across your blog, you’ve been such an inspiration to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people agreed with me on that . Each time I see a post of yours, I get so happy. From a simple reblog to seeing your both fanart or original artwork, I enjoy seeing them ^-^ (I know I’ve said it multiple times before but still, sorry about the spam -w-;;)

I know I may seem like any other person that follows your blog but I just wanna say it has been nice seeing you on here! Happy tumblr anniversary ;)