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💚Bog Garden💚

So, I decided to make my own carnivorous bog garden, which can be a challenge especially in Michigan. Here are the first day pics (sorry they aren’t the greatest quality). So in order of photos we have:

Sarracenia Scarlet Belle
Sarracenia Diana’s Delight
Sarracenia purpurea subsp. Venosa
Sarracenia Fat Chance
Sarracenia purpurea

I was supposed to receive drosera filiformis as well, but there was a mix up. So, the gangs almost all here. And I’m going to add some VFT’s as well. Wish me luck! Updates to follow. 🌱

The HP celebrity gossip article! *___* Also Burdge did some wonderful Teddy and Victoire drawings, and oh man, it was all too much, I started imagining the VIP section breakfast table and so here’s a quick drawing

Each end’s a new beginning, every darkness has it’s dawn. Tears can’t fall forever, so now I must move on. My hopes are the still the same for the man I’d like to be, and I will make those dreams come true, just you wait and see!

anonymous asked:

RFA reaction when MC recieves a gift box (those boxes that you see a lot on FB) and at first they think it's from a guy and they're jealous because MC is gushing about it, but actually it's from MC's female bestfriend for her birthday. Thank you :)

Haha I don’t go on Facebook so I don’t know what gift box you’re talking about. So just a random gift it is then! I’m sorry if this isn’t the greatest quality. I started getting tired like halfway through.


  • you have some errands to run in the morning while Yoosung’s classes don’t start until the afternoon
  • while he’s at home a package was delivered
    • can’t recall if he ordered anything?
  • he looks at the info sticker
  • it’s from someone else???
    • it’s most likely a gender neutral name
  • he immediately assumes a guy sent it to you
    • gets level 1 jealous
    • no need to panic it maybe a realative with a different surname
  • 20 minutes later you call him and ask if a package came for you
    • “Oh my friend sent it to me and I’ve been dying to open it!”
    • (((( ;°Д°))))
  • when you come home Yoosung bought a box of your favorite candy and a bouquet of roses with promises of a fancy home cooked meal
  • during dinner you get a phone call from your friend and you put it on speaker
  • “Hey MC, did you open your gift yet!?”
  • when Yoosung hears her voice, he gets so embarrassed he went all out because he thought it was from a guy
  • “Oh no I haven’t. Yoosung why is your face all red?”
  • (//・_・//)


  • you got a call from your friend this morning that you should be expecting, “the best gift of your life”
  • you’re so excited, you tell Jaehee
    • but unconsciously avoids pronouns 
  • “Uh, Jaehee you’re bending your spoon lol”
  • And it doesn’t help you constantly bring up the gift
  • Jaehee pictures a man (not as handsome as Zen of course) sending you gifts upon gifts
    • some loser with a cheetah print jacket
  • omg she broke her spoon
  • becomes the “i’M NOT JEALOUS” girlfriend
  • pouts and crosses her arms defensively
  • to earn some brownie points she gets you lunch, dinner and has a spa day planned for the weekend
  • after dinner your friend comes over with the gift
  • at first Jaehee is so relieved your friend was a girl
  • but then she noticed the gift had holes on the side
  • oh no
  • low and behold it’s a cat
  • (;⌣̀_⌣́)
  • learns to grow on it though
  • it’s a handsome calico cat that actually doesn’t shed a lot
    • “no MC we’re not taking him on our spa day”
    • o(TヘTo )
    • “alright fine”
    • (=^-ω-^=)


  • you come home with a box that needed two hands to carry
  • Zen thinks it’s a gift from one of his fans
  • you say it’s yours
    • but you make the mistake of JOKING that it must be from a male fan
  • oh yeah that’s not a great idea to joke about that
  • becomes CRAZY JEALOUS
  • he’s just glaring at the gift
    • he’s imagining that box crushed to bits
    • no Zen that’s rude
  • “MC we’re going out, get your coat”
  • but the gift ;_;
  • takes you a night on the town to get his mind off of that gift
  • when you two get back, he’s glaring at the present as you’re opening it
  • it’s a freaking dress and he’s going insane
  • steam is coming out of the marshmallow’s ears
  • that’s when you finally referred to your friend as SHE
  • cools down almost immediately
  • he’s still a little heated but nothing a long cuddle session couldn’t solve ^^


  • listen
  • if you get a gift from ANYONE that isn’t the RFA
  • he will try to top it 
  • you came home with a gift from a friend that you’re super excited to open
    • you avoid pronouns
    • and it doesn’t help when your friend has a gender neutral name either
  • Donut Jealousy activate
  • gets so flustered every time you bring it up
  • to the point he tosses the gift on the couch and takes you out
  • buys you so much shit
  • there are so many boxes and bags when you get home
  • when you try to open the gift he’s just staring at you
  • it’s a tiny plushie cat!
  • oh boy he looks like he’s about to crush the glass in his hand
  • ???
  • you go on to tell him about the gift
  • and when you say SHE
  • he looks way less tense
  • kind of mentally kicks himself for letting it get to him
  • and that cat plushie kind of looks like Elizabeth 3rd


  • it’s your birthday so of course his gift would mean more to you
  • he makes plans to make a day out of it
    • since this jellybean doesn’t go out as often
    • he thought you would love a nice date with him :3
  • he’s about to tell you his plans when you say you were expecting a present today from one of your friends
  • friends? 
  • by the way you talked about the gift
    • you go into detail how your friend knows EXACTLY what to get someone
    • you didn’t use pronouns so this confused him
  • all he could picture was a handsome guy…hands on you…LAUGHING AT HIM
    • ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
  • he honestly doesn’t know what to do 
  • oh yeah he’s a hacker
  • he sends an anonymous email to your friend filled with viruses
  • he’s silently patting himself on the back
  • until you get a call from your friend
  • “Saeyoung, _____ needs help with her laptop. She said she opened an email and got a nasty virus.”
  • (⊙_⊙)
  • laughs it off but doesn’t admit what he did
    • no one has to be the wiser 

I was told it was a lost cause, but I tried anyhow.
I coated him with some organic, no-harsh-chemical, child-safe bug killer I found at a local Whole Foods-type place that was made for larva, and everything seemed to be gone overnight. So I re-egged him (this time without water, at the suggestion of someone on here), let him sit overnight with borax-soaked towels over him, and smoked him.
He smells nice now, not all eggy and raw steak-e. The fur doesn’t appear to be slipping, and I tested a small spot and he seems waterproofed, so hopefully this worked. If my stupid method worked and he’s not secretly still riddled with larvae, I’ll post the product here so other people can use it for seemingly ruined pelts.

I did have to cut the head off, regrettably. The hair was falling out worse than I could possibly save, and the maggots on it didn’t die for some reason :/

Sorry for image quality. It’s not the greatest because camera on phone :/


in the honor of nhl season starting tODAY, here are my old and new goalie drawings