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ML FANDOM WEEK 8/14-8/20

Ok y'all buckle the fuck in

I know I said I would do this yesterday morning but I’ve been busy af and this shit it still plaguing my every thought

But ANYWAYS I met aether, fire, and the mastermind himself TF and I’M STILL SHOOK like fire is the most beautiful person I have ever seen with my own two eyes and he was so sweet like when he came up to me I basically just word vomited about how much I love him and he did this vaudeville ass animated little bow and it was so fucking CUTE I wanted to scream into the void and then I told him he was the ultimate hype man and that he stole the show (because he TOtally does) and when he signed my ticket he asked my name and put wrote “hype man” which I’m TATTOOING ON MY FOREHEAD FOR SURE and then we talked about the Fresno show and he was like “that was such a weird show” lmao and then he gave me a hug and I thought for sure I would die in his muscular arms tbh I’m 100% sure I will never love somebody the way I’ve fallen in love with fire

And I met aether after the Fresno show and he recognized me after the SF one and he also said that it was a weird show lmao but I told him I love his album and he thought I was talking about meliora but i was like no YOUR album life is often brilliant (which you should check out bc it’s really good) and he was like “my album?!??!?” and I was like yeah and his eyes lit up and he looked soooo happy and he said “oh my god thank you so much that’s so nice to hear in california of all places” and then he told me to listen to some of his other bands lmao

Air came out too (which I was surprised about) but he didn’t really seem interested in spending time talking to people like fire and aether were so he just went around signing things and then left (prob bc his wife and daughter were there)

But oh lord in heaven papa himself Ticonderoga Fog came walking down the sidewalk with his skinny ass legs and his daughter in tow and without even trying he now owns my soul forever but it was honestly so weird seeing his face and hearing his voice at the same time lmao he was sooooo nice though and he seemed genuinely happy to meet everybody and to talk to them and everybody that met him just showered him with compliments and praise (LIKE HE DESERVES) and he was so grateful like I got so emotional before he even came over to me just watching him interact with other people (which sounds lame af but idc lmao) but when he came up to me he signed my ticket and I forgot that I wanted him to sign my infestissumam booklet bc I was dying inside (in a good way though) so then he asked me if I wanted him to sign that too and of course I said yes then I told him that I had so much fun at the Fresno show that on the way home I had bought a ticket for that night and BOY LET ME TELL YOU HE LOOKED RIGHT INTO MY EYES VERY INTENSELY AND THANKED ME and I will literally never be the same but then he also said the Fresno show was weird (idk why they all thought it was weird I asked all of them why and I never got an answer)

THEN some homeless guy started yelling at us from across the street and TF was like “what is that” and I was like it’s market st there are lots of homeless people here and he was like “yeah there’s been lots of yelling all day” and then I was like yeah they tend to do that and he laughed and then I asked him if I could get a hug and he was like “of COURSE you can” (he does smell really nice oops)



I honestly don’t even care if this gets 1 note this was really fun to make

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Last minute correction: Toby isn’t stated as an alcoholic in canon, that’s just how I perceived his character, whoops

Pros of being an artist: Draw your faves Kissing.

Cons of being an artist: be Sad due to the Astounding Lack of Kisses in Canon.

anonymous asked:

lmao I get that this is a weird question and i'm sorry to bother you but since I'm still quite a new fan of got7 and monsta x I was wondering if u could explain why I see so many people saying they think jackson and wonho are bi? asking u since you made that iconic post and i'm already a bts fan so definitely don't need clarification on yoongi, aha. I hope this isn't too strange and that ur having a good day!

Fhsjdkdjdkdk it’s not exactly iconic but thank u so much! Well from what I know:

 • wonho dated a trans boy in his uzzlang days 
• openly said that “gender doesn’t matter” when they asked for his ideal type 
 • shows a lot of love to male fans, always blowing them kisses (happened on after school club multuple times) n saying he loves them
• was extremely excited when he read a comment on a vlive calling him “wonho hyung”
 • he was asked about a group’s performance but all he kept saying is that they’re really handsome
 • says that he enjoys wiping the sweat off his members and gave minhyuk a lapdance at a fansign
 • i don’t remember but there was another video from his uzzlang days where he had his arm around a boy’s shoulder and was really close and kept trying to kiss him n looked p serious (as in, not fanservice before any hets come here. It was Gay. im a gayologist ok) 
here is a post that highlights some of these things: ()

 jackson is like the closest to openly bisexual there is like u just look at him and know that he’s not a het u don’t need examples but here are some of them which are iconic from what i remember: 
 • he kissed this old guy on television and the guy looked so smitten after fjshsjs, no straight man would ever do this. ok. especially w sb that old. hope he’s js’s sugar daddy after that
 • that another time on real men i guess where he fell in love with this military officer and couldn’t stop talking about how handsome he was n hugged him really tight n was like “why do u have to go”
 • he was taking a trip w jinyoung somewhere and acted like such a clingy boyfriend he made jinyoung sit next to him and hold his hand the entire time and jinyoung stopped holding his hand and jackson was sooo whiny
 • on celebrity bromance with jooheon he said that “between men, hearts can beat fast too, it’s not just a girl and boy thing”
 • lapdances. Lapdances everywhere
 • that time on weekly idol jaebum told him to recreate a scene w yugyeom where they were literally nose in nose n jackson… was.. so into it…and he told yugyeom to look at him n at one moment (like 1:52) it actually looked like he wanted to kiss him but stopped himself . Gay.  ()

 (if you still know he exists, can any good gay soul please help me with some more jackson moments or links, it would be rly appreciated?)