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Okay now that I’m a bit more free I’m thinking I should probably challenge myself to write at least a bit every day, maybe 500 words… I have the RBB and a couple other things to work on, but if you guys wanna send me some short prompts for whenever I get stuck or need to ‘warm up’ first, that’d be awesome :DDD

  • Some girl: *flirting with Remus* ya know, that shirt looks really good on you. It really brings out your eyes.
  • Sirius, from across the table: *narrows eyes*
  • Remus, just thinking she's being nice: gee, thanks. But this is Padfoot's shirt.
  • Sirius, suddenly speaking up: why YeS iT is.

Mob fans: this is my dear son he is a sweetie pie who likes milk and doesn’t want to fight anyone and doesnt deserve anything that happens to him. he’s soft and gentle and if u dont agree i will fuck u up

Teru fans: lmao this is my TRASH SON. He gets his ASS KICKED on a regular basis because he’s a MOTHERFUCKER with a HORRIBLE FASHION SENSE and is gay AF for the kid that SERVED HIS ASS on a SILVER PLATTER. He’s a PIECE OF SHIT and i love him

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

Some news...

… well basically I just wanted to apologize for the lack of art !! Life happened, and lots of things got in the way ! I’ve been overwhelmed with school since september and didn’t have much time to draw.
This is the reason why I won’t be doing anything for the 1k followers eventually ! Sorry about that, I wanted to organize something nice with prizes and everything, but I don’t want to rush any drawing, sooo … looking forward to the next stage ?

I’m afraid I also won’t be able to get through all of your Sweet Moments requests, though I’ll try to draw as many of them as possible !! I’m filled with determination and positivity.

Now, real news :

As some of you might’ve noticed, I’m a voice actress. And just so you know, in France it’s quite rare to dub in animes. Most of them are dubbed in Belgium, so I never got to dub in an anime before.

And now you might’ve hear of this movie that tops at the japanese box-office… it’s called “Kimi no Na wa” (Your Name) and it’s the latest Makoto Shinkai’s Breaking Point.

(I mean serious business here m’kay?) 


As soon as a french trailer releases, I’m sharing it here ~ Tbh I don’t want to annoy anyone with my life but I couldn’t not scream my delight here.

(I’m a fan of Makoto Shinkai’s work, and Mitsuha was such a pleasure to dub !! If you haven’t seen any of M. Shinkai’s movie before, then what are you doing ? Come on, you can still fix this. I’d recommend 5 centimeters per second, Journey to Agartha and The Garden of Words first ~)

And if you’re ever curious about voice acting, I’ll be happy to chat with you about this wonderful job !! Feel free to ask anything !

Ok i’m done screaming about my life now. Thank you for reading, I’ll try to update new drawings asap (expect some Amedot content) !! ❤


“Karasuno volleyball team currently recruiting cheerleader and a certain ash-blond-haired-angel joined the cheer team. Nothing wrong with that seriously, unless the said ash-blond-haired-angel is a guy, their vice-captain, setter, and Daichi’s crush”

“Suga can we talk about this—–”, Daichi trailed off as he throw jacket over Suga’s shoulder and drag him off the court with blush spread on his face.

Cheers!!Suga gonna be the death of our dorky papa /no/
The cheers uniform is just slightly altered by jersey because it will be easier to sneak inside the court bench HEHE


So, I’ve been trying to figure out a solid look for Darkiplier for a very long time. I never really got around to making anything because I could never find a look that I liked and was different from Anti. I wanted to do something different with the eyes and just show that they are two separate entities entirely. Two completely different ‘species’, so to speak. The completely blackened eyes worked out for a while but that’s just a bit too simple for this heavy editor right here. And, thus, snake eye-d Darkiplier. I think I might stick with this look from now on for Dark edits. :)

  • <p> <b></b> Because of an error,old one was deleted and I have to redo whole thing. Damnit. I'll do Yoosung's soon.<p/><b></b> In this version,MC is real hell savage.<p/><b><b></b> BRACE IT.</b><p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>MC:</b> Zen,open the door already<p/><b>Zen:</b> ...........<p/><b>MC:</b> Are you mad at me?<p/><b>Zen:</b> No<p/><b>MC:</b> Then open the door and get outta there<p/><b>Zen:</b> NO WAY EVER YOU BROKE MY FAV MIRROR I-<p/><b>MC:</b> Jumin gave me his old gold-rimmed mirror since he had a new one,but I don't need it so-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b>*SMASH DOOR OPEN* </b><p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>MC:</b> whose facial cream is this? I don't remember buying-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b>* ScreaMs*</b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b>*epic jump*</b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b>*snatch the facial cream on rolls on wet toilet floor dramatically*</b><p/><b>Zen:</b> THIS IS LIMITED EDITION SPECIAL,DON'T TOUCH IT<p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b>MC:</b> Dear,go see a fuckin' therapist<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>Zen:</b> I won't steal your undergarments for self-satisfaction anymore<p/><b>MC:</b> Good- WAIT WHAT<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b><b></b> *in middle of emergency*</b><p/><b>Zen:</b> HEYYY MC ARE YOU OKAYYY<p/><b>MC:</b> <b>*upstairs*</b> Yeah,I'm cool. Don't worry-<p/><b>Zen:</b> ARE YOU SUUUREEE<p/><b>MC:</b> Yeah I'm-<p/><b>Zen:</b> I'M LEAVING BUT I'LL BE RIGHT BACK FOR YOUUUUU<p/><b>MC:</b> Well okay but-<p/><b>Zen:</b> PLEASE DON'T BE WORRIED ABOUT ME PRINCESSSS<p/><b>MC:</b> Zen it's 2AM I'm the fuckin' morning-<p/><b>Zen:</b> PLEASE WAIT FOR MY RETURN MY LOOOVE<p/><b>MC:</b> Okay Zen,I know you're an actor and need to exaggerate literally everything but-<p/><b>Zen:</b> I'M SURE I'LL BE MISSING YOU BUT-<p/><b>MC:</b> ZEN OMG JUST FUCK OFF ALREADY<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>Zen:</b> Dear,you're as stunning as ever<p/><b>MC:</b> <b>*in bed hair,face full of food,currently wearing pjs in mid of afternoon*</b><p/><b>MC:</b> what's wrong with your head today<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>MC:</b> You see,there are two different sides of Zen<p/><b>MC:</b> sometimes he's like-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *wears tight clothing* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *shakes sweat off* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *looks cool as f* </b><p/><b>MC:</b> and sometimes he's like-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *acts womanly as f* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *takes more amount of selfies than amount of oxygen he breaths in that day* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> Oh hey honey,I wore your dress today. Didn't I look fabulously hot? I'd fuck myself tho-<p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b>MC:</b> someone needs to remind me why did I marry this narcissistic idiot<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *romantic as f* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *melts your heart everytime* </b><p/><b>Also Zen:</b> <b> *probably kissed himself in the mirror* </b><p/><b>MC:</b> I married a freakin' weirdo<p/><b>MC:</b> but I love him<p/><b></b> ***********<p/><b>Zen:</b> Honey<p/><b>MC:</b> What<p/><b>Zen:</b> I'm the sass king,but you're my ego sass queen<p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b>Zen:</b> you're slayin' it babe-<p/><b>MC:</b> another word and I'll either beat you up with a chair or force Elly upon you<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>Zen:</b> You're so beautiful and stunning<p/><b>MC:</b> Awhhhnnn thanks honey<p/><b>Zen:</b> I was talking to the mirror<p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>MC:</b> You're the most majestic creature on this planet<p/><b>Zen:</b> eh?<p/><b>MC:</b> No wonder Jumin,I and even Saeyoung adores you soooo much<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *blush*</b> e-ehh?!<p/><b>MC:</b> Your gorgeous silver locks is so-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *red as f* </b> MC that's enough,I can't take it anymore<p/><b>MC:</b> Huh? I was talking to Elly<p/><b>Zen:</b> <p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b>Zen:</b> Fuckin' cat<p/><b>Elizabeth the 3rd:</b> Meow<p/><b></b> **********<p/></p>

HERE!!! *throws it * UGH!!! I GOT WRONG WITH SEOUL!!! UGH!!! *flips all my stuff*

Philip: Ey!! Calm down It’s just a mistake.. & it’s doesn’t look like it had a mistake…

Ok…ok… im calm *sigh* So ~~ guys here the three sibs~~ North the oldest, South second oldest,& lil kitty Seoul!!! (Youngest)

The mistake on Seo is his color & clothing~~ but nhaaa…  ̄ 3 ̄

(I also apologize to @nekoitzer … for not sharing or reblogging his/her idea on Seo.. Sorry, Im really Sorry *bows down head*😫😫)

North & South Korea!Sans by Me~~
Seoul by @nekoitzer

  • Fred and you spending your evenings sitting on your balcony, sharing a soft blanket and talking about your day
  • fixing George’s collar before he leaves for work!!
  • Fred always leaning on to you or laying his legs across your lap 
  • also, running your hands through his hair!!!
  • George always letting your head rest on his chest when you’re trying to fall asleep!!

(tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this directly, so i had to post it on youtube :P)

just wanted to say that it was so great meeting all of you in person on Saturday! (kellie ( @foolishkia ), cran ( @cranbersher ), jenny ( @crtwigs ), jen (thejokingwallflower), gritty (grittysugar), and natt (nattcatt))

 tbh i was worried about not being able to find you all and give the plushies away, so thank you so much for coming by the line for mark’s panel where i was. i’m so sorry for being nervous and having my hands shake as i handed out everything (it was my first con and i honestly didn’t expect you guys to all come over after i tweeted the pic, so everything was a small bit overwhelming that day haha). Also don’t worry about it being rushed, i understand completely and didn’t want to cause any trouble or anything. i’m just glad that i was able to hug everyone and give away the gifts! (btw thank you jenny for taking the one i made for robin ^-^)

all in all, thanks for liking the plushies, really nice meeting you guys, and thanks  for making my day :)

Blease excuse my inability to draw criss-crossed legs and puzzle boxes shaped like ducks…