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sooo–i have plans for a YOI model AU zine! (๑´ㅂ`๑) The idea behind it is that Viktor is a retired model who’s gone on to pursue photography and focus on his new agency, Nikiforov Models. He also has his own successful fashion line in which Yuuri (Viktor’s latest protege) is the main face for. The above shots of Yuuri were taken during his time at Celestino Models.

That’s the gist of it, basically! i’ve never even made a zine before-!! /SWEATS/ it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and i hope i’ll not drop it halfway ;w; If anyone is even remotely interested in getting a zine like this, feel free to let me know (i need a little motivation…just a little, LOL) (´๑•_•๑)

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

So I’m irritated at the SJM fandom right now. Specifically over the ACOWAR criticisms.

And before you jump down my throat screaming about how I supposedly think people aren’t allowed to be critical about a series I enjoy, let me say something. Y'all are allowed to be critical all you want over ACOWAR. Hell, I agree with a lot of it.

But. You guys keep shitting on the way Mor came out, and that it was only to Feyre, and that it was “cringy,” “rushed,” and wasn’t “realistic.” And, you have a right to that opinion. I’m not going to say you can’t think that. However, I have not disagreed so much over someone’s opinion of a fictional character as much as this one.

Mor came out to one person, one she knew she could trust, would more than likely keep it secret until Mor was comfortable, and wouldn’t have told anyone until Mor told them first. That’s incredibly realistic. Like I’m not gonna come out to a random friend. I’m going to come out to someone who I know without a doubt wouldn’t walk into a room ten minutes later and shout “Hey, look! She’s gay!” Feyre is that person to Mor. She’s not comfortable tellling Cassian and Rhys for reasons I can’t quite figure out yet. She can’t tell Amren because she’s sealed herself inside her tent. She’s not comfortable telling Azriel for obvious reasons. So she tells the one person she can.

And for those of you saying the way she did it was cringeworthy and unrealistic, please stop. Now. Like I’m begging you to please stop. Why? Because it’s damn hurtful. Like I see people saying it and it kind of makes me want to cry. I came out to several people in a similar fashion. It had been after a major argument. I told them the reasoning why I had stayed closeted for so long.

Not all coming out talks are happy, or between all your friends – no matter how close you are to them – at once. Not all people have families who’d accept it (granted this is a common known fact).

And as someone who came out as bi like Mor, and someone who knows even more people who came out similarly, you guys saying shit like “Mor’s coming out was so horrible and unrealistic,” is hurtful and horrible to anyone who relates to that.

Yes, it was a bit rushed and a bit unexpected, and yes be critical about it that way, but don’t claim that the way Mor did it isn’t realistic. Because I guarantee it’s plenty more realistic than you think.

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wait you got top surgery???

yep! it’ll be coming up on two years ago at the end of summer. best thing i’ve ever done for myself!!!!

It Ethan. Behold the true @crankgameplays
He a good ice cream boi.
He totally doesnt have drugs anywhere. Look at that pure face. How could that face be anything but lawful.

Mob fans: this is my dear son he is a sweetie pie who likes milk and doesn’t want to fight anyone and doesnt deserve anything that happens to him. he’s soft and gentle and if u dont agree i will fuck u up

Teru fans: lmao this is my TRASH SON. He gets his ASS KICKED on a regular basis because he’s a MOTHERFUCKER with a HORRIBLE FASHION SENSE and is gay AF for the kid that SERVED HIS ASS on a SILVER PLATTER. He’s a PIECE OF SHIT and i love him

  • Child America: Canada, let's play together!
  • Child Canada: okay~! I'm coming~!
  • -Early 1700s-
  • Child Canada: America, let's play together~!
  • Young America: sorry, I can't now, I'm busy with these books.
  • -Mid 1700s-
  • Young Canada: America, do you want to play?
  • America: that's a bit childish for me now. Sorry, maybe with someone else?
  • -Late 1700s and 1800s-
  • Canada: um... America.
  • America: I can't talk to you... we're not... politically in the best of terms.
  • -1900s-
  • Canada: America, you're here-
  • America: huh? Sorry, gotta go! Super busy right now! Talk to ya later!
  • -2000s-
  • America: Canada, brooo! Wanna play together?
  • Canada: yeah, I'd like that~

TURИ: What if George Washington definitely told bad dad jokes


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Space dads need hugs too <3 

Have you ever noticed how Gandalf the White has his own theme music?

When Gandalf the White is onscreen, you often hear a certain musical theme that represents his character.  My favorite version of this theme is the one that plays when Gandalf leaves Edoras with Pippin, at about 1:20 of this clip:

Links to this scene’s soundtrack:
OST: Hope and Memory
Complete Recordings: Flight from Edoras

Although the composer calls this leitmotif Gandalf the White’s theme, and it appears most often when Gandalf is riding Shadowfax/doing something awesome/doing something awesome while riding Shadowfax… it’s also occasionally used for the Rohirrim. You can hear one of the variations I’m talking about at 1:20 in the OST soundtrack Riders of the Rohirrim.

Some (but -not- all) other appearances of this theme:

When The Three Hunters journey with Gandalf to Edoras…(at 0:56 of this clip)

OST Soundtrack: The White Rider
Complete Recordings: Gandalf the White

When Gandalf is freeing Theoden from Saruman’s spell, you hear a version on horns and with a Dramatic Choir instead of the usual violins (beginning at about 2:03 of this clip:)

OST: The White Rider
Complete Recordings: The Court of Meduseld

And of course there’s the Iconic moment when Gandalf charges with Eomer’s troops at Helm’s deep. You hear this theme just as the sun rises over the mountain peak, blinding the Uruk-hai- (at about 4:15 of this clip)

(OST soundtrack: Forth Eorlingas
Complete Recordings: Theoden Rides Forth)



“Karasuno volleyball team currently recruiting cheerleader and a certain ash-blond-haired-angel joined the cheer team. Nothing wrong with that seriously, unless the said ash-blond-haired-angel is a guy, their vice-captain, setter, and Daichi’s crush”

“Suga can we talk about this—–”, Daichi trailed off as he throw jacket over Suga’s shoulder and drag him off the court with blush spread on his face.

Cheers!!Suga gonna be the death of our dorky papa /no/
The cheers uniform is just slightly altered by jersey because it will be easier to sneak inside the court bench HEHE

BTS reaction to their S/O coming home smelling like another male, only to realize it’s your brother

Jimin: Y/N…. Who were you with today? Was it another guy? You reek of his smell. Get rid of it” 

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After: “Sorry jagiya, I was just a bit jealous…”
You: “A bit?”
“Okay.. Maybe a lot.. I just love you a lot” 

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Jungkook: “Your smell change. Who were you with? Tell me”

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After: “Sorry baby. I love you too much. I just don’t want you to leave me for any other guy”

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Jin: “Y/N… My scent is covered by another scent… Who were you with?”

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After: “Forgive me jagiya! I didn’t know!”

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Jhope: *Laying down on the bed waiting for you* “Tell me baby girl, who were you with today? Another guy that’s not me?”

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After: “I’m sorry jagiya. I should’ve known it was your brother. No wonder why the scent is a bit familiar.”

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V: *You walked in on him changing* “Since you’re here, I guess I don’t need to put on clothes anymore. I need to teach you who you belong to”

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After: “Heh sorry  baby. Do you still want to head to the bedroom though?”

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Suga: “What happen to my scent? It’s gone”

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After: “Sorry, but you should’ve told me you had a brother” 

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Rap Monster:”Why do you smell like another man?”

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after: *clings onto you* “I’m sorry”

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