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Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 1,635

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Summery: Jughead and y/n get caught up in a heated moment by the lake


The heat radiated off my skin as I stepped out of the water onto the riverbank. There was a warm subtle breeze hitting my face as I join the others sat on a large rock, beer cans and food around us. The gang had decided to start off the new term at school on a high note so we all met up by the river for the day and had a couple of drinks. The group consisted of Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica, Jughead and myself.

We all sat round on the rock sharing laughs and making plans for our future summer together. Although some moments weren’t as perfect as others due to there still being tension between some members of the group. There was an ominous feeling about the day as we’d all pushed aside the Jason Blossom case to free our minds of the stress for one weekend.

I sigh and take in a deep breath of fresh air, feeling cold, refreshing water droplets spin down my back from my wet hair. I run my fingers through it to untangle the knots that had appeared. I look to my left to see Jughead awkwardly looking around unsure of what to do with himself. A look of slight discomfort contorted onto his features.

“You okay Juggie?” I ask him quietly not wanting to draw the attention of others. He just looks at me and shrugs, a solemn look about him.

“You gonna strip those clothes off for us Juggie” Veronica cheekily flirted towards the only one still fully dressed at the time. Jughead just scoffed and looked away biting back  “Are you gonna learn to keep your clothes on Veronica?” gaining awkward hisses and coughs from the others.

“That’s a little harsh isn’t Jug, considering it’s still basically summer, are you not planning on getting in the water with the rest of us later on then?” I ask him discreetly smirking his way.

“If it gets too hot then sure i’ll come in, but it’s not necessary for me to sit here half naked and be even more uncomfortable” he passive aggressively comments throwing his arms into the air.

We all just let out breathy laughs and go back to coordinating normal conversation. Not that any of us could really have a normal conversation as our minds had been constantly filled with the conspiracies towards Jason’s death.

“So Archie, how’s your music coming along?” Betty questions the red headed boy sat opposite us. “Yeah it’s good, I’m just really trying to throw myself into writing really, right enough of this sitting around, who wants to get in the water with me?” Archie suggests standing up, Betty, V and Kevin all stand up and follow Archie into the water, all smiles and laughs. I really did love my friends.

“You don’t have to sit here with me because you feel sorry for me you know?” Jughead suddenly snaps looking towards me. “I’m not staying with you because I feel sorry for you, I’m staying here because I enjoy your company dumb ass” I laugh and playfully shove the raven haired boy. He chuckles and grabs my hands to stop me from pushing him. Goose bumps travel up my arms as his hands come into contact with mine. I lean in towards him and let myself collapse in his lap, my head looking up at him, while our hands were still intertwined he fiddled with my fingers.

“I love the way you act around me, you’re just more free” I say looking up at his beautiful face. His green eyes catch mine and he smiles, Not something many people got to see very often, but I had always had the ability to bring it onto his face.

“Well that’s because I’m comfortable with you, I don’t have to pretend to like you it just comes naturally” there was a few minutes silence after his confession, where we just sat enjoying each others company listening to the sounds of our surroundings. You could hear the water splashing and our friends laughs were heard over the buzzing of the nature. It was a truly breathtaking moment in time.

“Do you think we should tell them?” I ask him quietly not wanting to spoil the atmosphere.

“Tell them what?” He replies dumbly knowing exactly what i was talking about, just then he let go of one of my hands and brushed it through my hair, making loops around his fingers with the locks.

“About us” I retort flatly, not taking his sarcasm to heart.

“meh, why do they need to know right now, I don’t care just as long as you’re happy, but not everyone has to know our business, let them just sit and ship us for a while longer” he breaths out.

“yeah it is kinda fun watching them freak out over the little things isn’t it” I giggle and look down at our still intertwined hands. Jug just smiles and nods down at me.

“Right” I sigh standing up and pulling him with me, “take your clothes off we’re going for a swim” He groans in distaste pulling a face but still he shrugs his shirt over his head, kicking off his shoes. I couldn’t help but stare at his body as he removed the layers of clothes. His slightly indented stomach sort of gleamed as the sun hit his skin. He was perfect to me, not completely ripped like Archie, he had a slightly toned lanky figure which suited him well. Once he was ready I lightly pushed him back yelling over my shoulder.

“Race you to the water” I giggle running ahead. It didn’t take long for him to catch up and we joined the others in the water.

“well look who decided to show up” V commented splashing water up at me. I let out a small screech as the cold water splashed up at my body, I just laughed and splashed her back. Bad move. We had started a splashing war between the group, everyone screaming and laughing kicked and thrashing in the water to get everyone wet.

Even Jughead joined in and genuinely looked happy, something that goes a long way in my eyes, I loved to see him happy and smiling, a nice difference from his usual grumpy disposition.

We all carried on messing around in the water for a matter of time, when Betty suggested taking a swim around the lake, Her and Archie swam off and Veronica and Kevin were heavily enthused in competing on ‘who can do the better handstand’

“You wanna take a walk?” Jughead nudges me, his arm comes up to my waist and he tugs me towards the river bank again. I ring out the water from my hair as we walk towards the rock where his clothes were. He just shimmies on his jeans and hands me his flannel shirt, I look up at him and smile, putting the flannel on over my body.

We walk through the forest into a more secluded area, talking about nothing in general. I stop to look at the scenery before us. You could still see the lake peaking through the trees, and sunlight streaking through the gaps of branches. Jughead pulls me towards him by my waist and presses his lips against mine briefly. he pushes his forehead onto mine and breathes out “Beautiful” raising a hand to my face he strokes my cheek, his rough thumb stroking over my bottom lip, I look up into his eyes and notice the contentment in them.

He leans down pressing his lips to mine again, harder than before, his grip around my waist subconsciously tightens. My arms sling around his neck, one hand coming into contact with his face the other falling to the back of his head grasping the wavy raven locks in between my dainty fingers.

He slowly starts to walk me backwards not breaking the kiss until my back hits a tree. Both of his hands now resided on my waist tugging at the shirt he had so graciously handed to me. Our lips moved roughly against each others, both of us pouring our passion into the other person. My hands slipped down from his neck and rested on his smooth chest. Jughead pressed himself closer against me our chests now flush together. I could feel the rough bark from the tree behind me digging into my back. Giving me a slight sensation while our lips were meshed together.

I captured his bottom lip in between my teeth and lightly sucked on it before returning my lips to his. His hands slid round my waist to my lower back where he pulls me closer into his, if that’s even possible. The closeness between us right now was why we enjoyed being with one another, the raw connection we both felt never hesitated to send shivers down my spine.

“Woah! what’s going on here then guys” We hear the smug comment from Veronica, causing us to pull away from each other in shock. she just laughs and shakes her head. “I knew something was going on between you two” and walks away yelling to the others that she had some “big news”

“Well i guess the cats out of the bag then” Jug smiled and looked down at me, still holding onto my waist.

“Do you want me to go and tell her not to say anything?” I enquire looking up to him shyly, not really caring we were caught.

“Nah, let them all see I’m a fool for you” he replies pressing his forehead to mine smiling down at me. I just smile and lean up to press my lips to his once more. This really couldn’t have been a more perfect day.

The day I left the moon for the sun,
an eclipse sucked the light from
my throat. I choked on stardust,
spat out tiny universes the moon
would never dream of orbiting.
The sun told me I was the brightest
thing she’d ever seen. The moon
sighed when I told him, saying he
knew the craters in his surface
were enough of a flaw to send me
rocketing across the galaxy.
I think the moon is jealous. He has
always wanted her rays to warm
him but they could never reach
quite close enough. Maybe that’s
why he settled for my hands
instead; tender, quiet things that
fill the holes in his surface.
The sun commends me for trying
to heal him, but promises me
eternal shine, a wine I cannot
refuse. Sometimes I look up from
my home on her fiery flesh, a solar
flare amongst many, feeling sorry
for the moon. I know he blocks
her beams so I can take note of
the dark he feels now. Halos the
light around his frame so I can
see every curve and scar shaping
his being. I tell him, I’m sorry, but I
can no longer see my reflection
mirrored off his reflecting light.
Maybe I never did.
—  how i fell in love with space // Haley Hendrick
Humans are weird pt 2

It had been 9 months since Commander Narrynite had been rescued by Human Chris and Human Ann. He was still grateful for their actions and was looking for a way to show them his appreciation. He had overheard Human Chris telling Human Ann that he wished he could be home over “Christmas”. Narrynite had no idea what “Christmas” was, but he was struck by an idea.

“Human Chris, Human Ann. As a sign of my gratitude I would like to give you a gift. We are passing by Earth on our way to Drunbaa and I thought we could use an explorer pod to land for one day so that you could see your families for this “Christmas” that you keep speaking of.“

At this, Human Chris and Human Ann started “smiling” and they both took turns “hugging” Narrynite. The baring of teeth and the forceful embracing and restraint of Narrynite’s upper tentacles went against all his instincts, but he knew these were a sign of happiness and camaraderie amongst the humans.

Once they were near Earth, Narrynite requested the coordinates of Human Chris and Human Ann’s residences. Thankfully they were in the same region and it was decided that Human Chris would be delivered to his residence first. Commander Narrynite would accompany Human Ann to her residence as he was interested in her familial occupation of farming and wished to learn more about the traditions that have fed the humans for so many years.

“Welcome to Duluth, Minnesota!” Human Ann said when they arrived at her home.

It wasn’t long before Narrynite had wished he would’ve stayed on the main ship. Duluth was awful. His temperature sensor read that is was a mere 29°F and there was nothing but white blanketing the land.

Human Ann’s family was pleasant, but he had trouble maintaining a conversion as he was focused on trying to stay calm with the temperature being alarmingly low. If the temperature went below 20°F his skin would begin to freeze within seconds.

After a few hours of observing Human Ann’s family “sing” which he understood to be nothing more than synchronized chanting, he told Human Ann that their time was just about up and to prepare to leave.

As they were exiting the house, Human Ann’s dad looked up at the sky and said grimly “A storm is coming. Be careful Annie.”

“Don’t worry Dad. What’s a little snow.”

It began as they were prepping the pod for takeoff. Commander Narrynite looked out the window and saw the frozen precipitation lightly falling to the ground. He was startled when Human Ann said directly behind him “Sir, I think I should pilot the pod for this trip.”

“Absolutely not. I have piloted every craft I’ve been in since I gained my rank as commander. Not to mention, you don’t know how to fly.”

“I know I technically don’t have my license, but I’ve watched you fly the ship plenty of times, plus I have a bad feeling about this storm.”

“Watching me pilot the ship and doing it yourself are entirely different things. And you’re basing this assertion on a ‘feeling’ ?”

“It sounds crazy, I know. I promise I won’t crash the ship.”

Narrynite began objecting again when Human Ann grabbed him on the upper tentacles and said “I’m really sorry for this.” Using her considerable human strength to restrain him and cuff him to the passenger chair.

“Human Ann let me go immediately!” Narrynite shouted as he tried to free himself.

“Commander, I really am sorry, but if I don’t fly this pod, I know we won’t survive.”

At this Narrynite became even more agitated. “Are you saying my flying capabilities are inferior?”

“It’s not that,” Human Ann said as she placed her hand on the throttle, “you’ve just never seen a good old Midwestern blizzard.”  With that she pushed the lever forward and sent the pod careening.

After about 30 minutes of cursing Human Ann in Jythoan, Narrynite conceded that Human Ann might not be entirely wrong after all. The sky had become a mottled grey and it was almost impossible to see more than 10 yards. He heard a strange rumbling and hoped that was normal.

“Human Ann, what was that?”

“Sir, I believe that we’ve encountered thundersnow. It’s pretty rare, I’ve only seen it once.”

Of course. Human Chris and Human Ann rescued him from a deadly crash only for him to get stuck in a weird Earth storm.

“Hold on Commander,” Human Ann said as the snowfall became heavier and the thunder more frequent.

At this point Narrynite was quite relieved that he wasn’t piloting the pod. Human Ann seemed confident as she navigated through the storm and despite a few mumbled curses, she appeared happy.

Narrynite eased slightly when Human Ann exclaimed “Sir, we’re almost to Winnipeg. Only a few more miles.”

It was only moments after they landed when Human Chris boarded the pod. He was “smiling” and sat next to Human Ann and they instantly began reminiscing about past storms they witnessed.

Narrynite knew he shouldn’t underestimate the humans and their odd planet, but somehow they kept surprising him. He made a mental note to next time choose a human from a more mild sounding region, Greenland perhaps.

       Traits & symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder in Bum

Hello there! I’ve been meaning to do this post for so long, but decided to wait for the season to end instead.

Since so many people have their doubts on whether Bum has an accurate portrayal of BPD or if he even has that disorder, I’ll try to explain that over here as best as I can, coming from an actual person diagnosed with BPD and a psychology student.

We are gonna go through the DSM V criteria along with other traits that I consider worth mentioning.

Please bear with me!

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Connor Murphy headcannons (meeting parents)

A/N: I don’t have anything to say whoops

- Connor definitely didn’t want to meet them at all

- He did a bunch for you, like let you braid his hair, watch Broadway bootlegs, come over at 3 am cuz you wanna cuddle

- But meeting your parents he would refuse to do

- So you tricked him

- you asked him to come over to watch a movie, but your parents were home

- usually when he came over, they weren’t so he agreed and went to your house

- your parents thought that he knew

- they were very excited, your mom wanted you to “prep” her about Connor

- so you just told her that he took a little time to get out of his shell and not to mention his family

- she and your dad agreed to the terms

- When Connor got there, he wanted to greet you with a big ole kiss, but you placed a hand on his chest to make sure he couldn’t

- he didn’t understand why until he saw your parents behind you

- He would have turned around and left, but you grabbed his hand so he couldn’t

- you dad greeted him with a handshake and Connor took a couple seconds to respond

- “Hello, I’m Y/N’s dad”

- “I know.”

- “Yeah, that was stupid to say. Well, it’s nice to meet you, Connor.”

- Your mom smiled at him and shook his hand also “Yes, it really is. Y/N talks about you all the time.”

- “Mom”

- “I guess I wasn’t supposed to say that.”

- while you guys are dinner, everyone was visibly tense

- Connor asked to go to the restroom and said you had to go to the kitchen

- your parents didn’t believe you two but let you go anyways

- you and Connor went to the hallway and you immediately started apologizing

- “I’m sorry I made you come and meet my parents without telling you. I can say you don’t feel well and you can leave now. I know you didn’t want to meet them. I’m so sorry.”

- He sighed and gave you a hug

- “It’s fine, you just owe me.”

- “You’ll stay???”

- “Yeah sure, just don’t make such a big deal out of it”

- When you two came back, your dad asked him what he liked to do in his free time

- smoke weed, jk he said he liked to read

- and your mom lit up, she loved to read!

- you guys had a small library and everything

- they had a small conversation about Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allen Poe

- you and your dad were just happy they were talking

- your dad and him didn’t have anything in common

- but they were chill with each other

- then your mom started again about how much you talk about him and how excited they were to meet you

- and you were blushing like mad

- Connor had a miniature smile at that statement

- so you asked your dad about his job because you knew he couldn’t be shut up when he talks about his job

- When Connor was leaving, you walked him out and he gave you the kiss he wants able to earlier

- you swooned

- He said he had a good time then walked home

- When he was gone your dad said “he’s more interesting than you”

-stfu dad

- the next day he called you to ask if they liked him

- but he tried to play it off like he didn’t care

- “My mom liked that you read dark romanticism and my dad said you’re more interesting than me”

- “he’s right”

- “shut up butthead”

- Connor snickered “wow mature”

- “now, I wann a meet your parents. If my parents liked you, then yours might like me”

- “hell no. There’s nothing you can do to make me say yes”

- “wanna bet?”

- “try your hardest”

- “I will”, but you didn’t know what to do lol

- but back to Connor!

- He was surprised that your parents liked him

- He was sure they were going to act nice and then tell you that you weren’t allowed to see him anymore

- but then he sees your mom around town and she smiles at him and his mom I like ???

- He won’t explain it though

- He just nods back to your mom and goes on with his day

- then you see him at school and tell him that your family loves him

- and he actually smiles and that makes you smile

- He kinda wants to go again

- but he doesn’t ask

- He just hopes that you invite him again



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Is this alright for you babe?- Smut

“Can you do a Cheryl x fem reader dirty”- Requested

Warnings- Smut, swearing

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“Y/N! Cheryl’s here for you darling.”

“Okay Mom, I’ll be right down.” You shouted back, quickly standing from your bed picking up the beg that rested against it. It had been a while since you and Cheryl shared the bed, with her burning down her house, her Mom didn’t want her to live with her anymore, but she caved in eventually, this was actually the first time going round to her new house. 

As you walk down the stairs you were able to see her hair before anything else, a smile was soon apparent. 

You snuck up behind her, noticing how she was paying attention just scrolling on her phone,your hands wrapped around her waist, your hands slightly going underneath her top, feeling her soft skin of her stomach, you rested your chin on top of her shoulder, “Hey babe.” You whispered pressing a small kiss to her neck. She turned around, your hands still around her waist, she’s now face to face, “Hey,” Cheryl said biting her lip while her eyes scanned over my face. Her lips pressed against mine, her red lipstick leaving a trace. 

“Ehm” Your Mom cleared her throat, Cheryl and you broke apart, quickly moving to stand side by side, your face suddenly flushing red, you looked at your Mom to see her smiling, clearly loving the situation that you were in. 

Nice to see you again Mrs Y/L/N,”

“You too Cheryl, I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N be safe love you.” 

“Love you Mom.” You smiled, turning and walking out of the house hand in hand.

Once you got to Cheryl house she told you that her Mom was out of town, so it would just be you two, with a wink being sent in your direction. “You stay here Y/N I’ve got something to show you, make you self comfortable babe, I have a feeling we’ll be in here for a while.” She giggled and walked in the direction of what you assumed was her bedroom.

You sat on her sofa, thinking about all the possibilities as to what Cheryl is showing you, a figure appeared in the door way, “Is this alright for you babe?” She said all innocent like, placing her finger in between her lips, slightly biting on the nail. There she was standing in the door way, her pale skin in contrast to the khaki green lace bra, that left nothing to imagination and a small thong to match, her height exaggerated with the black knee-high boots, her hair thrown up into a messy bun with some strands loose.

Fuck yeah,” You said already slowly taking your jacket off.

She smirked, slowly walking towards you, her hands tangled in your hair, pulling it slightly at the roots, earning a low groan. You broke apart to take your t shirt off leaving the pair of you standing opposite to each other, eyes roaming, both slightly out of breath waiting to see who would make the next move. 

Stuff this,” You said diving forward, your hands reaching between the elastic of her underwear, your fingers moving down to her slit, feeling the wetness turn you on even more, you fingers started to move faster across her clit, little gentle whimpers left her lips, her other hand rested on your shoulder her grip getting tighter, her nails slightly dug in, you leaning in close,

You like that baby? You like it when I rub your clit?” You smirked looking at Cheryl seeing the euphoria that she was experiencing.

Please Y/N let me cum.” She whined clearly quite desperate.

You placed your lips onto her neck, gently sucking on the skin making it to go dark purple, you gently tugged on the clasp of her bra, giving her the sign. She wrapped one of her legs around you trying to get even more friction. Her bra fell loose, you smirked knowing this is the reaction you created.

Baby, I’m nearly there go a little faster Y/N.” Cheryl panted her body moving up and down trying to get more friction.

She started to get tighter around your fingers, you knew it wasn’t long now. You leaned closer to her ear, “Come on Cheryl, cum on my fingers show me what you can do.” 

Oh shit Y/N.” Cheryl moaned her orgasm hit her hard her nails dug into your shoulders leaving small crescents indented to your skin.

Once she came down she smiled at you leaning in and kissed you on the lips, “Thanks baby, now lets go upstairs it’s your turn.” She said biting her lip holding your hand leading the way, your clothes getting discarded along the way, the next few hours were going to be fun.

Hi guys, sorry for how long I’ve been away, some crazy shit has been happening and to the person that requested this I’m so sorry it took a while. I've got a series of requests that I am currently working on so don’t worry if you haven’t seen yours published yet. Feel free to send in more requests and my master list is over on my blog.

Freedom [EdmundxF!Reader] [One-Shot] [Request]

As stated before (thanks to my old phone dying), I don’t have the exact requests anymore, but this One-Shot combines two of them that asked for:

1.) Edmund and the reader meeting on the Dawn Treader, falling in love rather quickly and lots of fluff (already gonna say sorry if it’s not fluffy enough ^^’)

2.) Caspian finding out that Edmund and the reader are dating 

To whoever requested this, sorry this took so long and I hope you like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^] 


Fic Summary: One always had the freedom to choose who they wanted to be with, but sometimes, who they fell in love with was beyond their control.

Word Count: 4,7k

Warnings: None

(y/n) leaned against the railing, watching the last of the sun’s rays reflect off the water and letting a cool ocean breeze blow her hair back. Ever since she was little, she’d loved being at sea, almost being able to sail before she could walk. With the direction her life was headed in now, she had to wonder if she’d still have the freedom to travel the vast blue like she was oh so used to, or if her adventures on the Dawn Treader would be her last journey. 

“Is everything alright?” a voice from behind her asked, making her jump a little.

A moment later, Caspian joined her. 

“Y-Yes, I’m fine.” she quickly answered avoiding his inquisitive gaze. 

“Let me guess: This is about our… arrangement?” he questioned.

She didn’t answer, but simply shrugged.

“I know this isn’t easy for either of us, but don’t you think it’s what’s best for our countries?”

“Maybe. Maybe it is…” she mused, more to herself than him, while turning the silver diamond ring on her left hand thoughtfully.

It’s not like she hadn’t proposed a simple business relationship, but her country’s views were rather… antique and backwards. For a woman to achieve anything in the government of any country, she had to marry a good and wealthy man. It was out of the question that Caspian was a good man and a great king. And in the time she’d spent with him, she’d come to consider him a very good friend. But could he ever become a romantic partner or a lover to her? Would she maybe learn to love him in time?

A week later and she was certain she wouldn’t be falling for Caspian any time soon. The reason: She found herself falling head over heels for someone else. His name was Edmund, one of the kings of the Golden Age of Narnia. She’d heard the story of how him and his siblings had helped Caspian claim the throne from his uncle, but she’d never expected to meet any of them. Nonetheless, the castaways they’d fished out of the sea, were none other than the Just King and the Valiant Queen. 

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Tell me about the one who loved him (part four)

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Part four of Tell me about the one who loved him.

Par two and three here.

12, Grimmauld Place, wasn’t a very happy part of Sirius Black’s life. Nobody knew as much as him how this old house, located in Central London, brought bad memories with it. There was this grim old hallway ending with the staircase leading to the upper floors, decorated with a row of withered house-elf heads, mounted on the wall on silver plaques. And there was this awful room, decorated with the giant tapestry of the Black family tree, where his mother burnt his own name when he ran away as a teenager, along with other disowned family members names. The abuse he endured in this house could not be described; only he could really remember how much it hurt him as a young boy when he discovered that not all families were as cruel as his. Sirius was sitting in the drawing room, admiring the flames dancing in the fireplace, the only thing that really warmed his heart since everybody got back to their business. Harry was back at Hogwarts, along with his two best friends and all the Weasleys were back to the Burrow. Which led him to endure his loneliness, once again. He looked down at his empty glass of wine. If he kept this pace, he’d empty his father’s cellar way faster than he’d hope. But was there something else to do than drink? Everybody was useful in some way – except him – he was totally useless for the cause, for Harry, for everyone. He sighed. There was something else bothering him too. Now that he knew he was a father, it didn’t even bring him joy. He was frustrated with himself. What a prick he had been, what a selfish and impulsive man he was back then. He missed all of those years with his daughter. He never saw what she looked like even! She didn’t even know he was her dad. What a great way to cheer up…

When he was in Azkaban, after many years, he finally tried to forget about his life prior to James and Lily’s murders. Obviously, he missed Y/N but he knew he wouldn’t ever get out, so he tried to bury everything he felt for her . And if it weren’t for the fact that he hadn’t seen the proof that Wormtail was at Hogwarts, near Harry, he wouldn’t have dreamt to escape. He was driven by vengeance and mayhem only. That’s what really mattered at the time. But now he was into his childhood house, alone with his thoughts and memories and that’s all he had left. And he obviously thought about Y/N. About her beautiful doe’ eyes and the softness of her skin. The way she was always cold and the way he’d wrap her in his arms. The way their lips would melt into each other, like they were the only ones in the world, like if life was just a décor, an accessory surrounding. The way they would always fight about anything and everything but always making up by making love. At school, in a bar, near the Black Lake, hidden in the Shrieking Shack, in his old flat: everywhere. And he spoilt everything. In this very day, there was this little girl, well, no, it was more of a young woman now, that had his eyes and, rumour has it, his arrogance, walking into the same halls he walked years before. His own daughter.

‘Sirius?’ asked a voice distantly.

Sirius looked above his shoulders. He wasn’t even bothered to get up. Remus would find him where he always was: drinking, somewhere in the house. As he thought, Remus’ face appeared in the doorframe. He looked more uncomfortable than usual. Not that he looked more tired or torn than usual, no; it was his expression, a curious mix of guilt and excitement. Remus sat next to Sirius and took away his empty glass from his hand.

‘Are you drunk?’ he cautiously asked.

‘Unfortunately, no’ Sirius answered, sighing.

‘Good’ Remus replied. He looked into Sirius’ eyes.

‘Pads. I brought somebody with me…’

Sirius chuckled.

‘I don’t care, Remus. Bring whoever you want…’

‘Come on, get up, and greet our visitor’ said Remus, standing up and going out of the drawing room.

Sirius didn’t even know why he was acting like he didn’t care. Usually, he was so exited to have company, to have actual people to talk to and make conversation. But since the Christmas holidays were over, it was like he didn’t care anymore. With or without people, he felt lonely anyway.

He stepped into the dimly lit hallway. There was a silhouette standing near the front door but his vision seemed to be blurry and his knees started to feel weak. He had only drank one, maybe two, glasses of wine, he thought, he couldn’t possibly be drunk. He stood still in the hallway, trying to find his balance back. Remus was near him and put an hand on his shoulders.

‘I convinced her to come and see you, don’t make me regret it’ he sighed into his ear. ‘I’m going to have a drink in the kitchen, if you need me…’

Sirius heard his friend step away silently but he couldn’t move, neither was the woman at the end of the hall. They just stood there, staring at each other in complete shock and desolation. Her face was not even recognizable from the lack of light but he knew it was her. He tried to walk to her, to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. As he reached the end of the hall, his vision started getting clearer but no sound would come out of his mouth. His throat felt suddenly sore and tight. How much he dreamt about this very moment, the instant where he would see her beautiful face again? He felt exactly like his old self, when he laid eyes on her for the very first time. He shook his head. Did he really think that he was over her? If he thought that time would stop him from feeling this unexplainable attraction to Y/N, he was wrong all the way. He looked into her eyes and couldn’t read what she was thinking, like there was this thin film covering it, preventing him to read what was on her mind. Did she feel the same way he did? She didn’t move either, she was frozen in time like a statue.

‘Hi…’ he said very softly, like if breaking the silence too loudly would disrupt the moment.

Sirius hung at the tip of her lips, waiting for a response which prevented him to see her cold hand slapping his left cheek in a deaf sound; that was not what he expected. Confused, he looked at Y/N again, catching sight of the tears starting to slowly accumulate in the corners of her eyes.

‘I guess I deserved that…’ he sighed, rubbing his reddish cheek.

She finally opened her mouth to speak:

‘Fourteen years…’ her sweet voice whispered.

‘I know-‘

‘Fourteen years you disappeared, fourteen years without any news, complete silence, fourteen years without a single clue if you’re okay or not, and the first thing you say to me is an innocent ‘hi’?’

He looked at Y/N. She was angry with him.

‘What did you want me to say?’ he replied.

She just collapsed on the floor and started to sob without restrain. Sirius sat next to her and tried to take her in his arms.

‘Don’t!’ she shouted, breaking off the contact.

Sirius nodded.

‘I thought I’d be okay, seeing you, I thought I would be fine’ she continued.

Sirius felt his eyes tickling too.

‘I am sorry’ he said, trying to put his hand again on her shoulder.

This time she let him touch her and hid her face in his chest. They both stayed like that for what seemed to be forever. Sirius would only breathe the sweet perfume of her long hair, that hadn’t changed too. What started with a polite accolade was now transforming into a tight embrace, where their bodies melted into each others, his grip around her body was firm; he didn’t want to release her, he was holding on to her, he never wanted Y/N to get away from him ever again now. He caressed her soft cheek with his index.

‘I’m so sorry’ he muttered again.

‘I’m sorry too’ she replied, muffled with emotion.

At 12, Grimmauld Place, Sirius Black felt home for the very first time.

Y/N released her body from his, suddenly noticing how close she let herself be with him, to Sirius’ disappointment. He didn’t know if it was the proper moment, but something he wanted to say was making the end of his tongue tickle.

‘I know about Stella*.’

Y/N turned around and stared at Sirius.

‘No’ she answered firmly.

‘I’m her father’ he replied, feeling weak again.

His head was starting to buzz lightly.


*In my imagine, his daughter’s name is Stella. Feel free to replace with whatever name you had in mind. ;) 

“Tight Quarters” Dean x Reader

Words: 1,375

Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader falls for Dean while on a long hunting trip

Warnings: Occasional swear word, smut

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“Dean, wake up.” I yelled from the other side of the motel room.


“Dean, if you don’t wake the fuck up-“ I begin, but he begins to stir and get out of bed.

“Thank you,” I tease, putting on my shoes.

“Where’s Sammy?” He asks sleepily, sitting up. I try to not stare at his abs.

“He went out to grab breakfast a while ago, but he said we needed to be awake by the time he got back. We’re headin’ home, baby!” I do a slight cheer.

I’ve been hunting with the boys for a few years now, but these past few weeks have been stressful. Case after case, no time to rest. We haven’t been to the bunker in over a month, so we’re all exhausted.

“Finally!” Dean says with as much enthusiasm as his tired self could muster up. He gets out of bed to go to the bathroom, and I have to try my hardest to not stare at him in his boxers as he walks away.

One bad thing about being in such tight quarters this past month has been lack of privacy and space. I was sharing a bed with one of them every night (usually Dean, since Sam is gigantic), and we were together every goddamn moment. The only time you had to yourself was the shower, but that usually caused fights because one of us would be in there for too long.

Another bad thing was that my feelings for Dean skyrocketed. Before, I always had this slight crush on him, but nothing I couldn’t control. Mostly just thinking about how attractive he was. But now, oh baby. Every time I looked at him, I got butterflies in my stomach. At night when we would be sleeping in the same bed and he’d be unconsciously cuddling me- I lived for that.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve known this guy for years and have been living in the bunker with them for the past year- it’s not like I’m a stranger to being around this guy.

I was interrupted from my thoughts by the sound of the impala outside. I looked outside, seeing Sam holding McDonalds bags. Hell yeah!

“Thank you,” I say as Sam handed me my breakfast bagel. “Oh, this is heaven.” I groaned, devouring my food.

“I swear, you and Dean are made for each other. The love of food you two have is disgusting.” Sam laughs.

“I smell food!” Dean comes rushing over to the table.

“My point exactly.” Sam says. I laugh, taking a sip of orange juice.

We finish up breakfast and put all of our things into the car. Dean speeded home; we were all desperate to have our own beds back, and take a nap.

Three hours later, we had reached the bunker and I finally had everything unpacked.

“Home sweet home,” I sighed falling onto my bed. A part of me is a little sad that I wouldn’t be sharing a bed with Dean anymore, but that quickly went away when I realized that I didn’t have to actually wear clothes to bed anymore.

“Hey, Y/N, do you want to watch a movie with me?” Dean asks, walking into my room. I looked at the clock- 5pm already? I must have dozed off and not noticed.

“Yes, but my pick.” I teased. Dean always hated my choice of movies.

“Since you asked so nicely.” He rolls his eyes. I get up and follow him into the living room, choosing to watch Game of Thrones instead of a movie.

“Is Sam not going to join us?” I asked, settling in next to Dean. He puts his arm around me and we cuddle- something we always do.

“If he ever wakes up, yeah. Do you want popcorn or anything?”

“Nah, I’m good.” I say, snuggling up closer to his chest. He’s so comfortable.

Apparently, Dean is too comfortable, because before I know it, I was asleep.

I’m walking in an alley by myself. I feel uncomfortable, like someone is watching me, but I ignore it as I keep walking to my destination. I suddenly can’t walk anymore, and I’m frozen. I try to move my legs but they won’t budge. I see someone from behind me walking slowly towards me, and I try to scream but nothing comes out. The thing touches me, showing me its eyes. It’s a demon.

“Ready for some fun?” It shrieks, and then it stabs me in my head.

I wake up gasping for air, tears already spilling down my face. I look around to notice that I was in my room- Dean must have carried me in here. I realize that I’m sweating and take off my sweatpants in order to feel better.

“It’s just a dream.” I tell myself, but I can’t go back to sleep no matter how hard I try. I must have lied for at least an hour. I feel like someone is watching me in the darkness, despite the bunker being warded to anything that could possibly get in.

Sighing, I get out of bed and go into the kitchen to get some water. As I’m looking for a clean glass, I hear someone stirring behind me, and I almost jump of out my skin.

“Dean, you scared me.” I say. I realize that I have no pants on, and I blush and I try to cover myself a little bit. “What are you doing up?”

“I could ask you the same thing. I was asleep, but you were being kind of loud out here so…” He smirks.

“Sorry.” I mumble, filling up my glass with water, trying to hide my tear stained face.

“You okay, Y/N?” He asks me, grabbing my arm.

“Just a nightmare, that’s all.” I put it off. Dean looks like he’s pondering something for a moment, until he grabs my hand and leads me to his room.

“What’re you doing?” I ask, but he doesn’t give me a response. He pulls me into bed with him, and turns off the light.

“I lied. About being up because you woke me up.” Dean admits, pulling me closer to him. “I get nightmares, too. Almost every night. It keeps me from sleeping well.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. Don’t need to be sorry about it.”

Even though its dark, I can see him staring at me. Just as I was about to doze off, I feel his lips slightly brush mine. At first I couldn’t tell if it was an accident, but once it happened again, I kissed back. Hard.

His tongue entered my mouth, exploring me. I let him in, and used my free hand to feel his boxers. He was already hard, and I smirked into the kiss. I was about to pull his boxers down before he stopped me.

“Y/N, I don’t want you to regret this in the morning. Obviously I want to do this, but not if you don’t want to completely.”

“Dean, trust me, I want this. You have no idea how much sleeping in a bed with you for a month got me sexually frustrated.” I say. I get lower down to where his boxers are, and pull them down. I take him into my mouth completely, making him hiss.

“Jesus, Y/N, where did you learn to do that, fuck.” He moans. I go for a little while longer until he stops me. He’s now the one getting down to my lower region, and he enters a finger inside of me while going at it with his tongue. Moans are escaping like crazy, and I try to hold my hand over my mouth to quite myself. No need to wake up Sam.

“Dean, I need you inside of me, now.” I beg.

“You don’t need to ask me twice.”

He rolled a condom onto himself, and entered inside with ease. It didn’t take long for us both to cum, and then we lied on our backs, panting.

“Thanks.” I say quietly.

“I should be thanking YOU for that one, holy shit. You were great.” He kisses me lightly. “Sleep well, beautiful.”

“Good night, Dean.”

That was probably the best night’s sleep I got in a long time.

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jungkook, Protect Jimin Movement Member™

First Kiss

[ Takes place after USJ arc, Aizawa is still hospitalized but recovering. All Might can’t help but to come and visit him frequently. ]

A flatline, and Toshinori is awake.

It’s still going, pulsing with stark chimes in the otherwise silent room. It was a dream, a bad one, where the rhythm of beeps is drowned out by a painfully long note that only ended when he was pulled from his mind by the distinct shifting of fingers across his knuckles.

It’s slow, but it’s enough. Toshinori turns his cheek against the side of the bed, and watches bandaged fingers skirt across his hand, feeling across the lines of his knuckles and down to drag concealed prints across the dips in each digit. Each touch is light; gliding across the sections of bone until the hand ceases its movement when it feels at the small bump in Toshinori’s pinky. Then a sigh of relief comes from the man covered in bandages. 

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“Bruce, You’ve got to be more careful.” I say sternly, a hint of care hidden behind it.

A grunt comes from his dry lips, not the answer I was hoping for exactly.

“I’m serious… You can’t keep doing this. Just take a break.” Now, vexation started to boil in the pits of my stomach as I reach for another wet wipe.

“You know why I do this. I need to build strength.” His dark eyes catch my gaze. His lips were parted, his eyebrows curving up his forehead.

“Yeah, but, You don’t need to push yourself so hard. You don’t need to be jumping from high places… And punching rough objects…” I peel away the foil of the wipe, retrieving the small sheet.

“Yes I do.  I have to become to the best detective. For my parents.” Bruce mumbles lightly, his head drooping down his shoulders.

Oh no. I didn’t mean to bring down the mood. I take a minute to look at the boy who sits in front of me.

“Please, take a minute to be a kid. You don’t spend time with me anymore.” I gently grab his right hand, gazing over his bloody knuckles.

“I feel like I can’t. I can’t” I felt his eye watch my hands.

Hesitantly, I press the wipe on his small cuts amongst his knuckles.

“You can. I know you can. Just take one day to spend time with me. I miss having you around.” I felt the heat on my cheeks immediately rise. I had a big crush on this child.

No response.

Worst response. I regret what I said.

My now shaky hand, rubs the wipe across his bloodied index finger, my free hand aiding to lift his injured one.

“I… I miss you too. And I like you. A lot. I like, like you.

And there goes my solemn heart beat. I can feel the blood pumping through my veins 10x faster. He really likes me?

“Y-you do?”

“Yeah, I really d- Ouch!” Bruce flinches away from my touch, holding his hands. I hadn’t even realized that I was rubbing his cuts harder, making it more painful.

“Sorry! Sorry!”

“It’s okay.” He lets out an airy chuckle, sliding off the table he sat atop of.

“D-do you like me back?” He stuffs his hands in his pockets, hidding his hands.

“Y-yeah, I do.” I look down at my hands, suddenly becoming interetsed in them. ‘Suddenly.’

“Go out with me.” He nearly deadpans, but that affection in his words is there. His face was straight. Only his brows furrow, wondering about my answer.

I felt like putty. Simple as that. I felt like a spaghetti noodle. My childhood best friend and childish crush, asked me out.

“Okay.” That’s all I  could sputter.

He pulls his hands from his pockets, wrapping his  arms around my shoulders and pulling me close, gently rubbing my shoulder blades. Despite the heaviness in my  stomach, it fluttered at the feeling of my body pressed against his. I sunk into the warmth of his side, appreciative of the simple gesture. His touch made the room warmer and my head spin.

A/N: Hey! That was fun! I always say that but It’s true! If you have a request or question, send it friendo!

BTS meeting their girlfriend’s parents

My first reaction! Hope you all like it. If you want me to make a reaction, feel free to request.

Rap Monster: 

RM: Hello, I am - oh sorry for that vase, let me help you - oh sorry for that jar too - let me - oh, my goodness, just put it under Kim Nam Joon..

(Y/D): Please! Just sit son! Don’t touch anything and just sit!

I think that he would be kind of nervous and awkward at first, maybe break some stuff out of his nervousness even (being the God of Destruction that he is of course), but he would try his best to make the best impression he can.


(Y/M): How do you like the food Jin?

J: Oh, it’s great Mrs. (Y/L/N/).

(Y/M): Oh please, call me (Y/M/N).

I think that Jin would be the perfect boyfriend material that every parent loves. With that cute face, he would steal your parent heart (especially your mums) the moment they lie their eyes on him.


S: Oh, your dad is the one who prepared supper?

(Y/D): Yes, I love to cook, and one of my favorite utensils is this ten-inch bread knife with the serrated blade.

In my opinion, at first sight he would be the kind of guy that your parents wouldn’t really favorite at first and maybe your dad would try to scare him a bit at first but once they realize what a nice guy he is and how much he loves you, they would adore him.


JH: Hello, mother and father! I am Jung Ho Seok. (Y/N) has told me a lot about you! Thanks for giving birth to this beauty!

I think that the moment he walks in and opens his mouth, your parents will adore him! Of course he will be nervous, but he won’t show it. He will small talk through the whole night, trying to look as calm as posible, maybe even sweet-talking the parents. 


(Y/D): So you are Park Jimin?


At first I think he will be quiet(not talk a lot) and nervous, speaking a bit too loudly because of how nervous he is.Trying not to say something stupid and maybe making a few mistakes here and there. After a while though, when the ice is broken he would go back to his funny and cute self. 


V: Hi there! *gif*

I don’t think he would be really nervous. He would just being his normal weird self, worrying your parents at first but not for long because the moment they realize how much he cares about you and loves you, how can they not love him and his cute uniqueness?


JK: *what do I do? how should i breathe? what if they don’t like the way I breathe?* H-hi.

I can imagine this golden maknae being all nervous and stuff not knowing what to do. I think that your parents would find him adorable and try to break the ice and make him feel comfortable.

**I don’t own any of the gifs*