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So I’ve been loosely following the Discourse™ within the fandom and I have some things to add.

There’s been a lot of vitriol from other VIPs towards fans of Seungri. Some direct quotes (not naming names bc the point is not to call anyone out in particular, but rather the sentiment) - we are “fucking ridiculous”, “annoying as fuck”, “need to grow up”, “arrogant”, “i’m seriously gonna be ot4 cuz of maknae’s supposedly stans” - these are all from other VIPs! I don’t even know what triggered all this tbh. I think it’s because there’s also been a lot of discussion about criticizing GD which somehow turned to this but idk.

I think the real question behind all of this is - why are Seungri stans always asking for more attention for Seungri? Why are Seungri stans so sensitive? And I’ve also seen a lot of people upset about us talking bad about other members. To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of this but I have seen it a few times.

I think a big part of the problem is that when you see Seungri stans asking “why can anything GD posts get millions of views but Seungri can’t?” - we aren’t saying GD is overrated and doesn’t deserve that. We are saying Seungri deserves that too.

We have to be honest with ourselves and each other and say that no, VIPs have not been equally supportive of all members. It’s impossible to be 100% even of course - but the disparity is so much worse than that (this applies to Daesung as well). So here’s my small explanation as to why Seungri stans are the way we are:

- Seungri’s GTTU video posted in Aug, 2013 - 13.5 million views. 어쩌라고 video posted in Jan, 2011 - 17 million views. Just look at the other member’s views from solo videos from the same time periods.

- For the GTTU project during US dates of MADE tour, fans were refusing to take signs saying they didn’t care about or didn’t like Seungri (if you’re unfamiliar, this was a project to cheer Seungri up and not feel like he “failed” with LTAL)

- YGE’s mismanagement of Seungri’s solos. Seungri had to make his LTAL solo album in TWO WEEKS. His amazing self-composed, written, produced solo. No promotion from YGE.

- We seem to get ridiculed for praising Seungri. If we praise his language skills for example, that’s suddenly something not worth praising and we are annoying and arrogant. Shouldn’t we be able to praise all members?

- We have to deal with fans and non-fans alike calling Seungri useless, untalented, arrogant, mannerless, a sexist, immature. Even from the members themselves - everything is a joke and nothing ever goes too far. If we ever say, “oh I think that was too far, I hope Seungri isn’t hurt,” we must hate the other members and treat Seungri like a baby. He’s not a baby; he’s an adult but he still has feelings. And even if he puts on a confident face, he does lose his confidence. He said recently that BIGBANG would be fine without him. He’s said numerous times in the past that his “arrogance” is just a front to hide how fragile he is and how sensitive he is to how others think of him. And yet even fans of BIGBANG belittle him.

I guess my point is - just be nice. I love Seungri and most of all I LOVE BIGBANG. I think that applies for just about every Seungri fan out there. Each member has their charms and talents, that’s why people have their favorites. But I think it’s best if we can be more united as fans. When we say please love Seungri, we don’t mean love only Seungri. We mean please love Seungri, too. I hope we can all support BIGBANG as five, and individually.

Continuation from x @leorugiet

Not helping the slight wince he responded with when the older man had sighed, he looked at his hands helplessly. There were only a few, freshly bandaged cuts when he’d honestly tried to clean up the giant mess in the kitchen. He had…tried to get the noodles out and they had gotten stuck. Prompto had…admittedly a stupid decision…reached into the mess to try and get it…unstuck.

Obviously, he’d managed to burn his fingers and had dropped the coffee pot onto the floor. He had been surprised that Cor hadn’t even heard the sound of glass shattering.

Another poor decision later, he had been trying to pick up the glass with his hands. …And here he was. 

His pants were soaked at the bottom with still rather hot water that was gradually cooling. Trying not to look like he was about to faint at the mere idea of someone he looked up to…being disappointed that he managed to fuck up something as simple…as easy to make as noodles.

“E…everything…? A-at least the coffee pot…” Promptos’ voice was small as he shifted on his feet. “No! I mean…yes? I took care of it. I didn’t…think that you’d appreciate me bleeding on your kitchen too..”

With Cor looking over him, he admittedly felt tiny in his gaze. Honestly…a child could make ramen noodles…so why did he have to go and mess this up?

“Right. time.” Honestly, the blond didn’t want to think about the damage he could do with a stove. Given that he was a giant bumbling mess normally. Watching the other move into the kitchen, however, sent him panicking into words.

“I’ll clean it!! I just, I figured..I uh…should let you…know that I broke your coffee pot?” Breath, he needed to breath. In and out. It was just a broken pot. “I’ll replace it too. I promise. I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to break it.”

Late Night

It’s a late night at the Purgatory police station, and Officer Nicole Haught isn’t looking forward to the drive home. At least, not until that drive home involves one Waverly Earp. And, well, maybe the night just got a little bit better.

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Late Nights With You

Note: So I’ve been working rly hard on this smut fic ( that will be out soon I’m sorry ) so in the meantime I wrote this cute fluff. Feedback is very much appreciated!!

It was 9:27 at night and Dan just really wanted some brownies. So he stood from his spot on the sofa and moved swiftly to the chair, next to flickering fire, where Phil was currently reading a novel.

“Phil, Honey could you do me a favor?” Dan says, in the sweetest voice he could muster, running his fingers over Phil’s relaxed shoulders.

“Mm, What’s in it for me love?"Phil says as he places the novel on the end table next to him and removes his glasses.

"My undying love and affection?"Dan smiles.

"Oh, babe we both know I already have all of that!” Phil says with a huff “so how about you sweeten the pot a bit?”

“Hmm, how about I blow you,” Dan says with a smirk knowing he has won.

“Danny, next time start with that,” Phil says as he stands straightening his loose dress top. “ So what do you need Love?”
“I need help making brownies.”

A little while later the counter was covered in eggs, flour and a lot of packaging. The egg situation was started with one simple question.

“What do you mean ‘can I crack eggs’, of course, do I look like a child?” Phil says as if he’s utterly disgusted that Dan would ask him such a question. Then he proceeded to smash 3 eggs against the bowl.

Over an hour after the Egg incident of 2k16, they had a pan of brownies. Phil frowned and poked at the pan of brownies “ Nope, I am not eating that nonsense.”

“Oh come on Phil they can’t be that bad,” Dan says as he picks up the brownie, and takes a bite. As soon as the charred taste hits his tongue he spins around and spits it into the trash can. Phil immediately bursts into a loud laugh,“Oh my god that was the funniest thing that has ever happened in my whole entire life!” Phil wheezes out. Dan turns around and wipes his hand over his lips.

“You are like the worst kind of person” Dan puts up a pouty face and Phil only smirks and pulls him against his chest.

“Aw, I love you too babe.” Dan then smiles and leans up to kiss Phil.

“Now if I’m not mistaken, Bear,” Phil says as he breaks up the kiss
“ you have an end to keep up of this little, bargain of your’s.”

Dan smiles and pulls Phil by his belt buckle up to their bedroom.
All in all, everyone got what they wanted that night.

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Tulip O’Hare did not leave loose ends. She cleaned after herself and she did it well. So fucking what, it’d taken her two years to catch up with Jesse Custer and Carlos? She’d been working towards it that whole time away. 

She’d come back from a night with Custer to find a note, a fucking goodbye note on the kitchen table and there was no goddamn chance Shaun was getting away that easily. Tulip had favored their open friends-with-benefits relationship because they goddamn knew they’d be friends, even if there were no benefits. Someone always falls in love, goddammit. Should’ve known

She tracked her down, easy as pie, noticed her car in front of a shitty bar (no surprise there) and casually slashed her tires. Tulip was livid, admittedly. If one thing could piss her off beyond words, it was people goddamn leaving without facing her first. Her daddy’d done it before she was even born, Jesse’d done it when she’d needed him most, and now this

She wanted to punch Shaun so goddamn much as she spoke to her, as though it weren’t any fucking big deal. As if it weren’t enough to see her flirting about, it was that fake ass laugh. It hurt. She didn’t let it show, though, Tulip was a fucking master at hiding her feelings deep within the recesses of her heart and releasing them with physical violence. “I’m from your goddamn nightmares,” she said, squaring her shoulders and glancing at Shaun as though she was just another plebeian in her way. 

I built this.

My alarm goes off early, much too early, this morning. My eyes feel like they’re glued shut. My body feels too heavy to move. I hit snooze. I hit it again. And I nearly hit it a third time, knowing full well that if I do, it will be too late for me to get to the gym today. In this moment, I don’t care. An extra hour of sleep sounds much more appealing.

But some teensy, tiny part of my brain reminds me that this is the only free time I have today. If I don’t go now, I won’t go today at all, and then I won’t get those happy workout endorphins that make me feel so much more awake. I keep telling myself that and stumble out of bed, groaning as I do so. 

My hands still bear the stamps from the bar last night. Classy. A musician friend had played at a bar downtown, and it all seemed like such a good idea at the time - cheering her on, dancing, having beer so I wouldn’t dance empty handed, staying out later than I’d planned. Party Me was definitely not considering the needs of Morning Workout Me. 

I force myself to put one foot in front of the other and make it into the kitchen, where I mix my preworkout and immediately begin drinking it. This will wake me up. I’ll feel better very soon! …that’s what I keep telling myself. I continue to sip on it as I get dressed and head out the door. I start the walk to the gym, cursing pretty much every life decision that has led me to this point. Why did I have to go to law school? Why did my friend have to decide to be a musician? Why, oh why, did I have to get into fitness in the first place?! 

And then I get there. And, as usual, one of the first sights to greet me is this writing on the mirror. “I built this.” 

And suddenly I remember why I do this. I remember why I’m here. To build this. “This” being a body I’m proud to show off, but also so much more than that. “This” being the ability to run farther than I ever thought possible. “This” being a healthy relationship with food. “This” being the feeling of strength and power I get from lifting weights. “This” being unafraid to go to yoga class even though I’m terrible at it. “This” being my happiest, healthiest self. “This,” most importantly, being the ability to love myself with all my heart.

I get a lot of questions on here about motivation. “How do you stay so motivated with fitness?” My best answer is to accept that you won’t always have motivation. You won’t always wake up excited to spring out of bed and hit the weights. Sometimes you’ll wake up tired, slightly hungover, and wanting to go back to your dream about Ryan Gosling. You won’t always see that healthy meal you put in the fridge for yourself as a delicious, nutritious lunch. Sometimes you’ll see it as a dull combination of foods begging to be thrown out and replaced with Taco Bell. You won’t always see progress, and you won’t always care about progress. Sometimes you’ll think about your old lifestyle and it will seem totally appealing.

But I can tell you this. You don’t need motivation all the time. All you need is to trust in the lifestyle you’ve built for yourself. If you’d laid the foundation to create a healthier you - including, of course, giving yourself breaks and just enjoying life when you need to! - just stick to it and the rest will follow. Trust in yourself and your goals. It won’t always be easy. But it will always be worth it. 

Build your “This.” 

Moving Day | Open

Moving had its upsides. Joey definitely wouldn’t miss the cockroaches skittering across the kitchen counter while he made his coffee, or the sounds of the delightfully nocturnal rats that loved flinging themselves around inside his walls, but he was going to miss his first apartment in Fairemoore. It was always supposed to be temporary, just enough until he started making a decent amount of money at the hospital, and then he’d move somewhere nicer when his lease was up. He wasn’t expecting that he’d be able to save up so quickly, but moving day was upon him.

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i hate when people review my fanfictions with comments like “this is not accurate to the book” or “no that never happened did you even read the book” because i’m just like the entire point of fanfiction is that it is NOT what actually happened in the book (or movie, tv, etc.) like how are you so stupid.

vulcan-the-mighty Izaiah sighed, heading into one of the bathroom stalls. Taking a bottle of medication out of his pocket, he opened it and dumped it all in the toilet. He didn’t need it, not really. His parents had him take it. Because they didn’t want to deal with the problem they caused. Both sides of his family hated eachother, and him. His mother’s side was hated by his father’s because she was dark skinned and vice versa. A never ending conflict. Not to mention his dad always away on business. He was never allowed to leave the house.

Looking for a TorCon Jared autograph

So here’s the deal (sorry, this may get long).  I wrote this book

It features an asexual protagonist who falls in love with a boy on his college campus.  And as many of you know, it has its roots in Sabriel fanfic, with Sam being the ace protag and Gabriel the young man he falls for.

Coffee Cake was released in May of this year (2015).  This is my first published novel.  I am incredibly proud of it, I love the characters, I learned and grew and discovered things about myself while writing it, and it marks a very important turning point in my writing.

It’s very, very special to me, in other words.  And for the first time in my history of watching Supernatural, I was able to buy tickets for a convention.  The Toronto Con, in October, to be exact.  I have a Richard autograph session and Jared and Richard photo ops.  But the Jared autographs were sold out by the time I got to the site, which means that while Richard will sign my baby, the thing that rekindled my love of writing and reawakened my dreams of having a career as an author, I won’t be able to get Jared to.

That’s where you guys come in!  If anyone has a Jared autograph and you’re unable to use it for any reason, would you please message me?  I will pay full price for it and love you and hug you and call you George.  I will also boost you to nearly 2500 followers AND give you a free digital copy of Coffee Cake, if you so desire.

If you can’t help, could you please just reblog this so it has a chance to circulate and more people will see it?  It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get his signature, but I really want to be able to tell him face to face how he inspired me to write and gave me the courage to push forward with my dream career, because if it weren’t for him (and Richard) I’d probably still be stagnating.

Thank you, lovelies!  Just the reblog is really appreciated, and I love you all!