sorry not sorry i find him so hot


#i wonder Eliot actually needs glasses 

I know I only just got into this fandom, but yeah I might have gone a little overboard with my research on Eliot’s glasses because I have a Thing for them 

so personally I think, yes he needs them - he wore them outside of cons in season 1 a couple times (definitely in The Nigerian Job and The Two-Horse Job), then there’s the “New glasses” comment in The Jailhouse Job, and I think one of the creators answered some questions from the fans at some point and said that, while Christian apparently doesn’t need glasses, Eliot does. 

Also someone (possibly the same creator, possibly another one - I’d have to look for it again and I don’t know all their names yet) said that, while they pretty much treated them like reading glasses, if they had to pick they’d say Eliot is probably a bit near-sighted.

(okay I think I need to correct myself here - I went A LOT overboard with my “research” XD)

  • *One Drink*
  • Emma: I'm still mad you lured me out here you know?
  • Regina: Would you rather be dealing with a bar fight? I'm sure I could start one with you.
  • Snow: This drink is amazing!
  • *Two Drinks*
  • Snow: Incoherent singing.
  • Emma: How is she already drunk?
  • Regina *shrugs*: She must not have our high you want to take her home or stay here with me?
  • *Three Drinks*
  • Snow: You guys are so pretty...god I wish you two could find happiness.
  • Emma: Me too...I'm sorry you had to let Robin go...again.
  • Regina: And I'm sorry about're too good for him Emma.
  • Emma: And you're too good for Robin.
  • *Four Drinks*
  • Snow: Snoring.
  • Emma *laughs*: You look so beautiful like this.
  • Regina: Like what?
  • Emma: With your curls and that dress...all relaxed but hot.
  • *Five Drinks*
  • Emma: Thank you for bringing me out here. I needed this.
  • Regina: You're welcome. Are you okay?
  • Emma: I will be...what is in these drinks?
  • Regina: Alcohol...alcohol and more alcohol...maybe we should stop.
  • *Six Drinks*
  • Regina *drawls*: You're so pretty...why are you so pretty?
  • Emma: I don't know...why are you so cute?
  • Regina *laughs*: We must be magic!
  • Emma: Only together...
  • *They fall silent for several moments before turning to face one another. They move closer to one another before kissing.*
  • *The Next Morning*
  • Snow: We should go drinking more often!
  • Emma *smiles at Regina*: Definitely.
daveed diggs x reader (cookies and flannels)

prompt: you and daveed’s relationship and his favorite cookies and your favorite flannel provide different things for both of you.

pairing: diggs x reader

warnings: none just a lot of fluff

word count: 1,155

Your relationship hadn’t always been perfect. The first time you and Daveed got together, it wasn’t special. You and your boyfriend, Michael, had just broken up and your girls had taken you out to the bar. You could remember Megan telling you, “Don’t look now, but the guy behind you is totally checking you out.” You giggled.

“Is he cute?”

Marissa chimed it, “Better. He’s coming over here.”

You tried to focus in on what Julia was saying, but you could feel his eyes raking you up and down. You swiveled in your chair towards him. His took in a sharp breath. You were beautiful.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“I’ll see you after the show?” you asked before leaning up to kiss his cheek. He nodded, squeezing you hand before letting you go.

“She’s really sweet,” Phillipa told him. It was her first time meeting you. You had brought him lunch during the early days of his workshop. 

“I know,” he smiled. You were ridiculously kind to everyone you met. A little sassy, but undeniably kind. 

Lin said the same thing. So did his mom. It only seemed like it was going up hill.

But then it didn’t. It wasn’t his fault, really. It just wasn’t working. He was constantly rehearsing for Hamilton, and you knew that. But when the nights got later and later, it was just too hard. 

Still, even your breakup was nice. Daveed had gotten home at around midnight, exhausted beyond belief. 

“Hey, Y/N.” he mumbled as he kicked off his shoes. You were sitting there, wringing you hands in your blue flannel at the counter. It was like a baby blanket for you, making you feel relaxed. He immediately noticed your distress and cautiously walked towards you.

“Are you okay?”

You nodded, knowing the opposite. 

“I have to go,” you tried. He cocked his head to the side. 

“I just got home.”

You let out an airy laugh, “Exactly.” 

Instantly, he knew what was going on. He knew it wasn’t fair, so when you told him that you should break up, he said okay, despite the cracks he felt in his heart.

Still, before you left, you poked your head into the hallways once more. 

“I - uh, I made cookies. Um, okay. I’m sorry. Bye.” Then the door shut. He walked into their - well, his now - kitchen to find a plate of still warm oatmeal tassies. Attached on a hot pink sticky notes was

I’m sorry. Thank you for understanding. I made your favorites. 

Daveed smiled to himself. Even in a breakup, you were still unbelievably kind. 

Hamilton was heating up and it was only a matter of days before the opening. You were waiting in line at a coffee shop, shivering slightly as the door opened, letting in the chilly March air. You tried to ignored this and continued checking your twitter mentions but when an undeniable laugh caught your attention. 

Head snapping up, you saw Daveed and Oak walking in. Your breathing hitched. He looked good, happy. He didn’t look as tired as he had just a few months ago.

You turned, hoping he wouldn’t notice you. You failed.

His laughter came to a halt when he saw the blue flannel draped across your body. It was his favorite, no matter the context; it made your eyes pop. 

“Y/N?” Oak asked, a smile dancing on his lips. Blush flooded your cheeks as you turned around.

“Hi,” you tried, but your voice was hoarse. You cleared your throat slightly, “How are you?” But you weren’t talking to Oak. You eyes were attached to Daveed’s.

“I’m okay,” he was fumbling with his words, “How are you?” You used your flannel to cover your hands.

“I’m okay.”

“Next?” the barista called, causing you to focus back on the world. Your whole body was burning.

After receiving your coffee, you gave a small wave to Daveed before walking out, wishing things were different. 

As if on cue, the chime of the door followed you.

“Wait!” Daveed barely got the words out before his lips were attached to yours. Your chest was heavy, pushing your entire body into his. You wrapped an arm around his head as his held tightly onto your waist. 

Your breathing was shallow when he pulled away. 

“Hi,” he said this time.

About a week later, you two were back on - officially. About a month later you spent the night. Now you were here and it was nearly October and you could barely remember what your own bed felt like.

Still, when he walked home and smelt oatmeal tassies, his heart sank. 

“Hey, baby!” you called from the kitchen. You were dancing and listening to something over the speakers… rap? It wasn’t until you started rapping that he recognized the lyrics. 

“'Who, me?’ said a speech bubble on a dog on a Sunday morning comic
Clipped and stuck up to the fridge with big chip bag magnet
Big chips stacked in the armoire
Behind glass, where the dominoes and the Bicycle cards are
And the thick, yellow and crystal tumblers”

“Are you rapping my song?” he asked. You were wearing that damn flannel and a white shirt that lifted when you reached for the parchment paper. He came to your side, grabbing it with ease. 

You just kept rapping. When the chorus came, you pointed at the counter. 

“For you!” 

In a bowl sat a beater with cookie dough covering it. Each second his heart was beating faster.

Then you were scooping it only a tray, pressing each one down slightly. You moved your hips to his words. 

Daveed picked up the beater and sat down, confused. You twirled around, skating on your fuzzy socks, and ‘booped’ his nose.

“Baby, hold on -” he was completely unsure of what was going on. But you just kept on baking, putting the cookies into the oven.

“Wait, Y/N, slow down -” he stopped when you turned to face him. Your hair was falling out of your bun and around your face. 

You smiled, “What?”

Instantly, he blurted out, “Are you breaking up with me?”

Your face dropped along with your heart. Immediately rushing to his side, “No. Absolutely not, why would you think that?” you reached for his hands.

“The flannel and the cookies and I’m really sorry if I did something but-”

He watched your eyes light up. Leaning close, you held his cheek softly before pressing a sweet kiss to his lips.

“You did nothing wrong,” you giggled, “I made you cookies because I love you. And this is my favorite flannel.”

“Really?” face relaxing in your hands. 

You nodded, “Really.”

He breathed out a sigh, allowing himself a small smile. You were too sweet. 

“I love you too,” he added, realizing what happened, “for the record.”

You laughed, “For the record.” 

He pulled you close, resting his chin on top of your head, “Wanna know a secret?” he smirked.

You nodded. 

“You rapping my songs is really hot.” 

Exo/BTS reaction to you killing a rap battle

Thanks for requesting anon! \(^-^)/ I’ve been getting a lot of request recently and I’ve been really busy with personal stuff, so sorry I don’t post as often as I’d like. But I hope you like this!

Baekhyun: *he wouldn’t have expect it and would probably start laughing*

“Where’d that come from Y/N?”

Chanyeol: he’d either

*freak out*


*try to impress you by joining in*

Chen: he’d be like

“Yaass girl, slay”

D.O: *he’d be left speechless*

Kai: *he’d find it pretty hot and wouldn’t know how to react*

Lay: *confused*

“Sorry… what?”

Suho: *you’d just wrecked him in a rap battle*

“I…what..where did that come from Y/N?”

Sehun: *he’d start giggling*

“Damn, Y/N I think you just destroyed him.”

Xiumin: flirty Xiumin appears

Namjoon: either

*flirty namjoon*


*confused dork*


Yoongi: *he’d join in and you two would destroy everyone*

JIn: *he’d be impressed but wouldn’t know what to say*

Hoseok: *he’d think it was so cool*

“Woah Y/N!”

Jimin: *he’d start laughing because of one of your insults*

Tae: *he’d become your biggest fan*

Jungkook: *he’d want to battle with you*

“Listen Y/N, I’m gonna beat you.”

the next day

Jungkook: “She beat me”

Namjoon: “And you said you were unbeatable.”

Jimin: *giggling in the corner*

I hope you liked it! <3

(edit: I cant believe I f**king forgot Xiumin the first time, I am a bad person)

RFA + Saeran finding MC wearing their clothes/underwear (NSFW)

These two anons suggested something similar, so I combined these. And… two NSFW requests on a row, gurl… the sin is real!

Hope you like this


  • He only sees your upper half since you’re behind the balcony
  • Awww, you’re wearing one of the white tank tops he usually wears to work out, how cute! But… where is your bra?
  • “Good morning, Zenny! Slept well?” “I always do when you are in my arms, princess…” this man just woke up and it’s already being that smooth? Jesus…
  • You giggle and blush. “You’re so cute when you blush, babe.” “Cute? I’m as red as your boxers, Zenny!” now he’s blushing, do you remember the color of his boxers from last night?
  • But wait! He’s not wearing red boxers and… LORD GIVE HIM STRENGHT! You move from behind the balcony to put the breakfast on the table and he sees… YOU are wearing his red boxers!
  • “B-babe?” “Yes?” you answer without looking at him, focusing on setting the table. “Wh-why are you wearing my underwear?” “Oh? I’m sorry, I just picked the first time I found in the closet, on that note, can I have my own drawer? It’s kinda messy in your closet with our clothes all mixed…” dressed like that, you can have anything you want from him!
  • “B-but babe…” “Oh, I’m sorry! I should’ve asked you, right?” you pout. OH MY GOD! It’s 8 am, MC! Too early to unleash the beast!
  • You know this look, you always know when he’s fighting internally with the beast. “I’m sorry, Zen. I’ll change right now!” you smile and pass right beside him, heading to the bedroom, he grabs your wrist and pulls you for a deep kiss
  • He pins you against the wall without breaking the kiss, his hands already looking for the bra… oh yeah, no bra… well, better for him.
  • “How come my own clothes look better on you?” he asks while his hands play with the tank top hem. “Why are we still talking about clothes and not taking them off?”
  • “Oh babe, you’re so bold…” his lips attack yours, the tank top is so baggy he manages to take it off of you just sliding the straps from your shoulders.
  •  His mouth travels to your breasts quickly, giving you some nips. Oh… you know that fight with the beast from before? Yeah, he lost…
  • Not that you’re complaining.


  • He wakes up super down to some cuddling, but… you’re already up? Too bad…
  • He blushes noticing the pool of clothes from last night still on the floor. He should pick them, but… he looks at them and can only remember what you two did.
  • “Good morning!” you greet him, he doesn’t answer. He’s frozen to the image of you cooking wearing his blue t-shirt.
  • You look beautiful in every color, but you in blue is so mesmerizing… he’s just worried if this tee isn’t dirty or smelly. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be and… HOLY SHIT!
  •  You go to him, he notices your bare legs and his dark blue boxers as your pajama bottoms. “Yoosung, are you okay?” OF COURSE HE’S NOT!
  • “MC, is… is… this… my… my, un-underwear?” “Hum? Oh, yes, it is. I’m sorry, it was dark and I took the first thing I found in the closet.” “Why… Why didn’t you turn the lights on?” “I didn’t want to wake you up, you looked so tired…” of course, YOU let him that tired, ahem.
  • “Are you mad? I’m sorry…” “N-No! I’m not mad! How could I be mad? You look so hot and I… cute! I meant ‘cute’!” he’s trying so hard not to stare, you giggle and cup his cheeks, forcing to look at you while you give him a little peck.
  • But he wants more, so he holds you when you try to back away. His hands circle your waist, bringing you closer as his tongue shyly meets yours in your mouth.
  • You sigh in satisfaction, and boy is not that shy anymore with his tongue as one hand of his moves to the back of your head, his fingers tangling to your hair.
  • “You look so good in blue…” he says, pulling you away a little to admire you one more time. “Guess I should wear blue more often if that’s how you’re gonna react.” You play with his hair and smile, oh… he really thought he was the one in control of this?
  • “MC… do you… do you mind taking this to the bedroom?” the way you wrap your arms around his neck and kisses him can only mean ‘no’.
  • But he would still like to have the upper hand this time, so his hands move to your ass, giving it a little squeeze before going down the back thighs, making you raise your legs and wrap them around his waist.
  • He carries you to the bedroom. Well, guess that pile of clothes on that floor will gain a few more pieces…


  • She wakes up and smells the fresh coffee. Oh… what a nice surprise drinking your coffee that early in the morning.
  • You’re wearing a long-sleeve button shirt, judging from all the room in the bust are, it can only be her shirt.
  • She doesn’t mind, you two have this habit of sharing clothes, even though yours usually feel really tight in her chest since your boobs are fairly smaller.
  • But sharing panties? That’s new! She knows it’s hers because usually you wear thongs while she likes the bikini type more.
  •  This arouses her more as she would care to admit. You making coffee while looking that cute it’s too good for this hour in the morning…
  • “Earth to Jaehee!” you tease her waving your hand in front of her face. “Why are you spacing out like this?”
  • “Don’t ask as if you don’t know. Did you finally surrender to the bikini’s comfort?” “I guess, though thongs are cuter, don’t you agree?”on you? Yes, definitely.
  • “Anyway, your clothes are comfortable and smell like you,that’s why I put it,  I hope that’s not a problem…” How would this be a problem? You can’t say cute things like that looking so sexy! It’ almost a crime!
  • “The only problem here is that you look so beautiful I feel I won’t be able to get my hands off of you.” Oh wow… so bold in the morning, miss Jaehee… “Hmm, I don’t see the problem here…”
  • “Good.” She says bringing you closer, you’re so surprised by her sudden boldness you almost don’t know what to do with your hands, you start holding her forearms, then wrapping around her neck, but holding her by the waist feels more comfortable.
  •  One of her hand is in your cheek, moving your head as she wants, the other one is already undoing the buttons of the shirt. “You’re not wearing a bra, are you?”
  • You nod negatively with a wicked smile, that’s her cue to slide the shirt off of you and plant hungry kisses to your neck as you moan.
  • That delicious coffee you made would have to wait a little… okay, maybe a lot.


  • He got a little sad you weren’t beside him in the bed.
  • But as soon as he saw your back in the kitchen, that little sadness faded away completely. Of course he doesn’t need you cooking since he can always call the chef, but seeing you like this make him feel so special and loved…
  • And then he couldn’t help but smirk in curiosity realizing you were wearing his striped shirt from last night.
  • “May I ask why you keep stealing my clothes when you have the most comfortable and beautiful sleepwear in your closet?” you yelp in scare, just noticing him standing by the table looking at you with his arms crossed.
  • “They’re so fancy I’m afraid of ruining them. Plus, this smells nicer.” Cute… unbelievably cute! He heard about people being grumpy in the morning, but you’re just… cute.
  • He was about to say you won this one, then you bend down to take something out of the oven and he notices grey boxers showing up…
  • “MC?” “Yes, Jumin?” your eyes are still focused on the oven. “Why are you wearing my underwear?”
  • “Hum? Oh… don’t get me wrong, I really like those Victoria Secret’s ones, but this is so comfortable! Why is man’s underwear so much more comfortable? Ugh, it isn’t fair!” he narrows his eyes at you.
  • “You know what is really unfair? You provoking me this early in the morning before I have to leave for work.” He comes closer, his eyes locked to yours as a predator corning its prey.
  • “Provoking you? Me? Ah, come on, Jumin, it’s just und… mmm.” He interrupts you with a kiss, his tongue desperate trying to invade your mouth while his hands move to under the shirt, making you shiver.
  • You’re not feeling like having him in charge so much, so you break the kiss and start kissing his neck, he plays along and starts undoing his pajama so your tongue can roll down.
  • And it keeps rolling down his neck, reaching his chest, his abs… you tug his pajama trousers and smile playfully as find he’s wearing grey boxers too. “We’re matching!”
  • It’s still weird letting you in charge and he definitely needs to teach you a lesson for stealing his clothes but right now… all he can focus is in your mouth.



  • He is a light sleep, so when he hears some noises coming from that kitchen, he immediately wakes up.
  • Then he finds you wearing his hoodie and… nothing else? Ohoho, what a view in the morning, am I right?
  • “Good morning!” you notice him behind you and smile, he hugs you from behind and buries his face in your hair. “Yes, it’s a great morning!”
  • He presses his body against yours and feels there are some panties down there. Well, not as if this was less hot, anyway.
  •  “Someone is in a good mood, usually I have to drag you out of the bed, your lazy bum!”
  • “Well, now you should be careful I don’t drag you back there.” He tries to tickle your sides, but you shoo him away. “No! We have to eat something beside HBC at least in the morning, you know?” he pouts, but you ignore him, focusing again on whatever you’re cooking.
  •  And he knows you’re right, so he sits and just watches you. And he was really willing to leave you alone, but when you raise your arms to reach something in a higher shelf, revealing his kitten pattern boxers, he’s gone!
  • “MC?” “What now, Saeyoung?” you glare at him, only to find his eyes roaming to your body. “You know stealing my hoodie is one thing, but stealing my underwear is something I can’t let you get away, right?”
  • “So what? You’re always stealing my bras and I never say anything!” “But I do to be funny because I know I look pathetic, you can’t steal my boxers and look that hot!” “Well, I’m sorry I look so hot, are you happy?
  • He knows you’re not actually mad, you’re just teasing him. “Oh, you’re sorry? I see… but I don’t think I can’t forgive you just like this” he’s behind you again, now using his arms to lock you and corner you against the balcony.
  • “What do you want me to do, then?” “First, give me back my hoodie…” he unzips the hoodie, making you shiver. “But then… then I’ll have nothing on…”
  • “That’s the idea.” He takes it off of you and tugs your hair behind your ear, letting your neck and shoulder completely available to his nips and bites while one hand slips to inside the kitten pattern boxers.
  • Well, he warned you about dragging you back to bed, didn’t he?


  • It took him a while to get used to sharing the bed, but now he got used to it, he hates waking up without you beside him
  • Then he finds you in the kitchen making breakfast… okay, you’re forgiven this time.
  • But he can’t forgive you for wearing one of his sweaters and… one of his black boxers? WHAT THE FUCK?
  • “Hey! Who told you could steal my clothes like that?” “Good morning to you too, Saeran!” you smile sweetly, ignoring his glare.
  • “Don’t mock me! And what’s with you wearing my boxers, you pervert?” “Don’t think too highly of yourself, it was just the first thing I found in the closet.”
  • “Ugh… you’re impossible! What would you do if I stole one of your panties?” your eyes gleam “Would you really? I would recommend a pink one, you would look so cute!”, he blushes, you’re obviously not taking him seriously… or maybe you are a pervert after all.
  • Either way, he’s not pleased. He doesn’t like this invasion of his personal space, like, the most personal space he could have.
  • So he corners you against the balcony, and having you this close wearing his sweater and boxers, nothing else… he’s almost forgetting why he was mad.
  • “You’re tempting me, aren’t you?” “Ugh, not everything is about you…” you look so cute when you get mad like this… he grins.
  • “But okay, since you don’t like it, I’ll take it off!” YES! Oh… no, you mean change, right? “Well, allow me to take it off for you.”
  • He hooks his thumbs on the waistband of the boxers, you look down in anticipation, then look back at his face, reaching his mouth for a deep kiss.
  • He takes this as a chance to grind on you , his hand slowly pulling the boxers down your thighs as he moves his mouth to your neck, biting and letting a few hickeys.
  • Now he definitely forgot what he was mad about before.
Koi No Yokan

Characters - Steve x Sharon (stick with me here), Reader, Clint

Words - 636

Warnings - Angst

Koi No Yokan (Japanese) - The sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love. This is different than “love at first sight,” since it implies that you might have a sense of imminent love, somewhere down the road, without yet feeling it. The term captures the intimation of inevitable love in the future, rather than the instant attraction implied by love at first sight.

A/N - Yay, new drab series! I’m just setting the scene in the first couple parts so please hang with me. Feedback is what I crave so go for it :)

“Baxter!” Your hoarse voice tore through the neighborhood just a few blocks from your own. There were tears clouding your vision and you couldn’t stop your nose from running as you wailed through the streets like a mad woman. “Baxter!”

Keep reading

Surprise? (BuckyxReader)

Ok, first I wanted to thank you guys because I got 100 FREAKIN NOTES ON TALE AS OLD AS TIME❤❤❤YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING
And this is a requested oneshot based on MY DARLING BUCKY I HOPE YOU LIKE IT MY LOVES!!
“I was wondering if I could have one with Bucky..where we are having an argument in front of the team and without thinking, I tell him I’m pregnant?”


You raced into Avengers Tower and threw your bag onto the couch, receiving a few looks from the other teammates who were there.

“Someone’s in a rush,” Natasha comments.

“I’ve been in a briefing for 5 hours and all I’ve been thinking of was that damn cheesecake,” you reply as you give her a quick hug. Sam and Steve share a look.

Steve clears his throat. “Y/N, about that cheesecake-”

“SHUT UP I’M HUNGRY,” you snapped. Your cravings have been out of control lately. You ordered your favorite cheesecake from your favorite bakery and had it delivered while you were at the bakery. It’s been the only thing on your mind.

You run inside the kitchen, not paying attention to anything else but the fridge. You open it wide in search for your cheesecake.

“Where the fuck is my cake?”, you grumble, still searching.

“Oh shit.”

You whip around to find your boyfriend, Bucky, with an empty cheesecake box in front of him and a fork in his hand.

“I’m sorry, babe,” he says as he drops the fork. “I didn’t know it was yours.”

You feel yourself start to get hot. Your eyes narrow as you breathe heavily.

“Did. You. Just. Eat. My. Fucking. Cheesecake?”

“I didn’t know, Y/N. I’m sorry.”

Stay calm, you thought. Don’t get mad.

Fuck it.


“Why are you so pissed? It’s just a cake.”


You notice the team gathered behind you, and you can already tell they want to laugh.

Bucky grabs your hands. “I’ll buy you another cake!”


The room fell silent. Bucky let go of your hands.

“Are you… pregnant?,” he whispers.

Damn it, Y/N, you thought.

You cooled down instantly.

“Surprise?”, you respond, feeling extremely nervous over his reaction.

He is emotionless for a moment, then breaks out into a big smile.

“MY GIRL IS PREGNANT,” he shouts, picking you up and spinning you around. The team cheers behind you.

“I’M GONNA BE AN UNCLE,” Steve screams, hugging everyone in sight.

“I’M GONNA BE AN AUNT,” Wanda adds.

“I’m gonna pay for everything,” Tony mumbles. You laugh and kiss his cheek.

Bucky pulls you into a hug. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

You sigh. “I didn’t know how. All that was on my mind was the damn cheesecake.”

“I’ll get you another one, I promise. But first things first. STEVE GO GET THE THING.”


Steve runs out of the room, leaving the rest of you confused. A few moments later he runs back in with a small box.

“HERE IS THE THING,” he screams as he throws it to Bucky.

“Thanks, punk.”

Bucky gets down on one knee and opens the box, revealing a gorgeous diamond ring.

You gasp and cover your mouth, already feeling tears about to form.

“Y/N L/N, I can’t imagine my life without you. You are my world, my savior, my guardian angel. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, but I could never find the right words. I love having someone who challenges me everyday, makes my life interesting. I mean, you just yelled at me for eating your cheesecake! You’ve saved me from Hydra, the Winter Soldier, and my nightmares. Every time I wake up, I love seeing you there right next to me. I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?”

You wipe the tears from your eyes. “Of course, you dork.”

The team starts to cheer behind you as Bucky places the ring on your finger. It fit perfectly. As he stands up you press your lips to his, feeling more in love with him than you ever had before.

As you pull away, you whisper, “But you still owe me my cheesecake.”

He laughs, letting the tears fall from his eyes (you loved how he wasn’t afraid to show emotion). “Whatever you want, Mrs. Barnes.”

You can hear Tony grumble, “Another thing I gotta pay for.”

The fight (part 2) // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Shawn arranges to meet with Y/n where they break up (spoilers alert)

Authors note: Y/n cries a lot I’m sorry

Just, can you meet me at the coffee shop on main please, 5:00 pm. I just want to talk.

My heart hammers as I read the text, my stomach twisting with nerves. Its been 3 weeks since Shawn has left for tour or more so left with the door slamming shut as our parting words.

We hadn’t spoken, hadn’t texted, and this was the first form of connection I had received from him. I had wanted to say something, the amount of messages I typed then deleted was more than I could remember. I just didn’t know what to say.

I’m sorry? Sorry for expressing how I felt? Sorry for wanting to fix our relationship before it was too late and I loose him? What I feared the most however, had came true.

“Thank you for meeting me, I know you were probably working,” Shawn tells me, holding the hot cup of coffee in his hands to provide warmth on the brisk winter night.

“I never work on Tuesday’s,” I murmur, already feeling my sense of hope draining away.

“Oh…right,” He coughs awkwardly.

“So how’s tour going?” I ask, smiling faintly, trying to find something to fill the silence that was so unlike us.

“Its awesome, Milan was amazing- we played there a couple nights ago, I loved it,” 

I watch the bright spark light his eyes, just the way it does every time he talks about music or his fans.

“Thats awesome Shawn, I’m gl-”

“Listen Y/n,” Shawn cuts me off, my smile falling. “I’m going to have to stop you there, I arranged this meeting for a specific reason.”

I can feel my hands shaking and I desperately try to keep them still.

“And that is?”

“I want to break up,” His voice is steady when he says it, drastically opposite to the way I felt. It was like I was standing on a boat, a boat that was heading straight for a tidal wave- knocking the ship over and sending me flying into the water.

Of course I saw this coming, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. There was a small piece of me that was still fighting for him. 

“W-why?” I stammer out, wanting a valid reason for the separation he seemed to crave.

“I..” he trails off not knowing what to say.

“We hardly talk anymore, you deserve a better boyfriend then me, Y/n. One that will actually spend time with you,”

“Can’t we work on us? If that’s the reason? Shawn I don’t want anyone else, I want you,” I cry, the water seeping from my eyes coming quicker.

“I… can’t” His own eyes filling with tears.

“Thats what you said last time,” I sob. “Then I didn’t hear from you until this morning. Why can’t you just talk to me?”

“Y/n please don’t make this any harder,” Shawn says firmly, almost appearing angry at my pleading.

“Shawn please,” I beg, not wanting to give up.

“Y/n, calm down, I’m not what you want anymore, I’m only going to hurt you okay? You’re going to find someone so much better if you first just let me go,”

“Is that what you want?” I whisper, tears rolling down my puffy cheeks.

“Y/n,” Shawn says quietly, avoiding my eyes.

“Just tell me its what you want and I won’t fight, I’ll let you go, only though if its what you want,”

He pauses, “It is,”

“Then its final. I hope you made the right decision Shawn, good luck with tour,”

With that said, I pick up my coffee and walk out the door, this time I’m the one slamming it shut.

@doragonhinansho had a bad day today, so I thought I’d give them a little pick me up in the form of a kid!fic in which dragons are awesome!!!

Stiles ducks his head, trying not to cry. Jackson is so mean. Dragons are cool. His mom told him they were.

“You are such a loser,” one of Jackson’s friends laughs, throwing the dragon Stiles got for his birthday in the air, catching it expertly. He’ll probably join some kind of cool sports team in high school, Stiles thinks, trying not to feel bitter about it. Stiles has never been good at sports. He likes dragons and wolves and fighting mythical creatures with his friends online. His mom says he’s cool and Stiles wants to believe her, but it’s kind of hard when you go to school with Jackson- stupid-face-Whittemore.

“I am not,” Stiles says, not sure why he feels the need to talk back. His dad told him it will get him in trouble one day. Maybe he should stay quiet, but as he watches his new friend fall to the ground and get kicked about like a ball, it’s either talk back or cry.

“What do you think you’re doing?” a voice suddenly sounds from behind them, startling even Jackson who jumps.

Stiles turns, because he knows that voice, eyes widening as he watches Derek Hale approach them.

Derek is sixteen and the cooler than Batman and Stiles kind of wants to marry him one day. Because girls are more awesome than boys, but boys are prettier, everyone knows that. And Derek is the prettiest. Plus, girls have cooties. Scott says they don’t but Stiles isn’t so sure.

Blushing, Stiles scrambles up from the ground, making a dive for his dragon, but Jackson just pushes him away and laughs.

“I said-” Derek says, coming up to stand in front him. “What. Are. You. Doing?”

Jackson’s smile falters a little when Derek tilts his head to the side, like all the Hales do. Derek’s big sister Laura is the best at it. She made Jennifer Blake cry once for bullying Erica Reyes. Just by looking at her. Stiles is pretty sure she’s a superhero, just like Derek.

“Nothing,” Jackson shrugs, ducking his head suddenly and kicking at the ground. “Just tellin’ Stilinski he’ll never make friends if he keeps playing with toys.” He smirks, glancing at Stiles, and Stiles wants the ground to swallow him up.

Derek looks down then, frowning when he sees the dragon under Jackson’s foot. “Is that your’s?” he asks, turning to Stiles.

Stiles starts to say no, because he doesn’t want Derek to think he’s a loser too, but this might be his only chance to get Mr Firebreath back. “Yes,” he whispers.

“Right,” Derek says, stepping into Jackson’s space a little more until he gulps and moves back, off the toy. Bending down, Derek picks it up and dusts it off. “It’s not too bad,” he tells Stiles. “But your mom might want to wash it.” He holds it out for Stiles to take, a smile crossing his features, and Stiles doesn’t know why, but it makes him feel like one of those pink toasted marshmallows his mom buys inside.

Taking Mr Firebreath, Stiles resists the urge to apologise to him, because only really little kids think toys have feelings. Well, really little kids and Stiles.

When he looks back up, Jackson and his friends are already walking away, muttering bad words under their breath, as Derek continues to stare at them with a look Stiles knows is only for show. It’s his I-don’t-like-you look. Stiles is happy he’s never given it to him. Derek’s actually really sweet to Stiles. Most of the time. Even that one time Stiles accidentally dropped ice cream on Derek’s new sneakers at the annual Hale barbecue. Derek had let Stiles eat his whole tub of extra-large raspberry ripple with chocolate swirls while he had tried to clean them. He didn’t even tattle when his mom asked what happened.

That was the day Derek became Stiles’ hero.

“Sorry,” Stiles says, unable to meet Derek’s eyes.

“Why are you sorry?” Derek asks, crouching down so he’s shorter than him.

“I shouldn’t have brought him- it- to school,” Stiles says, waving Mr Firebreath a little.

Derek laughs. “It’s not your fault he got taken. Those boys weren’t very nice.”

Stiles shrugs, feeling his cheeks grow hot. Derek probably thinks he’s so dumb.  “Dragons are stupid,” he finds himself saying, hoping Mr Firebreath will forgive him later.

Derek laughs again and Stiles wants to run away. “Well, I think dragons are cool. If you don’t want him anymore, I’ll take him.”

Stiles’ head snaps up at that, disbelieving. “You like dragons?” He blinks. “But- but you play basketball!”

“It doesn’t mean I don’t think dragons are cool. I prefer werewolves though.”

Stiles’ eyes light up. “My mom let me watch a movie once!” he breathes excitedly, accidentally hitting Derek in the chest. Scott doesn’t like werewolves. Stiles has never met anyone who likes werewolves. “It was about a boy who plays basketball, like you!” He looks away briefly, embarrassed when Derek raises an eyebrow at him. “He could turn into a werewolf and it helped him win all the games,” he finished, shyly.

Derek grins. “Teen Wolf?” he asks. “You like that movie?”

Stiles nods, grinning. “Do you?”

Derek leans in, crooking his finger at Stiles and Stiles’ heart races. “If I tell you a secret will you keep it for me?” he asks. Stiles nods, eyes wide as he waits, and then suddenly Derek’s eyes are glowing and his teeth are turning into fangs. “What do you think?”

“I think that’s a really cool trick,” Stiles grins, wanting to touch Derek’s face because how did he do that?

Derek winks and the trick disappears.  “Tell you what,” he says. “How about I take you trick or treating this year. We can dress up.”

Stiles is going to die. “Really?” he asks. “I mean-” He looks down, shrugging, trying to be cool. “If you want, sure.”

Derek laughs again and ruffles Stiles’ hair. “Yeah, really. We’ll show those boys just how cool werewolves and dragons can be, okay?”

Derek stands up then and as he walks away Stiles knows that he is definitely the boy he is going to marry.


Ten years later, Derek proposes with a dragon egg replica from Game of Thrones and Stiles kisses him until his eyes glow, just like that first day.

Safe and Sound

Title: Safe and Sound
Word Count: 2k words
Pairing: Sam Maekjong/Reader
Genre: Romance

‘Just breathe, okay? Just take a deep breath, hold for four, and breathe out…’

Reminding yourself to stay calm, you tried to recollect your thoughts and center yourself. Thankfully, it was just before dawn, so there was no one else outside on this side of the river to witness the array of emotions you were currently getting into. On the other hand though, it left you more vulnerable to your thoughts, as the silence always put you on the edge. Gazing off over the barely visible tops of the trees, you found yourself reminiscing on your past.

Although your parents were servants in the palace, you still had some semblance to a normal childhood. You did all the chores you were expected to do, and every once in a while, you were given a break and would play with all the other servant children. It was a fun childhood full of excitement, but nothing could have prepared you for that fateful night.

You could remember the exact moment all your problems had begun, or at least when your life took a whole different spin. Only four years old, you had just learned how to cook rice and steep tea. Apparently that was enough for the Queen, seeing as she had one of her ladies-in-waiting come over to your small house to fetch you. Being abruptly woken up from sleep, you had no idea what all the fuss between the woman and your parents was, only aware of the fact you were suddenly holding a bundle of clothes to your chest and running towards the back gate of the palace.

From that day on, you had never seen your parents again. You had gained a new “family”- the crown prince-turned-king Jinheung and the man appointed to guard him, Paoh. You weren’t really sure why you had been brought along, but you had been raised to follow and not question, so you always kept your thoughts to yourself.

The king never talked much in the early years. He stayed quiet, only speaking when he was spoken to. It would have been extremely awkward and uncomfortable if it weren’t for Paoh, a man who had become an uncle to you in every sense but in blood. He had basically raised you both, albeit with different standards, with the same amount of compassion and you were grateful to have someone like him in your life.

As you got older, you realized just why it was you were brought along for the ride. Although you weren’t treated like a palace servant, there were still certain expectations that you had to meet. It was your job to have food ready at the appropriate times and make sure the laundry was always washed in a timely fashion. Even though the list of tasks to be completed each day was a long one, you took it all in stride for the people you were with made the work more than bearable.

The second time your life took a spin was when King Jinheung decided he was going back to the capital. You had been having doubts over the past few months, but the reaction you had to hearing the words “I’m going- whether you join me or not is up to you,” confirmed the feeling in your heart that you had grown accustomed to. Most simply put, you were in love.

Being that the man you were in love with was the king of the nation, you decided to keep your feelings to yourself. You made sure to never act on them, scared that he’d either distance himself because of how you were acting, or that Paoh would have no choice but to send you away. Day in and day out, you continued on with your duties as you always had, afraid of how the erratic beating in your heart would affect you. If it meant that you got to stay with the two men you had spent more than half of your life with, you would suppress acting on those feelings.

Although you made sure not to act on your new found revelation, there were times when you just couldn’t keep it one hundred percent hidden. Upon entering the capital, you were scared that someone was there waiting at the gates to slaughter to king. When he refused to live in the palace, you just about had a heartattack when the hired assassin came rushing in through the door. And when he decided that he was going to join the Queen’s Hwarang…

Momentarily forgetting all the hierarchical rules in the society, you completely disregarded the king and his idea, turning instead to Paoh to demand him to do something about the situation. There was no way you were going to let him into that snake pit! Sure it would suck being left behind by the one that you loved, but how much more would it hurt to know you willingly allowed him to walk towards his death? You may have gone along with all his other activities in the past, but this was where you were going to draw the line for yourself.

As thankful as you were that Paoh had echoed your sentiments towards the dangerous idea, the two of you were not enough to convince the king of otherwise. He had his mind set on joining the Hwarang, and with a sinking feeling in your stomach, you knew that there was nothing that could be done to stop him.

The shock of the revelation dying down, you excused yourself with the excuse of making dinner. You were never the type to easily cry, but you were just so frustrated and scared that you felt even one more second in the king’s presence would send you uncontrollably bawling. Willing the tears away, you lifted up your long skirt and hurried off towards the kitchens.

Not knowing what to do, you stubbornly held onto the hope he wouldn’t be chosen, but you also had enough sense to know that he was going to be a Hwarang even if you despised it. Unable to help yourself, you started crying, the poorly chopped vegetables a reflection of your despair.

“I knew you weren’t that smart, but I didn’t know you were an idiot.”

Hearing the king’s voice come out of nowhere startled you, causing your hand to slip and resulting in a shallow cut. It was a relief that you hadn’t been hacking at the innocent vegetables, for if you had, you were sure to have chopped off a finger.

“You really aren’t smart.”

“Shut up, this was all your fault anyway.”

Although you realized that sure words could theoretically get your head sliced off, at the present moment you didn’t care. You were still upset about him joining Hwarang, and the fact that you were bleeding did nothing to soothe your mood.

Surprisingly, King Jinheung stepped forward with a slight chuckle, taking your hand in his and easing over the sink. In stunned silence, you allowed him to attend to the small wound. The more rational side of you screamed to pull away and apologize for inconveniencing the king, but the more romantic side momentarily pushed it aside to take over and swooned at the fact that he had his full attention on solely you.

“Why are you like this… Is it because of my decision to join the snake pit that is my mother’s Hwarang?”

Hiding the small mirth at the fact he also thought of Hwarang as a snake pit, you nodded bitterly at the fact he was teasing you for feeling fear. Side-eyeing the king, you pull your hand away slowly, bowing down and muttering that you were sorry for bothering him and that you were going to continue to make dinner.

“Ah, so now you’re running away from your feelings, are you?”

Instantaneously, you were frozen in your spot. He knew? Since when? You were always careful to hide it though? How’d he find out? Mentally berating yourself for your carelessness, you slowly turned back around in his direction, head bowed down to hide the embarrassed blush hot on your cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I have failed as your servant for holding onto these feelings for so long instead of dispelling them as soon as they arose…”

Although it felt like a weight had been lifted off your chest from the confession, you couldn’t help but be nervous about just how he would react. He must have sensed it a while ago, just now deciding to address the matter. Daring to look up, you noticed the confused expression on his face, and you realized that you messed up.

“What kind of feelings are you talking about? Don’t lie.”

Cursing yourself for slipping up, you reluctantly confessed the truth. Softly you started to explain, and he listened on, intently staring at you with the same leveled look, his unchanging expression worrying you. At the end of your explanation, he seemed puzzled, an emotion that wasn’t what you expecting.

“You…’fell in love with the king’?”

Hearing your own words coming out of the king’s mouth only caused the tips of your ears to redden in shame. It wasn’t that you regretted what you felt, but more like you felt like you had failed him for feeling in such a way. Not trusting yourself to speak just yet, you kept quiet.

“How could you fall in love with the faceless coward that is the king?!”

Shocked at his choice of words, you found yourself in tears once more. How could he possibly think such a thing? Knowing the king as you did, you slowly realized that he must have been harboring these sentiments in secret, internally beating himself up for something that wasn’t even his fault.

Slowly you reached out to him, wrapping your arms around his waist and laying your forehead against his chest. You knew that this sort of gesture was highly inappropriate given the difference in rank that you two held, but at the moment you paid it absolutely no heed. All you wanted to do was comfort him, and you had chosen to do so with a hug.

Scared to break the moment, you started to whisper your fears about being left behind, as well as everything he meant to you. It was comfortable until you had told him that you were scared he was going to get himself hurt, which caused him to be irritated with you. Hurt at the response, you pulled back and started to walk away, but you hadn’t even taken two steps before you felt his arms surrounding you. He had apologized even though you were in the wrong for bringing it up, and silently the two of you continued to just stand in each other’s comfort. You closed your eyes, willing the moment to never end, but alas, it was not what reality had in store for you. The sound of Paoh’s footsteps met your ears, and the spell was broken.

As much as you wanted to say that the moment had changed the relationship between the two of you, it really hadn’t. Everything was exactly the same to the point where you were almost convinced that it had never even happened in the first place. Seeing as he basically dropped the whole matter, you did so as well.

Seeing the hues of yellow painting their way throughout the sky, you decided that it was about time for you to go home. Today was the first day of King Jinheung’s life as a Hwarang, and as much as you worried for him, you found comfort in the small symbol on your wrist. Right before leaving, he had asked you to fetch the special ink from the west, and to your surprise, he had taken a paintbrush and marked you.

“Whenever you feel down just take a look at this symbol and know that it is my promise to you that I shall return safe and sound.”

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Kim Minseok/Xiumin GIF Spam!

Dedicated to you, ohnonotexo <3 Since you’re most likely on your phone, I’m gonna try to make it shorter but I’ll probably end up making it wayyy too long. Sorry not sorry about that (◠‿◠✿) 

Let’s start with the cute and probably random ones!

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Minnie being tickled :3

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Look at baek being a little shit and pulling his shirt up :’D

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Can you give me some dialogue prompts of a succubus talking to a gay guy immune to her abilities? I'm writing a story where the main character is dating a succubi's brother.

•So,“ she said as trailed her perfect nails along his arm. "Have any plans later?”

“Yeah, with your brother.”

• “How ya doing, handsome?”

“Let me stop you right there. I’m gay, so it’s not going to work.”

• “Your kind annoys me.”

“That’s. . . homophobic.”

“I don’t like it when people are unaffected by me.”

“Sorry honey, you’re going to have to learn how to take rejection.”

• She groaned. “Why are all the hot ones gay?”

“Why do all the hot ones have irritating sisters?”

• “Sorry lady, but you’re going to have to find someone else to seduce. I’m taken.”

“I think I could change that.”

“Nope, even if you could, I’d just be gay and single.”

• “I know my brother is a succubus, but how could you find that creature somehow related to me appealing?”

“I like him for more than his looks, but those are fine too if I do say so myself.”

• “I’m immune to you.”

“You act as if my kind is a disease.”

“If I’m referring to your brother, then love is a disease.”

♡ Sorry for the wait, hope I could help

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I was wondering if you could write fic when Sana and Yousef get married, and they sit across from each other as he watches her unravel her hijab and it's all beautiful and happy?? Bc I am Yousana trash and I need a fic on this

Hello Anon!!! First of all, thank you for the request! <3< And I hope you like what I wrote :) 


They are standing in front of each other at the bottom of the bed.

She looks into his eyes and sees reflected in them the exact same joy and pure love that she is feeling right now. She is bursting with joy and love.

They had a beautiful wedding. It was truly great to see their families and friends reunited to celebrate their union and love.

But now they are together, just the two of them. For the first time, as husband and wife.

As they keep on looking into each other eyes, she feels as though time has stopped. The rest of her life is starting now. This is it. This is him.

He takes her hand and lift it to kiss it gently.

She keeps his hand in her hers and makes him turn. They now have their backs to the bed. She lets herself fall on it in a , still holding his hand so that he falls next to her. She laughs as he bounces like a kid.  and bounce. They stays there for a while, laying next to each other and smiling.

He is the first one to sit. He motions for her to do the same. They are now both sitting on the bed facing each other with their legs crossed and their knees touching. They are so close that she can hear him breathing.

He takes her hands in his and traces with his fingers the beautiful henna patterns that recovers them. This gentle touch sends shivers down her spine.

-We are married.

-We are

-Why the frown? Does it feel weird?

- No! I’d say, it feels unusual. New. But not weird at all.

- Hmm

- Natural, she whispers

- What?

- It feels natural.

- Yes, it does

They stay there, simply looking into each other eyes. The more they keep staring at each other, the more they smile. They have now entered an other « stare as long as you can without laughing » contest. It has become a silly habit between them and as it is their first as a married couple, she intends on winning

To distract him, she tries winking but he only arches an eyebrows in response. As if to say “You really thought this would work?”

She waits a few seconds while smiling even more and then goes to a complete stoic face, her « resting bitch face » as Chris calls it.

As always, this makes him laugh. She smiles at her victory.

-You lost again. This marriage is definitely up to a great start.

He simply laughs.

Silence again. But a comfortable silence.  A nice silence. The one that doesn’t need to be broken because it knows that there is plenty of time left to fill it. Years and years. A lifetime. Two lifetimes intertwined.

A lifetime during which he is going to discover a lot of things about her and she will discover just as much about him. They will also discover so many things together. He heart is dancing in her chest as the idea of a lifetime with him is now becoming her reality.

She takes her hands off his. She will not cover herself in front of him anymore when they are alone. She starts undoing her hijab. She does it slowly because this moment is special and important for the both of them. He understands what she is doing and what it means. How intimate this is.

He follows with his eyes the movement of her hands and the way the scarfs moves as it’s being undone

She suddenly feels her bracelet getting stuck onto the delicate embroideries at the hem of her hijab. She stops for a second then tries to take it off slowly. But it stays stuck. Great, she thinks, way to go and ruin the moment.

He notices that something is wrong and asks with a little smile if she is stuck.

-Hm, well, a little maybe

She turns her head to show him her bracelet caught on her hijab. And instead of offering his help (not that she needs it), he starts laughing

-What is so funny, you idiot?

- Nothing, sorry, let me help you

- No, you’re still laughing!

- Well, this is funny! Everything was so solemn and silent and then,… I’m sorry but I find it funny.

- Stop laughing!

- Sorry, sorry, He tries to put on a neutral face. Hey, you’re laughing too!

- No, I’m not.

- Yes you are !

- Do you want to talk about something really funny ? How about how you almost fainted at our wedding when you saw me for the first time?

Now, that makes him stop laughing, she thinks as she smiles in a satisfied way.

- I did no such thing.

- Yes, you did.

- It was just really hot, that’s all.

- Yeah, right.

The bracelet untangles itself form the embroideries all of a sudden without tearing the fabric. She sighs with relief and finishes taking her hijab off.

He is definitely not laughing anymore . He is now staring into her eyes. But not as a game.

She loves the banter with him, she loves how easy it is with him. But she also loves how they sometimes don’t have to say anything at all. She can feel the love coming from him even if he is not talking. She hopes he can feel the same coming from her.

When she takes it off, he takes the hijab from her hands, folds it nicely and puts it on the nightstand.

She takes her underscarf off. He takes it as well and puts it next to the headscarf.

Her hair is in a ponytail which she slowly unties to let it fall on her shoulder.

He delicately takes a strand of her hair between his fingers.Her heart is pounding in her chest. Can you have too much hapiness ? He says slowly:

- « The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. »

He puts the strand of hair behind her shoulder and smiles

- This is a quote right ?

- Hm hm

- From who?

- Audrey hepburn, he replies

Is he blushing now? Yes, he is! She laughs and says:

- Audrey Hepburn ? I can not believe my husband just quoted Audrey Hepburn to me!

- Are you making fun of me ?

- Yes I am.

- Is it a bad thing ?

- You’re my husband. Right now, everything is good

- Everything is good.

A silence. Then, he whispers:

- Let’s work to keep it that way.

- Let’s.

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UT, UF and US bros. How do they react to an SO who's like, really good at Makeup? Who cares, who doesn't, what do they think. That kind of thing. Sorry it's so random, it's like 3am rn and it popped in my head



If it makes you happy, then he’s happy. It’s your body and you can do what you want with it. But to him, with or without makeup, you’re still beautiful. 


PLEASE DATEMATE MAKE HIM BEAUTIFUL TOO! Paps doesn’t have interest in learning, but in your free time, he’d love it if you did his makeup too. He looks killer in winged eyeliner. (I saw artwork for this a long time ago but I can’t find it sorry) 



Red thinks that make up is kinda hot. Especially that seductive smoky eye look. He’s really into it. 


TEACH HIM HOW TO MAKE UP SO HE COULD LOOK EVEN MORE INTIMIDATING. Seriously, he loves the idea of make up. If it could make you beautiful, it could make him scary. 



Blue fully supports you and encourages you to follow your passion! Since you’re so good at makeup, you should start a makeup tutorial youtube channel! He’ll even be your mascot! 


Like Classic, Stretch thinks it’s cool and you look good in whatever you wear. But sometimes….he’s such a butt and he’s the perfect target for your make up pranks. Seriously, he’ll sleep through you drawing on his face and coating it with make up. You have some hilarious pics. 

BTS Bruises Reaction


“ Hi! Could you do BTS reacting to bruises on their gf after they did “it” last night please?Thank you!”


JIN: He Would get really worry to see what he did so his is going to apologize a thousand times before Start cooking at you to let you know how sadden he is.

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

SUGA: He would give a fuck about it “To be honest you look hot with them, i think you need more”…

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

J-HOPE: He would be sad about it he won’t find word to apologize, he is going to make you laugh until you forgive him… “I promise i won’t be too hard next time…”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Rapmon: “Oh shit… i didn’t think i was holding you so hard… shit sorry”

Originally posted by hogays

JIMIN: He would kiss every single one of the bruises he did saying sorry everytime he kisses “Does it hurts?”

Originally posted by koreanidolblog

V: He just stay there watching them…”How did this happen? I did it?” he’ll be panicking thinking that in a weird way he hurt you…

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JUNGKOOK: He’ll be just wuite listen to you complaining about them… Deep inside his head he’ll be proud about them.

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Please Stay Forever With We

Request by @onlythebestfandoms

Hey!! So, I’ve just discovered your blog and holy cheeseballs it’s amazing! It’s just so!!!!! good???? Like holy wow???? How???? Sorry I just got very excited. Could you write something angsty with Patrick (FOB obvs) and Brendon- love triangle? Maybe Brendon is your bf but he’s a total cheater (who can blame him he’s hot af) and Patrick finds out and tells you but you don’t believe him until you find out too and then angst and Patrick becoming your bf maybe? Sorry if it’s too specific. Thanks!!


It’s the middle of September and your college campus was busier than usual. The familiar sound of freshmen moving in was evident outside the door. Right now you are sitting in Patrick’s dorm with your boyfriend Brendon, his arm wrapped around you. You’d been dating for about 9 months and you were completely, madly in love. Patrick on the other hand couldn’t stand Brendon. He hated him and thought he was the biggest douche to ever walk the earth. Sure, he has a history of being a player and never staying long term relationships, but people can change, right? Maybe he just needed to find you to realize that he only needed one person to make him happy.

Patrick is sitting parallel on his roommate’s bed, glaring intently. You knew he would be upset that you brought Brendon but he asked to come along and you couldn’t say no to him. You check the clock on your phone and your heart drops for a moment before you react.

“Shit I’m gonna be late.” You stand up and grab your bag.

“Sorry guys.” You kiss Brendon on the cheek and he smiles in response.

“Bye, Babe. Try not to kill each other.” You smirk and point between Brendon and Patrick, causing the latter to finally crack a smile. You wave then start sprinting to your next lecture.


Brendon and I sit in silence for a few moments, he looks around and drums his fingers on his thighs and I just stare at him. Just his presence in my room pisses me off. He sucks his teeth before finally speaking.

“So…..see any good movies lately?”

“Get out." 


And with that simple exchange, he is out the door in less than 10 seconds.

I sit around being bored for an hour or so before deciding to go grab a coffee from the cafe on campus. It only takes 5 minutes to get there and it’s not as busy as I thought it would be. I order my coffee and sit down at a table in the corner, reading the book I brought.

Soon after I begin reading I hear a familiar laugh that makes me cringe. I look up to see Brendon waltzing in with some giggling brunette on his arm. I immediately become anxious. What the hell is he doing? Did he get amnesia and forget about Y/N? Maybe they were just being friendly.

Then he kissed her. On the lips. In the middle of the coffee shop.

I immediately felt my heartbreak thinking of Y/N. How would she react? I couldn’t bear the thought of her being upset but she needed to know. I couldn’t let him break her heart. I loved her too much to let him do that.

Y/N lives off campus but not far so I start running, my heart pounding against my chest. I finally turn down her street and run up to her door, soaking wet. I don’t even pause for a break before I begin knocking furiously. She opens the door looking at me confusedly.

“Patrick, what the hell? It’s pouring outside, you’re gonna get sick.” She grabs my hand and quickly pulls me inside. I stand, dripping on her floor trying to catch my breath to tell her what I’d seen. She notices the panicked look on my face and begins to get worried.

“Patrick, what’s wrong?” She asks putting a hand on my shoulder.

“I-it’s Brendon.” I pant out.

“What? What about Brendon? Is he okay?” She asks becoming concerned. I just nod.

“H-he’s fine. I just saw him at the coffee shop down the street but, Y/N…..he was….he was with another girl. I-I think he’s cheating on you.”

I didn’t ‘think’, I knew, but I didn’t have the strength to tell Y/N the definitive truth. She drops her hand from my shoulder looking at me angrily.

“Patrick why are you like this? I know you don’t like Brendon but do you really hate him that much? To the point where you would lie just so I would break up with him? God, Patrick. Why can’t you just accept us and be happy for me, you know I really like him!” She yells.

“Yes! I know you really like him which is why I don’t want you to get hurt by him, Y/N! I’m trying to protect you!” I try to reason with her but she won’t have it. Tears start streaming down her face as she points to the door.

“Get out.” She says lowly, turning away from me. The whole point of me telling her was so she wouldn’t get upset but now it seems all I’ve done is made her more upset.

“B-but, Y/N I-”

“GET OUT, PATRICK!” she yells and I shuffle out the front door and back into the pouring rain.

~~Y/N’S POV~~~

You sigh and sit on the couch. You couldn’t believe Patrick would do something like that. You’ve always known Patrick didn’t like Brendon due to his unfaithful history, but you’d never thought he would go this far. He made you do the one thing you didn’t wanna do: choose between him and Brendon. 

You sit for about an hour, not knowing what to do. You flipped through the tv trying to distract yourself from the aching feeling of wanting to call Patrick and apologize, but you couldn’t. You had to put your foot down somewhere and this time, he had crossed the line. You needed someone to take your mind off things so you called Brendon and asked if you could come over. He obviously says yes and In about 30 minutes, you’re knocking on his door. As soon as you see him you burst into tears, and he pulls you into his chest.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do without him. Patrick was my best friend.” You sob as he shuts his door, sitting you down on the couch. He pushes a strand of hair out of your face and sushes you, wiping away your tears with his thumb.

“It’s okay, I’m sure he’ll come around. The two of you have been through thick and thin together.” He rubs your back as you begin to calm down, enabling you to breathe again. Brendon wipes away the last of your tears as he whispered soothing words in your ear. As he spoke, you couldn’t pay attention to what he was saying because you were too focused on something else. When Brendon wiped your tears away, you could see clearly again which was terrible for him. It exposed the two huge hickies on his neck.

“B-brendon, what are those?” You ask, praying to god they weren’t what you assumed they were.

“What are what?” he asks stroking your hair.

“Wait a second….” you grab his sweatshirt and inhale it deeply.

“This isn’t my perfume! I hate expensive perfumes!” You yell jumping up, his sweatshirt still in hand.

“Babe….Babe listen it’s not what you think…” He says, standing up and coming closer to me. Your eyes well with tears as you realize what’s happening

“Oh really? Because it seems like you’re FUCKING CHEATING ON ME!” With every venemous word, you hit him with the sweatshirt. You throw it down and turning away from him, unable to look him in the eye anymore.

“Oh my god, Patrick was right….” You begin bawling at the realization.

“Y/N, wait-”

“NO! How could you!? You’re a fucking asshole, Brendon Urie. You’re a piece of fucking shit! God, I can’t believe I defended you against Patrick. I guess people really don’t change.“

Before he could get another word in, you storm out the door. Now it’s your turn to walk alone in the rain.  You don’t know where to go at this point or what to do. You wanna go to Patrick’s but he probably hates your guts after the way you treated him. You never should’ve doubted him. You sulk back to your house, shoes and socks soaked, hair and clothes drenched, mascara running down your cheeks. You finally reach your house and your eyes light up when you see none other than Patrick sitting on your door step with his head in his hands.

"Patrick….” he looks up at you with sad eyes and stands.

“Hey, Y/N…look I know you don’t wanna see me right now but-” you cut him off my wrapping your arms arm him and squeezing him tightly, never wanting to let go.

“Patrick, I’m so sorry. I should’ve believed you.” You sob into his shoulders. He rubs your back soothingly.

“So you found out for yourself….” he says solemnly. You nod even though he can’t see it. He grabs your keys out of your pocket and unlocks your door, walking you inside. You plop down on the couch and curl up in his lap.

“I should’ve listened to you, Patrick. I’m so sorry. Please don’t hate me. I don’t wanna lose you.” You pause, your breath catching in your throat.

“I’m not going anywhere, Y/N.” You look up at him, staring into his glistening blue eyes.  

“No, Patrick, I need you to stay with me….like forever.”

He ponders for a minute, shocked by your confession. He parts his lips trying to find something to say but falls short of words. Before he can even think of a response you close the gap between your faces and attach your lips to his. He’s taken aback but soon relaxes into the kiss and you smile against his lips. You pull away and he shares a content smile. He looks up as he tries to finally find something to say, the perfect thing, but he shrugs and chuckles, saying the only thing his brain could currently come up with.

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for that.”

Of Maeve

I remember the nervous thrill and exciting uncertainty when it had been a month and a week since I’d last seen my period and similarly the same time the pregnancy test only showed half of the second pink line.Niall was sure I was pregnant but I still wanted to go to the clinic to check.

I remember every aspect of the doctor’s exam room-the educational posters on the white walls,the serene painting and the medicine cabinet to the left of me.It was deathly silent aside from the wax paper crinkling underneath my ass and the air smelled sterile like the whole room was bathed in hand sanitizer.Niall was standing next to me,his more calloused hand in mine,heat and anxiety radiating off him.I was lying on my back on the examination table,my gelled tummy exposed to the cold conditioned air. We were waiting to see a little black dot on the screen which would be a gestation sac-an indication that I was indeed pregnant. We never found it.

“Mr and Mrs. Horan I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news..’’The Doctor went on to say that the shape of my uterus had made an environment that wasn’t ideal for birth but I didnt hear that.I heard that it was my fault.I felt so disappointed because this was my fault,Niall was biting down hard on his fist to stop the sound of his sobs but there were tears flowing down his red cheeks and ruby rings forming around his eyes.The doctor glaced at us before stepping outside,bringing a pamphlet about adoptions a few minutes later.

All the days I had spent rubbing my soon-to-be-swollen tummy,imagining the pitter patter of tiny feet and the sweet squeals of laughter that could only belong to children felt like they were all wasted moments.

The morning after,Niall woke up before me…I could feel his stare and the awakwardness in the air as he got bustled around the dresser drawers behind me.He probably didn’t know what to do or what to say and I didn’t blame him because it would have been like the pot calling the kettle black.He sighed after a while,“M'going down to the golf course,”he whispered.

I nodded stiffly and kept my eyes closed because I just couldn’t bear to look.He sighed again and for a minute I thought he was going to stay but the and the bedroom door shut behind him and he was gone.

I opened my eyes seeing the light pouring through the windows his covers were haphazardly pushed off the bed.I ran my hand over the smooth blue sheets where he laid and they were still a little warm.I stayed in bed for a few more minutes because I just didn’t want to get up.It made me sick to my stomach to think that I caused this unhappiness ,afterall, I made him cry and I made him leave.No wonder why he went golfing,my mind mocked me.It wanted to torture me by reliving what happened.It wanted to make me suffer.

It was around 8am when I pulled into the driveway of my childhood home and the morning sun was just coming up over the horizon,dew lacing the green grass of the lawn.I was standing outside in my navy blue Nirvana sweatshirt and a pair of yellow pineapple shorts,Niall’s tube socks and slippers on my feet.My duffel bag in hand and my wedding ring still on my finger.

When mum saw me she didn’t judge she just hugged.

She smelled like love and vanilla porridge and felt like comfort and support while I was bawling my eyes out,my heart breaking and my chest burning for oxygen.“Mummy I-I lost-” 

 “I know darling,“she said in a voice without malice or disappoinment,something only a mummy can do.Something I’d never get to do. 

 She put me to bed and gave my boss a call then telling me Ms.Cartwright gave me a few weeks off and that my job was there for me when I got back.

 I lost track of the days I spent crying and walking around in my old holey sweat pants and white vest with the random tomato stain down the front.It was liberating for a day until the stress started piling up because adults have to have balance between professional life and personal life and personal life went shit right now.  

Niall called everyday but I never answered.I was denying myself.At night I was haunted by the sound of his sobs back at the clinic and my days were spent moping around miserably and drowning in my own self pity.I’d stare at the tv screen watching action movies and trying to distract myself by raising my adrenaline levels but I felt like a sad sack of potatoes. 

It was a Saturday morning when mum woke me up saying that we needed to talk.Then she talked. “y/f/n y/m/n y/l/n-Horan,”,she started and scared the sleep from my body because that was my full name and she only called me by my full name when she meant business,“I raised you to be a strong young lady who will never let her short comings get the best of her.Therefore,starting right now,it’s time for recovery.”

 The next 2 weeks were filled with going to the gym and eating right and doing what the newly purchased self-help books on my bookshelf told me to do.It took my mind off of things and I was slowly starting to feel better.Accepting I was the reason was probably the hardest thing I had ever done but it made every moment after so much easier.This big weight had been lifted of my shoulders and I felt good.I knew in my heart I’d always love my baby but I had to get a grip.I had to move on. 

I was packing up my things on Saturday morning when I heard Niall’s voice for the first time in a long while. “So this where ya been camping out,ey petal?” 

I spun around to see him standing in the doorway.He was wearing a blue sweater and blue ¾ pants with white Adidas Superstars on.He gave me a half smile breathing in a laugh.

“Niall,"I said breathlessly my lips curving into a smile as I crossed the room and ran into his awaiting arms.He pulled me into a tight hug and kissed my hair softly,rocking us side to side,"I missed you,"I mumble into his soft cotton sweater. 

 He returned the words with this deep underlying sense of melancholy that tugged at my heart strings,"I missed ya more then you could imagine,y/n." 

 We stayed like that for a few moments.Two lovers in an embrace,softly caressing with the lustre and passion we shared the first time we familiarised ourselves with the dips and twists of the other’s body. 

 "M'sorry I left tha morning..I just felt claustrophobic in our own house..and then when you weren’t there anymore I was pissed scared.You didn’t even tell our friends where you went or answer any of my calls it was like you dropped off the face of the earth,love,”,he rushed out like he had been dying to say it all along. 

 "How did you find me?“ 

 "Your mum gave me a call and told me where you were that you needed some time for yourself and my whole temperature dropped and I felt so fucking relieved.For a moment I thought you weren’t coming back. " 



 And all of the feelings I thought I had gotten over came flooding back to me."I did this…I made you feel like this.I made you feel like I didn’t care!” I pushed myself away from him, hot tears flowing down my cheeks and blurring my vision.

“No-no I’m sorry petal I wanted to leave without finding a solution.It’s my fault.I’m sorry."He pulled me back into his arms and plucked me up so I was wrapped in his bone crushing hug.He sat on my bed and let me cry and release all the tears and snot and emotions I bottled up out onto his shirt. 

When I calmed down a little bit I realised he had tears flowing down his cheeks.His face was red and he was biting his lip,chest shaking trying to hold down his sobs and regulate his breathing.I only just noticed the bags that cradled his crying eyes. 

It hit me hard that I had been a little selfish,putting my own feelings of self loathing first before considering how my husband felt.He was just as broken as I was.All along I felt like I was the only person hurting but Niall had lost a child too.


To my Soriel shipping babies =3

I did it more to practice drawing Tori than for the joke so forgive me please XD