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Woops, I fucked up while sending an ask that was meant to be public, so please, everyone go read this fic that was sent to me by a kind follower and whose characters were based on my Taako and Magnus’ designs :

The dialogue in this fic is A*, especially Angus’ lines and the way everyone interacts with each other, there’s a very nice use of silences and small words that make it sound very natural and I love that !! Also, that good good past Taagnus *chief kiss*

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Being forced to share a bed for the OTP that's not yet together " building a wall of pillows between them and they still wake up tangled in each other anyway" for Mara and Quinn of course :D

“Well this is cozy,” Mara commented with a wry smile.

She now understood with Major Smythe blanched so when she asked for a place to sleep, and why his eyes and grown wider than Kaasi tea saucers when she indicated her willingness to share the quarters with her Captain.

The camp bed would fit them both, but only just, and there was barely an ankle’s worth of room between both sides of the cot and the tent walls. She and Quinn stood in the only free space, just inside the entry flaps. In front of them a space heater kept the frosty mountain air from nipping too harshly.

“Still, it’s better than sleeping on the ground, is it not?”

“I… yes, my lord.”

She could feel Quinn’s blush as if it were a tangible heat on her skin. She turned to see him staring at the camp bed as if she were proposing he sleep in a vine cat’s mouth.

“We report in just under four hours, Captain, and I need not remind you how long it’s been since we last slept.”

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So I’ve been reading @croninians‘s Persona 5 fic (which you can find here) and their writing literally gives me life?? It’s written primarily in Skype/Instant Messaging Platform format and I have literally never read these children more in character in my 24 years on this earth. Please disregard the fact that this game has only been out for a handful of months. It’s still a valid statement.

REGARDLESS, this meme appeared in their most recent update and I couldn’t help myself?? I’m a sucker for every meme that has shown up in it and I’m just weak for their writing in general. I also still plan on doing some voice acting for some of their more animated reactions, because honestly Michaela deserves every good thing on this earth


Percées de lumière - Jon x Dany oneshot

oneshot songfic  ( Percées de lumière by Alcest) loosely based off the boat scene in “Beyond the Wall” – I say loosely because certain details have been altered for the sake of the fic. 

I really wanted this fic to give me an extended version of the boat scene. I loved that scene, but I really wish the pace was a little bit slower (I know they don’t have a lot of time, but still. I really enjoy slow intimate scenes and so I indulge here. I hope you guys enjoy it, anyways.) 

The title of the song translates to “Breakthrough of Light,” or “Chinks of Light.” 

my first Jonerys fic; I hope I did them justice. 

disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot. 

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cosplays both mother and son bc i’m my own vampire family


Julie was up dancing before work. Everyone knew her as this shy quiet girl but she really loved to dance, and she was really good at it too.

“Hana come on!”
I shuffled her way but couldn’t get into the song.
“No, thanks Julie.”
“Come on, forget about your problems for a minute!”
I shook my head and stood there. I heard her phone ring and she jogged to her room.
It was probably Custard. Well she got a makeover and was going by Cass now. It was so hard to call her Cass. Anyway Custard had been calling Julie a lot and I guess they were friends again.

I heard her shut her door as she answered the phone.
I guess I could read?

a word of apology

I just want to offer up a word of apology for anyone (if there are still people out there who read anything I write) for my absence from fanfic for…far too long, as I know it’s been several months since I updated anything.  I always like to give myself these “larger than life” goals during various seasons, like hoping to update something EVERY week this summer, and we see how badly that went (one update out of how many weeks??? Ugh). 

If there are still people who enjoy reading my work, or who have been waiting FAR TOO patiently for me to update something, I am very, very sorry for how long it’s taken, and will not lie, it’s probably going to be sporadic at best for a while, if I am able to (and I certainly hope to be) update anything for the next few weeks as I get settled in my new job.  But I do love writing, and I still ship the Bransons to pieces and still want to tell their story and so many others!  So…please don’t give up on me.  I know I haven’t given you much to go on, but please know that I am aware of my absence, I do regret it, and I want to fix it.

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Thoughts Full (Extra)

“Oh god,” Blayatz whispered, “Trigel, since when were you so gay?”

The older woman rolled her eyes at the blue man and groaned. “When will you stop reading our minds?”

Lance glanced around, trying to find the source of the voice in his mind. ‘Paging death to the front desk…… Paging death to the front desk, over.’

Shiro walked around the corner and into the kitchen with his empty cup in his hand. “Same…. same.” Lance stressed and walked out of the room with a confused Shiro left in his wake.

‘Wonder how that fine slab of blue would look in my sheets.’ Blayatz whipped his head around and immediately made eye contact with the guy ogling him. He smirked and winked, gesturing his head to the side as he made his way in between and behind the pop up stalls.

Everyone’s yelling about how we should all respect the octopus and her place as commander like y'all suddenly forgot she’s still an abusive sociopath that doesn’t care about how her actions affect other people.
Maybe I’ll start respecting her when she stops beating the shit out of the people in her life she’s supposed to care about… Until then, imma stay pressed.

When you start losing interest in something and start to feel bad and feel like you betrayed them/him/her/it…