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All the Other Times

Dean thought Castiel was gone, gone for good. 

He saw the Devil’s trap fail, saw Dagon rip Michael’s lance from Cas’ hands and toss it to the floor. She pinned him to the wall with an unseen force and choked the life from him. His eyes rolled back as into his head as he crumpled to the ground. 

Dean’s vision swam with red. The roaring of his blood in his ears drowned out Dagon’s gleeful cackling as he took up Michael’s lance, reforged by God himself, and drove it through her heart.

But it was too late. Cas was gone. 

He rushed to his friend and knelt by his side, sliding a rough, calloused hand along the stubble of his cheek, but Castiel’s head only lolled to one side.

“Please, please let this work,” whispered Dean hoarsely to himself as he pulled a necklace over the top of his head to reveal a vial of ethereal blue, glowing softly as if it had a lifeforce all its own. He uncorked it and held it up to Castiel’s mouth.

“Please, Cas, please. Stay with me, I got ya.”

The grace slowly crept out of the vial and coiled cool blue tendrils around Castiel’s nose and mouth before suddenly and forcefully pouring into him. His back arched and his eyes fluttered as his torso flashed a near blinding white light.

Castiel gasped.

He was alive. 

They knew that their meeting with Dagon would most likely result in one or both of them dying, and by saving some of Castiel’s grace they’d hoped to be able to revive the other in the worst case scenario. Luckily, it worked.

Castiel blinked rapidly until his eyes focused and he could seen that Dean was upon him, taking shuddering breaths, one hand clenched around Castiel’s coat with a white knuckled grip. 

“I thought I’d lost you, Cas.”

Castiel gave a small smile and opened his mouth to speak, but before he could form words Dean darted forwards, mouth roughly catching Castiel’s in a searing, desperate kiss. Castiel’s dark lashes fluttered as he moaned softly into Dean’s mouth. They kissed amongst the carnage and the blood and the sulphur until Dean finally pulled away, breathless. 

“I’m sorry, Cas, I’m sorry. This… this is complicated. I’ve been holding back for so long, I never thought this could work. I–”

“It’s okay, Dean,” interrupted Castiel, voice low and soft. “I understand.” With that, the angel raised two fingers up toward Dean’s head. Dean jerked away and caught his hand, green eyes flashing with confusion.

“Cas, what the hell are you doin’?” he demanded, more confused than angry. He sat back on his heels and allowed the angel to sit up fully, head tilted, eyes sad and curious.

“My apologies. I just assumed you would–”

“Would what?”

“That you would want me to unburden you of this memory,” Castiel replied, examining his lap in shame.

“So you thought you’d just go ahead erasin’ things from my brain without asking?” Dean scoffed.

“It isn’t without precedent,” the angel sighed, blue eyes flickering upward to meet Dean’s. 

“Wait, you’ve done that before?! When?”

“All the other times.”

“What other times?”

“The other times you’ve kissed me.”


Imagine Thomas being in love with Alex and really trying to be nice and tell him he loves him so much, but Alex thinks Thomas is planning something or being sarcastic and keeps being rude to him every time. And every time, Thomas ends up coming home to James crying like, “God I just wish he knew- i wish he knew!” And James keeps comforting him and he’s the only thing that’s keeping Thomas sane. bUT, James loves Thomas and hates to see him upset, but hE KNOWS he can’t confess his love to Thomas or else Thomas might feel like even more shit. And one day Alex straight up yells at Thomas like, “Why are you acting like this?! Stop messing with my head!” But Thomas is like, “I’m- sorry I love you i didn’t mean-” BUt Alex says, “Stop! Just -just kill yourself ok?!” Thomas. Fucking. Loses. It. He’s screaming and pulling his hair out, he’s breaking shit. James is trying so hard to calm him down. So James goes over to Alex’s place like, “HEY YOU LITTLE UNGRATEFUL SHIT!” And starts punching him like be fucking grateful. bUT when he comes back home Thomas is hanging from a rope in the middle of the room.

scary theory time

okay so we know of @servantlovesmaster ‘s Wall Pip right? and i’ll be assuming here that his “ghost” if you will is basically capable of roaming the walls of the mansion or rather inhabiting them in this case.

well what if, based on this idea and due to the fact that this other character perished in the manor as well, that there is also..

a Wall Jan?

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I'm just sitting here preparing my eyes waiting for you to make Denny's death I'm still not over it. I can't even listen to Chasing Cars anymore!

Greys ruined that song for me. when I need a good cry I just listen to it and drown myself in misery lol once I made the mistake of listening to that song and reading a sad fic at the same thing. it fucked me up lol

I don’t know if this will help or not but there’s 5 more death scenes coming up real soon, sorry :P