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And she’d be standing next to me [x]

(Woo! Leslie actually did some semi-finished artsy stuff!)


peridot ties her shoes? periknot

peridot has too many? perilot

peridot wipes her nose? perisnot

peridot runs into the cops? pericaught

peridot gets in a gunfight? perishot

peridot learns? peritaught

peridot isn’t cold? perihot

peridot changes a light bulb? periwatt

peridot goes shopping? peribought

peridot doesn’t want fries? peritot

peridot works out? perisquat

peridot likes to get it on? perithot

peridot can’t remember? periforgot

peridot doesn’t run? peritrot

peridot is made of metal? peribot

peridot gets beat up? perifought

peridot isn’t peridot? perinot

peridot is rich? periyacht

peridot is proved wrong? perithought

peridot get attacked by flies? periswat

peridot plants flowers? peripot

Spideypool Proposal
  • Wade Wilson: [goes down on one knee, and presents the finest of candy ring pops] Peter, will you marry me?
  • Peter Parker: Aren't rings supposed to be like 10% of your salary?
  • Wade Wilson: I stopped killing people with your help, so I am officially out of the mercenary business. In fact, I don't even have this month's rent.
  • Peter Parker: [starts tearing up] We're both so poor.
  • Wade Wilson: Are you okay?
  • Peter Parker: I'm just a little upset.
  • Wade Wilson: [stands up] Why??? Did I do something wrong? If you need more time, that's okay!!! I'm sorry for rushing things.
  • Peter Parker: No, it's just-- [gets down on one knee] You beat me to the proposal. [presents a plastic Spider-Man ring]
  • Wade Wilson: [gingerly takes ring and puts it on his pinky since that's the only finger that it barely fits] You've made me the happiest man alive, I'll keep this until it breaks! Which might not be too long because I will probably lose my hand during a fight or some shit. [pulls him into a hug]
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] Don't worry, I have more. [pulls out a whole bag]
  • And I'm sorry, but I'll probably eat yours when the ramen supply runs out.
  • Wade Wilson: You have a problem. But I got you covered, babe. [pulls out bag of ring pops] And they're all red.
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] I love you. [pulls him into a kiss]

“No one here emotes in a normal way.”

(4x08, 3x06, 3x21, 1x16, 6x15, 2x10)

#thank god for Coach otherwise this gifset would have been uneven

RFA + V + Unknown – Sleeping Headcanons

(AN: I’m at the point where I’m just randomly making up ideas here and there, I’m sorry, I’m slowly running out of content. Things are super busy right now and I’ve been dealing with health issues ;u; I’ll try and reblog more prompt posts if you’d like that? Any feedback at all on what you all would like would be absolutely amazing!

On another note, I’m already at 125 followers, even though I only just hit 100 a few days ago! Thank you all for sticking by me and for spreading my work around – it means so, so much to me! I’ve gotten nothing but support in this fandom, and I’ve only seen one negative post overall! This might be the best fandom I’ve ever participated in honestly! Thank you all. Take care, and enjoy!

Also, sorry for flickering between saying ‘MC’ and saying ‘you’, I just couldn’t decide which I wanted to say and I don’t want to go through almost 2k words and fix it all ;u; Sorry!)

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((OOC: I did a full run-through of my Viktor cosplay last night so it’s officially comic con ready! <3)) 

Encounter (The First of Many)

An “Imperial Problem Child” story
(takes place not long after Bespin, further describing the incident mentioned in one of @shimmer712 ’s additions)

All things considered, they probably could have avoided going to Adras if they had really tried. The fuel tanks for most of the squadron were worryingly low, and they had a few techs filling in for injured pilots who were less experienced in the field, but if they’d made a conscious effort of it they might’ve been able to make one more jump. As it stood now, of course, it was a little too late to worry about might-have-beens.

Wedge cast a swift glance around the fuel depot and feigned scratching his nose so that he could whisper to Luke, “We’re catching a lot of eyes, boss.”

Luke winced. “I know. They’re suspicious of us.”

“Gee, I wonder why?” Wedge hissed sarcastically, “It’s just an entire squadron of X-wings landing in their backyard, nothing weird about that!”

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fucking honestly. Look at all the big larrie accounts you trash and see that none of them are saying that about Eleanor. But just focus on the twelvies saying those disgusting things i guess

Larries blaming Eleanor for what happened/saying she deserved it/saying she left Louis alone:

“All I want to say is after this incident I never want to hear Eleanor saying another nasty thing about Louis. She should feel like shit right now for ever bad mouthing him when he just got arrested protecting her. Sorry she got in a fight and they got aggressive with her but it doesn’t take away how she herself said some nasty things about him. Hope she reflects from all this, and hopefully walks away from bearding because this isn’t good for him, stunts are not good for him . It’s too much.”


if she tried to take off she couldn’t have been too pleased if there’s one good thing to come out of this it’s her finally not having that smug self-satisfied look on her face

Basically I don’t think the fall with the pap would have happened if louis hadn’t noticed Eleanor and the girl brawling in the corner. So I think the Eleanor fight was what really spurred on the rest of the events. # thanks Eleanor wtf

#I really think they were random people #who just started filming the fight with the pap #and Eleanor probably said something or tried to block them #and that’s what incited them to attack her

Remember this is different than when Elounor was a thing 2012-2015. Eleanor didn’t have anything going on besides being Louis’ public girlfriend.

Now, she’s got her own public image to think about, her own blog, career and endorsements. She’s keeping that in the back of her mind when she left and didn’t show her face. She didn’t want that associated with her name.

Funny how Louis didn’t get to make that choice for himself in this either.

louis is getting dragged thru hell while she is the one on top again man this is how it always fucking was with them im so mad. # FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER # FUCK HER SILENCE

If you read that TMZ article, it basically implies Eleanor tried to run away whilst Louis got arrested. A person held her there (ie the citizens arrest) for the police. She’s being questioned, not charged in relation to it. It says it all there. Instead of staying with Louis she tried to run away and save herself !!! - Anonymous 

i hate this situation but i’m gonna send the person that held that little swine there a fruit basket


#I dislike that chick so fucking much #hopefully she comes of out this all looking bad and then she fucks off

#what a fucking piece of shit sorry for my language but who tell me who is this person #is she even human ? i’m disgusted

#what kind of girlfriend just fucking leaves in a situation like that #eleanor was like this isn’t in my contract bye

#she can fucking choke for all I care #she’s fucking nasty


Larries turning it into a stunt, as in they truly believe this was all staged:

The fact that they were even in baggage claim alone without a guard or escort from the airport is absurd considering the fact that louis never seems to go to baggage claim any other time. Usually his baggage is brought out before him and loaded into the car.

I feel like security didn’t step in because they thought it was all a part of it and then they realized that it wasn’t at the very end.

The half-hearted attempts to get the paps camera honestly make me wonder if that was part of the plan. Louis has a little “fight” with the pap over the camera and that becomes the story with the added bonus of Eleanor being there. But then some other random girls starting attacking Eleanor and the whole thing just got WAY out of hand.

the first part was likely staged and that’s why nobody is being violent nor actually ‘fighting’, and it looks very choreographed (also louis is literally STARING at the other camera).  he’s wearing a flashy blue jumpsuit so you see him properly and recognise him to follow the whole scene.


This sets up a perfect story line about Briana getting full custody of Freddie because Louis is “unstable”. Which he will fight and then BAM! “You actually are not the father”…

Bring it.
End it.

But please, tell me again how none of the big Larries are saying that about Eleanor? I’m waiting.

Hey guys.. so I’ve been wondering about this as I was somewhat pondering since I’m too exhausted. What I was pondering is if I should delete this blog. I don’t know if that even matters since people who are fans of Blue Exorcist do anything to post something cute, funny, meaningful and create activities. For me I-I honestly feel like I’m none of those since all I get in return is like I’m a reject of this existence.

But if none of you don’t want my blog to disappear forever, there is still hope.

If this post gets more than 243 post (Cause 243 days in the days I was in deep depression). I’ll keep this blog running. If it doesn’t get 243 post within at the end of this Sunday, than I’ll say my farewell even though it pains me…

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I just spent two day designing 6 NPCs for a single session campaign I'm running. They all have unique personalities, dreams for their futures, and detailed backstories. The thing is... At the start of the campaign, 2 of them are dead, 1 is permanently unconscious under the effects of a curse and 1 isn't even mentioned! Somehow I thought YOU would appreciate this. (Especially since the entire campaign is based off one of your posts. 😂)

I am sorry, but that is the game curse you get when you try an rpg based off one of my posts. I should put that in the about probably…

(also, yay my ideas are useful! Which one, out of interest?)


Sorry for not posting often, have Roxy snuggling with me. 💜
She was running around, and decided to lay down by my leg and lean on me. Legs sprawled out, and just relaxed!
She didn’t even mind that I took pictures of her, all she wanted was to be petted while she rested for a few.

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I heard that "nonsexual" means non-aro ace and "asexual" means aro ace in Japan. I'm still confused about general Japanese terms in the ace community. If you don't mind, could you please explain the most commonly used terms?

hi, anon. you heard correctly, “asexual” (Aセクシャル) doesn’t mean what it means in English in Japan.

at the moment, what commonly used terminology there is regarding asexuality is mostly imported and translated directly from English, generally with their English meanings (more or less) in tact, although there are exceptions, of course. that said, compared to the extensive terminology that exists in English to describe various identities / orientations on the asexual spectrum, there is significantly less terminology available in Japan and even less that is in “common” usage… although that is changing every day.

at the moment, i’d say that these are (some of) the most commonly used terms with (approximate) English translations of commonly used definitions:

  • Aセクシャル / アセクシャル / Aセク / asexual / ace OR 無性愛 / museiai: experiencing neither sexual nor emotional attraction. 【ie. “aromantic asexual”】 《 → Aセクシャリティ / アセクシャリティ / asexuality》
  • ノンセクシャル / ノンセク / nonsexual OR 非性愛 / hiseiai: not experiencing sexual attraction while still experiencing emotional attraction.  【ie. “(allo)romantic asexual”】 《 → ノンセクシャリティ / nonsexuality》
  • 性的指向 / seiteki shikou: describes who one experiences sexual (and/or romantic) desire or love towards. 【ie. “sexual orientation”】
  • 友情結婚 / yuujou kekkon OR 友婚 / yuukon: marriage based on reasons that does not involve “love” or sex. 【ie. “ marriage of convenience”】 it’s common for there to be talk of such marriages in some ace spaces.
  • 婚活パーティー / konkatsu party: speed dating events, many of which cater to those seeking a marriage of convenience.
  • 婚活する / konkatsu suru: actively looking for a relationship, generally by going to / participating in 婚活パーティー / konkatsu parties.
  • カミングアウトする / kamingu auto suru OR カムする / kamu suru: to come out of the closet.

that said, as i noted above, ace terminology in Japan is changing every day. i feel like it’s no exaggeration to say that the language that Japanese aces use is very much in a state of flux right now. compared to in the past, i’ve noticed a huge uptick in people on Twitter using the split attraction model and other words that had previously been uncommon in Japanese, but had long since been common in English, such as:

  • グレーセクシャル graysexual OR グレーアセクシャル / グレーアセク / gray asexual / gray ace: similar to asexuality, but experiences sexual attraction to some degree / in some way. 《 → グレーセクシャリティ / グレーアセクシャリティ / gray (a)sexuality 》
  • デミセクシャル / デミセク / demisexual:  someone who does not experience sexual attraction unless a strong emotional bond is formed.  《→ デミセクシャリティ / demisexuality 》
  • グラデーション / gradation: spectrum. 【eg. Aセクシャリティにはグラデーションがある。 / asexuality ni wa guradeeshion ga aru. / asexuality exists on a spectrum. 】
  • △△セクシャルで〇〇セクシャル   / Y-sexual and X-sexual: usage of this predates usage of the SAM in Japan and is still used by some people today. the first word (△△セクシャル / Y-sexual)  is usually used to denote the gender(s) that a person may experience some form of attraction to, with the latter word (〇〇セクシャル / X-sexual) generally being a word on the ace spectrum to denote that person’s experience (or lack thereof) with sexual attraction. 【eg. バイセクシャルでノンセクシャル / a bisexual asexual】
  • 恋愛指向 / renai shikou: describes who one experiences emotional (romantic) love towards. 【ie. “romantic orientation”】
  • 〇〇ロマンチック / 〇〇ロマ / X-romantic / X-ro: someone who experiences romantic love (attraction) towards people of X gender(s). 【ie. パンロマ(ンチック) / panro(mantic)】
  • △△ロマンチックの〇〇セクシャル / △△ロマ〇〇セク  / Y-romantic X-sexual / Y-ro X-sexual: since the advent of the SAM in Japan, more and more people are beginning to identify themselves in this way, which again, mirrors the word usage in English-speaking ace spaces. 【eg. AロマンチックのAセクシャル / aromantic asexual, with Aセクシャル in this instance being used to refer specifically to (lack of) sexual attraction, even though it’s still very common to use Aセクシャル on its own to refer to both romantic and sexual orientation… and as an umbrella term… confusing, right?】

it’s really hard to talk about Japanese ace terminology in definitive terms because of the aforementioned state of flux that such terminology is in. in fact, i’m sure this very post will become dated not long after posting it!

furthermore, the Japanese ace ““community”” isn’t really a singular, coherent “community” at all, but rather just people who know people who know other people mostly online… which could be said of a lot of “communities” and thus is in no way unique to Japan’s ace community, but like…. imagine if the English-speaking ace community didn’t have Tumblr or AVEN, instead we only had a highly disjointed, disorganized site like Twitter and a dying equivalent to MySpace (ie. mixi). things that are common among some people on one platform may not be common among other people on that same platform, meanwhile on the other platform things may change in a completely different way if they even change at all. this is why i hesitate to say that even half of the above is actually common at all, because “common” is relative…

also, i feel like i can’t make a post like this about ace terminology in Japan without also commenting on how mixed i personally feel about it as a native English-speaking ace who constantly finds themself stuck between a rock and a hard place because of all this importation of English words into the Japanese language…

yeah…. a rock and a really hard place.

….actually it’d probably be best if i gave that subject a post of its own. later. will come back and edit this post if / when i do. sorry for inadvertently running away with your ask, anon.

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts... what might we see in chapter 2?

So… this week has been super busy, and I don’t feel like I’ve had time to process the first chaper of Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts.  But I really want to, so… here’s what I think.  I liked it.  A LOT. It covered so much ground. Hooray!  So now we’ve kind of covered the background about Viktor’s early feelings for Yuuri, and we’re ready to get into the good stuff.  Not that this chapter wasn’t good stuff, but by necessity it didn’t have the intensity we’ve come to expect when we actually get interaction between Viktor and Yuuri.

What might we see in chapter 2?  Well, chapter 1 of OBS takes us to the start of chapter 8 in UMFB.  And wow, does a lot happen in chapter 8!  So here’s my little list of things that we might see in chapter 2 of OBSABH.  For simplicity’s sake I’m going to assume this will more or less equate to chapter 8 of UMFB:

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Boyfriend! Hwiyoung (SF9)

Originally posted by sunshineyootaeyang

i said i’d post this last night and i didn’t im sorry! i had some hw and even now im ignoring it so i can post this real quick lmao

  • when y’all are cuddling, hwi really likes it when you rest your head on his chest
  • that way he can give you some pecks
  • and run his fingers through your hair
  • just really likes holding you in his arms
  • one day you two will adopt a cat together
  • or more
  • your matching couple item will be those bracelets that have each other’s names on it
  • i see them on the couples at my school so ye
  • enjoys being the small spoon too
  • not really sure of himself at times
  • whether it be about his position in the group, if he wasn’t nailing the new choreo or even doubting himself as a good boyfriend
  • he’ll need some reassurance from you
  • “(y/n)? am i good boyfriend to you?”
  • “of course hwi why would you ask?”
  • “well i’m always away and i don’t get to spend as much time with you as i’d like too….”
  • “hwi, this is what i signed up when we started dating, i knew you’d be busy. even though you may be busy at times, you are worth it hwiyoung, i’m always happy when i’m with you no matter how much time we spend together. i love you so much and i hope you know that”
  • def not leading the relationship
  • you’ll have to be taking initiative
  • once tried resting his hand on your thigh but he got all blushy and shy
  • so he took his hand back
  • secretly enjoys long kisses with you
  • always replies to your text messages super quickly no matter what time it is
  • when he’s far away from you, he’ll video chat with you but most of the time he ends up falling asleep
  • but as long as he heard your voice he’s happy
  • holds you hand underneath the table cuz he’s a shy bean
  • always super worried about your well-being
  • “(y/n) did you eat? did you study for your test? are you getting enough sleep???”
  • in private he can’t help but hug you, kiss you, bury his face in your neck or any other skinship
  • because he said himself that he can’t help but show affection towards the people he likes
  • sometimes you have to pick up his school work for him when he’s busy promoting
  • one time when you were leaving to go home, hwiyoung gave you a hug and a shy kiss and the other members wouldn’t stop teasing him about it for weeks
  • so from that day on he’s paranoid about doing any skinship with you when you leave the dorm or the practice room

new-recipe  asked:

If the Overwatch characters had blogs what would they blog about? Who would have the most followers?

~I like the way you think.


  • “Welcome to my twisted mind.” 
  • A lot of grunge clothing, black aesthetic, and smoking posts. There’s probably a choker post or two. 
  • Runs a side porn blog full of kinks. He’s not even sorry. 
  • He’s almost never on the blog but there’s a giant queue for it that posts throughout the day. 
  • Over 400,000 followers. 


  • Humor blog. Always has the latest meme in his arsenal. 
  • His anonymous is off. If you’re going to try and collect his wig, he wants to know who you are. 
  • One of those blogs that posts something stupid but it gets over 500,000 notes.
  • Side fandom blog. That blog sometimes turns into a ‘feelings’ blog and you can tell how he is at the moment by the subject of his posting. Send in a nice message when the ironic ‘I want to die’ memes start coming. They’re not actually ironic anymore. Someone hug him.
  • Over 350,000 followers.


  • Fitspo blog. She’s always got workout routines and healthy recipes on it for you to try. The recipes actually taste good. 
  • One of those blogs that posts pictures of wherever she suddenly decides to go hiking at some ungodly hour. 
  • Really big on travel. There’s a lot of pictures of her with her bright blond hair in the wind with some beautiful landscape behind her. 
  • If you need inspirational quotes, you found the right blog. You will be strapping on your running shoes and out doing a 10k if you spend too long being inspired by her.
  • Over 200,000 followers and growing.


  • Art and science blog with a very crisp and monochromatic theme. 
  • Always tags everything and has a master post page in one of the columns of her blog. 
  • Tends to reblog a lot of modern/abstract art. There’s soft classical music that plays when you go onto the blog’s actual url instead of using mobile.
  • Likes to reblog asmr posts too. Really big on colorful slimes. They make her blog pop and help her (and her followers) with anxiety. 
  • Over 50,000 followers.


  • Runs too many blogs at once but manages to stay on top of them for the most part. Runs a music blog, a picture blog, and a social justice blog to name a few.  
  • He’s posting 24/7. No queue. Loves to just send out text posts and ask how everyone who follows him is doing. His followers love him and call him by first name.
  • Always posting selfies. He looks good without even trying. 
  • He answers all of his asks and messages. Deletes hate because he’s not about the discourse and negative comments. 
  • Over 100,000 followers.

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The Missing Piece

|| College! Jihoon AU

|| fluff, angst ???

|| Jihoon x Reader

|| Word Count: 1,307

|| Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three ||

Summary: You are an art major in college and you’ve always gotten along well with others and worked as hard as you could which rewarded you with a streak of Straight A’s. Jihoon is by far the best music major in the school, which unfortunately you attended with him.  You spent your years without ever running into him, but what happens when you finally meet the hot-tempered producer after an unlucky encounter? Even worse, what happens when you get paired up with this irascible person?

Originally posted by fyhoshi

Updated every Tuesday and Thursday

|| Admin Chae

A/N: Sorry I missed the update on Tuesday. My big brothers were coming to visit and I haven’t seen them in half a year so I was quite busy preparing. I hope you like this chapter. I will try and post another one before this upcoming Tuesday so I hope you guys aren’t too upset that I didn’t post. Feel free to leave a message about how you feel about the story so far :) Ily guys <3 ~Admin Chae

 “Hey… partner.”

The words were still ringing in your ears minutes after the class had ended, and that stupid smirk Jihoon had always seemed to have on his face was glued to your mind.

Your next lecture wasn’t for about another hour and half.

“Why is college so hard? The schedules are crazy, there’s tons of work, and the people that go here… oh boy.” You trudged yourself sulkily to the business section of your large college which had once been one before being separated into an arts school and a business school. Every time you had passed it your mind questioned what kind of person would put those two subjects next to each other.

You brushed off the thought and starting looking for your other best friend who happened to be a business major at this college. You were aware that she might be in a lecture right now but you needed to rant, and you absolutely could not tell Areum anything. She managed to catch up to you after class to tell you that her love psychic powers told her that you and Jihoon would end up together. You had never doubted Areum before but this time she was definitely wrong. There was no way you would fall for a jerk like him.

Your luck seemed to turn as you spotted your best friend who crashed at your place enough that she was practically your roommate too.

“Angel!” you had called her name but it didn’t seem to get her attention as her back was still facing towards you.

You walked closer to her and finally realized why she hadn’t heard you.

“Wah, Angel. What a flirt.”

You watched as she smiled at the handsome boy and reached out her hand so that he could take it in his, and most likely introduce himself.

Angel had always seemed so confident and you wished that you could be like that as well, but since you were always busy studying for school your socializing skills had become a little rusty.

You saw what you had only assumed was the end of their encounter as Angel had pointed in the direction that you had just came from, still oblivious to you standing so near her. She put the coffee she was holding in the hands of the good-looking boy but in a much different manner than Jihoon had done to you earlier that morning. She quickly rushed into the lecture hall without saying anything else.

“I guess we were both late today. What luck.” the boy was now walking towards you, or more likely, towards where Angel had been pointing. He still looked confused about what he was doing or where he was going so you decided to offer him some help.

“Hi umm,” you began quite shyly but remembered how easily Angel was talking to him seconds before, “do you need help finding anything? You look a bit lost.” you let out a small laugh thinking about the expression he wore before you had went to him.

“Ah ya, I’m trying to find the music and arts building. I just got directions but,” he cut himself off releasing an embarrassed chuckle which also revealed his eye smiles.

“I was just coming from there, I can take you if you’d like!” you smiled at him, thankful that the second person you met that day wasn’t horrible like the first had been.

“Ah, if you don’t have anywhere to get to I’d be really thankful.”

“I was actually trying to meet with one of my friends but it seems like she had a lecture to get to so I’m free. Just follow me. By the way, I feel like it’s kind of obvious but you’re new here right?”

“Haha, ya I am. I’m Kwon Soonyoung, nice to meet you.”

“I’m (L/N)(F/N), it’s nice to meet you too.” you two shook hands just like he and Angel had done and you continued walking.

You had gotten to your destination in no time and waved to Soonyoung as you left.

You had about an hour left now before your next class so you decided to stop by the cafe that you weren’t able to go to when you woke up late.

As you sat down in your regular booth in the corner of the cozy cafe you heard your phone chime letting you know that you had a text message. You pulled out your phone desperately hoping it was Angel. You could not have been more disappointed.

The name Coffee Jerk was the name that lit up on your phone. You had unwilling given him your number after he came up to you since you were assigned partners.

Coffee Jerk: Let’s meet up tonight at Carat Cafe around 6. We need to work on ideas for our project. I’m bringing some help.

You replied with a simple “K.” and quickly filled yourself with negative ideas on how this could impact you. It could completely ruin your experiences at this very cafe and make you never want to come again, and what if his “help” is as bad of a person as he is, or perhaps even worse?

You took a sip of the coffee that sat in front of you, ignoring the bitter taste it left in your mouth since you had forgotten to fill it to fit your sweet tooth’s preference. Everything that had happened that morning had your stress and anger filled to the brim and you could feel all the emotions start to overflow. You knew that Angel was in a lecture right now but you had to find a way to get rid of some of these toxic feelings that you were bottling up. Your fingers were moving lightening speed as you spammed Angel’s phone with messages on the day’s earlier events. You started from when you had ran into Jihoon and told her everything up until the moment you were living in currently.

The fact that she was in class was now confirmed as she only replied with one small message, “Maybe you’re overreacting dude. Try to see the good in people.”

The rest of your day seemed to go by pretty quickly. Maybe it was because you had all easy and short classes today and maybe it was because you didn’t have to see that jerk since you had no classes together apart from your newly combined class.


Classes had finally ended and you were exhausted and ready to sleep, but your phone had chimed again.

Coffee Jerk: You didn’t forget our plan right? You better be there.

He could even annoy you through text, it was a superpower.


You had looked around the cafe to find Jihoon and recognized a few familiar faces. There were some students from the college who had come regularly to study and do their work by the source of what was keeping them awake. You also saw the foreign girl and the boy with the loud, eccentric friends but it seemed like they were on a date rather than planning for their project. But that was none of your business, right? You smiled to yourself remembering what Areum had told you about those two during class.

You had finally found Jihoon who was coincidentally sitting in your booth and next to him you saw the top of someone’s head who you guessed was his help. You walked to the booth at a fast pace hoping to end the meeting as soon as possible.

Jihoon took a sip of his coffee and set it down on the table. He looked up to meet your eyes. “You’re late.”

“I’m 5 minutes late. It’s no biggy.” You rolled your eyes.

“Time is everything.” the strict man motioned towards his friend, “This is,”

“Soonyoung,” you cut him off. You were shocked to how someone who seemed so polite could be friends with someone like Jihoon.

A bright smile spread across Soonyoung’s face, “(F/N).”

okay so some updates:

- i’m finally back from holiday!! i’m sorry that i couldn’t even queue posts or anything, but i really didn’t want to risk any of my family seeing me accessing this blog. hope you understand 💘

- i got into university!! i’ll be starting in two weeks

- i turned eighteen!! on the 18th, making it my golden birthday. i’m officially an Adult™

- still haven’t told my crush anything. not sure when, but i will.

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- i’m sooo behind on my goodreads reading challenge, it’s atrocious…

i’ll hopefully get back to posting more consistently soon. i’m so sorry that i’m so sh.t at running this blog - thank you all for understanding and not abandoning me ❤❤

This is a Prince - sorry, EMPEROR Kai appreciation post

Because I just saw a post claiming most Lunartics dislike him and I refuse to believe this slander. I for one love Kai. He is running a country, subverting his society’s standards by falling in love with a cyborg, making the hard choices to put his duty and country and even yes, the entire PLANET’s wellbeing above his personal life, plus he is generally adorable and sweet. C'mon, guys. Reblog if you love Kai.