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You know, there are these solar driven wobbling flowers.

As soon as the sun gets on them, they start dancing.

As soon as I saw them, I wanted to extend them into Floweys.

(So here have a small gif! I decided to make it smol so it’ll be able to view even with low internet?)


luigi has a lightning motif but its almost never developed why is that

give me a tinkering luigi @nintendo you cowards

“I said I wouldn’t cry.”

WE ALL KNOW WHAT THIS IS but it’s mostly inspired by this by @kcgane thanks dude you’re an inspiration :’)


It was the razor that got her, so innocent sitting at the top of the bag: a man’s razor.  To match the suit in the other room, to go with the man’s watch on the table. “Whose room am I in?”

 “Yours, sir,” Friday answered.

 Tony stared into the mirror, both hands going white-knuckled as she gripped the sink.  Her eyes were pink all around the edges, her face blotched up red from effort.  Her hair was sticking up at all angles, in need of a comb and a bit of gel.  “Who am I?”  Maybe she could have thought it out faster than the AI but one way or another they ended up at exactly the same conclusion at exactly the same time.

 “You are Tony Stark, sir.”

 Just not, she was realizing, the one that belonged in this bedroom.  “Right,” was mostly to the mirror, the razor, the suit, the watch—all things that were imperfect mirrors of things she recognized.  Like a funhouse mirror that distorted shape and gender, she knew without asking the things were hers (or this other version of hers, the one that was a him and kept his things in disarray).  “Right,” she repeated to her reflection, “we’ve woken up in bad places before.  This is going to be okay.”

 “Sir?” Friday prompted.

 “Right,” Tony repeated.  She wet the comb on the sink and slicked her hair back away from her face. It wouldn’t stay that way without gel and effort, but it was good enough for now.  Once she’d managed that, she went to help herself to some clothes she dug out of the suitcase sitting open on a little stand.  The jeans were as soft as god-damn butter when she pulled them on, the T-shirts were soft as baby skin.  “Thank God for small favors,” she whispered.  She went back to the bed to dig the phone out of the covers, and checked the time again.  “Where’s Bruce?” she asked.

 “At this time, I have not been able to locate Mr. Banner, sir. His last known coordinates are—”

 “Last known coordinates?” Tony repeated, “what does that mean?  Why isn’t he in the tower?  Or the lab? Wha—where is Jarvis?”

 Friday went quiet again, the only sort of defiance an AI had against it’s bossy creator.  She didn’t sound terse (because she could) when she came back to say (in a way that still managed to convey she’d already said as much): “Jarvis was destroyed by Ultron, sir.”

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What about a hogwarts au with slytherin magnus and hufflepuff alec where they celebrate magnus' birthday :) 💜

I hope you like it! Happy (early) Birthday ily!!! 💜

“What are you wearing?” Isabelle’s voice appeared out of nowhere, causing Alec to jump and turn around. She had somehow managed to get into his room, which was extremely concerning for multiple reasons, the first being that she wasn’t a Hufflepuff.

“How did you get in here?” Alec retorted, then looked down at his outfit self-consciously, smoothing down his shirt. “And what’s wrong with my outfit? It’s no different from what I usually wear.”

“Exactly my point,” Isabelle replied, rolling her eyes and stepping further into the room. The fact that she didn’t answer his first question did not go over Alec’s head, but he decided to let it go, well aware that Isabelle had a way of getting everything she wanted. “This isn’t just another day at school, it’s Magnus’ birthday. You need to wow him.”

“I’m gonna pretend you didn’t just say that,” Alec said, glaring at her. “Magnus has never complained about my clothing choices before.”

“Yeah, well that just proves how much he loves you,” Isabelle said, her voice airy. She pushed past Alec and began to rummage through his closet, throwing things on the floor as she went.

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Deaf West CFA

This is the hypothetical Deaf West version of CFA. This was written on a 2 hour car ride where Hayley wasn’t tired and was imagining things. I’m so sorry.

* Diane
* Oz
* Hannah
* Bob
* Beverley
* Kevin 1
Hearing and knows ASL
* Beulah
* Claude
* Janice
* Kevin 2
* Bonnie
* Nick (he only knows fingerspelling ASL)
* Welcome to the rock would be legit cool as hell esp. “you are here”….“
* 38 planes but it goes from one person to everyone signing.
* Blankets and bedding being all rushed so that sometimes signs are missed.
* 28 hours goes from perfect signing to basic shit back to okay ish by the time the song ends because everyone is drunk^tm.
* Nick not really getting why Diane is making signs until On the Bus.
* On the bus having Diane sign to Nick and Nick going "shitttttttt” because she’s hot and he can’t really talk to her kinda.
* “And that’s how we start speaking the same language” is signed only.
* Signs only through Lead Us. (Except for the people speaking like Beulah)
* During PH voice people pick up phone while deaf sign? I don’t know give me ideas fam.
* Costume party being cool af
* Diane and Kevin 1 smiling at each other because they catch each other signing.
* Kevin 2 accidentally signing through his phone call because he ain’t deaf.
* Beulah and Hannah sharing a moment when Beulah starts signing.
* Beverley signing with her crew as well.
* Diane smiles when Kevin 1 starts translating everything Nick says during the walk for her.
* Nick can’t sign at all to start so he learns through the Kevin’s. They sit off on the side of the stage and Nick starts learn throughout the show. He’s shit at beginning then is fluent by the finale.
* The bar scene having an extra mark of stigma because deaf??? and hearing??? gays???
* Bob freaking out even more because he can’t hear.
* I am here being more heartbreaking.
* It’s a national moment of silence in America being more heartbreaking.
* On the edge having an extra load of stigma because deaf??? Muslim???people??? exist???
* Janice not signing “I don’t wanna do this anymore.”
* Kevin 2 not signing “lost his mind”
* Diane signing “I can be whoever I wanna be” and smiling so big.
* Having a signing battle during heave away. Nick is kinda okay, but it still sucks.
* Screech in. Just. Screech in.
* Having Nick go /what/ when asked if he’s married to Diane.
* Having everyone sign “I’m an islander. I am an islander.”
* Diane drunk making out with Nick and everyone’s like, “Okay. We’ve seen weirder.”
* Me and the sky having a “even deaf girls can be anything!” meaning as well as the regular “girls can do anything” meaning.
* Kevin 2 not signing during the fight and Nick shittly signing to Kevin 1 what’s going on.
* Kevin 1 is touched??? Nick learned ASL in like 4 days and granted nicks still shit but he’s so touched???
* Diane kinda sees it and smiles a bit.
* During the back home bit, Nick copying Kevin 1 signing.
* During the Dover fault/Stop the World, Nick signs to Diane and Diane smiling because he learned.
* Same thing with 38 planes reprise with the one person then everyone joining in.
* Somewhere being all cool as hell.
* The flight attendant having to tap Nick and Diane during the hot towel/cold towel, to sign to them.
* “I’m fine Tom, I’m fine” and Beverley shaking while signing.
* Nicks basically fluent as of Somethings missing.
* Something’s missing breaking everyone’s heart.
* Everyone signing on somethings ______
* Nick forgetting that he doesn’t have to sign but signs anyways, and then realizes what he’s doing and he just breaks
* During the finale, everyone signs for everyone.
* Kevin sees Nick and Diane and smiles a lot because Nick is signing for Diane and just??? Pride is not the word he’s looking for???
* The final “you are here”
* The boys signing and the girls signing during that one part.

Probably going to delete my blog… It’s not like I draw anymore….

anonymous asked:

If Samuel was the original Scorpius, do you think he would he have gotten the same attention and accolades than Anto received? (I haven't seen Samuel yet, and I thought Anto was bloody brilliant when I saw him.)

Oh absolutely. Without a doubt. Samuel is so incredibly talented, as are many of the cast, but there’s something about him that shines on stage. Scorpius isn’t just a role to him and you can tell. He puts that wig on and he is Scorpius Malfoy. He looks so completely at home in that skin that it appears almost effortless. Of course we know it’s not but that’s exactly why he deserves all the praise. His care and understanding of Scorpius and his story is evident. He’s nothing short of captivating to watch and he’s always on top form for every show. Without fail. I’ve seen him go on ill and you never would have known. He still had the audience in his hands throughout the entire show. Not only that, he truly loves his job and you feel that when you watch him. He has so much fun with the comedic stuff that it becomes infectious. You can’t not laugh and enjoy yourself just as much as he is. Of course he then utterly destroys you with the emotional scenes too. There’s nothing fake about those tears. He puts everything into those scenes and while that level of commitment isn’t rare, it’s the extent to which he consistently takes it that makes him special.

You know what else I love about him? He’s so completely humbled and almost surprised by the praise he receives. Watching him struggle for words at stage door when people tell him how wonderful he is truly warms by heart. I hope he knows those aren’t empty words. He deserves every single one of them.

Although selfishly, I am happy he wasn’t in the original cast because he works far too brilliantly with Theo for that not to have happened. Those two balance each other out more so than any other combination of Albus and Scorpius I’ve seen. Not only do their interpretations of their characters match perfectly, they themselves seem to have a solid connection and that does wonders for them (and their characters) on stage. It’s honestly such a joy to watch them try out new things and know the other will bounce something right back at them. 

In short, if he doesn’t win any awards during his run, he will do in the future. I’m sure of it. Anthony got so much attention, all rightly deserved of course, but it left me feeling like they’d never be able to find someone who could match him. Little did I know we’d get this boy who, in my opinion, surpasses him in the role.