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Tumblr account terminated

So this happened to me a few days ago, and I thought maybe sharing my experience could help someone if this happens to them in the future.

I was checking my Tumblr when suddenly I was logged out from it and given the usual Log In page. When I entered the details to access my blog, this appeared:

My heart skipped a bit. I tried to re-enter the details (maybe I got them wrong the first time), but no, the same message about Termination was shown. I typed my blog URL and got the ominous :

Same thing with my sideblogs.

So obviously I was very worried. I contacted the Tumblr support but didn’t get an answer for 48 hours, only an automated reply. I already started mentally saying goodbye to my blogs, my posts and all my followers, when finally I recieved their answer:

(In case you can’t see the picture, it says: 

We’ve restored your account.
Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. We’re sorry that it occurred, and we’ll do our best to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.
You should now be able to log in just fine with your email address and password.
Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

 My blog was restored and working normally. All my sideblogs were intact , and so were my posts and my followers. The only thing that was lost, is all the conversations by Messages. The people with whom you talked are still there, but all the history of the conversation is gone.

Alright so here is what you should do if this happens to you. Don’t panick like I did Click on the “contact support” link provided in the terminated window. Alternatively, go on

Politely explain your situation - give your blog URL, your mail, tell what happened exactly. I understand that the situation can be upsetting, but the person who will read the message and try to help you isn’t directly responsible for the termination of your blog. And sending an angry message with insults isn’t the best way to get your blog back either. 

 Wait for the reply of the team. If you feel like it takes too much time (more than few days for example), try to fill the Help/Support form again. 

 Once the team is in contact with you, keep the polite tone. Normally if your blog didn’t go againt the Tumblr rules and policies, you should getit back like I did.

Voila :) 

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Savitar is Barry's mom and dad. Like those horse costumes for two people.

Okay I know what you’re going for but I typed “horse costume” into the gif search function and this is the first gif that comes up and it needs to be shared with the world:

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PSA: for ones who’s still follow

… since there is a lot of you. I lost only like 30+ people and bloсked 10+. It’s for the best. Clear air and everything.

Sorry for all these text posts/asks, guys, I think it will go back to normal soon.

I will not close neither anon-box, neither my blog, because there is no reason for it. Tumblr has the worst community, but It’s one of the best imageboards and I’m here exactly because of the latter.

I’m going to investigate into MEA modding and see what cool things I can do to improve my game experince.

juliannewritingthings  asked:

I just decided to start a writing tumblr page, and I'm kind of lost. I've been reading these tumblrs for a long time, but I'm unsure about the kinds of things to post/how to get involved. I'm sorry if this is an odd question - I'm just not sure how to integrate myself into the community and get to know people, and I was wondering if you had any tips. By the way, I love your NaNo updates - NaNo is very close to my heart.

First of all, I’m so sorry I’m just getting to this! 😬 Thank you so much for your patience!

Tips for how to mingle/grow in this wonderful writerblr community:

1. Message writeblrs you want to get to know. This can be via ask box or private messaging. Introducing yourself in this way is a lot more personal and (typically) more meaningful than just a tag or normal blog post. I met my first few followers and amazing friends on here by simply messaging them! (Love you guys! @glorious74 @isaac-lacey
@koalamuffins 💜😘☺️)

2. Tag like CRAZY!!! The more writing related tags you have on your posts, the more people will likely be to see it! I know it can be tiring, but it’s definitely worth it! (I suggest: #writerblr #amwriting #writer #writingpost #writeroftumblr)

Also, tag people! This can help spread your posts around!

3. Don’t be afraid to engage with people. I can assure you that this community is beyond incredible. Everyone is so kind and supportive- I haven’t met one negative writeblr to this day!

Ideas for what to post:

1. Get to know me tags. These are great for introducing yourself to followers/potential followers in a light, entertaining way.


2. Writing updates. You could do this every day, every week, each month- your options are limitless! It’s a fantastic way to get people invested in you and your writing!

3. Goals. @jennamoreci has a number of videos dedicated to quarterly goals! Check them out! And her in general if you haven’t already!

4. Excerpts. This is another great way to get people invested in your writing!

5. Observations, tips, motivational posts, anything you might find relatable, etc! There are so many things you could do!

6. Post as much original content as possible! Rebloggs are great- but you want to make sure you’re presenting yourself and your voice/work, and showing what’s unique and important to you as a writer.

Hope this helps!

Ellie 💜👩🏼‍💻

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hi!! so can neurotypical people stim? cause i have stimmed my entire life (when i was 5, my mother used to tell me to stop rocking because "autistic kids do that") but i dont know if i have adhd (it runs in my family however) autism, or anxiety. i stim by rocking, grinding my teeth, flapping my hands, jumping up and down, and biting my nails. sorry if this is confusing!! ;;;;^^

Some people will disagree with me on this, but I think yes neurotypical people can and do stim. They normally do not do things like hand flapping, rocking, or chewing things other than nails (that ones pretty common)

So I’m not here to diagnose you either way. You’re welcome to follow this blog, and if you aren’t sure if you’re neurodivergent, I suggest you do some research!

And lastly, don’t let anyone tell you not to stim. If it helps you, its worth doing.

Btw to new followers (even the old ones) if you’re curious as to why i warn in my bio that this blog should only be followed by 18+ because of mature themes AND YET HAS NO MATURE CONTENT AT ALL LIKE ITS ALL VERY VANILLA HERE, it’s cause i don’t normally draw nsfw/heavy gore/explicit a lot but like e i just wanted it in my bio just to be safe and plus i’d rather have open minded followers than y'know, followers that doesn’t go with my jam

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Guro is so frightening and violent can you explain the appeal to me? I just genuinely don't understand.

oh yea sure (also sorry to my followers, i need to keep this blog more active)

for me and i’m sure a lot of others too it’s mostly aesthetically fascinating stuff to look at. it’s very different from looking actual pictures of gore because it’s just art. i guess its making some kind of morbid beauty from something normally very disgusting. it’s definitely not for everyone though

for other people it can be a fetish and i can’t really speak for them, but human beings are weird and like weird things


So like I said, I just reached 1200 followers which is incredible awesome and yeah. A lot of stuff happend since my last follow forever around christmas last year, so I wanted to do one anyway. I was in England, I’m back home since.. three weeks (?) now and first of all, a big thank you for all of you who supported me in this time. It was rough sometimes but your support meant a lot to me - you’re awesome.

A lot of football stuff happened as well, Basti and Iker left (I’m still not over it), Barca won something but we don’t talk about it and my blogging during the break was a bit low and I’m very sorry about that - but hey, Bundesliga starts on Friday, better times are coming!

I actually don’t even know where to start, but I have to start somewhere so let’s start with the most important people here on tumblr before I come to the blogs you should definitely follow, some of them are bold (mutuals or people I really like and who have an insane good blog) and the rest is normal but their blogs are pretty cool as well.

Thank you all so much guys, it means everything. Thank you for following me and I really hope you don’t regret it :D


vamos-realmadrid: Julie oh my god I miss you so much. Next week I’m coming to visit you and god, like I already said, I really miss you. We haven’t seen each other for over 9 months now - still can’t believe it. You’re my best friend, I absolutley love talking to you (would be bad if not) and our discussions about weird things sometimes. God we really have to do stuff otherwise I always have to mention the stuff we did 9 months ago, like Berlin or the weekend I was at your place and we..cooked xD France next year is a sure thing and we really have to go and get Donuts again! God I miss you honey, take care of you and I can’t wait to see you again. Love you a lot xx

buy-me-a-color-tv: babygirl. light of my life, my sun and stars. I have absolutley no idea where to start with you. This whole thing with us, how it started, how we finally met, it’s just crazy and insane and god I love you so much. I never thought I would end up with a girl and here I am, happier than I ever was before. We managed to have this long distance thing and tbh, I’m still so fucking proud of you - of us. And I’m still very happy that I booked the plane tickets on this day and came home for you. You make everything better. This all feels just so right and easy with you and tomorrow I’m seeing you again and ah, I’m actually just very happy. Take care baby, see you tomorrow. All the love baby, I love you - a lot.

worriedducks: Trinaaaa, my favorite American. Things are not easy for you at the moment, they definitely aren’t, tbh they really suck. But I admire you so much, how you go through all of this, how you stay strong and all. I wish every day I could do more than just text you, just take a plane to the U.S. and hug you till you’re getting better. But I can’t and this sucks even more so I’m going to sent you a care parcel very soon - already got most of the stuff. You’re an absolutley beautiful, astonishing woman who dserves all the best in the world. I love texting you and you never - NEVER - bother me. I really hope you’re feeling better soon, that you’re without pain and everything because you really deserve it. Take care of yourself love, love you a lot. xx

rowan-fcb: Roow I still can’t believe it! It’s two years now and we STILL haven’t met! God dammit, I really hope September works out well for us, because I really miss you and even when we text less, our friendship still means so so much to me. Your support, our discussions and just everything. You’re so skilled and talented and I also admire you a lot. All the shit you went through and you’re still so happy. I probably will never forget our first phone call after the World Cup final when we just screamed at each other and had a sore throat :’) I can’t wait to see you love. All the best for you, love you. xx

dramagneto: Jess my favorite girl from the Netherlands! I hope you are okay ? We haven’t texted for a few weeks but I really hope you’re doing great. Your support during the last 8 months meant a lot to me and I’m so glad that I have you. I hope you’re doing well with University and that everything’s alright - we really should talk more again! You mean a lot to me, you really do. You’re so beautiful, inside and outside and I’m so glad that I can still call you my friend. AND HEY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY IN TWO DAYS! I was confused shortly because you changed your URL and I was so scared that I wouldn’t find you again :’D But hey, here you are :) I really hope we can meet someday :) Take care love, love you very much xx



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I can’t believe that I’ve been on tumblr for over a year now! I feels like I just started blogging a few weeks ago. During this past year I somehow got over 1,000 followers and I made a bunch of great friends that I am so lucky to have! This is my thank you to those people and anyone else who enjoys my blog. Sorry if you’re not included, it’s hard to keep track of everyone!

Normal: awesome mutuals that I would love to meet
Italics: friends (also includes people I’ve recently became friends with)
Bold: best friends
*it’s not letting me bold/italicize some people’s urls and sideblogs are left normal if I tagged the main blog


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I think that’s it! Thanks for following and sorry if you weren’t included (I can’t include everyone it would get too long)! Here’s to another great year~

finally getting my queue caught up again, and probably after this week i’ll get back on my feet and do edits and stuff in time for new seasonal anime starting up. also, in line with catching up the queue, i’m probably going to do a follow spree over the next week or two. like/reblog if you post:

-voltron i am death i love everyone

-seasonal anime

-sports anime

-haikyuu!! do i really need more haikyuu blogs to follow ofc i do

-Ib/Mad Father/Corpse Party/The Witch’s House/etc. other similar games



-pandora hearts


-their story


-if you’re an active blog/multifandom blog

I’m really tired of the porn blogs following me. I’d like to know when someone follows me it’s because they like my blog.

@staff please control those porn bots, there’s way too many.

Seriously, there are KIDS on this website and they could be checking out their followers and suddenly see a picture of people fucking.

Also I like to look at the blogs of my followers, but then sometimes stumble onto one that is nothing but ass shots.

I don’t normally post stuff like this but I’m getting tired of it.

to be honest, and don’t peel off my skin for this, i think that if this stuation lasted this long is because people wanted it to.

i know that some people only wanted the attention and when they got it, they loved the feeling of being loved too much to stop. some people literally sent themselves hate, guys, this is a fact. some stories published just don’t make sense at all, and people being hacked and all just feels like too much of a high school drama you know? i really don’t want to sound heartless but i’m tired of this, like phisically and mentally tired and sick of this, so if you’ll excuse me i’m going to go back to my normal blogging now.

for those who are indeed reciving real anon hate, i’m so sorry, i’m sending all my love to you, and if you aren’t and just want the attention/followers, this isn’t funny, grow the fuck up

I hate to say this, but with the craziness going on on Tumblr I think I might have to take a break.

Or unfollow certain people so I can get piece and quiet on my timeline. Some accusations that are being made make me feel 100% uncomfortable being on Tumblr anymore. Normally it’s the Twitter/fb pages but lately it’s been coming onto Tumblr now with the abundance of teen mom blogs popping up.

When I come back I might just only post news articles and pictures of the girls and go back to not posting my opinion. I normally always try to support and not comment on other peoples opinions. I also never used to really give my opinion but have been a lot lately so maybe it’s best if that stops. This page would go back to being more of a “fanpage” I suppose. We’ll see how things turn out. All I know is to expect some changes when I return. I just can’t take some of it anymore. It’s getting ridiculous. First the hate mail, now this. It’s getting hard for me to bite my tongue.

I’m sorry everyone, But huge thanks to everyone that follows and supports this blog, you’re still the best 🙂 bye for now

Alright, I don’t normally do this, but this will have to work instead since I can’t get this Manaphy to trade. 


Please have me added. You can find my details on the front page of my blog, in the pokeball. 

Make sure you follow ALL instructions please. 

Over 1.6k Followers?  How is this possible that over 1,000 people are following me? Holy cow I just wanted to say Thank you so much for following me! You all are amazing! Just doing short shoutout to some of my fave blogs! (sorry If I missed you!) 

Follow my Normal B&W Blog @2-neverland

Tumblr Besties: @frillyhecks @emisongray @carmilka @prettybigassliars @ralnbowsocks @worstcrushever0901

My Amazing Best Friend (Follow all three of her blogs): @anewmaserati13 @larrystylinsonordie @wonderstruckchloe

Babes you need to Follow: @mylliehollstein @agentcarmillakarnstein @leksasprincess @romeo-oh-nomeo @ihateliambooker @thecolorpurpleaddict @hellahollstein @aquastalk

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AGAIN IM SO SORRY IF YOU ARE NOT IN HERE! I will do more Follow forevers in the near future! I hope y’all have a wonderful day! <3

Hello! Ok since it’s the holidays and I am so close to 2,000 followers i decided to make a follow forever! now i know as a fact i will forget people and i dont mean to so i am so so so so so so so so sorry! ITALICS = message and NORMAL = i love you and i am happy you are on my dash stay strong 

ps i follow 905 blogs because of all the different fandoms i am in so this was really hard to make and it took me 5 fucking hours i started at 12 midnight and finished at 4 am so i am sure i forgot people but yea here you go i was waiting till i reaches 2,000 but i still have like 100 to go


these are my incredible wives!

these are all the amazing LM/MULTI blogs i follow!

these are all the amazing 1D/MULTI/OTHER blogs i follow!

these are the people i know in real life and i love them!