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I'm really sorry for the dumb question...but what's the differences between gore and guro...? I'm sorry!!

tbh nonnie i’ve been in the community for almost a year and i still don’t get the difference right?? in my conception gore is like irl stuff and guro is drawn gore, but it seems that some people understand that gore is the general and guro is specific to nsfw gore (which makes me wanna change my url once in a while cause i wanna avoid that)

the whole community doesn’t seem to have a /real/ answer to it since the term can have many meanings so just adjust to whatever u like! sometimes i use gore and guro as the same thing, sometimes i use guro to drawn gore, who knows!

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One of the first posts I made on this blog was about how I wasn’t for the poly relationship, sorry nonny. No offense to those who do ship it, or poly relationships in general. It’s just not my thing. 

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90 90 90 90!

Hiya anon,

Thanks for the prompt.  90 is  .“Who gave you that black eye?!”  

This one is a continuation of a prompt I did last month  Dr Malik and Student Liam. 

A little bit of nonsense. Hope you enjoy.   I feel really rusty tonight so hope this is okay or passable at least. :/


He thinks if he’s quiet, he can sneak in to the house, up the stairs, shout Liam when he’s safely esconsed in bed with the light off and then in the morning Liam will too sleepy to pay any attention to him, and he can repeat that until it fades.

Trouble is its only mid afternoon so its not dark, its also 3 hours before Liam would have expected him home and Watson and Rhino aren’t ever low key with their welcome home barking and general excitement.

He shuts the door behind him and just prays that somehow Liam’ll be more excited about the fact that he’s home early to be bothered about anything else.

He knows its a vain hope as the dogs yelp their greetings and thunder down the hall to dance excitedly round him. 

‘Zaynie that you, babe, what you doing home so early?’ comes the call from the dining room where Liam does his studying during the day, mainly because instead of being used as a dining room these days, its a makeshift study and studio with a computer desk in one corner and then a mixing desk in the corner opposite and then assorted instruments which keep mushrooming and growing in numbers almost every time Zayn walks into it and Zayn can never be bothered to grumble about it, especially not when the music Liam sometimes writes are the most beautiful pieces of music he’s ever heard, and yes he’s biased but well he’s allowed to be okay? 

For a moment he thinks he actually may be lucky and Liam’ll stay there, and he can shoot on upstairs, say he’s feeling groggy and then at least put off the explanations till later but as he places one foot on the bottom stair, and prepares to shout out that he’s feeling a bit off colour and wants to go for a kip, Liam appears behind him. 

‘Zed, what’s up?  Normally you always cover everyone else’s shifts and I can’t remember the last time you were ill, if you even have been you still tough it out so what are you doing home early?’

Zayn doesn’t turn round to face him and he knows that’ll arouse Liam’s suspicions even further and Watson’s scratching against the back of his leg and whining slightly as he does so ‘cause Zayn would normally be making a fuss of him and yet he’s not.


He feels the tug on his arm and doesn’t resist,mainly because there’s no point, taking a step backwards off the first step and turning to face Liam.  He can’t help but adjust the sunglasses and where they are on his ears so that they rest more comfortably on his nose. 

He stands there for a moment facing Liam,  doesn’t look up even though he knows Liam’s staring at him and he fidgets a bit under Liam’s scrutiny.

‘Zayn, its the middle of winter and its been pissing down all day, and also you’re indoors now and you aren’t some rock star or anything like that, so mind telling me why you’re wearing a pair of sunglasses?’

Zayn knows its a matter of time before Liam’s right in his personal space and ordinarily he wouldn’t mind at all, but he just needs to do this himself to try and avoid the inevitable fuss that’ll follow.

He lifts the glasses off, then ducks his head again but not before there’s enough time for Liam to see the ruddy great shiner that when he left the hospital was turning into a massive one as it was so who knows what it looks like now.

There’s a sharp intake of breath and then with barely controlled fury but with a massive dollop of concern,  Liam says. ‘Who gave you that black eye?’

Zayn looks up at that point, and Liam’s moved a step closer to him, and he looks so worried, and there’s a crease on his forehead that really never belongs there and then he’s right in front of him, and he’s pressing a fingertip gently to the edge of the bruising and he winces pulling the fingertips away, before making a a sympathetic noise before with the same fingertips, he brushes at Zayn’s hair.

Then quietly and without a word,he drops the hand from his head and pulls Zayn through the dining room and into the kitchen, where he pulls out a chair and helps lower Zayn into it, like he’s 90 years old and just had a leg amputated rather than just having a tiny little (ok massive enormous and painful) shiner. 

Then he’s turning around and rummaging in the freezer cabinet and he starts to mumble, and then swear a bit until he exclaims ‘Yes!’ and then he turns around jubilantly holding up a bag of frozen peas, waving them triumphantly in Zayn’s direction, before wrapping them up in a tea towel he finds in the drawer next to the sink units.

He turns, walking back to where Zayn’s sat and says softly ‘Lift your head up for me babe’  and Zayn obliges gazing up through his one good eye while Liam says ‘Just relax for me love’ and he places the tea towel gently against Zayn’s right eye and Zayn lifts his hand up to hold it in place cos there’s no way he’s going to let Liam stand there like a lemon for the rest of today holding it.

Liam pulls up a chair next to him, and to give him his due, he waits a few moments, just staring at Zayn, rubbing a soothing pattern with his fingers on Zayn’s knee before he finally asks him, repeating his question though at least this time its all concern and not fury.  ‘Who did this to you Zayn?’

He could lie, it would be quite easy to come up with some dramatic story about some angry relative punching Zayn before he defied him and saved the life of his wife and his children and he thinks for five minutes Liam would be convinced, only trouble Zayn is about as convincing at lying as Joey in friends and well the sooner he gets it out the better.

‘Turns out some 5 year old kids don’t like needles, and when you add that to the fact that he noticed I had batman socks on, he decided to display his dissatisfaction by punching me in the eye and then stamping on my foot’ 

‘You what?’

‘You heard Li, and you heard correctly, now fuck off and laugh and get it out your system and then come back and give me a cuddle’ 

Liam stands up at that point, but he doesn’t turn away, instead he calmly takes away the tea towel covered frozen peas, inspects Zayn’s face and his expression never changes,  and there’s no sign of any reaction even after he pulls out the ice cube tray from the freezer, decanting the ice into a carrier bag before walking back over to the sink where he finds another tea towel from the drawer and wraps it round the bag of ice. 

Its only then that with his back to Zayn, that his shoulders start to move up and down, and he’s sure he can hear a stifled laugh which Liam tries to disguise as a cough.

‘That took long enough Leeyum’  

Liam turns around then and he’s next to Zayn in an instant, handing the tea towel and ice to Zayn so he can put it against his eye and he grins before mumbling ‘Sorry Sorry’ and then he’s sat in the chair next to him again and Zayn side-eyes him with the one good eye he has.

‘Perhaps we ought to send Niall’s nephew Theo to the hospital with you each day as your minder or Mrs Bromley’s twin 6 year old daughters across the road have quite handy fists on them I bet’ 

And well, Zayn’s eye may be fucked, and he may have the beginnings of a proper banging headache but his middle finger on his other hand is more than intact thanks very much so he raises it slowly.

Liam chuckles adding ‘If Doctor Malik behaves just like that with his patients, no wonder they get restless’ and then he drags his chair nearer and ouch, the sound of the chair leg scraping along the floor grates through Zayn and he makes a tiny pained sound and just like that the smile on Liam’s face and the chuckle dies.

‘Zed, you okay?’ then he’s off the chair and crouching in front of him and taking the tea towel and ice from him, holding it against his eye while he mumbles a soft apology that he doesn’t even need to give but when he raises himself up a bit higher so he’s almost fully stood up and he kisses Zayn gently on his forehead first then peppers gentle kisses covering every part of his head and his face, and its so soothing, Zayn thinks he may just pretend he’s mad for a bit longer.

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hi! so like, I don't know if you're still taking prompts or shit, but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanna read a fic where Agron is the doctor and Nasir is the rough patient, or something like that. Just because Agron is big and buff, doesn't mean he can't be you know.................. smart, and other than an MMA fighter or firefighter, or cop.

more amnesty fic - i’m with you 110% nonnie! i think agron’s very smart, just kind of a putz interpersonally, which would definitely impact his patient interactions, haha - but i definitely don’t mind imagining him as a doctor to nasir’s badass and bruised self! if any, i definitely see agron as an ER doctor, what with the fast pace and intensity and lack of necessity for prolonged patient interaction. (also PS. i know NOTHING ABOUT HOW MEDICINE WORKS or HOW AN ER WORKS I AM SORRY I AM SO SORRY ANYONE WHO KNOWS BETTER pls 4give me) ((PPS. ALSO THIS IS RIDICULOUSLY LONG I APOLOGIZE probably gonna post this to ao3 after an edit>))

“Patient in room 139 for you Ag,” Mira said, slapping a file against Agron’s chest. He whined, and tried to push it away with clumsy fingers that weren’t responding correctly - it’d been a long shift and the coffee machine had busted nearly three hours ago. Lugo was working on it, but by the sounds of the shouting and bellowing laughter coming from the break room, it wasn’t going well.

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In case a bellarke kiss happens in s4 (I'm almost sure) Do you have any thought about how that kiss could be?

I know everyone’s all keen on Big Celebration Kisses or on quiet tender romantic kisses… and there’s the age old question of who should initiate?  Advantages for both, but I’m thinking… late season 4, after some big dramas… Clarke gives him some anvil-sized SIGNALS and then Bellamy makes a move.

Maybe play it super understated and like, they’re LOOKING AT EACH OTHER a lot for one episode, like noticeably a lot, and then like after the fracas is done and the audience is all 

“BUT WAIT there’s three whole minutes left and the main plot is ending what do we need these three minutes for??”

and then it shifts to Clarke going to Bellamy’s room and he’s sitting at a desk and she comes in and closes the door and they either make really small talk or like barely talk, and she gives him like A LOOK so he stands up, crosses the room, and kisses her

serious kissing

the two of them pulling off clothes and Clarke leans against the door and we get some real suggestive camera work and you see Bellamy kiss his way down her neck to stop and mouth at her collarbone then he goes completely out of frame IN A DOWNWARD MOTION and then 

cut to black                         

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Take off your fucking rose colored glasses and realize that ST is endgame right along with Rumbelle and Hook and Regina are losers and will die alone. Emma BELONGS to Neal and Neal alone. Regina stole their fucking son and they are going to get him back and be a real family. CS is gross and stupid and are FRIENDS. Ha u bitches are stuck in the friendzone. ST doesnt need buildup because they are the vuildup.U CSERS can choke on Colins dick and die. CS is not endgame assholes. Stupid ship.

No, no, nonnie.

You need to take off YOUR rose-coloured glasses.

1) Neal gave up that child when he left Emma behind. As a matter of fact, Neal gave Emma up when he left her behind.

2) Nobody BELONGS to anybody. How many fucking times does this need to be stressed? What is your reasoning behind saying that Emma BELONGS to Neal? What did Neal ever do right to deserve Emma as his?

3) ST (It’s Swanfire, by the way) is only a buildup to a death.

“I had hoped you were dead.” does that line not speak volumes to you? Emma wanted Neal to be dead because she’s already gone through so much /pain/ because of him.

Sorry :/

4) Death threats are not funny. Even if they do involve Colin O'Donoghue’s dick.

Please, never, EVER think it’s okay to tell somebody to go die. That’s against the law and it’s gross.

CS is endgame. Who went back for Emma? Hook. Who thought of her every day? Hook. 

Who left her behind? Neal. Who got engaged to somebody else and defended her even when Emma was right? Neal.

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heyyy can we talk about the end of this video diary??? youtube(.)com/watch?v=Y4D9OCEkI84 Louis is signing off with the 1d dolls, and in the end he kisses Harry's doll!!! oh my oh my oh my oh my!!!!!!!!!!! --also i may have sent this ask to some other blogs just sharing the love before the break ends. :)

OMG I haven’t seen this video in so long!! They were so fetus, I’m tearing up…


And don’t even get me started on the whole video because Louis was so funny and endearing and he had - still has, I believe - the other four all wrapped around his finger. He IS the leader, and it’s so clear that the boys consider him as such.

But lets get back to the video diary, which also blessed us with THIS MOMENT:

Harry wasn’t having it. He couldn’t control the thirst himself at all! 
You can litterally hear his internal struggle:

“I can do it… don’t bite at his neck Harry, please. Bite at your finger instead, it’ll hept to ease some tension - and sexual frustration. You are stronger than that. I know, it’s a very nice neck. Very soft. And you love the scent that lingers there… *mentally slaps himself* COME ON IT’S JUST FOR THIS VIDEO’S SHOOTING, YOU CAN DO THIS.”

“Nope you can’t… it’s just that his lips are so kissable… maybe if I just sneakily and subtly lean into him, no one will notice… *mentally reminds himself to slap Liam for being the most annoying cockblock of the entire century*”

BONUS POINT: Look how Harry’s throat bobs, just imagine what was going on in his head in that moment - THE THIRST IS SO REAL.

Let’s end this post with the look of utter adoration, fondness and endearment oh Harry’s face while he’s looking at Louis, shall we? 

Almost as if he can’t believe how in love he is with him, and how lucky he is because, of course, Louis loves him back.

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Hi :) Do you like chris hemswort? I'm struggling not to get dragged into the hell of yet another chris but he’s just so funny and nice and hot and seems so laidback and cool and with his dry humor and i'm trying to stay away but damn it’s hard ;)

Do I like Chris Hemsworth? DO I LIKE CHRIS HEMSWORTH????

What is there not to like about Chris Hemsworth, omg! He’s essentially an oversized puppy and a massive dork

but then he’s also HOT AS FUCK???? No matter what he looks like??



And he’s super sweet and funny and his Instagram is a blessing and watching him interact with his co-workers is the best thing ever and YES I DO LOVE CHRIS HEMSWORTH OK I LOVE HIM A HUGE LOT <3


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Sastiel + a piano

“I didn’t know you could play piano.”

Cas hummed in acknowledgement but didn’t stop playing. He knew Sam was there, but for how long he couldn’t say. The truth was that he himself didn’t know how to play, but Jimmy did, and Cas knew everything Jimmy knew.

“Can you play, Sam?” he asked, scooting over on the bench in a silent invitation. Sam took it and sat down.

“Not … really. I can read sheet music, so I could probably figure it out, but – ”

Cas took one of Sam’s hands in his own and placed his fingers precisely at certain keys. “Play with me,” he instructed. Really, Sam didn’t need to do anything; Cas kept their fingers overlapped and Sam just moved with him, pressing down keys in a tune that sounded extremely familiar.

“Do you understand the pattern?” Castiel asked after a few repetitions. Sam nodded, and Cas withdrew his hand, waiting patiently for Sam to play and, when he did, playing his own bit at the high notes.

Sam almost faltered when he recognised the song, but he made himself keep playing despite the lump rising in his throat. “Is this … ? This is canon, right? Pachelbel?”

Cas nodded, seemingly immersed in the music, but Sam knew he was listening.

“I,” he continued, his voice strained with emotion. “I used to dream about … about – ”

“Your wedding,” Cas finished for him. “Right?”

Sam nodded. “Bride walking down the aisle to this.”

Cas stopped suddenly. It took Sam half a measure to catch on. “I’m sorry, Sam. I shouldn’t have … I wasn’t thinking.”

Sam smiled a little, his eyes wet, and leaned in to kiss Cas, ever so gently. “It’s okay,” he whispered. Really, that was about as loud as he could speak at the moment. “I might not have a blushing bride or anything. But I have you, and … and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for this.”

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zimbits & 23: things you said when you didn't understand

“This,” Holster says firmly as soon as Bitty leaves the room, “is an intervention.”

Jack stares at the number of faces looking his way. He suddenly regrets accepting the invitation for a reunion before the start of hockey season. He blinks.

“An intervention,” he repeats. “For who?”

“Um,” Nursey offers hesitantly, “for you, Jack. On behalf of our captain, okay? You like Bittle, you want him to be happy, don’t you?”

“Of course,” Jack says, instantly, and everyone takes a breath like they’d been holding theirs and that doesn’t make any sense at all. “Is he not happy?”

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Hi B what are your fav blogs?

I’m sorry this has taken so long, but I’ve got so many favorite blogs, and I’m sure I’ll miss some, but here they are, most of them are mutuals, so yeah!!!:

@harryspolaroid @loumyprince @tomnlinsuns @larrypottery @leggy-pop @pastelpinkharry @aki-anyway @adultfansofonedirection @as-happy-as @barbieofcolour @belovedharrystyles @boialmighty @coveredinthecolors @cloudsofharry @coveredinclovers @dansluts @dimpleddickhead @eternityharry @fvkstyles @freddieisreal @fawnhaz @foreverlivingwhileimyoung @got-stars-in-your-eyes @gottabestyles @gayanqel @golfhaddie @harrystylesdaily @harrysmovie @hryhoney @hazzzlou @harryqstyles @hazstylestrash @hiatus2k16 @hotharreh @iusedtobeabaker @inkedthigh @iwishiwasharry @jawllines @jenlaurences @julianbunetta @kingofgucci @louistcub @latelatestyles @lordhazz @laurnsjaureguis @larrieparody @liamtrash @millionharry @memeleanor @moanharry @nojemmyproteste @narrymusings @narrymccartney @nips-and-tats @niallsootd @onedirectiobama @oscarsforharry @oneharrystyles @permanentcross @respects1d @rosewoodniall @ravenclaw-niall @rocketmommy @robotharru @savage-styles @solostylesstan @styloff @stylesandborns @whothehellisharry @winntersoldier @weeklyfangirl @wildheartsdeluxe @walkingintheamm @we-sailed-an-ocean @zquad2016 @zjm @ziamhoe @zrakebytheocean @zarriealbum

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Toni no pressure but I hope you write the sequel to the thunderstorm drabble! I need to know what happens in Rio! The Drabble was lovely thank you for sharing your writing with us!

Hi nonnie,

Thank you so much - well here you are.  I’ve always wanted to write a ‘Ziam and the rest go travelling’ story so I was thrilled to bits to get this from you. 

Hope you enjoy.  First part is here  (this next part contains OT5 and its pure fluff once more and lots of shameless references to big moments in 1d history, its in Rio so there’s a hint for you, but translated to this story and this AU and I’ve put some under the cut as its a bit over 3.3k in total, sorry).  


Having Zayn right next to him becomes routine and normal before Liam realises it. The gap when he’s gone, when Liam heads out somewhere on his own shouldn’t be so noticeable to him and yet it is.

They’ve been in Rio for 4 days now, 4 days of jetlag, getting lost multiple times and getting acclimatised to their surroundings.

They’re sat in the lounge of the hostel now, it’s not the biggest hostel in the city, sleeps about 30 people and it’s not full at the moment, there’s a red gate which you have to press an intercom to get through, and when you do there’s a few sun loungers and then a small pool, large enough for 2 or 3 people to be in at the same time.

You walk right into the lounge then, and there’s a kitchen and small dining area to the right and then up the stairs are several rooms with bunk beds in each. 

It felt like home the moment they set foot in it. Liam thinks they’re in danger of staying here for the whole 12 months if they’re not careful.

It’s just gone midnight, and he and Zayn are on settee, and there’s a few of the girls from Australia sat on the floor on bean bags playing a loud and animated game of 21s. 

A few lads from Northern Ireland are in the kitchen preparing nachos and cocktails, singing songs as they do.

Then across from them on the other settee sit Harry and Niall.  Harry’s leaning back, playing with the loose thread at the bottom of Niall’s shorts while Niall holds the guitar, strumming a few chords.

They’re a communal singing of Revolution by Bob Marley or Blowing in the Wind from Bob Dylan away from all the clichés in the backpacker’s handbook.

Liam doesn’t care, and as Niall shouts out “Any requests?” and people call out various song choices, he doesn’t think he ever will.

Harry pipes up then, in that drawl that Liam’s just about getting used to now, though when they’d first met, the way he spoke, the slow, taking about 20 minutes to say something that would take Liam 5 minutes had meant Liam thought he was stoned, but he’s not, it’s just Harry and Liam wonders where his old reserve went, the reserve that saw him take a good 6 months to stomach even 5 minutes in Louis’ company, whereas now he falls into step, feels like he’s known Niall and Harry forever to the point where they talk of where they’re all going next and if they don’t spend the next 10 years here, he may just spend it with them.

He doesn’t care, just as long as he has the lad next to him with him, he can do anything.

Two weeks ago, he’d have laughed at the thought that finding someone like Zayn was fate, now he’s not so sure.

Since he met him, since that day they’ve scarcely been apart, and he’s still not sure what this is, what it’s leading to though Louis seemed pretty certain after just an hour with them both.

He doesn’t want to over complicate anything anyway, this is meant to be fun, all about finding himself, it doesn’t need anything extra.  It’s just he wonders if it’s going to happen anyway, even if he doesn’t think he needs it.

“Penny for ‘em,“ comes the voice from next to him and he glances to meet Zayn’s eyes.

“Don’t you mean a real, Zed?“  he says it with a smile and yes, Zed which is Liam’s name for him that apparently no one else has called him and that’s certainly true here as Niall calls him “ZAYNO!“ while Harry calls him “Oh Zayn”.

He gets a poke in his side as the response to his words and a middle finger to follow and they smile at each other.

This is how they roll, yes they’re discovering things about each other still, but a 12 hour flight pretty much ensured they know all there is to know, and the things he doesn’t know yet, there’s this thrill when he discovers them, one by one because so far each time, he learns something new, it’s scary how like Zayn he really is.

Hours pass, and the singing gets more raucous, the Caipirinha’s that Aiden’s a dab hand at making get stronger the more drunk they get, and this feeling, it’s just all Liam’s ever dreamt of.

At some point, Zayn’s yawns decrease till he’s asleep and when he isn’t looking, when he thinks no one will care, Liam finds himself smiling. This feels like more, much more than he wanted. This lad, all eyelashes, sarcasm that chimes with Liam's and deep conversations about anything from music to Batman to anything that takes their fancy and at this time of day, when it’s still dark out just before it starts to light, it feels okay to admit that.

He does daft things when he’s drunk, when he’s happy and so he starts to type out a tweet, he even goes back and corrects it several times, and then once he’s typed it, he nods, smiles and puts his head back against the cushion and falls asleep.

He’s doesn’t notice the responses, doesn’t see 35 messages of Louis laughing and saying “I told you so, you’re in lurve,” till the morning.


When he wakes at just after 11 the next morning and sees all the messages before reading them, he thinks something awful’s happened.

When he opens them and glances through them rolling his eyes but finding himself grinning at Louis’ creative use of emoji’s, he thinks for a moment he may have gone out and married Zayn or something, such is Louis’ amusement.

But when he checks his tweets, he’s a bit confused, all his last tweet says is:

“Zayn’s asleep on my shoulder aww bless lol" 

Which is the truth, Zayn fell asleep on his shoulder, and he’s still next to him, fast asleep, curled into himself but with a hand on Liam’s thigh which Liam doesn’t even think to move.

He could just reply, but it’ll turn into the longest running WhatsApp exchange in history, so he searches for Louis in his contacts and dials the number and never mind how much it costs.

Louis answers within seconds.  “Oh you’ve finally deigned to answer the phone have you?  Has your boyfriend left your side for 5 minutes, so you come running back to your best mate in the world, honestly you think you know someone,” he finishes his words with a world weary sigh and Liam finds himself smirking.

“Morning to you too Tommo, and for the millionth time, he’s not my boyfriend,”

Louis snorts “Yeah yeah, you keep telling yourself that, and its afternoon actually Payno,”

Liam ignores his words because if he doesn’t, it could go on forever.  “How’s home?”  

“Pissing down, and boring, no one entertains me like you do Payno, haven’t got anyone as well trained as you are to laugh at my jokes, oh and work are laying us all of,”

“Well you know what to do then, seriously Lou, what’s stopping you?”

There’s a sigh on the other end. “Fear of flying, and then when I get there fear of spending all my time vomiting because you two will be so loved up and stupid,”

Once again Liam ignores the last part of the comment.  “They had Grease on the choices of in-flight movies when we flew over, you can just watch that to distract you, and come on Tommo, you’ve talked about this forever, and you can just give Rio a go, and then just decide from there, you got that money left for you by your Nan, its doing no good sat there in your bank account,”  

Louis makes a non-committal sound, clearly still unconvinced, and Liam’s about to give up when Harry comes into view, right in front of him, grinning and waving the croissants at him and he mouths “Do you want one?” and well Harry, there’s his secret weapon.  Him and his dimples, him and his curly hair.   

“Well okay then, maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the Irish lad who’s like the little brother I never had, and you’d love him Louis or maybe I definitely shouldn’t tell you about Harry who’s actually your ideal man and cooks better than our 2 mums put together, yeah no, I’ll shut up,”.

“Curly hair?” comes the response back, trying desperately not to sound interested and failing miserably. 

“Yeah, anyway, you’re not interested, you hate flying so I’ll go no-,”

Liam swears even someone buried in a crevasse on the North or South Pole could hear Louis as he speaks, no shouts, no make that shrieks down the line. 


The smug grin on his face is lost on everyone and would be, even if they were all awake, but he knows he’s won.

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