sorry nonnie

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hi, in the new footage video my phone doesn't pick up any sound and this persists even after i tried downloading the vid. do you know what might cause this? thank you very much and thanks for your ever up-to-date sherlock info :)

The sound was really low on it, and I had to turn it up really high on my laptop in order to hear it, so maybe it’s just that? I’m not sure. Maybe try this version? The quality is worse, but it’s definitely louder. That’s my best solution for now, nonny. Sorry I don’t have more for you!

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Maybe if you're still doing requests, a drawing of superman and batman younger about 8 meeting for the first time?

This was in my inbox for a while but I finally thought of one. I set it not too long after Bruce lost his parents and he’s passing through Smallville on his way to a relative’s house. 

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Can you do some headcanons of Luke before he was evil?

sure nonnie

  • totally gave annabeth piggy back rides 
  • mostly when they had to move through the night bc of monsters
  • stole tampons and chocolate for thalia when she needed them
  • was basically the big brother annabeth never had
  • would hold thalia’s hand whenever they were more than 15ft off the ground
  • accidentally kissed thalia once
  • he blushed all the way down his neck, babbled something about firewood, and practically took off running
  • thalia teased him mercilessly about it
  • totally tried to pretend that he liked thalia’s kind of music to look cool
  • told the funniest campfire stories
  • his first priority was always to make sure thalia and annabeth were safe
  • really liked arts and crafts
  • he really liked indie music and classic rock
  • was very open with his emotions
  • was a precious cinnamon bun

can you imagine what luke would have been like if he hadn’t become evil