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I really respect Louis for having the lyric video stand for something bigger than him. He’s not just saying that he’s famous so he looks like he has an extravagant lifestyle all the time when in reality he hurts just like us. He’s pointing out that the whole industry is full of hurt people.

Actresses are being sexually harrassed and assaulted, people of color are not given roles they deserve, non cis het people are being hurt for who they are, musicians are in contracts that overwork them their entire lives, etc. All of these things are talked about in the lyric video, and all of these people look as though they have amazing, lavish lifestyles like Louis.

This video is so big and I am so proud and thankful for Louis for having such an amazing lyric video like this. Words can barely describe how much this lyric video means.

lup, taako, and krav go out shopping, and leave the ango-sitting to barry bc he is not good at shopping (”we tried for a century, krav, i swear it’s a lost cause”). they come back and angus is decked out in an all-denim ensemble. they fall to the floor in tears. in the pursuit of their own selfish goals they neglected to protect he who needed it most. shame upon their souls, and a plague upon their houses,

Dan takes a shower: Daniel Towell
Dan wears a hood: Daniel Cowell
Dan needs to do some housework: Daniel Dowell
Dan knocks someone over: Daniel Fowell
Dan can’t use consonants: Daniel Vowell
Dan is surprised: Daniel Wowell
Dan is a furry: Daniel Howl
Dan is impatient: Daniel Nowell
Dan hits somebody: Daniel Powell
Dan gets hurt: Daniel Yowell
Dan wonders who did something: Daniel Owell
Dan needs to find something quietly: Daniel Prowell
Dan gets older: Daniel Jowell
Dan does more housework: Daniel Trowell
Dan gets married: