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The concert was a spiritual experience tbh I can’t remember when was the last time I was this happy. I can’t even begin to comprehend these feelings hngnh. The show was absolutely incredible and I’m so proud of the boys and how far they have come. 

 I was weeping pretty much the entire time but when they played Guns For Hands I fucking lost it I just broke down and cried and cried so so much. 

 Also I was about 2 meters away from Tyler at one point so there’s that.

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I am in a girlxgirl relationship of 2 years and recently we have invited a sweet dorky boy into our relationship and I have to be on my tiptoes to kiss him and he smells like happiness and kind boys. I hope it stays this simple because even though we have to hide it from everyone, every once in a while I get the alone time to kiss his cheek and brush his hand. It brightens my day.

I’m glad you’re all so happy together!

Inktober 025: I’m sorry, Kaiba, this is an unworthy birthday gift…

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.05, 0.25), Copic Opaque White, Copic Markers (N2, N4), Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pen (light black), Sakura Gelly Roll (white)

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Since Halloween is coming up, MC pranking the RFA members with candied onions instead of candied apples, and realistic looking worms covered in dirt made from brown noodles and dried up squid ink paste?

Can you write about MC just casually standing in front of RFA’s (minus V and Saeran) beds when the members are asleep, dressed up as a horror movie villain and holding a fake weapon pretending to be a serial killer? Lmao my humor is so twisted sorry

I’m putting these two together since they seem to be similar with Halloween pranks!!

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MC had had enough.
Seven had pranked them so many times and all the other members had just laughed while chiding MC that they should have known better or been more wary. Since they apparently seemed to be so gullible, even Yoosung had tried his hand at pranking/teasing MC.

They were done with that. It was their turn now. They even had the perfect excuse–Halloween was coming up, so pranks were abundant during this time. It was almost a certain fact that Seven was going to be planning some killer pranks. That was why, thought MC, smirking, they needed to strike first.

It all started with pretending to make candied apples for everyone. The stereotypical Halloween treat bought the attention of everyone and they agreed to come over to get their snack.

Instead of coating beautiful red apples in the candy coating, MC covered onions. The scent of the onions was still very obvious, so if anyone took a bite out of these, it was obvious that they didn’t trust their instincts very well… As they placed the last onion on a tray to dry, they got another idea.

Opening their fridge, they realized with an evil that they had all the ingredients for their other trick.

Later that night, everyone showed up. After a few minutes of harmless chatting, Jaehee suddenly pointed at a bowl on the counter.
“Um, what is that, MC?”
MC glanced over at the bowl of noodles and squid ink that did, admittedly, look a lot like worms and dirt.
“Oh? Just some worms. My dinner, you know.” And without breaking eye contact, they picked up a noodle and plopped it in their mouth.

Zen gagged while the others just stared. Yoosung, not paying much attention, took a bite out of one of his candy ‘apples’ and immediately spat it out, rushing to the sink to wash out his mouth.

Once MC explained that it had all been a prank, the only person who laughed was Seven– he was impressed with the caliber of the prank. The others were not– they mostly looked pouty, Zen still a little green from MC’s ‘worm’ eating.

But MC wasn’t done yet. Everyone was staying over in sleeping bags in the living room, and MC thought it was the perfect opportunity for one last prank.

Pulling on a dark hooded mask with a white face, MC also dressed in all black and held a fake knife with red paint splattered over it to resemble blood. Looking forward to their screams, MC leaped into the living room with a shout.

As if on cue, all the members of RFA shot up, Yoosung letting out a shriek at the sight of MC. Purposefully staying away from Jaehee (her body had gone through Fight or Flight and those fists looked like they were saying Fight), MC jabbed with the fake knife at Zen, who scrambled over Jumin in his haste to get away. Jumin tried to pull Zen back in front of him to sacrifice him, it seemed.

After seeing everyone sufficiently scared, MC pulled off the mask, laughing. Everyone’s faces turned disgruntled, which seemed perfect revenge. Except…wait…

“Awww, come on, not you too!” Standing in the doorway was another black figure. Yoosung screamed again. The figure ripped off their hood to reveal Seven, a huge pout on his face.

“I wanted to scare everyone too!”