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Art Stream w/ Nil!

A huuuge thank you to those of you who tuned in! Super chill, and I would say that my first stream did pretty well! Really relaxing, and helps with focus.

Next broadcast will be held on Thursday 04/13 @ 7:30pm EST. Stop by to watch me do my thing, chat with cool folks, and listen to sweet jams!

See you next time, and take care fam!

I think this is so helpful on deciding how to wear your hair according to your dress type! Also if your dress is cap sleeves wear your hair down, half up or an updo!👗

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Reports have been coming in of sightings of large creature in the woods, in addition to pictures of mismatched tracks, unusual lights, and unearthly sounds. One person even managed to snap a picture of it, a bit blurry, but it shows a quadruped standing at least as tall as a person, and a mask? The Mystery Skulls have been asked to look into it. (nil-the-fool)

Going over the details of this new case, Lewis frowns. He’d usually be excited at the idea of checking something like this out, but he can’t help but feel nervous. Usually something like this would make him think man in costume, but the evidence is strange to say the least and he is not sure how it would be possible for someone to stage this.

Despite Lewis’s apprehension however, Vivi is running around the kitchen screeching about blue monsters and haunted masks and it is becoming clear that they don’t have a say in this matter because Vivi is already on board.

Running a hand through his hair, Lewis tries to offer Arthur a comforting smile, but he knows it fails when Arthur drops his head on to the table and groans. Oh well, Lewis supposes he will just have to keep an eye on Arthur and hope the other man doesn’t bolt.

“Well, it looks like we aren’t getting out of this one amigo. Come on guys, lets get our backs packed and head out!”

Despite Lewis’s words, it takes a couple of hours because Vivi is too excited to keep in place and Arthur’s reluctance makes the blonde pack slower than usual. Eventually they get it together though, and they finally make it to the woods. 

“Well gang, looks like we are here! Perhaps if we are lucky we will be able to wrap this up in no time and I can get dinner started. Who knows, maybe we will get to reenact that scene from Scooby Doo where the monster chases them and that cool hippie music plays! You know, the one with all the la’s?”

And now both Arthur and Vivi are giving him a look and it is clear they don’t find him cute. Which is silly, because Lewis is the cutest thank you very much.

Huffing in response, Lewis decides to just get the show on the road and begins to make his way down the long path. Oh well, maybe the monster will appreciate Lewis’s humor.

Imagine Yaku secretly planning to take Kuroo out for dinner on his birthday. On the day itself, he turns up at Kuroo’s door with a pot of extra extra super strong hairgel, makes Kuroo put on his suit and somehow manages to slick his hair down.

When they get to the fancy restaurant, Kuroo is amazed by the arrangements Yaku has made for him and he chokes up a little when the restaurant staff sings him happy birthday as they bring in dessert, complete with sparklers on the cake.

He can’t even feel the least bit bothered by the way his hair starts springing up again by the end of the evening.


I know I said I’d share some of my more pessimistic predictions about life under Trümp the other day, but I decided I’m not going to. To the extent anyone cares, which may be nil, I’m sorry. It’s all just too negative, and in the worst possible kinds of ways. For the writer and the reader. It’s not that I have changed my views on the possibilities or probabilities. I just don’t want to add that much negativity when there is already so, so much. 

And, importantly, what’s the point? If any of that comes to fruition, there is nothing I can do to prepare except to leave, and I can’t/won’t do that, either. If it comes down that way, me buying a gun or filling a shelter with soylent just delays the inevitable by a few days or hours. It’s like the nightmare where you show up for the final exam and didn’t take the class, but in this case, it’s not the exam but the night before. How much preparation can you realistically cram in overnight?

My recent study of mindfulness has been helpful. All I have (all any of us have) is this moment. I’m going to try to drink in the time I have with the people I love. Now, be sure I’m not checking out. There is suffering to attend to, and of course injustices current and future to fight. I will be there for those right up to the end, with whatever I have to offer. My outrage is deep and my skills are sharp.

Today, a guy I work with, 50-something white dude who has all the privilege and more, probably a Johnson voter, was honestly confused about why LGBTQ people are scared. He’s not a bigot, I’m quite sure, but he’s definitely in a bubble. It’s not my place to put words in that community’s mouths, even though I think I get it. So I found an article where people expressed their concerns, and sent it to him, and offered to talk more if/when he wants to. I wasn’t angry with him. Later I saw the article open on his monitor, and him reading it. I may well turn out to be wrong in the most tragic way, but I think that was probably more useful in the large than hardening a bunker in my garage or creating despair porn.

Null, tell your stomach to shut up.”

I’m sorry, Nil.  I can’t help it.  I don’t even remember the last time I ate.

What do you want me to do about it?

Null only replied by letting out a pitiful whimper.  Nil chose not to dignify her brother with a response.  Figuring he wasn’t getting anywhere with her, Null wondered away from his sister’s side.