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Are we twins??? You're Mo. I'm Mo. You're 20. I'm 20. And we both like vld??? (My vld+ blog is redbluepalatar)

Whoa *cue x-files music*

Maybe we are twins.  I can’t believe the fact I have a twin out there has been kept from me for 20 years. 

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Thank you, @salviarose, for tagging me!

Name: lol sorry I’m not gonna tell my real name :P

Nicknames: Just call me Kauriso

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 163cm (about 5′4″ I think??)

Orientation: atheist, I don’t really belong to anywhere

Ethnicity: Finnish SUOMI PERKELE

Favourite Fruit: watermelon, strawberry, grapes

Favourite Season: spring, I don’t like summer because of the warm weather and during the winter time the weather is so could

Favourite Book: Books? What, sorry but I only read comics and fanfics, I’m too lazy to read real books

Favourite Scent: Something sweet but not too sweet, fresh air, grass, flowers

Favourite Colour: Pastel colours, black, COLOURS OF THE SKY IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY OH MY GOD

Favorite Animal: cats, hedgehogs, fennec foxes, also birds are cute

Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate

Average Hours of Sleep: Hmmm normally about 6-7h but on the weekends 9-12h

Cat/Dog Person: I have lived with one or more cats for my entire life so cats all the way

Favourite Fictional Character: Naruto, Boruto and Minato (Naruto), Nagisa (Free!), Snufkin (Moomins), Castiel (Supernatural), Luxray (Pokémon), 

Number Of Blankets You Sleep With: Only one

Ideal Trip: i have always wanted to go to England and I will when I’m little bit older!! And I want to visit Japan someday. 

Tagging: I’m not tagging anyone but you can do this if you want to :)

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I just found out I am having a boy and I'm calling him Bellamy :) I am so excited.

Woo hoo!!! Congratulations, Mama!

Bellamy is a beautiful name. :)

Just one suggestion, though. Hold on to the idea of naming your child after your favorite character. Put it on the list. Think about some other names, too. Run it by your partner. Make sure it sounds good with the last name and doesn’t have any awkward initials. And make sure it’s something you’re going to want for the long term, after your love for Bellamy Blake has faded into the background of your life, which is most likely going to happen at some point. Also remember that Bellamy is a girl’s name, which doesn’t bother me, but it might be something you want to consider for the future life of your son. And the nick name Bell… also a girl’s name. 

Sorry to bring up some concerns, it’s just, picking a name for a child is serious business! It’s theirs for life. How will they feel about it?

Bellamy is still a beautiful name and there are lots of reasons to choose it, so if it works for you and you partner, WONDERFUL.

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i saw ur "stop glorifying a white woman while putting down a black man" post and i was like "yessss! exactly!" and then i read "dont be ugly nancy" cdfxfzi thats my name.

HsndmfnfnsnNnfnfkf sorry nance !

  • Viktor: *Yuuri is eros, I've never seen anyone more eros than him since that one night at the banquet, there is no other way to describe him but an erotic man with such passion there is no doubt about it he's the epitome of erotic love*
  • Viktor: Yuuri, what is your eros???
  • Yuuri: a pork cutlet bowl
  • Viktor: for fucks sa-