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so we had a huge summer reading kickoff event at work and I was in charge of face painting. So a lady and her kid walk up to get face painted and i see the lady has a bearded dragon on a leash in her purse???!!! (which is honestly???? goals?!?!!) anyway, I was like “.… hey not to be weird or anything but can I hold your lizard???????? and that’s how today became one of the best days ever the end

I should’ve mentioned that I prefer to talk politics privately, folks.  Please remember that asking me something anonymously protects you from the public eye, but it doesn’t protect me, since I can only respond to anonymous messages publicly.  I’ve had enough callout posts tryna besmirch my name because of a difference in politics for a lifetime.

If you’d like to talk politics, I might occasionally respond, but I’ll only do so if you send it to me as a private message.


dctv plot bunny georgie annabelle lark

Georgie Lark spent the first ten years of her life in London before she moved across the atlantic ocean to a town by the name of Starling City. Not long after the move her parents’ marriage ended in a bitter divorce and Georgie coped the best way she know how: Studying. She graduated high school a year early, went straight to Boston University where she got a degree in Criminal Justice, and befriended MIT student Felicity Smoak. Upon graduating, she trained at the police academy before returning to Starling with honors and a job on the police force.

As if the vigilante isn’t enough of a pain in her ass already, the particle accelerator in Central City explodes shortly after her promotion to detective, and the cases that land on Georgie’s desk become increasingly inexplicable. It doesn’t help her frustration that Felicity finally admits to working with the Green Arrow and knowing his true identity. And just when life can’t possibly get any stranger, Georgie is recruited by Rip Hunter - a man who claims that his team of misfits and criminals travel through time, and he desperately needs someone to help keep the Legends from killing each other.

And so Georgie Lark embarks on a journey to solve her strangest case yet: How to erase Vandal Savage from history.


u guys!!nn’! my new roommate responded to me I’m so happy !!! 🤧😭💕🎉 i was prayin she wouldn’t ignore me like my first roommate assignment nd she didn’t!! 😭👏🏻🤧 she actually responded nd sounds super nice!! 💖💓 i hope she likes me,, i m just so….,,,me😰i hope we become friends at least!!!


My sweet souls 💕

I’m back from my trip and I finally had the time to check my inbox properly. I don’t know how often I already said this, but fam you are so insane! My askbox is so stuffed, I have almost 100 requests to catch up on 💫 

This is the reason why I decided to currently close the askbox for any requests. If I don’t take some time now, I will never be able to manage all of this. However, you can still stop by for some talk or any questions you might have 💙

I’m super sorry and I apologize to everyone who wanted to submit something. Please keep it in your mind and submit it once I’m taking requests again. I really need time to make it up to you Sweethearts, I still have asks from around two weeks ago and I’m sure some of you are waiting for me to answer your asks. 

I’m really sorry that I’m not able to manage a proper time schedule! I never expected so much asks when I started, it’s so overwhelming. I still cry over each and every of your kind words ❤ I don’t know what I did to deserve you Sugarcubs 🙈 After all, it’s thanks to all of you that this blog is running! I’m literally doing the minor work here, it’s your ideas keeping boku no family alive 💖 and I cannot stop saying this, I love you all so much. Every like, comment, repost means so much to me. 

Again, I humbly apologize that I couldn’t get more work done over the past three days 😓 I’m trying my best to handle all of your asks from now on. 

Since I just came back from a 10hrs bus ride, I’m going to sleep now, recharging for you guys 🌌

Once I’m back with the living I’ll do the post about the Boku no Hero Academia Cafe I visited. Then I’ll finish the last Sinday hc before I start with the pile of regular asks and scenarios. Please bear with me 💗

Good morning/day/night wherever you are! 💫 Lots of love for you my wonderful, precious, beautiful souls 💕

This is my favourite screen from the entire anime


1) The pun in the caption 
2) The spelling of ‘Niliforv’ 
3) Otabek looks absolutely pissed 
4) Chris is looking at Viktor like a concerned wife
5) Viktor is pining so hard I can hear sad violins  


monsta x members + name meanings