sorry my yadong feels

anonymous asked:

do you have sometimes yadong feels? haha sometimes i think that they are married, they are so different but work so well together

anon you don’t even know how much I love yadong… and I am 100% with you. To me they are very much a married couple.

First of all I need to mention that I think this is the sexiest marriage of two people you could ever come up with. They’re known for being the lead dancers and they both have that sexy rapper vibe that drives me insane. I think that their shared passion for dance and rap is important to their partnership and their bond. And man is it sexy too…

seriously… sexiest pairing..

but anyway, of course with any marriage these two take care of each other as well! Mainly this is seen in cases of Hoya taking care of Dongwoo since he sometimes needs to be reeled back. I also just see a lot of sweetness in Hoya when he’s with Dongwoo

and sometimes dongwoo’s well… dongwoo-ness seems like too much for hoya…. which is pretty funny in my opinion

taking care of dongwoo can definitely be a lot to handle I imagine, but hoya handles it well and with only minimal complaint. And I think dongwoo takes care of him as well. Dongwoo I feel is one of the biggest emotional supports for Hoya and also the entire group

My favorite thing about yadong tho is quite simply how much Hoya loves Dongwoo. I mean he really adores him. 

the way hoya looks at him….

and the way dongwoo makes him smile

and how he makes him laugh

and makes him act silly

but the thing that is the cutest to me with this pairing is their touchiness. when it comes to hoya I find he’s one of the least likely to participate in skinship with the others, but it’s different with dongwoo. Its normally more difficult to find moments of Hoya hugging the other members or reaching out to them, but with Dongwoo there is an abundance of cute and sweet moments

for these reasons yadong is definitely one of my personal favorite pairings in Infinite!