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Tyler x reader hcs where you guys pretend to be married when teamplier goes on vacation to get a discounted room (sorry it's a bit weird i saw it on a tv show lol)

FAKE MARRIED!!!! I AM HERE FOR THIS (Also I did my best to make this gender neutral which is why I used Mx as a gender neutral title)

- Teamiplier is checking into this super fancy hotel that they scored a major deal on by using expedia or some shit
- But the thing with those hotel websites is that they make mistakes all the time
- So cue to Mark and Tyler taking care of the checking in process, with you, Ethan, Kathryn and Amy right behind them
- And when Tyler gives the receptionist his name she smiles all wide, looking between you and Tyler “Oh congratulations Mr. and Mx. Scheid! We’re so happy to have you staying with us on your honeymoon!” And as you start choking on the bottle of water you were sipping from, the receptionist asks Tyler if you two would prefer a private suite, free of charge.
- Tyler turns bright red, switching his focus from you, trying to make sure you don’t die, and the receptionist “Uh, we’re actually-”
- “They’ll take it! Thank you so much! We’d hate to ruin their oh so special honeymoon.” Mark interjects, waggling his eyebrows at Tyler.
- “Mark!” Tyler turns an even darker shade of red
- “Dude, free room. Probably with free champagne and chocolate and shit.” Mark whispers
- Tyler turns to you to, silently asking if your okay with this. You nod, still trying to wrap your head around the situation
- The room is even nicer than their regular suites
- Plus it does come with champagne and chocolate! And there’s roses on the table and a couples bath set…and a few dozen complimentary condoms.
- The bellhop winks at you and tyler and tells you guys to have fun
- As soon as the door closes it’s just you two and you feel nervous
- “I can sleep on the couch” Tyler offers, because he’s a gentleman and he can tell you’re anxious. He doesn’t know that its because you have a giant crush on him.
- “N-no. I mean, you don’t have to. The bed is pretty big.”
- You both start drinking the champagne, hoping it will take the edge off things
- And it does. You end up getting drunk and giggly, calling each other Mr. and Mx. Scheid.
- You two watch a movie, spooning and eating some chocolate
- “We should do this more often.” He mumbles
- “Lying to hotel managment? Abusing their kindness?” You question
- “No we should be fake married…We should date.”
- “Mmm…maybe when we haven’t each had a half a bottle of champagne.”


Tika masterpost. Yeah, I know people have probably seen a lot of these buuut… I dunno. 

It’s Tika. I love her. @pangur-and-grim expressed at least brief interest in half orientals… I don’t know that she’s halfsies but there’s definitely a LOT of Oriental in her. She can also make her face look more or less wedgie by how much she furrows her brows and fluffs her cheeks (she totally can; she’s got the most mobile face I’ve ever seen on a cat…) She’s my alien-watching, ghost-finding, shiny (oh so shiny) ball of neuroses, and I love her. (the grey fella sleeping with her in one of the above pix is Tidus, who is the current holder of the title of ‘Antique Cat’. Normally Tika won’t stand being close to anyone else but Tidus is so inert she doesn’t mind him.)

Sadly, I am not a photographer and do not own a fancy camera, so I’m sorry some of these are blurry or washed out. Photoshop can only fix so much.

Update of the Smut Tag. Updated April 30, 2017. Number of Recs: 5

Only You by Smokalicious | R: E  | W: 2k+ | 1/1

Sort of based on Kenna and Bash sex scenes from the show Reign but sexed up a bit.

Gendry and Arya were forced to marry and finally bed and love each other.

You Look Fucking Hot In That Suit by Smokalicious | R: E | W: 5k+ | 1/1

Arya & Gendry - Imagine your OTP at a fancy formal event, Person A just sipping some champagne, when Person B suddenly comes up to them and whispers in their ear: “You look so fucking hot in that outfit, if it wasn’t so crowded in here I’d let you fuck me so hard, right here, right now.” And Person A splutters and chokes on their drink.

Sunday Morning by Pire09 | R: E | W: 3k+ | 2/?

It’s Sunday morning and Gendry wakes up to a nice surprise.

English is not my first or even second language, so sorry if there’s mistakes! Also I didn’t think the title….

Acorn Hall 2.0 by bookskitten | R: NR | W: 3k+  | 1/1

The wrestling changed when they grew up.

Count The Stars by Aswornstark | R: E | W: 1k+  | 1/1

They’d been at King’s Landing for a long time, long enough that Arya’s body was no longer so slim and straight. Her curves were lovely and she knew that they did not go unnoticed. She only ever cared to show them to Gendry though. The young stag was Robert’s favoured bastard, holed up in the castle with his legitimate children, much to the Queen’s dismay. Arya was incredibly glad for it as she didn’t have to go too far to be with him. 

Change of plans | Closed RP | lokislittlespider

Thomas was moving through the small crowd of guests to his intended target. Eunice McMichael had been hand chosen by his sister to be his new bride. Lucille was the one who scouted out the perfect victim and he was the lure that drew them in. Eunice had been easy enough to reel in. She was entranced by his title and her fanciful ideas of what that meant like trips to royal balls and meetings with the Queen. The farthest from his reality that he could get but he played the part as he always did.

He hated it.  But he felt trapped. Trapped in a dance that he could not get out of. The young baronet was knee deep in his thoughts when he bumped into another guest. “Oh.. my… I’m ever so sorry.” He divulged as his eyes met those of the red haired beauty that he had so rudely knocked into as he weaved between guests. “Please forgive me… I’m Sir Thomas Sharpe…”


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How would the ROs deal with Michael's erm, attitude?

Alice: Archangel or no, you can kiss my lily-white ass.

Iain: As a Catholic, I feel compelled to respect angels, especially archangels. I somehow doubt they had this in mind however, so with all due respect, I’m going to treat you as you treat me.

Charleston: *Bares his fangs.*

Stephanie: So, how effective are hex pouches on archangels? Why am I asking? Oh, no reason, no reason at all…

Leo: I, uh… I’m sorry? I’m not going to stop seeing Gabriel, however.

Tadea: Look here, you entitled ass, I don’t care what kind of fancy title or how many wings you have, you mess with me and my girlfriend and we’ll see how tough you really are.

Karyn: Whatever.

Tom: *Stares Michael down without flinching.*

Iro: Oh fuck no. Keep that feathery birdbrain well away from me, darling. I don’t do singed.

Aelius: Ah, erm, I really think I should be going anywhere else…

Ramiel: Still as charming as ever. I wouldn’t push your luck, if I were you Michael.

Sabriel: Uh-huh. Now unless you want to actually file a complaint, which by all means, please do, get the hell out of my precinct. You are not authorized to be here. And take your attitude with you.

Zaria: *Smiles sweetly at Michael and signs, pretending she doesn’t understand him. Then goes back to working, ignoring him.*

Ryder: So what do you think my current odds are on being able to kill an archangel? Not good, hmmm? Well, I’ll just have to work on that.

Michael: What attitude?

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(1/2)In (sincere) Defence of Drakon, the time before the Chantry is described in many sources (some of which, admittedly may be biased) as being filled with darkness, doubt and violence. There is after all a reason that since that time nothing short of a disastrous continent-wide war (started and finished with explosive attacks on holy ground) combined with a magister-led demonic invasion warranted the calling of the inquisition. Drakon couldn't have known that the Chantry would abuse it's pow..

Hi, Anonymous person. I never got your part 2, so I’m just going to have to apologise if I utterly miss your point by not having it. I’m trying not to let my Ask box get utterly out of control again, so I’m going to work with what I have.

I keep getting asks like this. They’re all slightly different, obviously, but they all boil down to ‘In defence of the Chantry and/or some major figure in the Chantry, they had very good reasons for oppressing the fuck out of people …’ I collect my facts, and I write up roughly the same response with particular attention to whatever detail the person has asked about.

And I’m very sorry, Anonymous person, but I am so bored. So today I think … document study! Alternative title: How We Know the Chantry and Its Founder Are Full of Shit Even When They Say They Aren’t.

Wine. Music. Poetry. And the wanton and frenzied indulgence of carnal fancies. These things characterized the hedonistic cult known as the Daughters of Song. Calling them an order of the faithful lends them a legitimacy they do not deserve. The daughters (and sons, though they saw themselves also as “daughters”) celebrated Andraste’s holy union with the Maker in almost every way imaginable. And it was only the “holy union” they venerated. Andraste’s life, her war, her teachings, and her sacrifice were blithely ignored.

At its height, the Daughters of Song numbered in the thousands. They maintained a stronghold in a village called Virelay, in the Fields of Ghislain. Virelay saw a yearly event during which the Daughters of Song paraded carven images of the “Maker’s Glory” through the square.

The Daughters of Song were wiped out by the righteous forces of Emperor Drakon during his campaigns to unite all of Orlais. When the emperor’s forces sacked the village, the Daughters would not arm themselves and were either killed or captured. The village was destroyed, and the cult never recovered.

—From Before Andrastianism: the Forgotten Faiths by Sister Rondwyn of Tantervale

I like this text. I like it because it is on the Wiki, so I don’t have to transcribe it from my copies of the World of Thedas books like I do most of the stuff on Kordillus Drakon. But I also like it because it is an excellent example of Bioware putting together a text which would mean one thing to a devout in-universe character, and another thing entirely to the player.

First thing: who wrote it? The author is listed as Sister Rondwyn of Tantervale, so we immediately know we’re looking at a Chantry source. That’s not necessarily damning. Sister Petrine, for example, rates pretty damn highly with me because:

Petrine has been the subject of much criticism in the Chantry for her approach, writing about the greatest evils with almost objective language. At times her tone can even be perceived as contemptuous toward certain truths we hold so sacred.

It is therefore a risk to teach or even to read Petrine. Some of her work is fine and, indeed, helpful. Few outside Ferelden understand the nation so well as those who have read her histories. Lesser texts must be read with a highly critical eye and, in the case of the largely banned Dissonant Verses, thick, black ink.

Andraste’s Bookshelf: Essential Tomes for the Painfully Devout – A Guide for Chantry Faithful by Sister Lilian Hatch

In short? Petrine is awesome. I’ll generally prefer a non-Chantry source if I can get it because, for all her scholarly prowess, Petrine remains a Chantry sister and will not always fully understand other cultures or recognise the abuses perpetrated by the institution to which she belongs. But I am not going to just dismiss what she says out of hand: the lady does her homework and is more than willing to go against the Chantry if she doesn’t think it’s telling the truth.

However, Lilian Hatch lists Before Andrastianism: the Forgotten Faiths among her recommended books without further comment, so in this case we’re looking at approved Chantry history. Every word has a strong pro-Chantry bias.

Second thing: when did she write it? We don’t have an exact publication date, obviously, but another excerpt reads:

In 9:30 Dragon, the Disciples were wiped out by the Hero of Ferelden, who was on a quest to retrieve the Sacred Ashes of Andraste.

From Before Andrastianism: the Forgotten Faiths by Sister Rondwyn of Tantervale

So we’re looking at a modern history. That means her sources are probably shit. That’s just one of the unfortunate facts of writing history: the further you get from an event, the more primary sources you’re likely to lose, and with every lost source you lose a perspective on what happened. But this is also a text about faiths that have been deliberately wiped out. It’s unlikely (though not impossible, of course) that she has actual texts or artefacts from the Daughters of Song themselves. Her sources (assuming a best case scenario where someone has actually preserved the documents) would likely be things like Orlesian campaign despatches, private letters between Drakon and his generals, and official histories that date from the time.

That’s … a bit like using the Res Gestae as your sole source on the life and rule of Augustus, you know? It’s all carefully doctored to present a particular point of view, and if you just stuck to that you’d miss countless people yelling ‘It didn’t happen like that!’

Anything Rondwyn has to say about the Daughters of Song is likely suspect even before she puts her own spin on it.

Third thing: what does she actually say? Every word drips with contempt, obviously. Rondwyn despises these people, even though they have been dead for hundreds of years. She thinks their ways were wrong and they deserved their fate.

But. Strip all that away, and what do we have?

1. The Daughters of Song were Andrastians, although their beliefs differed significantly from those of Drakon and his people. We’re not talking about a minor cult, here: they ‘numbered in the thousands’ which sounds like a respectable size for a religion in that time and place, and there were clearly multiple villages that followed this belief system.

2. It doesn’t sound as though there was a lot of ‘darkness, doubt and violence’ at all. In fact, there is every indication that this was a prosperous and peaceful area:

a) This is a fertility cult. It’s pretty damn clearly a fertility cult, with the all the sex and the phallic imagery. Those are generally associated with people who are praying really hard that the harvest will be good this year so everybody gets to eat.

b) They were dedicated pacifists. To the point where they refused to arm themselves even when Orlais invaded. You’re not likely to get that in a place where resources are scarce, because that kind of economic instability promotes warfare. These people were apparently not raiding each other’s settlements, or making incursions into Orlesian territory. They didn’t have to. They were doing just fine on their own.

c) Even the accusation of ‘hedonism’ implies a certain amount of prosperity. If they had wine, then they were growing grapes, which requires a specific climate. Grapes are also really unlikely to be your staple crop, so they were growing enough of whatever that was to feed themselves and then producing enough wine to be ‘hedonistic’ as a whole civilisation.

d) Their stronghold was in the Fields of Ghislain. That’s Duke Bastien’s territory. You know: Vivienne’s lover and patron. Bastien is a wealthy and respectable figure: his family could afford to have him screw around and play outlaw as a youth, and he’s got quite enough position to weather the scandal of having a mage as his mistress. So we’re talking good farmland, here. These people are making a fortune off the old homeland of the Daughters of Song.

3. Rondwyn’s statement that the Daughters of Song only cared about the ‘holy union’ of the Maker and Andraste is pretty clearly slander:

a) Again: they were pacifists. There’s no automatic direct line between a fertility cult and pacifism. You can’t just get to one from the other without some more thought. They clearly believed that violence was wrong, and that was part of the teachings of Andraste.

b) ‘The daughters and sons, though they saw themselves also as “daughters"’: they had some ideas about gender roles that didn’t mesh with Orlesian beliefs.

We’ll never get a full picture of what these people believed. The sources don’t exist. But when Rondwyn says ‘Andraste’s life, her war, her teachings, and her sacrifice were blithely ignored’ she means ‘as the Chantry sees them’. The Chantry’s sources on Andraste aren’t exactly stellar, so there’s no reason to think they are right and everyone else is wrong. The Daughters of Song seem to have believed in Andraste as a joyful and peaceful figure, whose happiness was a cause for celebration and emulation. The war is important to Orlais because Orlais is warlike. Andraste the warrior is the only thing that interests them.

There’s a thing Mother Giselle says:

Too many see laughter as antithetical to the Chant of Light.They imagine Andraste as a grim warrior all her life, forgetting that she loved and was loved in return. I hope she found time for laughter during her trials.

Dialogue with Mother Giselle

Had the Daughters of Song survived and the Chantry died out, some scholar might be writing ‘They celebrated Andraste’s war with Tevinter in almost every way imaginable.  Andraste’s life, her poetry, her teachings, and her sacred union with the Maker were blithely ignored’.

So what, then, can we see in this text? The Daughters of Song occupied fertile farmland. They were not hostile to Orlais, and they were not well prepared for war. They were also not part of the particular cult to which Drakon belonged.

In invading, he was able to combine the horrors of imperial expansion with the horrors of religious persecution. He took their land and settled his own people on it, which is why it is part of Orlais today, and he wiped out a rival faith that didn’t entirely agree with his own. Then he and his successors wrote histories declaring the people they murdered were evil.

Lilian Hatch reads that, as a Chantry faithful character, and thinks about how holy and righteous Drakon was. The player reads it and thinks ‘What the utter fuck, Drakon? I’d like to raise you from the dead just so I can murder you personally!’

So: to get to your point about how ‘Drakon couldn’t have known that the Chantry would abuse it’s power’. Look at what he did, right there.

Now consider this:

‘There is after all a reason that since that time nothing short of a disastrous continent-wide war (started and finished with explosive attacks on holy ground) combined with a magister-led demonic invasion warranted the calling of the inquisition.’

Never mind the start. I’ve written about why calling the Kirkwall Chantry ‘holy ground’ leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I don’t feel like doing it again. But that second explosion? Oh, yes, let’s talk about that, shall we?

The Temple of Sacred Ashes blew up. Until quite recently, the temple and the village of Haven belonged to the Disciples of Andraste. These people were like the Daughters of Song: a pre-Chantry Andrastian belief system. But these people were survivors. They hid themselves away on a damn frozen mountain that no one could possibly want, and did everything they could to stay hidden.

Despite what Rondwyn says, the village was not wiped out by the Hero of Ferelden (though of course they may have come into conflict with them). That’s a blatant lie. It was wiped out by Chantry forces. And I fucking quote:

The Disciples of Andraste were a dragon cult that lived in the secluded village of Haven in the Frostback Mountains, near the Temple of Sacred Ashes. After the Hero of Ferelden’s discovery of the temple, the Chantry took great interest in the area and sent soldiers to reclaim it. What was left of the cult was forced out of the area. Many died, but at least one, a woman named Tamar, survived in the cold wilderness.

World of Thedas II

I know the Disciples of Andraste weren’t the most fun people to be around. But look at them for a minute. Really look at them. They lived up there by themselves for centuries. They stayed safe and out of sight. They didn’t invade other lands or force people to share their beliefs. And if they were terrified of outsiders and willing to kill to prevent word of their location spreading – well, in retrospect you can see why, right?

The Chantry moved in, and it took their land. It wasn’t of economic interest (which was why the Disciples survived in the first place), but it was of religious interest. They killed most of the people there, and they drove the survivors out to starve in the snow. Remember there were kids in Haven? They’re probably dead now. On the ends of Chantry blades, or of exposure or starvation in the wilderness.

Look at the text on the Daughters of Song. Now look at Haven. Look at the slander Rondwyn heaps on them: she just declares that they are ‘inbred’ and ‘mad’ and therefore their beliefs can be dismissed, because only the Chantry can be right.

There’s a follow up line from that survivor, Tamar. She’s fighting for the Inquisition because Cullen forced her to (I hate him so much) and she says:

The gilded Chantry says only one truth exists. And its servants lie, steal, kill to make it so.

World of Thedas II

Someone give the lady a prize. If that prize can be Cullen’s head on a pike, even better. Can you seriously tell me that you think the Chantry isn’t doing exactly what Kordillus Drakon set it up to do? Because what happened to the Daughters of Song and what happened to the Disciples of Andraste is exactly the same.

Final note, to prove a point: this is just one case study, obviously, mostly because I am sick of doing things like typing up Justinia I’s bio. Pretty much always assume the Chantry is full of shit, okay?

You talk about the Inquisition being reformed as this big, important event. A thing only done in dire circumstances. And I concur: that’s how the characters talk about it in the game.

But. Think about it. Think about what happened to the first Inquisition. It never went away. The original Inquisition signed the Nevarran Accord and became the Templars and the Seekers of Truth. They continued their activities, however, instead of following the belief system of the original cult – which seems to have allowed for more flexibility in beliefs (see: Ameridan) – they adopted the beliefs of the Orlesian Chantry. Obviously the centuries wrought changes: the problems of the Divine Age and the Dragon Age are not identical. But they’ve always been there, and for the longest time they served the Chantry.

You know when the ‘original Inquisition’ reformed, in the truest sense?

In the twentieth year of the Divine Age, the Nevarran Accord was signed. The Seekers of Truth lowered our banner and agreed to serve as the Chantry’s right hand, and together we created the Circle of Magi. With the Circle no more, I hereby declare the Accord null and void. Neither the Seekers of Truth nor the Templar Order recognize Chantry authority, and instead we will perform the Maker’s work as it was meant to be done, as we see fit.

– The Templar Order: End of an Accord

Right there: 9:40 Dragon, when Lord Seeker Lucius Lambert led the Templars and Seekers of Truth away from the Chantry. Now, Lambert is an evil, bigoted fuck and I oppose everything he stands for. But in voiding the Accord he is creating the independent organisation that was the Inquisition anew. They didn’t change the name back. It doesn’t change what they are.

Divine Justinia has what … five whole Templars left? I exaggerate, but her military might is gone. She has virtually no means of imposing her will by force, and the Chantry never learned to play nicely with others. In declaring a ‘new’ Inquisition she is able to recruit under a new banner: re-establish her ‘Templars’ without engaging in a fight over who gets to own the name.

It’s a clever political move, yes. But, as with all things the Chantry says, its relationship to the truth is questionable at best.

I’m just going to conclude with a line from Tamar again, because she knows her stuff:

Your Chantry goes belly up, the Inquisition steps in. Always something to keep the same people in power.

Tamar Dialogue

There’s no excusing Drakon or the Chantry. They know what they’re doing. They’re taking what they want and slaughtering their enemies. And then they’re telling everyone they were righteous to do it.

How to make mind maps!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season :) I’ve received a lot of compliments on my mind maps (thank you so much for that!), so I decided to put together a step by step overview on how I make them. Here is the link to my previous post. *Sorry for the terrible blurring job I did lol 

First, I start with my title (pretty obvious here). Feel free to make it as colorful or as fancy as you’d like, but try and stick with a color scheme. I chose red (I prefer to use just one color throughout in different shades). 

Then, I branch off into ONE section. I’ve seen a lot of people start off by branching off into all their sections first, but I think doing it section by section gives you a lot of room to work with the spacing. Write your heading and notes underneath. I think it all depends on personal preference how you want to write your notes - in short summaries, bullet points, or maybe just a few key words that help bring back your memory on the subject. All up to you :) 

Next, I start working my way around the paper, using my method of going one section at a time. Use lots of diagrams if you’re a visual learner! Even if you can’t draw to save your life *cough me cough* it still helps a lot. Just a tip: when you’re making diagrams, it helps if you draw them on sticky notes, then glue them on to your mind map because it helps them stand out. Also write down vocab words! 

I use a lot of dashed lines to show relevant connecting ideas. And on a side note, if your spacing gets a bit crowded, like mine did a few times, it’s a good idea to separate your sections with cute little zig zags or squiggles :) 

Remember that YOU CAN USE THE BACK!!! If you have an overload of info you want to get down, put some sticky notes on the back of the paper, or maybe like a large diagram. I like to put my mind maps in clear binder sleeves, so writing notes on the back doesn’t hinder my ability to use them at all. 

If you don’t write anything on the back, it’s a good idea to put 2 mind maps in a single binder sleeve just to save resources… and plus it looks really cool in a binder haha. Here’s an example: 

I hope this helped at least a few of you out! Remember that not all mind maps look the same, and you’re completely free to use whatever method works for you. Whether your handwriting is neat or messy, whether you’re a good or bad artist, this is just to help you study. If mind maps don’t help you out at all, please don’t waste time making them because this is for your benefit! Good luck to everyone in 2016, make it your year :) 

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could you do headcanons for the RFA and Saeran ( if its not too much !! )picking up MC from university and shes wearing this short skirt and holding their hand when they are driving and maybeee...putting their hand on her tight..?? But it doesnt have to be NSFW since most people arent confortable with that and I do not want you to be unconfortable

Yeah, I don’t do NSFW scenarios lol
But your headcanons are cute so I’ll do some of them ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
((Btw I’m typing this on my phone so sorry for the spelling mistakes and lack of fancy titles and bulletpoints))



•University MC!
-Saeran always picks you up from school, no matter what.
-He tries to help you with homework sometimes, but honestly gets annoyed by your complaining and questions (he means well though)
-He’s not a fan of social events, but is actually super excited for your graduation (not that he’d admit it)

•Regular MC!
-You guys leave every Saturday night empty to relax together. You’ll never make plans on Saturdays unless it’s urgent.
-Cuddling is rare, but when you do it, he likes to be the big spoon.
-When relaxing together, you’ll both watch random sitcoms and make fun of the bad acting together.

•Random Headcanons!!!!
-You like to brush his hair
-He likes seeing you wear his clothes
-You both adopt a cat and name it Elizabeth IV (much to Saeran’s displeasure)


I’m not really confident when writing headcanons, so sorry if they’re not that good (;ω;)
These are kinda rushed ‘cause my seventh period is about to start so BYE


Penny: Anyway, on to the introductions, hm?
???: Guess we could use the extra hands around here… [sigh]
Penny: The one with the man bun is Green, the other guy is Coleman.
Coleman and Green: Hey.
Penny: Shenandoah is the one with braids, she’s like our… our town mayor.
Shenandoah: I’m just the one who found this place, no need for a fancy title.
Penny: Hayley is the one with the crazy red hair. Kenzie here is a murderer on the run, so try not to let her too close to the knives.
Kenzie: I already told you that I’m not a murderer! 😥

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Big Bang Daesung Scenario: You Tell Endless Corny Jokes

Hey guys! I’m sorry that this has taken me so long. I got a job on campus so now my open Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedules in the afternoon are now taken up by working. I’m the radio station student manager which is a fancy job title. Anyway, as always, if there is anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Let’s get into this, shall we?


     Anonymous:  Daesung to your bad, endless corny jokes.

I got a cute idea so I hope you don’t mind! Also, this may be one of the hardest scenarios I have ever had to write because I absolutely hate puns. I honestly had to ask for help and that terrifies me…. The reaction for this is based on the recent interview that Taeyang did where he revealed that he is a dad joke junky and the only person that occasionally entertains those jokes is GD. So, yeah, just so you know. I’m sorta up to date on my boys XD.

     "I have a challenge for you, Jagiya,“ Daesung turns to face you, resting his chin in his hand. You were both quietly laying in bed for the evening. You were reading while he played on his phone.
     "And what would that be, Daytime?” You turn your book over, sitting up on the bed and crossing your legs.
     "I challenge you to go one day without making ridiculous jokes,“ He sits up too, leaning his back against the headboard.
     "What do I get when I when?” You run a hand through your hair as you give him a questioning look.
     "If you win, I’ll take some time off of work and we’ll go on a vacation,“ He grins at you, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear.
     You loved Daesung’s reaction when you told your jokes. At first, they only happened on rare occasions, but whenever you told a joke, he would either groan or just stare at you blankly. You couldn’t help but find it cute, although it was difficult to not find everything that he did adorable since he was basically literal sunshine. He was always smiling and happy and it made your days a little bit brighter, hence the nickname.
     "Are you serious?” You’re honestly a little shocked. Not so much that he was offering this contest, he does things like this all the time, but that he was offering such a high reward. Since he’s an idol, he works a lot and he can’t be home as much as you would like him to be. The two of you had been talking about going a vacation for a while but his schedule never seemed to allow it,“ Can you honestly take off time for that?”
     "I wouldn’t offer if I couldn’t do it, now would I, Jagiya?“ Daesung’s expression is teasing as he leans forward to give you a quick kiss,” I’ll even be nice and let the time start now. So, if you go the whole day without telling me any puns or stupid jokes, including through text, then we’ll go on vacation. We can even leave next week.“
     "I’m definitely gonna win then!” You can’t hide the excitement in your voice. You know something seems off about this whole contest but you just rolled with it. You really, really wanted to go on a vacation with him.
     Not long after, the two of you fell asleep after agreeing that the contest would end if you made it 9:00 pm without saying any puns to him. The next day seemed to go by fast. You had to stop yourself multiple times from texting Daesung random puns and jokes you heard throughout the day which was one of your daily traditions.
     Back at home, Daesung called you to let you know he was going to be late. You made dinner for the two of you and wrapped up Daesung’s so you could reheat it when he got home. Daesung walks through the door at 10:51 and you were swerving between emotions of guilt and excitement as you heated up his dinner.
     "I feel guilty,“ You admit, biting your lip as you set his dinner in front of him. He raises his eyebrow at you as he starts to eat?
     "Why?” He asks in between bites.
     "The contest was that I wasn’t supposed to tell you puns but you weren’t even here so that seems almost like cheating or something,“ You bite your lip, resting your chin in your hand.
     "I did it on purpose,” He admits, after he finishes his food. He’s always been a fast eater so you weren’t that surprised.
     "What do you mean?“ Daesung lets his fingers ghost down your cheek as you speak.
     "I knew how much you wanted to go on a vacation together and I wanted to treat you since you so rarely allow me to. I knew you would feel guilty if you didn’t feel like you earned it. This contest was the only thing I could think of,” Daesung pulled an envelope from his bag and hands it to you. Inside are some tickets to a prime vacation spot.
     "How does me not telling puns equal a high end vacation?“ Your brows furrow in confusion until he smooths them would with his thumbs.
     "Honey, your jokes are horrible,” He shakes his head in mock shame.
     "To you, maybe. That being said, I have to make up for 24 hours of being unable to tell you puns,“ You giggle a little, already excited for you next jokes. Daesung sighs.
     "You get two and then we’re gonna cuddle and get some rest since we have some planning to do,” Daesung leans back in his chair, crossing his arms as if to protect himself from your oncoming horrible jokes.
     "What a time during the day that horses love?“ You wait for him to look at you before continuing,” Hay-time.“
     "Okay, that’s one. That joke was absolutely horrible,” Daesung physically shudders, groaning.
     "What do you call it when it’s the day of your one year dating anniversary?“ Daesung raises his eyebrows at this one,” Bae-time.“
     "Did you look up Daytime jokes to get back at me!?” Daesung shouts incredulously.
     "Maybe,“ You grin at him before they quickly turn into peals of laughter as Daesung tickles you. This is the man you love and you couldn’t be happier to be by his side.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

Almost is Never Enough Part 3

Summary: Today you start your new job, but when things don’t go according to plan, you finding yourself wanting to talk to Jinyoung, but does he want to talk to you anymore?

Genre: Angst

Length: 2606

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The next day you had managed to wake up with a smile on your face somehow. You had spent half the night crying, because you had blown your opportunity to confess your feelings to Jinyoung, and in the process, you were sure you had broken his heart. At first you didn’t realize why you had lied to him and hurt him so much, when all you wanted was to be with him that night. Then in the middle of the night, the realization hit you. You couldn’t give up your dream job for him, when it hadn’t even started, and you would never ask Jinyoung to give up his life for you. Logistically, there was no way the relation would work, and your brain had been protecting your heart when you told him you didn’t love him.

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Okay, so, the second volume for Danganronpa Kirigiri is huge, so rather than put it in summarized format like before, I wrote it out in bulletpoint. I’m also going to break it up into three separate posts that I’ll space out publishing, so that you readers can digest the whole thing easier and I have time to look it over. It’s a pretty complete summary. If you’d like to read my summary of the first volume, check out the post or go through my ‘dangan ronpa kirigiri’ tag for further clarification!

The titles of each chapter come with Japanese, with the kana above it saying something else which I’ve put in brackets. This book did not come with more illustrations, only diagrams that illustrate the case, so I’m sorry that you’ll be facing the Berlin wall of text.

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(EDIT: 3 slots are taken! 2 more slots has been left for the run!)

So I re-opened for commissions! To avoid that huge-ass delay like last time, I decreased my opened slots, - sorry for that, though! It’s all for your good (and mine too, really!)


  • What I will draw:

- Max. 2 characters!!!

- OCs/FanOCs/Characters

  • What I won’t draw:

- Pornographic content

- Basically that. (But if you are unsure about your commission idea, just drop me an ask!)

  • Slot and payment instructions:

- Send me an email to, including your chosened style and character(s), - also some references, if needed. (OCs and fanOCs) Also give some fancy title to your email, related with the subject, so I’ll know, it’s about commission (not just some spam or something similar)!

- You can specify a situation for the characters, although, please do not make it too complicated!

- Payment must be sent via paypal ( beforehand. When sending, please select the option below:

If you have any questions left, feel free to ask! And as always, thank you for your time! :)

I’m not a baby!

Emma didn’t really have much of a destination in mind when she began to wander the streets of Metro City. She certainly didn’t have a plan either. She felt as if this city were like a jungle of sorts, not much different than her home.. except with exceptionally more people in it. It gave her an odd sense of deja-vu.. one that she didn’t necessarily like on occasion, but now she didn’t mind it so much.

Reacting to a sudden desire to swim, she turned without looking, running right into somebody. She yelped, forced to do some fancy footwork in order to not fall over. 

“Shit! Shit I’m sorry!” Emma said, quick to apologize as she looked to the person she had ran into