sorry my hands are shaky


Designs of the trio for the Camp Camp Crime AU, my hands are shaky– Sorry!
Max - he’s a paperboy but he’s a nasty pickpocket and would prolly break into your house to steal your stuff.
Nikki - i actually had two ideas for her background but i decided on the idea that she’s in a wealthy family and is the heir but she doesn’t want to take over their wealth. She often sneaks out and hang out with street rats like Max and joins him in being a thief.
Neil - he’s his father’s assistant and helps him out in the lab making some… “good stuff”. 

shuunaru  asked:

I just wanted to say that I think your artwork and art style is seriously AMAZING. I love the way you draw all the characters (especially izuru and Ouma) and your AUs are so good!! Your art blog is one of my favorites c: Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! You’ve made this potato very touched and happy with your kind words, you don’t even know ;w; I’ve seen your name a lot so I also want to thank you for the support!! I wanted to reply a lot sooner but I was away and also sick;; I’m back now and wanted to reply with art but my hands are a little stiff from the lack of drawing for the past 2 weeks ah;; the day I saw your message I was at a flower cafe, so this happened haha.

/it’s not nice to tease your elders, ouma/ also pt.2 of how kamu gets sleepy when people play with his hair/

My part of the trade with @shiroarts