sorry my hands are shaky

Okay but listen to me

My hands are all shaky and my throat hurts sorry in advance (for typos)

I was in the tag (obviously) and i saw this post then randomly decided that i should search google for those images.

Curious about what i got?



(i am still shaking and screaming lol)

Ask-Away! (Holy shit im new to this so please be easy on me! xD) Demon Makkachin! He’s kinda based of a hellhound (still working on him. Probs i will add demon wings etc..) Thanks you! I got inspired mainly by @incubusyuuri and @priestvictor! Ohh and my main blog is @marythegoldenwolf! (Sorry if my art is weird) still working on the tittle an bio!

- Inbox open!

All the hearts I managed to do. Sorry if I didn’t get a chance to do yours. Sorry if the writting is hard to read. My hand gets reall shaky.

Sans - Toby
Swap - @popcornpr1nce]
Fell - Fandom
Error - @loverofpiggies
Reaper - @renrink
Ink - @comyet
Gear - @underloadhell @kazzy-bat
Evan - @pyrokitten
Palette - @angexci
Goth - @nekophy
Melon- @missladytale
Sugar - @sugartalesans
Lavender - @lavender-sans
Sylphy- @underfaerie @xxtheaufactoryxx
Rose and Irn-Bru!Sans - Moi


Shelter was just… The best. I’m still not over it, and all the jumping and singing and dancing destroyed me, both mentally and physically. (No lie. My muscles are literally aching.) But I loved it, so, so much, and it was the perfect first electronic music concert ever.

The visuals were amazing and beautiful, and I could barely look away. The music was perfect, an awesome blend of Porter and Hugo, and they were amazing too. I was so close. Maybe 20 feet away. Everything was insane and beautiful and I couldn’t stop singing and dancing (so sorry about my shaky hands, haaa). I destroyed my voice. But it was worth it. It was all worth it- even though I didn’t meet Hugo and Porter- because I saw them, right in front me. My two favorite people, right in front of me, for the first time. No computer screen and thousands of miles between us. It blew my mind, I still am having trouble comprehending. And I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, never in a million years.

For @kumafromtaiwan
An early birthday gift. I drew this before and wanted to wait for your birthday but I noticed I will be busy and won’t be able to post then so I decided to post now. I hope you like it and I know we are not really friends and all but you’re amazing Kuma I know you get told that a lot but it’s true. You’re a real inspiration.

Also sorry for the shaky not straight lines. My hands shake sometimes when drawing on tablet.