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I just wanted to say that I think your artwork and art style is seriously AMAZING. I love the way you draw all the characters (especially izuru and Ouma) and your AUs are so good!! Your art blog is one of my favorites c: Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! You’ve made this potato very touched and happy with your kind words, you don’t even know ;w; I’ve seen your name a lot so I also want to thank you for the support!! I wanted to reply a lot sooner but I was away and also sick;; I’m back now and wanted to reply with art but my hands are a little stiff from the lack of drawing for the past 2 weeks ah;; the day I saw your message I was at a flower cafe, so this happened haha.

/it’s not nice to tease your elders, ouma/ also pt.2 of how kamu gets sleepy when people play with his hair/

The fact that exclusionists believe they are “protecting” the community through this awful gatekeeping baffles me. Literally all their rhetoric hurts not only LGBT/queer people, POC, CSA survivors, but their own cause. Like, really. I’m agender but that doesn’t mean I’ve never been enbyphobic. I’m neurodivergent but that doesn’t mean I’ve never been ableist.

You can spew hatred no matter who you are. Especially when you decide copied TERF rhetoric is the best way to exclude someone just because you don’t understand or care to understand their experiences.

A Hot Situation (smut)

Reader x Jack Maynard

Minutes before you left from your last meeting your boyfriend, Jack, had sent you a worrying message, saying the heating had broken in your apartment.

You start to prepare for the worst on your way home, cold air, frozen windows…frozen boyfriend. But when you finally enter the apartment hot air hits you hard.

“Jack, what’s going on, I thought it’s gonna be bloody cold here?” you shout. Jack comes out from the living room, wearing only black Calvin Klein boxers. A sight you’re more than happy with. While he explains the situation he walks closer and closer to you, so you can see sweat running down his body, his wet six-pack shining in the light of the lamp.

After Jack finishes his story, he greets you with a deep kiss and starts to take off your clothes. “Hey, easy boy, let me put my stuff in the bedroom.” you stop him. As he said the situation is even worse there. You put your stuff away, then quickly take off your clothes, leaving just a black bra and panties on.

You walk to the living room, finding your boyfriend sitting on the couch, drinking water. You sit next to him, asking for some water. While he hands it over, the glass slips in his sweaty hand and half of the water lands on you. “Oh no, your bra and panties got wet…hm…you have to take them off, babe.” he says with a smirk. You stand up and quickly pour the remaining water on his boxers. “Oh sorry babe, my hands are a bit shaky these days…now you have to take off your boxers.” you say, and with that you slowly unclasp your bra and throw it on the floor. Jack stands up, steps closer to you and grabs the hem of your panties and slowly pulls them down. Now it’s your turn to remove his boxers.

When you get rid of them, you remain on your knees, keeping eye contact with him. You see the lust in his eyes, so you immediately take control in your hands. You start pumping his member until it gets semi-hard, then you slowly take him in your mouth. He takes your hair in his hands and starts controlling your movements. You bob your head up and down, faster and faster, causing Jack to moan your name.

When he feels he’s close, he stops you, saying to stand up. He starts kissing you, feeling the taste of his member in your mouth. He slowly departs your legs and starts massaging your clit, causing you to moan into his mouth. You only depart for a short time, letting Jack sit you down on the couch. He spreads your legs wide open and blows hot air on your sensitive area. “Stop the teasing Jack, do something!” you demand. You don’t have to warn him twice, he immediately pushes two fingers into you and pumps them on a fast pace, causing you to scream in pleasure. If this wasn’t enough, he starts drawing eights around you clit, driving you crazy, then making you orgasm after a few seconds.

He barely lets you to catch your breath because he quickly positions his hard penis to your entrance. After rubbing the tip of his member to your already sensitive clit for a few times, he pushes into you, causing the both of you to moan loudly. You grab onto his shoulders while he’s madly thrusting in and out of you. You feel a knot tighten in your stomach, and your walls clenching around Jack’s member. You warn him that you’re close. “Me too, babe.” he answers. His moves get sloppier and then his juices fill you. After a few thrusts he makes you cum as well, making sure the both of you ride out your highs.

You place a gentle kiss on his shoulder while catching your breath, tasting the salty sweat on him which now covers all his body, just like it covers yours.