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Siri doesn't Like To Call Home

I saw a prompt on hiddenlarrysmut and well this happened, Sorry my hand slipped.

Prompt: Louis is in front of everyone and tries calling his dad and uses Siri, but Siri messes up and it says calling daddy and Harry’s phone rings

Homesickness gets to everyone on tour, it’s just the way it is with the boy’s job. Especially when you only get to really see your family a couple days out of the year because of all the touring. Today though it was just really hitting Louis especially hard, No particular reason why it just was. It was about a couple of hours till their next performance and all the lads were spending it by chilling out in one of the dressing rooms and messing about when he really felt homesick.

Louis was beginning to get antsy and anxious and decided maybe he should call home. But before he could do that his boyfriend Harry already noticed his keyed up behavior since Louis had been fidgeting since he sat down on his lap. So Harry decided to do something about it and grabbed Louis’ face gently with his hands and turned his head towards him and kissed his lips softly and sweetly causing Louis to hold back the idiotic grin that was threatened to split across his face.

“What was that for?” Louis whispered as a light pink started to show on his cheeks. Harry shrugged “Nothing just looked liked you could use a kiss or two.” and at the end of his sentence he swooped in and kissed Louis’ cheek sloppily. Causing Louis to laugh and shove at Harry’s shoulders “Ok you sap doesn’t mean you put spit all over my cheek either.” But you could begin to see the crinkles by Louis’ eyes knowing he really wasn’t all that bothered.

“Oi you two lovebirds quit it, I can feel the infatuation from over here!” Niall shouted across the room breaking them out of the little bubble that they created between themselves. Louis snickered and stood up and sat at the other end of the couch causing Harry to pout. “Is this better for you Irish!” Louis yelled while taking out his phone. Niall smiled and shook his head “Nah mate because in less than five minutes you will be back in the same position.” Harry barked out a laugh and Louis’ smile got even bigger if that was even possible. “Well Neil if you must know im about to call home so you have no problem with that happening.” Just to prove to Niall he was calling home he opened up Siri and said “Call dad”. While Louis sat there smugly he was to late to realize that Siri actually begin to call “Daddy” until it was to late.

“Calling Daddy” Siri chirped throughout the room and before Louis could even stop it, Harry’s phone started going off on the couch having all the boys stare at it before looking at Louis then back at the phone again. Louis lunged at the phone and shut it off with a red face before settling back down into the couch again hearing nothing but a silent room. It seemed a lot of timed had passed before Niall cackled loudly with Liam and Zayn right behind him saying something about “You kinky fuckers!!” Louis looked up from his lap to across the couch where his boyfriend just winked at him with a grin on his face.

Louis couldn’t help but have a small smile on his face because ok yeah maybe they were a little outside the box with their sex life, but as long as its with his boy Louis doesn’t mind so much.

It’s Bones’ first Christmas alone since he enlisted in Starfleet, and after the year he’s had, he doesn’t think celebrating is something he’s going to do this year. So, while everyone else is partying and kissing under the mistletoe, he’s out at some dingy bar getting so drunk that he can barely stand.  When he manages to stumble back into his apartment, he pours himself a few fingers of whiskey.

“Alcohol poisoning be damned,” he mutters, and downs the glass.  At least if he dies tonight he’ll be with Jim for Christmas.

“Merry Christmas darlin’”


gristol asked:

probably stupid random dishonored headcanon time! samuel beechworth is the only known person who ever rejected the outsiders gift; the outsider did not have him obliterated due to a mutual respect for the boatman.

Samuel is interesting. This is a truth, for his thoughts are stable and hum gently and ebb and flow like the waves. They are gentle, and The Outsider falls a little in love with him.

The Outsider comes to him in dreams and offers him his gifts, but Samuel is a simple man. He says no, and smiles when the Outsider comes close. ‘I am nothing special,’ Samuel Beechworth tells him, and the fact that he believes it starts a shiver in the Outsider.

‘You will be,’ The Outsider tells him, and when Samuel wakes he does not remember. The Outsider leaves lights in the waters of the Wrenhaven when Samuel leaves the sea, where his great beasts cannot touch him. He colours Samuel’s dreams with memories and what-ifs when he is older, dotting his subconscious with premonitions. The Outsider touches Samuel’s heart and wonders if anyone would desire it as much as he does, when the good boatman is dead.