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“I want to be the president for two years and am impeached successfully after a fake scandal. Then, the following year I’m vindicated, and everyone wants me to be president again but I’m busy with other stuff.” [x]


It’s been a while but here are some more doodles of that Parental Bill AU where Bill ends up raising Dipper 

Eventually, Bill realizes that his intentions to restart weirdmaggedon aren’t going the way they’re supposed to

since developing feelings and caring for Dipper weren’t part of the plan- but then again, there’s something that makes Bill’s nonexistent heart warm when he hears the kid laugh 

Also at some point, Bill can’t make himself hurt Dipper no matter what. He is utterly doomed. 

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 🌈PART 9

🌈Jungkook moves in a new apartment and everything there is perfect: especially the cutie next door that keeps scolding him

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(Not a prompt) When A proposed to M she's sent a text with a location that M assumed was a case and so M arrives and runs into this warehouse that is familiar and she sees drawn out DNA structures placed on the walls and M's confused because where is everyone? Where's the threat? And then A comes out of the shadows and points at the first DNA structure and says, "Our first case together, Infernian, you got kidnapped, I threatened a very large d-bag and saved your ass." (Part 1)

(Part 2 got eaten fml) (Cont) and M is still kinda like ??? Because her gf is so amazing and she’s pretty sure she knows where this is going and she does the soft head tilt and says “I love you, you know that?” And A smiles and is like “well that’s good cause what I’m about to say is leaning on that.” And A is on one knee and she’s smiling up at the love of her life and “Mags, you’re the love my life and I don’t know where I’d be without you” (pt3)     (Cont) and Maggie is just lowkey crying because she’s a tough!softie and Maggie is saying yes yes yes and Alex is kissing her and there’s loud squealing from the distance and Maggie is like “Kara come out now” and Kara comes out and alex is like “Kara I told you to leave incase she said no” and M is like ????whywouldisayno?? And K is like “Everyone is at my apartment freaking out I couldn’t leave them hanging” and M is like everyone??? And Kara smiles (pt4)         (Cont) and Kara picks them both up by the arm and M is like “KARA I AM STILL AFRAID ON HEIGHTS THIS IS A HARD NO” and Alex is just so in love and they get back to k’s apartment and Lucy and J'onn and Jeremiah and M'gann and James and Winn and Eliza and Maggie’s Aunt are there and Maggie just starts crying and everyone is like no!!!!! Cause most of them have never seen M cry except that one time A almost died and M is just like “I never thought I’d be here and happy and I just,” (pt5)         (Cont) and then they all hug and Jeremiah is like “you picked a good one kiddo” and Eliza smiles and Winn calls A a nerd cause of how she proposed and James takes pics and J'onn and M'gann and Kara are all so happy because they lost everything and they still have this amazing family and Lucy jokes that she’ll still date either of them and Maggie’s aunt is just, so proud and M and A are so in love and M is just like “So Danvers where’s my ring” and A is like “Shit I knew I forgot smth” (pt6/7?)   (Cont) anyway they live gay ever after and maybe there’s an alien kid and NO man-hell and a happy lesbian death years down the road on in their sleep two days apart and they love each other and there’s fights but they always fall asleep facing each other and this got long but whatevs I’m gay and so are they (prt6/7/the last one)            

Anyway they live gay ever after.             

I’m sorry but the thought of AgentCorp makes me WEAK


this was the beginning of something beautiful tbh (if only in my mind)

ugh they would look so good together

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Two badass, strong, independent women with a STEM background

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But they can both be soft af at times

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Like damn they would be so interesting together! I just can’t stop thinking about it.

I wonder if Chyler and Katie would be into it?