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omg can u please please do sayo x tsugu i cant believe they are so cute together bushimo is dragging me deeper into hell each event

i honestly really love them together too!! i feel like tsugu would keep sayo grounded and sayo would inspire tsugu to work hard and try her best (´・ω・`)

based from this 4koma!


I blame this entirely on the Didscord. This is YOUR FAULT. I hope you’re proud now.
So how long does Oikawa run around with that sign stuck to his back? :’D

So I heard Keith’s the original silver child and I died OTL | Redbubble



Eleven + “Mike”

“Did you see Matt take his little sister out for Halloween? She was too timid to go as a padawan by herself. So the kid went out as a jedi and brought her along.”

Halloween with the Holts for Inktober 2,5. I figure Pidge only grew out of being a shy kid with age. Being costumed out in public is embarassing stuff!!