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#also THIS is how he was supposed to “land”. after reading journal 3 and remembering the show. that’s like… i call bullshit to #that entrance. he was supposed to get there like this lmao falling like the stupid jerk he is

i agree 100%

  • Widowmaker: i have you now cheri
  • Tracer, down for the count: aw what then? you gonna shoot me?
  • Widowmkaer: what's that? you want me to step on your face?
  • Tracer: wha? no i-
  • Widowmaker: oh well, since you insist-!
  • Tracer: hey ah-!
  • Widowmaker: oh, step harder you say?
  • Tracer, squished: ahmmhdwaha anmm aw aaaaaa
  • Widowmkaer: i'm sorry i can't hear you over my foot on your face
  • Tracer: aw hm hmhm aha urraa
Scott Summers x Sibling!Reader

A/N: This was requested by @dreamybrowneyes for #2 and #3 with Scott Summers. I really hope you like it! And sorry for my awful grammar. #2:“Your faces makes me angry.” #3:“Do you think I’m pretty.?” ————————————————- You loved your brothers, Alex and Scott, but bothering them was your favorite thing to do. Especially Scott because you always got the best reactions out of him. For example you poured ice cold water on him, and embarrassed in front of his crush, Jean Grey. He didn’t talk to you for a week. But in your defense a week prior to that, he kept doing jump scares and you were his main target. Once he forgave you, thanks to Alex. He spent for time with you again. You two were sitting on the couch waiting for Jubilee and Jean to get back from the mall, when Scott said, “Y/N, your face makes me angry. Like all the time.” “Scott.” “Hm?” “If I were you, I’d sleep with one eye open tonight.” “Are you threatening me Y/N?” “Yes.” ———————————- Later that night you decided to Scott back again, for all the things he’s done before and what he said today. You knew it had to be good, so you decided to get Jean, Jubilee, Storm, and Kurt in on it. Storm suggested whip cream in the hand and tickle his nose, but Jubilee had a better idea. ————————————————————– “Y/N!” Scott yelled from his room, stomping through the halls. “I’m guessing he saw it.” Jean said to you. Scott came stomping into the room. You guys had the great idea, thanks to Jubilee to put clown make up on his face. “Morning Brother.” You said trying not to laugh. “Really?” “I hate you.” “I wouldn’t have been successful without Jean, Jubilee, Storm, and Kurt.” “Wow! My sister and my friends gang up on me….guys I have a question.” “What?” “Do you think I’m pretty?” “Yes.” You all said together. A/N:Sorry it this was awful. I wrote during class so yeah.

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I'm sorry I need to rant. I'm so angry. My ex best friend who was severely abusive to me (like got me to self harm and all) faked depression and anxiety for attention from her mom (it was suddenly cured when her mom stopped showering her in money and merch as much) and it's making me feel so awful, like??? I don't struggle all day for you to throw it in my face??? Ugh....

I’m so sorry anon. That sounds like such an awful situation :(. I’m really glad you’re away from your ex friend now!! Seems like it needs to stay that way! There’s obviously something deeply not okay within them but you don’t deserve any of that! I’m really happy you were able to say “yeah okay I’m cutting you off” because tbh that’s so hard to do. You’re obviously a very strong and wonderful person!