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Joker’s Daughter Part 4

She doesn’t make it. The doctors say that Y/N coded on the table, that they did everything they possibly could but they couldn’t bring her back. The damage was too extensive. The bullet had clipped her heart, and caused massive internal hemorrhaging.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Joker. There was nothing anyone could have done” The doctor said softly. They had tried to kick Red Hood out but eventually just accepted the fact that he wasn’t going to leave the hospital.

The joker collapse in the vacant chair beside Jason, both men completely in shock. Y/N couldn’t be dead, there had to be some kind of mistake. “She’s dead? My Princess is dead?”

“There has to be some kind of mistake!” Harley shrieked, “You’re lying! You have to be lying!”

Joker shot up out of the chair, “He isn’t lying! You fucking killed her! You killed out daughter!” He whips out a gun, “I’m gonna kill you, bitch. You took her away from me!”

Harley’s eyes are wide in panic, she glanced desperately at Red Hood, who’s just sitting there, “You aren’t going to let him kill me, are ya? You can’t let him kill me! It’s against Batman’s rules!”

“It’s a good thing I’m not Batman then, isn’t it?”

Of course, Joker doesn’t’ manage to kill Harley in the hospital, that would have been too easy. Instead the two have a huge public fight in the middle of Gotham city. Ivy joins Harley’s side, having her plants attack the Joker’s men. Joker uses his entire arsenal against the two, he sends out his men, bombs, Joker gas, everything that he has, the Joker uses.

Jason’s comm beeps, “Hood, I need you downtown, Harley and Joker are at it again”

“I’m busy, B. Just let them kill each other and we’ll be fine”

“You know I can’t do that. Civilians are at risk”

“No there aren’t, B! Joker had his men round everyone up and get them out”

There was a pause, “The Joker has never been concerned with human life. Why would he now?”

“His dead daughter, Y/N, was always concerned about human life. He’s doing it in her memory”

“Is that what all of this is about?” Robin’s voice echoes over the comm. “All of this fighting is about the death of one stupid girl?”

“She wasn’t stupid!” Jason shouts, “I’m going to find a way to bring her back, B. Just you wait”

“We talked about this, Hood. Do you really want her to come back like you? Insane? Angry? Scared?”

“Thanks for that vote of confidence, Batman, but she won’t come back like me. I’ve found something. Something similar to the Lazarus Pit, but it brings people back from the dead. The Pit can’t do that, it can only heal, but it’s sister can do so much more”

“NO!! You can’t bring people back from the dead! It’s isn’t natural, Hood!”

“I’m sorry, B. I’ll see you when I get back”

Jason tosses out the comm off the edge of the roof and turns toward the morgue. He knew that there was a risk, bringing someone back from the dead, he was living proof of that, but he had to do something.

Smuggling a body out of the hospital wasn’t as easy as Jason thought it would be, especially a body that was guarded by the Joker’s men, but Jason managed it. He even managed to steal one of Batman’s jets. He had to keep her body on ice, to make sure that it didn’t start rotting.

“Don’t you worry, sweetheart. I’ll get you back. I’ll get you back and then you can stop this damn war that will tear apart Gotham if we don’t do anything”

Jason gets as close to the League’s compound as he can without being detected. The Lazarus Pit’s sister resides in a cave that is located underneath the compound. Jason isn’t sure how he was going to get Y/N’s body to the pit, but he did know that it wasn’t guarded. So Jason just decided to carry her body there, and hopefully go unnoticed.

The glowing blue light the emanated from the pit filled the cave with light. It was eerie, it reminded Jason a lot of the Lazarus Pit, the one that had driven him mad. He really hoped that the research he had done was enough, that it really would bring Y/N back to life. Jason slowly approaches the edge of the water, takes a breath, and then steps in. Slowly, so slowly, Jason lower’s Y/N into the glowing blue water, submerging her completely.

“Please let this work” he whispered

Suddenly there is movement under Jason’s hands. He immediately yanks her up, bringing her head above the water, but keeping the rest of her submerged. Y/N was struggling against him, her breath is shallow, but slowly getting better as her wounds heal.

“Jay ….” She gasped out, one hand gripping the front of Jason’s shirt, “Wha…?”

“Shh, sweetheart, shh. You’re alright, you’re okay, I got you”

“What happened?” Her eyes are wide, afraid, but she isn’t fighting. The new Pit worked, so far she didn’t have the pit madness, she was alright.

“You were shot. You …” Jason gulped, “you died. Harley shot you, the doctors couldn’t save you, so I had to”

Waking up submerged in a glowing blue pool wasn’t something anyone would want. Waking up to the pain of feeling your internal organs knitting themselves back together is probably worse. But being able to breath clean air for the first time in what feels like forever, is absolute bliss.

You look up and make eye contact with Jason, opening your mouth several times before a sound finally comes out, “Jay …” You reach out, desperate for some kind of contact, “Wha…?”

Even though Jason tries to reassure you, tried to tell you that everything is okay, you have the distinct feeling that it isn’t. You feel like you’re missing something, like there’s a gap in your memory. You don’t know how you got here, where here even is. You want to ask why Jason is crying. “What happened?”

Once you and Jason manage to stumble out of the blue water, he takes you to a jet, Batman’s jet.

“Jason Todd! Did you steal Batman’s jet?”

Jason chuckles, “It was the only way to get out here in a hurry, and he wouldn’t give me the keys!”

You chuckle and strap yourself in, “Are we going back to Gotham?”

“Yes … Y/N listen, your parents are …”

“Let me guess, they’ve started an all-out war in the middle of the city. Daddy blames momma for shooting me and the two are trying to kill each other”

Jason glances at you, surprised, “Um, yeah, actually. How did you …?”

“It just seemed like something they would do. They always said that if they ever lost me the whole city would burn” You shrug, not really seeing the big deal in it. They were your parents, and they were absolutely crazy, but everyone knew that.

“We have to show them that you’re alive. If they see you they might stop fighting. I’m getting really tired of having to clean up after them”

You giggle behind him, unbuckling your seatbelt and wrapping your arms around him, resting your head on his shoulder. “Thank you, Jaybird. For saving me”

You press a kiss to his cheek, “Come on, Princess. I think your knight in shining armor deserves a bit more than a kiss on the cheek, don’t you?”

You laugh, “Well, when you aren’t flying a plane, you can have whatever you want.” Jason leers at you, “But I still want that date, Bird Brain!”

Jason grins, “I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Work Relationship (Oneshot)

Originally posted by missbaptan

Genre: Fluff, Teacher!AU

Word Count: 1,987

Summary: You always told yourself you would never date anyone you worked with, but then Jin came along and well now you were telling yourself that less and less. Darn this beautiful man and his cute hand kisses. 

A/N: Cute teacher Jin has been on my mind all day and I loved it so much I wrote a thousand words aldjfhalkjdfhk drabble my ass idk what the ending is but i had to end it quick because i was getting tired and i wanted to finish it tonight sorry

“Teacher! Is Mr. Kim you boyfriend!” A little hand shoots in the air and asks the question without being called on. You were used to this because the students in your class did this often but that was okay because they were young and didn’t follow directions that well. The actual question is what actually surprised you.

“What? No! Who told you that?” 

“He did.” 

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