sorry minx

Gassy what ARE you doing?
  • Sark: Gassy what are you doing?
  • Minx: Ohhh...oh oh...
  • Sark: Yeah, yeah
  • Max: Yeah you know what I'm trying to do but I don't think it's gonna work
  • Ohm: What?
  • Minx: Yeah it is if you just- oh...oh-oh- it sounds like a porno but you know what I mean
  • Ohm: What? What are you guys doing?
  • Max: PPFFFT OH god! [starts moaning]
  • Minx: Just ease it into it, Gassy, just ease into it, it's fine
  • Ohm: What do you mean ease into it?
  • Adam: [soft whisper] Are you guys doing it?
  • Sark: Okay. Wow Gassy you are- you like it rough
  • Max: [chuckles] I do! I like it REALLLY rough, guys!
  • Minx: That looks like it might cause some tearing to be honest with you
  • Ohm: [very confused questions]
  • Max: [loud groaning noises]
  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: Chlo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, Chloe Price deserved better, we know, Chloe Price deserved so much better, she should've found Rachel and it should have been the light of her life, Chloe Price deserved so much more, she just deserved more, we KNOW, Chloe Price deserved better Chloe Price deserved so much fucking better ok we know, we get it, CHLOE PRICE DESERVED BETTER. WE GET IT.

Hey @cheapcookiez! I did a fanart for you! It’s my first digital drawn fanart,and I hope you like it! I really adore your everything,but especially I love your personality and your art,you inspire me so much! I love you so much,and thanks for everything you do.

Nothing But the Tooth - a DaiSuga fanfic

Title: Nothing But the Tooth
Pairing: Daichi/Suga
Word Count: just shy of 4k (gulp)
Warnings: Bit of swearing, not much else
A/N: this was written for the 30dayhqwriting challenge and the prompt was ‘sickness’ 
A/A/N: This is based on a friend of mine when she had a wisdom tooth out at college, and is dedicated to the lovely man who walked her back to our house. Not that she tried anything. She’s not Suga. 
A/A/A/N: I nicked ‘sucky sweet’ from Mrs Foreboys in ‘One Foot in the Grave’

Summary: As a favour to Suga’s mum, Daichi escorts Suga home after he has a wisdom tooth removed. He has money in his pocket for a cab, so what could go wrong?

Well, quite a lot as it happens.


Daichi looked up from the programme he was watching to see his Mum standing in the doorway, the telephone in her hand. “Yep.”

“It’s Koushi’s mother.”

“Oh!” He fumbled for the remote control, his mind working furiously. What the heck does she want?  Breathe. No, it’s fine, Mum doesn’t look mad. Must just be something normal. Homework, maybe. Although why would she be calling? If Sug had a problem, which isn’t likely, he’d call me.

“She wants to ask you something. I’ve already said it’s fine.”

“Er … okay,” he said warily, but he took the receiver from her hand. “Hello…”

“Daichi-kun,” Suga’s mum sounded flustered, vague, her mind elsewhere. In his mind, he could see her birdlike gesture as she tilted her chin to one side. He heard her swallow before she continued. “I need to ask a favour.  Has your mother explained?”

“No, but, how can I help?”he said, hoping he sounded polite … and unsuspicious and not at all as if he’d spent the evening before making out with her son.

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Had the idea after this drawing 


When i drew anti!Minx with all the others, i was thinkin’ : “whoa..but in fact, that doesn’t change anything…” so today i tried to draw her positive! ..but oh damn. she’s still creepy ands looks like a psycopath. I can’t imagine minx..really ..kind? //mindfikity fuck // 8A8