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NO SHADE IN THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS - a mix for Cullen & Meredith
for @mikelaidlaw

Queen of Peace - Florence + the Machine // Bed on Fire - King Dude // Hardest of Hearts - Florence + the Machine // Demons - Still Corners // Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons // No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross - Sufjan Stevens   

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“Don’t be beautiful. They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. There are an eternity of other things to be other than beautiful.” Insp.

Sorry for the feels

Peter and Gamora end up getting married. A few years pass and they discover they’re going to be parents. When Gamora gives birth everyone is shocked that it’s twins; a boy and a girl.

Gamora suggests to Peter that they name their daughter Meredith, after his mother. Caught up in the emotions, Peter agrees, knowing his mother would be proud. But they never really thought of a name for a boy. They bounced suggestions to each other the entire nine months, but nothing seemed to fit. Peter takes one look at his son, and he feels a sense of pride.

Peter decides to name their son Yondu.

Years go by, and the children grow. Of course they want to know where their names came from- and from time to time this questioned it asked to each of the Guardians, and their Uncle Kraglin, who for some reason is always timid when asked.

Meredith isn’t as ambitious about learning her name sake, but her brother on the other hand, he is dying to learn where his name came from. He hears stories about a man named Yondu and an arrow, but he never understood them.

When the kids are about nine, Peter decides that they’re old enough to know where their names come from. He had mulled it over in his head for a while, even discussed it with Gamora.

Peter sat his kids down and said to them, “So; you two want to know where your names came from?” The twins nodded frantically, grins spreading across their faces. With tears budding in his eyes, Peter spoke.

“You were named after my parents.”

i’ve figured out my issue with season 13

So I haven’t liked season 13 all that much. 13a was okay and had some really good moments but 13b has just been such a letdown. The thing is, I couldn’t put my finger on why I’m not enjoying it. At first I thought it was because of the lack of Amelia screentime but I loved the show way before she was on it. It’s not because of new characters because we all know if there wasn’t some switch-up everything would get mind-numbingly boring. It’s not even that the medical cases have become half-assed because although that’s disappointing, my investment is in the characters. 

My problem with season 13 is that the writers have completely abandoned any sense of balance on the show. The Grey’s I know and love is full of drama and angst and tears mixed in with funny, heartfelt, slice-of-life moments that remind you why you love the characters so much. Season 13 has had none of that balance. It’s been nothing but the drama and angst and tears, over and over again. When you have a show with a mix of ups and downs you get to watch the characters grow and overcome different things, it makes them relatable and human and tugs on your heartstrings in the right way. All season 13 has had is hurt and anger and fighting. No hospital baseball games or baby shower planning, no rock-paper-scissor matches over who has to watch the kid on Valentine’s day or inspirational moments where you watch all of that angst and drama pay off in a moment where the character overcomes or succeeds in what they’ve been struggling for. Just drama and fighting and more drama.

And I mean believe me, I’m not advocating for Grey’s to become a comedy. The drama is what makes it entertaining, but only if it feels like it’s an aspect of a bigger storyline that’s going to be played out. For example, one of my favorite Grey’s storylines ever is Herman’s tumor in season 11. We got to watch Arizona build a relationship with the seemingly stone-cold Dr. Herman while they stole couches from attending’s lounges and attempted to try every flavor of ice cream. At the same time we saw Amelia struggling to find a way around what seemed impossible, saw her expose her fears and vulnerabilities about her competency and living in Derek’s shadow. Arizona also struggled with the possibility of losing Dr. Herman. No shortage of laughs, tears, or medical mysteries. We saw all of the drama result in Amelia’s (mostly) successful surgery and she taught us to “fight until you can’t fight anymore”. That’s the Grey’s Anatomy I know and love. 

This season we’ve seen Amelia shut herself away in Stephanie’s apartment, the attendings act like children and attempt to bully Eliza Minnick and April out of their positions, Alex almost go to jail but then suddenly become free. I’m still watching out of hope that it’ll improve, but season 13 better shape up soon or else I don’t know how willing I’ll be to give it an hour of my Thursday night.