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  • 2p Italy: You know, I think I'm starting to develop some feelings for Germany
  • 2p Romano (in his head): Could it be?!?! Could my little brother finally be breaking out of his edgy phase and finally start acting positive for once?!?! COULD IT BE THAT I HAVEN'T FAILED AS AN OLDER BROTHER?!?!
  • 2p Romano: Oh, Vene, I'm so happy-
  • 2p Italy: And those feelings are H A T R E D

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Steamy kisses with 2P Axis?

Okay, I’m not very fond of 2p!Spain so I’m just leaving him out. Sorry!

2p!Italy Veneciano (Luciano Vargas): This fucker absolutely loves steamy kisses. Usually though his kisses are somewhat long and very passionate, but only in private do they get steamy. Whenever they do, he’ll moan softly to tease his S/O and grope their butt. If it’s a female, her breasts too. He’ll even add a bit of tongue to the kiss as his pants tighten around him…

2p!Italy Romano (Flavio Vargas): Kisses with him rarely get steamy. They’re usually short and cute kisses with him. If they’re long and steamy however, expect a lot of whimpering from him. Whenever he’s in the mood he tends to whimper softly and gets a lot more touchy feely. He tends to run his hands down his S/O’s sides before pulling back and looking deeply into his S/O’s eyes before telling them how he feels.

2p!Germany (Lutz Beilschmidt): See Flavio! He’s usually one for short and cute kisses. Whenever a kiss gets steamy however, he tends to growl a lot and shift around lots. Eventually however he moves down to kiss his S/O’s neck and even leaves hickeys as he carefully undoes his pants.

2p!Prussia (Gilen Beilschmidt): He’s an asexual bby and doesn’t like steamy kisses. When he notices it getting steamy, he’ll whimper and pull away, before explaining he just isn’t ready.

2p!Japan (Kuro Honda): This dude is seriously sexual. Almost every single kiss between you two (in private usually) gets super steamy. Hell, sometimes when you kiss in public it’ll get steamy and he’ll drag you to a family restroom where you can make a quickie. He’s not afraid to do it, no matter where it is. He gropes his S/O (even in public) and when it’s private he pins them down to grope them more before pulling away and staring at their body with hunger.

Alice: Lu-Luciano, I feel flattered for your words and… I wasn´t expecting to receive any flowers this year, this roses are beautiful…

Inner Gisselle: “Be cautious, Luciano; do something inappropriate to her and I will kill you…”