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Most writers tend to focus on oikawa and develops their own version of him and not so much iwa... so what are your iwa headcannons? Like his quirks, hobbies, favorite tv show, favorite way to relax...? I need more iwa-building in general

Some miscellaneous Iwaizumi headcanons! (Implied Iwaoi).

  • He has an excellent poker face, but he’s absolute shit at card games. He doesn’t think through the strategy like Oikawa; rather, he follows his intuition. Which sometimes leads him to win… and other times, not so much.
  • He’s always been fairly tidy and likes things to be organized. He’s much more calm when his surroundings are organized and clear. If he has something he needs to work on, he can’t focus until everything is in it’s place and cleaned up properly.
  • One of his biggest struggles is being honest about his feelings. More often than not, he feels like bringing up his feelings is burdening those around him. So he buries them deep, letting them fester, and - at times - causing him stress and starting fights. As he gets older this is really something that he works on, but it’s never his first instinct to confide easily, or bring up a topic that he needs to talk about but is afraid to. Communication is hard!
  • When he is stressed, sleeping becomes very very difficult.He starts just getting used to this, figuring it’ll pass - he’ll start sleeping soon, when he needs it, when he gets over it - he agrees to talk to his friends when it’s becoming too much and it’s easier when he’s not carrying all these stresses alone.
  • He is the kind of person who can sleep anywhere. On the couch, on his side, curled up in a ball. He prefers to sleep in just his underwear or naked when possible. He loves to cuddle, wrapping his arms around Oikawa and nosing against his neck; he finds this calming.
  • He runs pretty hot. He can’t sleep without blankets - always needs at least one - but prefers to pick a thin one so he can just cuddle and not get too hot. He usually doesn’t notice how warm he is, but he does love it when Oikawa comes over when it’s cold out and the first thing he does is climb on his lap and burrow against his chest, leeching all the warmth possible.
  • He really enjoys and needs physical contact. As a kid, it’s often small - lots of hugs, holding hands. As he grows older, he and Oikawa spend a lot of time cuddling, snuggling, and lots of soft, casual touches - like putting his hand on Oikawa’s back when he walks by while Oikawa is making dinner, or dozing while Oikawa reads, resting his head on his thigh and letting Oikawa run his fingers through his hair. 
  • He snorts when he laughs, when he really laughs, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing on planet Earth. There have been surveys. Everyone agrees. Of course, he doesn’t do this very often, only when he’s very comfortable.
  • He’s afraid of thunderstorms. He has noise-cancelling headphones he wears as a kid, but when he gets older he starts to feel like he should be able to deal with this, so he gets rid of them. When the next storm comes, it’s far worse - but Oikawa’s around when it happens and he gives him some music to listen to, they close the blinds and just hole up together until Iwaizumi is relaxed enough to sleep. From then on he’s gotten better at dealing with it, and being prepared for it. 
  • He doesn’t text a lot - in texts, they are always short and brief, but he replies to every text he gets, even if it’s just a confirmation that he got the message and read it. Oikawa’s gotten a lot of Got it texts. Being clear is very important to him.
  • He is very much always in motion. When he’s thinking or nervous, he paces. He’s a fidgeter, often shaking his leg, tapping his foot, things like that. As a kid it sometimes annoys Oikawa, but the older they get, the more he finds comfort in the little noises, and the movement doesn’t bother him quite so much anymore. 
  • He doesn’t use every facet of social media like Oikawa does, but he is really good at figuring things out when it comes to computers and phones and other tech. He enjoys video games, and he’s quite skilled at them. He loves old games especially.
  • He enjoys wearing jeans and hoodies, but also swaps in sportswear and Oikawa is suffering I mean come on sweatpants like that should not be allowed, you can see too much-
  • He’s always listening to music, no matter what he’s doing, and it’s the best way for him to calm down or amp himself up, whatever he needs.

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@deanssweetheart23 tormented me with this gif and most of the dialogue, so now I’m torturing back. Let’s call this a joint effort.

You leaned back in your chair with a yawn, stretching your arms up above your head. God you were exhausted, but you had to get this paper finished. It wasn’t due until tomorrow afternoon, but you knew that if you kept putting it off it would just get worse. Besides, despite your phenomenal procrastination abilities, you really hated rushing to finish things at the last second. You were more of a get-it-done-the-night-beforehand even-if-that-means-an-all-nighter girl. 

You squinted at the word document open on the screen, watching the little cursor appear and disappear at an almost hypnotizing rate. Writing it really shouldn’t be that hard, and you were making steady progress, it was just a lot slower than you’d like it to be. You risked a glance at the digital alarm clock across the room and immediately regretted it. It was far beyond late at night and had become early in the morning. When you looked back at the screen, your eyes began watering and you wiped at them tiredly. God the screen was bright… why the hell didn’t it dim anymore than that? 

“Sweetheart?” Dean’s low voice cut through the silence, making you jump. 

“Hey,” you said quietly, peeking up over the top of your laptop to look at where he had propped himself up on an elbow on the bed. “Sorry, is it too bright? I can go to the other room,” you said quickly, worried that you had woken him. 

“No, no it’s not that,” Dean said, his voice thick with sleep, “why aren’t you in bed yet?”

“I’m a little busy, D,” you reminded him with a small smile at the sight of his bedhead. Dean huffed out a sigh and collapsed back against the pillows. “I really can go outside if I’m bothering you,” you said in concern, but Dean just shook his head.

“S not that,” he mumbled, making you arch an eyebrow.

“Does the mighty Dean Winchester want to cuddle?” You teased, a full blown grin spreading across your face now. Dean groaned again, rolling his eyes as he flipped onto his side to face you.

I do not cuddle,” he informed you with a scowl. 

“Sure you don’t…” you chuckled, glancing back to your computer screen. 

“I just sleep better when you’re here, alright?” Dean admitted, rubbing his face and then running his hand through his hair. “Now come to bed already. It’s- shit, Y/N it’s two in the morning!”

“One more paragraph,” you bargained, blinking a few times as you tried to refocus on the page in front of you.

“Nope,” Dean mumbled, “need to hold you. C’mere.” When you looked up again, Dean’s eyes were bright from where he watched you, his head resting against the pillow. You had more to do, but dammit he looked so comfy.

“I gotta finish this, D…” you said, but he heard the hesitancy in your voice, saw the weakness. And god damn that man, he pouted. Those perfect lips combined with his puppy dog eyes completely did you in. You just couldn’t say no to him. With a little groan, you flipped the screen shut, making Dean’s face light up in a grin. You pushed out of your chair and made straight for the bed, where Dean had scooted over and pulled back the covers for you. 

A little sigh escaped your lips as you hit the mattress, letting the exhaustion finally wash over you. Dean pulled you in against him immediately, tangling his legs with yours and wrapping an arm around you. You giggled as he nuzzled against your neck, but your eyelids were already so heavy you couldn’t keep your eyes open. You barely felt Dean plant a soft kiss against your hair before you were asleep.

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Why is this fandom so addicted to tragedy? ㅠ~ㅠ why we just can't imagine them having cute and healthy children that will grow up to be as hot as their parents?


I think it has something to do with the source material

I’ve Never Noticed (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Thought I would try something new! I am really excited for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming plus I think Tom Holland makes an adorable Peter Parker so I just had to try writing it!

Words: 526

Warnings: This is all fluff, so enjoy!

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A tap on the window woke me up in the middle of the night, I looked over to my clock the red digital numbers read 2:30. I sat up in bed as a figure climbed through the window and moved towards me. I was just about the scream as the figure removed his mask to reveal a familiar face.

“Holy shit Peter, you scared the crap out of me.” I proceeded to hit him upside the head as he sat down on my bed across from me.

He snickered, “You were taking too long and I was getting rained on.”

I moved a little closer to get a better look at him, he had a large gash over his eye and a tear down his back that revealed a nasty cut. “Damn Parker, looks like he got a few good licks in there. Roll down the suit I’ll patch you up.”

“Thanks (Y/N).” He smiled as he rolled his suit down to his waist.

Peter and I have been close ever since he moved across the hall from me, we were the only kids in the entire building and it left us no other choice than to become friends. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he was Spider-Man, Parker never was good at keeping secrets and he was absolutely terrible at hiding it.

The muscles in his back tensed as I began stitching him up, the light from my desk lamp made them look more defined than ever. “Stop moving you big baby. The more you wiggle the more it’ll hurt.” My fingers traced over his back as I finished up. It honestly amazed me how perfect he was, and I would never let him know that.

“Okay turn around, let me see that eye.”

Peter moved to face me. I focused on trying to clean the cut as best as possible. I could feel his eyes fixated on me, I tried to focus on the task ahead of me but my mind was racing.

I finally said something not being able to hold it back any longer. “What’s your problem Parker, do I have something on my face?”

He looked at me slightly insulted, like I offended him before his look softened. “No, I just never noticed but you make this really cute face when you’re concentrating, it’s kind of adorable.”

I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks turning them bright pink, hiding my smile.

Peter cupped my face in his hands pulling it up to look at him. We locked eyes for a moment before his hand moved to the nape of my neck pulling me in for a soft kiss. Minutes felt like centuries as Peter held his lips to mine, something I have always dreamt of.

Peter ended up staying that night, we laid in bed and talked until the sun began to rise.

Just as he got up to leave he gave me a quick peck on the lips, he looked at me slightly confused. “What?”

I smiled to myself. “I just never noticed but you’re really cute when you’re kissing me, it’s kind of adorable.”

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Hi, I'm the anon that asked about Damian's name and I had another question about what type of image? Damian would present to the press? Would she act arrogant and ride towards them or pretend to be shy? Also, do you mind being asked questions or does your hiatus apply to that? I'm new to your blog so thanks for your patience! :)

Hi there! I’m off hiatus now so I do take questions, especially ones pertaining to rule 63 because it’s my new focus project ^.^

aka pls talk to me about this im always so bored this cures ennui lol

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Fem!Lucien/Elain ACOWAR Exchange Fic

This doesn’t have a title bc I’m lame, but here is my week-late ACOWAR Exchange fic, by @squaddreamcourt for @squaddreamcourt. Thank you to @abookandacoffee for betaing!!

fem!Lucien/Elain; sex pollen. NSFW. 2k. A lil bit of angst, a lil bit of fluff, a lil bit of smut. 

Enjoy darling!!

Elain was only just awake when she stretched an arm across the bed, searching for warmth more than the linens could provide. When she didn’t find it, she cracked open an eye.

Luciana was not beside her.

She sighed and rolled back over, burying herself under the covers again with a grumble. She knew this would happen, knew her mate wouldn’t have returned from her latest diplomatic trip to Dawn yet, had discussed it and planned for it, but it was their anniversary. Elain wanted only to celebrate with her mate’s beef stew and her own apple crisp with apples she had ordered specially from Autumn for the occasion, and lots of time spent in their bed.

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“ Aw now, Lucie made me wonder, when we go out for another little date why not to the jazz club for a little karaoke night? Shame we never have done a duet before, how about it cupcake? “

Can’t wait to hear that heavenly voice again, just like when I first met ya, sweep me off my feet and made my heart fluttah, just make me fall inlove again. “ - Bendy 


Lux is my main champ and I know her kit like the back of my hand. The only problem is when I play with my boyfriend & his friends (they have been playing for 5+ years), we get matched against much more skilled/experienced players. I almost always go to shit no matter what. But if I play on my own I’m always playing with toxic people so I’m scared to play without my friends, yet it’s too hard to play with them. They say they don’t care, but I feel like they are only nice to me because I’m a girl.

Artwork by nyami

Ahh Lux is my second main after Annie and tbh I always feel the same way :( I’m the only girl that plays regularly with my boyfriend and his friends, and at first I was too scared to play with them at all before I was level 30 because I thought they would be mad when I did badly. Even though I play with them almost every day now, I always think that they’re just tolerating me because they don’t want my boyfriend to be angry that they excluded/flamed me. Sometimes, I do terribad and I get upset to the point of silent tears, but other times I play really well and can even carry the game sometimes hehe ^_^ I mostly try to put those thoughts away and just play the game :D You’ll find that if you try it, you might even do better since you put away the negative thoughts!! Most of the time it works for me haha but everybody has bad games :) You can always play with me/the mods/people in the Discord server if you want as well so you don’t have to play with random toxic people!! Good luck <3

-mod jenna (sorry…after doing this confession i couldn’t help but write a huge paragraph because aahhh i can relateee and i’m a lil happy inside that i’m not the only one that feels this way… :3)

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He’s everyone’s senpai…. He’s even his own senpai.

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Consider: Charlie as Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror (he's definitely extra enough) and Nick as ... ROCKY MIGHT BE TOO NSFW SO I HAVE TO SAY BRAD that would still be cute though (he'd be so flustered if/when Charlie gets into it omg)

it should be prefaced that i have literally never seen rocky horror

nick did not realise how attracted he would be to charlie in makeup

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so, im catching up on dbz, and im to the bu ark. As im watching the supreme kai dude says the big bad guy is bibbity and im like bibbity buu probably nothing AND THEN HES ALL 'HE HAS A SON NAMED BOBBITY' AND I FREAKIN LOSE IT AND I NEEDED TO TELL SOMEONE BUT IT WOULD SPOIL IT FOR ALL THE PEOPLE I KNOW THAT WATCH DBZ SO NOW IM HERE HAVE A GREAT DAY

HAHAH xD oh my gosh, I don’t even remember that, but that sounds hilarious!!! I hope you have a good time watching it!! :D

astronautbethjohanssen replied to your postWhat are your predictions for the new season of…

I knew you would answer something awesome :D What do you think is more likely to happen with Heather and her baby?


I hate this kind of storylines because I feel like their never are treated as it should. A baby is a serious thing, it’s a life, and the mother should be able to chose if she wants to keep it or not, but in TV, these storylines often go like:

Mom keeps baby, decides ot be a single mom, mostly because the father does not want to be involved at first. Father gets convinced to be involved, slowburn for the parents that will ultimatelly get together at some point and shippers must pray for a) it to last and maybe be endgame, b) for the show to not be cancelled.

And in this case, I think this is more or less what will happen. When I’m not sure if it’s Heather and Colt will ever get together. Right now, in this moment, without having only s1 and the stills of s2, and my theories, I think they will NOT get together.

I do ship them, but I don’t want them rushing into something when Colt obviously has and will have feelings for Abby for a long time, until he learns to let it go or marries her, or God knows what. And Heather deserves better, she deserves a man that will love her and only her, support her and respect her, not see her as a comodity.

Colt still has a lot fo work to do in himself and his life, so I want the best for Heather and her baby, and the best will be not have a romantic relationship with Colt at the moment.