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just another coffee shop AU

So this was part of a not!fic challenge but it ended up as more of a fic than a not!fic, so I’m posting it here. The challenge was to put a trope in my inbox and I’d tell you about the story I’d write. (Honestly, I’m tempted to adapt this and try to do it as orig fic, haha) So enjoy.

It’s harder than you think to get a job in a little podunk town that’s mostly home to fishermen. Dex takes what he can get, and what he can get is a job dishing out lattes and scones at the little pretentious coffee house that vacationing yuppies love to frequent on their way to Maine’s outlet malls. It’s barely a living, but Dex doesn’t need much.

He serves coffee one day to the preppiest of the prep – a luxuriously coiffed writer who tells him that the coffee shop has the perfect atmosphere for inspiration. Dex snorts. This is a guy who wears his stubble purposely rough, to achieve some kind of effect. He probably wears “pre-distressed” clothing (although right now his outfit’s actually really sharp, with this vest over a fuzzy, tight-fitting sweater.)

The writer challenges him. “Come on, you have to have a little poetry in your soul?”

“I sold my soul for a three-dollar latte,” Dex replies.

The man laughs, and goddamn, even his teeth are perfect.

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*crashes through the window* WRITING REQUESTS?!? Give me some good Ohm teasing Bryce~

aH SPARK SORRY FOR NOT GETTING TO THIS SOONER… Also I’m sorry if this turns out terrible… I’ve never written somebody teasing another… aaaand it didn’t save the first time I finished this one so I’m writing it for the second time…


“Hey Brycie~” Ohm smirked as he used the nickname that always made Bryce flustered.

“H-Hey Ohm.” Bryce replied, knowing why Ohm used his nickname, not liking the reason at all…. okay maybe he liked it a little. Only a little though.

“How about you come over here… I’m getting a little lonely.” Ohm asked innocently, knowing Bryce would give in.

Of course Bryce walked over, going to sit down on the couch. Instead though, Ohm grabbed him and sat him down on his lap.

“Ohm, why am I on your lap?”

Ohm didn’t answer as he leaned his head over Bryce’s neck and started to lightly kiss different parts of his neck.

Bryce bit his lip, as he began to say something. He was cut off by the small gasp he made when Ohm hit his sweet spot.

“Brycie~ Did I find something?” Ohm teased, beginning to lightly bite the spot.

Bryce stayed silent as he tried not to let any noises escape.

“You’re not trying to hide anything, are you? You know you’ll give in, you always do~” Ohm told him, knowing that he’d be done any minute now.

Bryce rolled his eyes as he waited for Ohm to be done. He wasn’t expecting Ohm to pull away and use a hand to turn his head to face him.

“Brycie, let’s finish this another time.” Ohm got up and gave Bryce a wink before walking off. All Bryce did was roll his eyes.

Tweets after the Aqours 1st Live Translation

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Aqours 1st LoveLive! We finished the day 2 safely!We 9 (Aqours) won’t be able to perform if everyone wasn’t there and that’s my actual feeling today。。
Thank you very much for a lot of cheers and smiles 😌
Standing on a big stage in 2 days was like a dream 、、


There are many things that I couldn’t say、I enjoyed it very much and my feelings were coveyed, I am glad!Thank you for the best time in 2 days。And、I am looking forward after this。😈😈
I can get magical soon。


There are many things that I want to say but cannot be settled。But this is I’m going to say!
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I want to say a lot of things、but I will write about my feelings after some time。
So today is just this !!
Two days, 25 and 26。Everyone in Yokohama Arena、and everyone at the live viewing。Thank you very much for seeing us Aqours!!
Thank you for showing me the best scenery!!!!


Aqours 1st LoveLive!
I enjoyed it very much ✨✨✨
I though we are going to sing 200 songs *laughs*
for the support from everyone、thank you very much 🐬💚 Even though I have plenty of thoughts、I will do it again tomorrow。Good night everyone (๑˘ ˘๑)*.。


It was fun!!!

Those who received the little heart of little Ruby、Thank you very much 💓

I will tweet a lot again


These 2 days、we had the best time!!!
On the next step、I would step happily ♪
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Love Live!Sunshine ‼︎
🌈『Aqours First LoveLive!
~Step! ZERO to ONE~』
2 days in Yokohama Arena!
My heart is filled with gratitude…っ
Next time again
In 2 days、Really really
Thank you very much!🍊。

Inami Anju’s singing role: Takami Chika

Rikyako’s tweet translation already translated here:


Sorry… literally nobody asked to see my girl but… well, @demenior’s handsome Denver got me in a dog mood, so I’m showing her anyway.

Here to represent the ‘not made-of-fluff but still plenty awesome’ dog crowd!

As a pupper 
And as a sleek, classy (posing?) laaaaaaady.
-Who would murder the shit out of unfamiliar small animals but somehow caught loose chickens without killing them, and jumped/climbed every stupid fence and ran like the wind and who (even after working through all the wiggles and whining, and officially ‘calming the fuck down’) would still feel the need to dance her front paws in a little cha-cha every time I came home, seriously my girl was the fucking best

(And of course I say was because hey, one more reason 2016 was a suckerpunch shitsucker of a year.)

Dudes, she was a gift

Come Back To Me Pt 2

Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: Y/N and her team are sent to Scarif in the place of Cassian, her boyfriend, and his team to retrieve the Death Star plans. The plans are successfully transmitted, but things go awry in the end and Y/N ends up with a lost memory. Will she make it back to Cassian?  

Warnings: Mentions of death, blood, panic attack, cursing

A/N: Sorry for posting so late, had two tests to study for and my soul decided to leave my body for these last few days. Enjoy!

I do not own anything!!!

Part 1

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Your heart felt like it was going to jump right out of your chest and try to make a break for it back to Yavin 4. You tried to stay calm as you and Alec made your way through the hallways of the Citadel Tower in order to find the Death Star plans. Alec came up with the brilliant idea to steal an Imperial officer’s uniform as well as snag an Imperial Ground Crew suit for you. It took a little convincing for those certain individuals, as well as two Stormtroopers, to cooperate, but you, along with the other three, managed to pry those uniforms away from them. While you guys were going to get the plans, Tabian, Rayna, and Dragan were responsible for placing multiple explosives on different landing pads to distract the Empire from you all. You looked up at Alec, who was standing right next to you, and tried not to laugh out loud as he looked ridiculous in his uniform. As you made your way past a group of Stormtroopers, you and Alec snuck into an empty supply closet. While Alec was keeping watch, you clicked on your mic and got ahold of the watch crew, which consisted of Bodhi, K2, and Cassian.

“Bodhi, Bodhi do you copy?” You whispered into the mic.

“Yeah, yeah I’m here, Y/N,” you heard him say quickly and you smiled to yourself,

“Okay we need help locating the plans. We are currently in a supply closet on the 28th floor inside the tower and have no idea where to go.”

“Yeah, our wonderful navigator here got us lost,” Alec whispered into his mic and you glared at him.

“O-okay, hang on,” you waited for Bodhi but were surprised when you heard the voice of K2 in your headphone,

“Your optimal route to the data vault only places 89 Stormtroopers in your path. You will make it no more than 33% of the way before you are killed.”  You slowly looked at Alec who returned the same perplexed look that was on your face, “You are going to go to the 117th floor and take two lefts and then a right to get to the data vault.” You scoffed,

“Thanks Kay you’re the best,” you switched channels before K2 had the chance to sass you and you made contact with Tabian,

“Hey T, are you guys doing okay?”

“Yes ma’am,” you sighed in relief as you heard your friend’s voice, “had to take care of a couple of Troopers but we are all set to blow these nerf herders outta here.” You laughed and rolled your eyes,

“Alright, then light it up T.” You clicked your mic off and turned towards Alec and nodded towards the door and walked out of the supply closet. You made your way to the elevator and waited patiently as the elevator made its way up to the data vault. You felt a little nervous as your mind was on what K2 had told you, but you tried not to let it affect your mission. Alec leaned over to you and broke your train of thought and whispered,

“Dibs on taking out the first enemy we run into,” you smiled in return and simply shook your head. Other than Cassian, Alec was the only person who was able to tell when you were upset or nervous and would often try to make you feel better. The elevator slowed down and you prepared yourself as it stopped and you followed Alec out into the hallway. You both made your way until you finally walked into the room where the opening to the vault was but slowed when you noticed the Imperial Technician and sighed as you and Alec made your way up to the control computer. The poor technician didn’t even get one word out before Alec knocked him upside the head with his blaster. You watched as Alec hurried behind the control computer and you dragged the technician towards the handprint scanner to get into the vault.

“When you get in there Y/N, you will have to manually extract the data file, but I can help locate it once we figure out which one it is. All I have so far is that it will be in the second tower, got it?” You huffed as you were struggling to drag the technician to the door but finally succeeded in doing so and placed the technicians hand on the scanner and watched as the vault door opened in front of you. You gasped softly and stood straight up and made your way into the vault. In front of you was a control pad and a retrieving mechanism to reach for the files. You hurried towards the control pad and began to scan for the plans. While you were searching, you heard voices through your microphone and stopped searching for the file.

“Y/N! Y/N! It’s Dragan, do you copy?” Your heart clenched at the distressed sound that flowed through Dragan’s voice.

“Yes, Dragan, I’m here what’s happening out there?” You heard an explosion and the sound of heavy breathing and you figured that Dragan must have been running away from some Imperial Officers.

“We were able to set off the explosives, but one was faulty and of course it was the one pad that was closest to us.”

“Yeah,” Rayna began to say, “We are definitely going to have a word with the council about giving us these faulty-“ all you heard was static and the shouting voices of Tabian and Dragan. You felt a knot in the pit of your stomach and you tried to contact your friends again.

“Guys! Guys what happened?” You went to reach for your necklace but forgot that it was being blocked by the suit and all you could do was clench your fist,

“Y/N,” you heard the sadness in Tabian’s voice and you stayed quiet, “We lost Rayna, and there are Walkers out here. Dragan and I barely- Oh fuck yeah!” You furrowed your brows as you heard another signal come in through your mic,

“Hey guys,” you heard the voice of one of your other team members, Anton, who was going to accompany you along with the remaining members, Valeria, Khy, and Hadrian, in their X-Wings.

“Thought you guys could use some assistance since you seem to have everything under control here,” Valeria said.

“We also thought we would bring some more people to this beach party,” Hadrian said and you breathed a sigh of relief as you heard everyone cheering through your mic and realized that more members from the Rebel Fleet had decided to help you guys.

“Y/N,” you heard Alec yell from behind you, “we need to hurry up here, I’m afraid we don’t have much time until someone realizes there is something wrong.” You reached for the control pad and continued scrolling through the different file names while trying to listen to your team members as well. You were able to confirm that Anton, Valeria, and Khy were able to make it quickly through the shield with no problem, but sadly Hadrian was not able to get through fast enough and you were unfortunate enough to hear it. Luckily, four other ships were able to make it through as well so you had a little extra help.

“Wait,” you yelled back to Alec, “if the shield is up, then how are we supposed to get out of here with the plans?”

“Y/N, for as smart as you may look you do not use your brain as much. We are going to use that big satellite to transmit the signal. We just need to find a way to contact the Rebel Fleet and tell them to take out the shield because the size of this file is ridiculously big.”

“Do you hear that guys?” You asked Tabian and Dragan, “You need to find a way to communicate with the Rebel Fleet so they can know that our only way of transmitting the plans and getting out of here is to take that shield down.”

“Alright, Y/N we are on it!” You heard Dragan yell and you continued your job for searching for the plans. While you were sad that you had already lost two members of your team, you could not let that affect your mission. You continued searching for the file, but were becoming flustered when you could not figure out which one contained the Death Star plans,

“High Space Tracking, Navigational Systems, which one is it in Alec?”

“Try Structural Engineering.” You clicked on it and began scrolling through the names of each file,

Statusphere, something, something, something, Black saber, how do I know which one-“ you stopped yourself as you glanced at the name of the one called Stardust. You immediately recalled how Jyn’s father called her Stardust when you stood behind her as you both watched him pass on Eadu. When you all got back to the stolen cargo ship, you asked her about it and she told you how it was a name he had given to her when she was a child. You realized it was a long shot but decided to take it.

“Alec, I need you to locate the one called Stardust.”

“Okay but are you completely-“

“Yes I am sure; just trust me on this, Alec.” You made your way to the extraction handles and grabbed hold of them and waited until you saw a flashing light that contained the Death Star plans. You gently moved the handles down and watched as the “claw” moved upwards fairly quickly and you had to rush to stop at the correct row. You could feel beads of sweat fall down your forehead and you very slowly moved it to the left and stopped right in front of the blinking light and continued to twist your hand and as you begun to push the claw forward, you heard Alec swear and heard his footsteps rushing towards you,

“Y/N, I gotta go help out Tabian and Dragan. They are having trouble trying to contact the Rebel Fleet and need my wonderful expertise. Are you going to be okay with going up to the top and transmitting the files by yourself?” You nodded your head,

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, A. You go help the other guys and I will do my job.” Alec nodded and reached forward to give you a tight hug, which you returned. While you were scared for both yours and Alec’s life right now, you knew what needed to be done. You released him from your embrace and Alec gave you a tight smile,

“I’ll come back for you, Y/N/N, don’t worry. I wouldn’t dare risk my own neck and return to Yavin 4 without you.” You nodded hastily and watched as Alec started to run back out of the vault and you quickly turned back and grabbed the handles again. You pushed forward with the right handle and waited for any type of confirmation that you had grabbed ahold of it. When the claw clicked and pulled the file out you laughed to yourself and began to extract the file back towards you. You grabbed the file and clicked it onto your belt loop, hoping that it was secure enough before you made your way back towards the elevator. Before you began to make your way back, you came up with a quick idea that you believed would buy you some time. You reached for your blaster and shot towards the glass window, the wind blowing harshly, and, after being completely satisfied, finally made your way towards the elevator and tried to be as discreet as possible. You walked past a group of a dozen Stormtroopers and hoped that they didn’t notice the big file hanging from your side. Luckily they didn’t and you clicked the button to the elevator and waited patiently for it to arrive.

Once the elevator landed on your level, you were about to walk inside until you saw who was inside and you froze. Standing before you was a tall, intimidating looking man who was wearing all white with an unnecessarily long cape that trailed behind him. You immediately recognized the man as Director Orson Krennic and tried not to show any signs of panic as he and the two Stormtroopers that were accompanying him stepped out of the elevator and walked right past you. You tried to hurry and press the button to close the doors quickly when a gloved hand shot out and stopped the doors. You quickly put your hands to your side and tried to remain as calm as possible when Director Krennic looked you up and down and asked,

“Aren’t you supposed to be joining the other Grounds Crew members?” You stared at him wide eyed and stilled your body from shaking as you were about to answer him, but were quickly interrupted when one of the Stormtroopers came up to the both of you,

“Sir, I think you should come see this. It seems that someone has extracted some plans and escaped through the window in the vault.” Krennic cursed to himself and didn’t bother continuing with you as he released the elevator doors and followed the Stormtrooper. You shuddered at how close of a call that was and tried to calm yourself down, but you knew something was wrong when you didn’t begin to do so. You began to feel your chest tighten and began to feel dizzy. You felt like you couldn’t catch your breath and you looked around as you began to feel like the walls of the elevator were closing in on you and you began to slide down the wall as you tried to catch your breath.

I’m going to die. I am going to die in this stupid elevator.’ you thought to yourself and you began to panic even more. The walls continued to close in on you and you tried to catch your breath but it was useless. You felt unsafe and the only person who ever made you feel safe was not there with you. Cassian was only one who ever witnessed you having a panic attack and was also the only one able to calm you down. You felt the tears begin to pool in your eyes and began to hyperventilate as you brought your knees up to your chest, rocking back and forth. You were alone and no one was there to help you.

You began to feel foolish. For someone who was meant to be a leader, you felt weak that you couldn’t control your emotions and complete the mission. You wondered if taking on this mission was a mistake. If Cassian or Jyn were in your position now, they wouldn’t be panicking in an elevator with the plans.  Maybe you really were foolish to think you were a strong person. Your mind became clouded with negative thoughts such as how Cassian was able to tolerate such a weak person such as yourself. You buried your head into your arms as you continued to rock back and forth.

“Y/N, sweetheart, it’s Cassian.” You lifted your head up as you heard that wonderful voice flow through your ear and tried to respond but you felt like you were going to throw up if you tried so you just stayed quiet.

“Hey, sweetheart, I know you are feeling a little scared and that is okay. It is completely fine that you are feeling this way, we both know how strong you truly are. You are almost through with this part okay? You just need to relax. Who is the one in control?” You had followed this routine with Cassian a couple of times before; usually he put your hand on his chest to try and match his breathing and would gently bring his hands to your face to get you to focus only on him. You were going to have to make do without him and you tried to slow your breathing so that you wouldn’t vomit and you slowly let out a whispered,

“I am in control.”

“Good, sweetheart, you are the only one in control. I know I am not there to help but you are strong enough to where you can do this yourself. I will be here to try and help you but it is all up to you okay sweetheart? Do you think you can manage that?” You nodded to yourself, forgetting that Cassian wasn’t able to see it, and slowly began to stand up. You thought that standing up would open up your lungs instead of sitting in a ball and allow for you to relax your breathing but you were still finding it hard to do so.

“Cass,” you gasped, “I c-can’t stop-“

“Shhh, yes you can, Y/N. Even though I am not with you, you have a piece of me with you remember? You can use it to help you, but you are going to have to trust me on this Y/N. You can get through this, my love.” You reached once again for your necklace but only felt the hard armor of your suit and you shakily reached your hands to take off your helmet as well as the rest of your armor. When you removed the last of the armor, you immediately reached for your necklace, brought it up to your lips, and closed your eyes. It felt as if the world around you had slowed and you began to slowly inhale and exhale. You continued to slow your breathing for the next 30 seconds and felt your body cease the excess shaking.  You slowly opened your eyes and the pain in your chest was gone and you also stopped crying.

“Y/N, are you there?” You almost forgot that Cassian was listening and you nodded to yourself,

“Yeah Cass,” you gave out a shaky laugh, “I did it. I’m fine.” You heard Cassian sigh contentedly and you smiled to yourself,

“You had me worried there, sweetheart. I was about to take a ship and make my way to you when I saw your vitals began to spike from your body cam.” You didn’t know that Alec and K2 had created that feature with your body cams and you wondered if the other members of your team were also able to be checked on.

“Cass, are- can you check if Alec, Tabian, and everyone else are okay?” It was quiet on Cassian’s end and a heavy feeling overcame your stomach as you feared for the worse.

“Y/N, Alec is fine and so is Tabian but,” you felt your stomach drop, “Dragan is gone and so are Khy and Anton. Valeria is the only member from your team still flying. I’m sorry Y/N.” You stayed quiet for a moment, trying to process that a few of your closest friends had just sacrificed their lives. You clenched your fists and finally cleared your throat,

“Thanks Cass,” the elevator finally opened and you were at the top of the tower. You exited and made your way straight for the satellite. You looked at the battle that was going on around you and heard the whirring of X-wings as well as Tie Fighters around you. You hoped that Valeria was still okay and continued towards the satellite. When you got there, you unhooked the plans from your belt loop and pushed it into the drive and watched as it disappeared into the satellite tower. You were trying to select the transmit button but it wouldn’t go through and you huffed in annoyance as you looked for the controls to reset the antenna. You saw a walkway with a mini control sector and made your way across the bridge. You grabbed the handle that was in front of you and you pushed it back and watched as the satellite straightened and smiled to yourself when you heard the computer say that it was ready to transmit. You made your way back across the bridge and towards the control pad and began to transmit the plans. You cheered loudly as you watched the plans successfully transmit to the Rebel Fleet but froze as soon as you felt the barrel of a blaster push against the back of your head.

“Who are you? Show your face!” You recognized the voice holding the blaster and slowly turned around to meet the face of an irate Krennic.

“Don’t make me ask you again, Rebel scum.” You stared at him, unfazed as you straightened up and tried to make yourself as tall as possible to show that you were not scared of him.

“My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N. I am a commander from the Rebel alliance and I was sent here to retrieve the Death Star plans and you’ve just lost.” You smirked and he just scoffed,

“Oh I have, have I?”  You nodded,

“You’re wonderful pal Galen Erso placed a flaw in the Death Star by putting a fuse in the middle of the machine and I have just told the entire galaxy.”

“The shield is up your signal will never reach the Rebel base. All your ships here will be destroyed and I lose nothing but time just as your parents and their little friends did.” You felt your posture stiffen as he brought up your parents and you felt your mouth open slightly. Krennic obviously noticed your discomfort and smirked at this,

“That’s right; I know your name and where you come from, Y/L/N. Your parents and their friends caused quite a bit of trouble back then. Good to see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Although you were scared that he was pointing the blaster to your head, you narrowed your eyes at him and were about to jump towards him, when suddenly a nearby Tie Fighter shot the bridge of the tower and caused you and Krennic to fall to the floor harshly and you hit the back of your head hard.

“Y/N! Y/N, it’s Alec. Are you okay?” You groaned and rolled over on your stomach,

“Yeah, I’m here Alec. Where are you?”

“I’m the one asking the questions now, Y/N. Listen, I need to ask, a very important question. Do you trust me?” You frowned as you stood up, trying to gather your balance from the hard hit to your head,

“Of course I do Alec, why are you even-“

“No more questions. I need you to do me a solid favor and jump over the edge of the tower by the left side of the bridge. Not your left, my left so your right.” Your eyes widened and you looked around the tower in search of Alec. You trusted Alec with your life and you knew that he would never tell you to do anything risky unless he knew that it would keep you safe.

“O-okay Alec,” you responded and, with a heavy sigh and a shake of your head, took a few steps back.

“Y/N!” Cassian’s voice rang through your ears and although you knew it was insane, you ignored his protests and took off for a sprint and pushed off the edge of the tower. In the midst of jumping, you felt a sharp pain to your left side but ignored it as you saw a Tie Fighter with netting put on the side. You landed hard on the Tie fighter and gripped onto the netting as tight as you possibly could, putting your feet through the net as well. When you felt secure enough, you looked and saw Alec cheering and waving at you from the inside of the Tie Fighter and you placed your forehead against the ship.

“Y/N!” Cassian yelled into his com and watched with wide eyes as you jumped right over the edge. Everyone that was in the control room watching the events unfold gasped loudly as they too saw you jumping off the tower but soon began to cheer when they saw you cling onto the Tie Fighter. Cassian rubbed his face with both of his hands and placed his hands on his hips as he began to pace the floor, staring at the screen. Jyn and Bodhi both walked up to him,

“Cassian,” Jyn said in an excited tone, “I can’t believe she did that that was ama-“

“It was reckless and dangerous is what it was,” Cassian snapped at Jyn and she felt the corners of her mouth tug down, “What if the netting wasn’t secure, huh? What if-“

“Hey,” Bodhi said calmly and slowly placed a hand on Cassian’s shoulder, which he tensed at, “she’s okay. That’s all that matters right now.” Cassian looked up at Bodhi, who gave him a soft smile, and Cassian nodded slightly and walked back towards the screen.

“Cass? Are you there?” Your voice echoed and Cassian brought the com up and sighed,

“Yeah, I’m here, sweetheart.” You laughed and although the sound was music to Cassian’s ears, he was still infuriated with you putting your life in danger like that. As if you were reading his mind, you said,

“I’m sorry that I scared you like that, Cass. But you know that I wouldn’t have jumped if I knew for sure that Alec wasn’t going to be there.” Cassian ran a hand through his hair and was about to speak until another signal came in and Cassian listened as Alec cleared his voice,

“Yeah hey C-man. I’m sorry it had to go like that. But it was the only other way that I could make sure that I could get to Y/N as discreetly as I could. I promised you I would get her back to you, bud, and I am going to do that,” Cassian sighed deeply,

“I know, Alec. I was just worried. When you guys get back, I am going to have to have a talk with the both of you for being so reckless.” Yours and Alec’s laugh came through and Cassian couldn’t help but smile slightly and shake his head.

“Hey, it’s just like when we were kids again, huh Y-“ Alec was interrupted as the ship was hit by a blaster which came from an unknown source and began to slowly fall down towards the beach. Cassian watched in horror as he watched the two people he cared about the most fall to their most likely deaths. He could hear you and Alec yelling through the com and he gazed at the screen and could only watch as the ground came closer and closer until he watched you jumped off of the ship and then it was static. The entire room was quiet as they stared at the screen in horror and Jyn, Bodhi, K2, Baze, and Chirrut all stood beside a horrified Cassian. Cassian face became a ghostly color and he was still gripping onto the com, his knuckles turning white, when Bodhi reached for the com and pried it away from Cassian’s tight grip. He knew that the others were talking to him, asking him if he was okay, but he could not respond. Your face continued to race through his mind and he finally broke down as he realized the one person who made him truly happy might have been gone.

Your eyes shot open as you realized you were not dead. You tried to get up but felt a stinging pain hit the side of you and you went to place your hand to your side and came in contact with something that was cold and hard. You lifted your head up and glanced down slowly to your side and saw a metal piece was sticking out and you began to cry out. You heard static through your mic and you heard the faint voice of Tabian coming through,

“Y/N! Are you okay? I tried to keep the other Tie Fighters away but one got loose.” You coughed and threw your head back,

“I’m alive, Tabian, but you need to get out of here. The shields are open and you need to get back to Yavin 4, do you understand me?”

“What? No that’s crazy Y/N. I am not leav-“

“Go Tabian! You need to get out of here right now. I will be fine.” You heard Tabian yell in frustration and you closer your eyes as you waited for him to speak. It was quiet for a moment until,

“May the force be with-” You felt the tears sting your eyes and you said the same thing as you stared into the sky. You closed your eyes and thought about Cassian. Your poor Cassian. You didn’t get to tell him one last time that you loved him. You were glad that he was safe but you knew that he would take it hard once Tabian made it back and had to announce that he was forced to leave you behind. You were pulled from your thoughts as you heard the sound of metal screeching and you quickly opened your eyes to see Alec, his face covered with soot and his black hair pointing in every direction, hovering over you.

“Hey Y/N/N, don’t worry,” he went to pick you up and you cried in pain when he barely lifted you off of the ground and gently laid you back down, “I’m gonna get you out of here okay?”

“Don’t be stupid, A, you need to leave right now. I’ll only slow you down,” you groaned and Alec only raised his hand to stop you from talking.

“Hey, I don’t want to hear any of that bullshit okay? You know that we go everywhere together and I promised Cassian that I would bring you back and if I have to drag you by your hair than I am willing to do so.” Before you could say anything else, he picked you up bridal style, and you cried out in pain. Alec ran as fast as he could back towards the tower and you gave him a befuddled look and weakly asked,

“W-why are we going back to the tower, Alec?” He continued to look forward and began to breathe hard,

“Well I saw some people leaving with some ships. I’m betting there are cargos ships that are there that are taking groups of people to planets.” You felt your vision fading but tried to fight it and you groggily said,

“W-what about t-the Imperial officers?”

“I don’t think they are in the mood to question anyone right now. I am positive we will be fine, Y/N.” You nodded and let your head rest against Alec’s chest.

“Okay, well I think I am going to take a nap.”

“Shit, Y/N. Don’t do this to me right now. You need to stay awake.” You tried to fight it and were able to do so for a couple of minutes. You watched as Alec made his way towards a cargos ship and saw a group of people come towards you both and help Alec carry you onboard. People began fussing over your injury and you felt an even sharper pain against your side. You watched as the unfamiliar faces began to look blurry and the last thing you heard was the sound of Alec yelling your name.

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‘I like the stealth suit from Cap 2. The dark, navy blue suit from the opening of Winter Soldier when I’m on the Lemurian Star, messing people up on that ship. And in the elevator! That’s my favorite. I have requested it every movie, but the people at Marvel really like a little red. They like a little red in there. Which is fine. It’s Cap; I get it.’
– Chris Evans

meet bangtan.

His name is Kim Namjoon.

An intelligent boy who was a bit wiser than his age and sees the world in many perspectives. With his poetic words, he conveyed his messages through music and rap. This is him now:

His name is Kim Seokjin.

A boy who dreamed of expressing his emotions on screen–someone who finds passion in acting. It was an encounter by fate, he wasn’t expecting for it–he’s not searching for music, but music found him. This is him now:

His name is Min Yoongi.

He’s a boy who suffered from his inner demons, causing him to leave his love for music, but as he was walking this uneven road, he found his way back. Along the path, he realised that there were seven of them and he wasn’t alone. This is him now:

His name is Jung Hoseok.

A boy who was made for dancing, a boy who wanted to express his emotions with his body. His light had never flickered once for he believed that his voice is gonna reach his hopes and dreams. This is him now:

His name is Park Jimin.

A boy who passionately moves his body with the music. He fought his insecurities with his movements and his voice, and so he became more ambitious and gained confidence. This is him now:

His name is Kim Taehyung.

An innocent boy who was satisfied with the love he receives from his family and friends. He has simple dreams, but then he realised that he wanted more–to be on stage and show everyone what he can do. This is him now:

His name is Jeon Jungkook.

A quiet boy who feared of opening up to people and showing his real emotions. An introvert who surprisingly has a burning passion for music. With the help of his six brothers, he let his new found voice be heard. This is him now:

Their name is Bangtan.

Brought together by fate, they established their friendship and brotherhood. They experienced struggles and criticisms, laughs and bliss, depression and disappointment, sadness and frustration. Many people didn’t believe in them, and so they fulfilled the hopes of the few people who had faith in them. 

And this is them now:

“We hope that our stage,our performances, and our music could be the hopes and dreams of many people in the world.” -Kim Namjoon, 2016


“Every player feels the same pride about the fact that they’re going to be on the court, no matter whether they’re some genius or just a regular guy.”

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the more i think critically about the ideas that asexuality advocates have developped, the more i think that it’s……a big waste of time to focus all this ideology on people who identify as asexual (which doesn’t even really have a concrete definition) rather than just focusing on the idea that every living person has different feelings about sex and that nobody should be judged for their personal feelings about sex

why encourage the usage of 15 different labels stating how often someone experiences sexual attraction when you can just accept that there is no normal way to experience attraction/feel about sex?

the examples i’ve seen for why asexuals are oppressed/marginalized are not even close to exclusive to asexuals, nor do they apply to all ace people (since there are multiple definitions for asexual and there’s an Ace Spectrum, there are apparently asexuals who still have sex and/or sexual attraction.) for this reason, it seems unproductive to make a little movement only for people who see themselves as abnormal and identify with this word when you can focus on the bigger picture

people who don’t like sex face social stigma but so do tons of marginalized people who do like sex and we can advocate for all these people without making it about what’s normal and what’s not and, instead, just prioritize getting people to let go of unnecessary judgements about other’s sex lives