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So okay apparently

Fujimaki Sensei (Mangaka of Kuroko No Basuke) started a new series called Robot x Laserbeam! Some of you might already know about this, but many of us don’t. It’s a fairly new manga! 


This guy is a splitting image of our basketnerd. Oh god. He’s what all of us imagine Aomine would look like if he groomed himself better (hothothothothot) The same attitude towards the sport they love the most, the same dorkiness. omg. 

I never knew I needed to see what Daiki looked like with long hair.

ah shit i think i’m already hooked

it’s apparently about the orange haired guy who has never held a Golf club in his life but managed to defeat Miura in one round. His name is Robot (he’s a cutie too help)


(tell me Rion doesn’t look like kise UGHHHHHHH i’m adopting him too) while I haven’t started reading it myself i thought it’d be nice to share it with all of you who, like me, just swam back to shore from all the Kuruko No Basuke Last Game feels.  

Please give this manga some love as well!

Who is Kuroko Tetsuya's first love?
  • Kagami: This is unusual... Why on earth are you here?
  • Aomine: This is a public restaurant where people can come here...
  • Kise: You guys are fighting again... Kurokocchi! How are you!?
  • Kuroko: Hello, Kise-kun, Aomine-kun.
  • Kagami: Seriously. Don't sit with us.
  • Aomine: Like I said, this is a public restaurant, we can sit wherever we want.
  • Kagami: This is the first time I heard such a thing!
  • Kuroko: Let them join us, Kagami-kun.
  • Kagami: ...
  • ---
  • Kise: Hey, hey, over here, Midorimacchi!
  • Midorima: This is troublesome. Why do I have to join you guys?
  • Aomine: Tetsu said it's like a reunion. Though, all of us agreed not to invite Akashi and Murasakibara.
  • Midorima: Because they lived far away from here... And why is Kise here?
  • Kise: I have a gig around this area-ssu!
  • Midorima: So... what's going on?
  • Kagami: Well, I was the one who suggested it... May I asked all of you?
  • Everyone: Hm?
  • Kagami: Who was Kuroko's first love?
  • Kuroko: !!!
  • Kise: Eh?!
  • Aomine: ...
  • Midorima: Stupid...
  • Kagami: All I want to know is who was it?
  • Kise: I bet it was me! Because Kurokocchi was my personal trainer when I first joined the club. Also we spent a lot of times!
  • Midorima: Wouldn't be clear if Murasakibara was Kuroko's first love? They do get along pretty well when it comes to snacks.
  • Kuroko: I used Murasakibara-kun for snacks testing. No feelings included.
  • Aomine: So Murasakibara is out.
  • Kise: It wouldn't be Akashicchi, right?
  • Kuroko: Well...
  • Kagami: Are you somewhat have a fetish for red haired dude, Kuroko?
  • Kuroko: How rude. Akashi-kun wasn't my first love either.
  • Midorima: Would you just tell us then?
  • Aomine: Hey, Midorima, why are you so eager about knowing it?
  • Kise: He's expecting it to be him!
  • Midorima: I was not!
  • Kuroko: Well, sorry Midorima-kun, it's not you either.
  • Midorima: ....
  • Kagami: So it's between Aomine and Kise?
  • Kuroko: Exactly... well---
  • Aomine: Was it .... me?
  • Kise: No-ssu! It was me!
  • Aomine: Don't be ridiculous, Kise! I was Tetsu's partner.
  • Kise: So?! I was Kurokocchi's underclassmen.
  • Kagami: Would you guys stop it? It's bugging me, Kuroko. Would you just tell us?
  • Kuroko: Can't be helped it.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Kuroko: It's Nijimura-senpai.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Kuroko: Nn? What's wrong?
  • Midorima: W...why Nijimura-san? Why him?!
  • Kise: Who? Nijimura-san? Why him?!
  • Aomine: I was ready! But didn't expect to be that devil dude!
  • Kagami: Who was that?
  • Midorima: Teiko's former captain before Akashi got the title. An upperclassmen of us.
  • Kagami: Ou... Wait?! Aomine, why are you entering the ZONE?!
  • Aomine: Must... Hunt... Nijimura...
  • Midorima: ...
  • Kagami: Where are you going?!
  • Midorima: My lucky item for today is Nijimura-san. I must get over where he is and hunt him down.
  • Kise: Do you even know where he lives?
  • Midorima: Takao can take care of it. Well then.
  • Kagami: ... Kise, I'm surprised you weren't--- what the fuck?!
  • Kise: Kagamicchi, it's just once in a life time... so, let me use this tray and hunt him as well.
  • Kagami: You're scary... Kuroko, stop them.
  • Kuroko: I doubt I can. The only person who can stop these three is Akashi-kun.
  • Kagami: Call him then!
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun just sent me a mail and he said that he will hunt Nijimura-senpai as well.
  • Kagami: How did he... Ack?! You were there all along?!
  • Akashi: I cannot missed this once in a life time reunion. If you'll excuse me, I have a senpai to exterminate.
  • Kagami: ... Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: Do you want to watch a bloody scene, Kagami-kun?
  • Kagami: You fucking started it! Now fix it!

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kagami, kasamatsu, midorima where their crush gives them chocolate, and their teammates tell them to stop being shy and ask the girl out?

Note: giri-choco means obligatory chocolate that girls give to guys in Japanese Valentine’s Day, honmei-choco means the chocolate given to people they have feelings for (genuine instead of obligatory).

This also feels so typically shoujo manga, I’m sorry.


“What, you haven’t asked her out yet?”

That was Miyaji, bluntly speaking out his mind while autonomously practicing his footwork.

Midorima can hear Takao burst into laughter several feet away from the scene—the dark-haired athlete is lucky that you’re in the perimeter, because if you weren’t, Takao would already have a basketball shot exactly to his head.

Your intentions are simple and straightforward: to give him your homemade chocolates. You might not be confessing yet, since you feel like you haven’t prepared enough, but you’re sure that even someone as dense as Midorima is able to get the message. They are homemade chocolate cookies, after all. A girl doesn’t just give this to any person on Valentine’s Day.

The intricately packaged cookies are held close to your chest when you hear the upperclassman’s words. You feel your heartbeat speeding up exponentially once your brain processes the meaning behind that sentence, which doesn’t take much time: does this mean Midorima intends to confess his feelings to you?

A part of you that hates being disappointed tells you that it might just be a form of teasing, that the boy you’ve pined for so long does not actually return your affections. When you look at him, you bet everything you own that Midorima is going to look more disinterested or annoyed than flustered.

Imagine your surprise when you find him, towering in front of you effortlessly with that height, blushing and melting into a stuttering mess—you catch him saying something along the lines of “senpai, why” but his words are so jumbled and his voice shaky that you almost think you misheard. Midorima covers half of his face with his hand under the pretence of fixing his glasses, when in fact you can clearly see the eyewear pressed so tightly on its correct position.

Hope takes shape as butterflies in your gut, and with whatever voice you are able to muster, you tell him:

“Midorima-kun, I actually l-like you.”

The gym falls into a complete silence.

“I have for quite a while now!” You resume quickly so as to not prolong the awkwardness—you can feel stares pointed at your general direction and you feel your cheeks turning hot red, “so… please accept these?”

Your hands are now outstretched, offering him the packaged cookies.

“They’re… not giri-choco.”

At that, Midorima seems to be getting worse—if only you had the courage to look him in the eye rather than looking down on the gym floor, you would see him look as if he’s on the verge of crying, cheeks flushed red. He covers his face more blatantly now, while the other one shakily accepts your gracious gift. Miyaji, Ootsubo, and Kimura have to take care not to let their jaw drop down to the ground as they watch the scene unfold. As for Takao, he’s visibly shocked like the others, but there’s a glint of happiness in his eyes like he has been waiting for this moment to happen.

“Stupid…” Midorima murmurs, averting his gaze shyly—should he make eye contact with you, he’ll for sure faint from being overwhelmingly joyful at the fact that you actually like him back. “Why confess now?”

The two of you secretly know that if it weren’t for your sudden burst of bravery, it would take another year or more for him to gather the courage to ask you out first.


“Don’t forget to say ‘I like you’, Kagami-kun.”

Kagami’s usual first reaction of Kuroko sneaking up on him would be shock, but this time things are different. In addition to that, his face gradually turns as red as the strands of his hair, and when he slowly turns to you only to find the shocked look on your face, he feels like burying himself six feet deep.


“What? I thought you asked me to help you practice?”

You’re left to your own devices as the two friends banter, Kagami shouting at Kuroko most of the time for ‘not having good timing’ or ‘ruining his chances’, but truth be told, their words are nothing but meaningless noises to you—you are very much surprised at what Kuroko just said, not knowing whether the boy with thin presence means it or not. Taking Kagami’s reaction into consideration, it is likely that Kuroko indeed tells the truth, which means…

At this point you’re the one flushed beyond control, but deciding that it’s now or never—the two of you will undoubtedly be too awkward if you get to meet after this incident—you grab a hold of Kagami’s wrist, tugging him with enough strength as you jog out of the classroom. Kagami lets out a slight yelp from the sudden jerk, and his frustration directed at Kuroko is immediately replaced by anxiety as you lead him to a more secluded staircase, away from prying eyes.

“__________! I swear, it’s not what you—”

“I like you, Kagami-kun.”

His eyes widen, panic slowly diffusing into realization as he tries to comprehend your confession. You like him? The whole school year he’s been sending secret glances and watching you from afar, gradually trying to accept the fact that he’s always a bystander. Now here you are, telling him you like him.

“I… don’t know what that was between you and Kuroko-kun,” you say again, eyes down on the ground as if the tiled floors are the most interesting thing in the world, “but if you don’t like me back, it’s okay. I was—I just felt like it was the right thing to do. Telling you I like you, I mean.” You’re rambling now, and your cheeks are starting to gain color. The wrapped homemade chocolates you have been holding in one hand is starting to get cold, you realize—or is it just your senses being numbed, because of Kagami’s lack of response.

“Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. I-I’m sorry for dragging you all of a sudden…”

Just as you begin your swift escape, Kagami manages to grab your arm. You gasp, unable to release yourself from his strong hold even if you wanted too—you find yourself not wanting to run away, what with him suddenly pressing you against his chest in a tight hug. You can feel his rabbit heartbeat, pumping abnormally fast even as his arms around you tighten. One look to his face will tell you he’s nervous, but hugging you like this feels so right to him he can’t bring himself to let you go despite his apparent embarrassment.

It’s time for him to show you the result of his confession practice.


“Just ask her out already, senpai!”

Kasamatsu’s breath hitches in his throat, the shock causing him to freeze while he’s trying to accept the confectionaries you worked so hard on making. Kise has a knack of pushing his buttons, and Kasamatsu doesn’t know why he didn’t expect this to happen—you, his crush, entered the gym like a freaking angel, wanting to give homemade chocolates to no one other than himself, Kasamatsu Yukio, your upperclassman, and Kise just had to open his stupid mouth.

Under normal circumstances, Kasamatsu would be very, very pissed off at the golden-haired boy, and would undoubtedly resort to kicking Kise repeatedly until he calms down. This time around, he can’t, because look at your face: your mouth shaped into a small “o” (from the surprise, he assumes), your whole body seemingly at a standstill…

He knows he can’t keep his feelings for you a secret anymore, so in the heat of the moment, he encloses a hand around your wrist and walks toward the gym exit, making you follow behind him whether you like it or not.

Your mind is still racing. Kasamatsu is walking in front of you, eerily quiet. What if he’s annoyed of you, that you’ve interrupted practice just for a bag of chocolate cookies? What if he tells you he doesn’t want to see you again? You realize your thoughts seem so far-fetched, and you blame it on your hammering heart and your brain for overthinking every situation possible.

There are not many people around the premises—it’s dusk, and most students are going back home after club activities. You see several couples here and there, holding hands and enjoying each other’s presence more than they usually do, considering that it’s Valentine’s. Somehow you feel a tinge of jealousy tugging at your heartstrings, the want to be one of those people who loves and is loved in return. But you want only his love in return. Kasamatsu stands stone-faced in front of you, gaze focused elsewhere as you try to swallow anticipation like a bitter pill. He looks as if he is about to scold you, and so you brace yourself of what’s to come.

“Listen, __________. I… I like you. A lot.” Kasamatsu’s hardened expression quickly melts into that of embarrassment. “Stupid Kise blew it away already, I guess. I-I’m sorry about that.”

For a second your eyes meet, and like innocent middle-schoolers, both your face and his are flushed pink, and that’s when you’re too shy to continue looking at him. Kasamatsu acts similar, ruffling the hair at the back of his neck as an unintentional reflex to his shyness, but when you stretch your hand out to give him the chocolate again, his attention is all on you.

“Actually, Kasamatsu-senpai, I like you too—I’ve liked you for a while now, um, and these,” you say, placing the bag in his hand, “they’re honmei. For you.”

At that moment, Kasamatsu feels two things he has never felt before: the first being so faint and yet so aware at the same time, and the second feeling so full of happiness he wants to shout it out to the whole world—multiple times, if necessary.

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I would love a scenario where kise walks in on his s/o getting bullied/harassed by some of his more "enthusiastic" fans because the fans don't think the s/o is as attractive or is worthy enough to date him (which has been going on for a while but the s/o didn't tell him). And then it all ends happy with kise comforting the s/o. That was so specific lmao sorry

 You could feel the individual strands breaking before you actually heard the snip of the scissors. Reaching a hand back, you felt at your scalp and found one patch in particular that had been sheered so much shorter than the rest. It stunned you to find it there and you almost didn’t move your hand in time to avoid the next swipe of the scissors.

“What are you doing?” Your voice was shrill, panic ebbing into it as you tried to keep the rest of your hair away from the girls situated behind you.

“Just thought we’d give you a little trim,” the one holding the scissors commented, her smile almost a sneer. “Make you look as ugly outside as you are inside.”

Another girl laughed. “It honestly isn’t that hard. We don’t have to do much work to get you to that point.”

Tears welled up in your eyes, not just from the harsh words being thrown at you, but also for the loss of your locks. How long had it taken you to grow out your hair to this length, only to have it snipped off in awful, uneven patches? You didn’t even want to think about how ridiculous you looked.

“Come back over,” the girl holding the scissors continued, snipping them in the air. “We’ll finish the job for you. You’ll look great sheered like a sheep.”

“And I think you’d look great as bald as an old man.”

You paled as you heard Kise’s voice, eyes looking past them to see him standing in the doorway to the classroom. You didn’t want him to see you like this; weak, fragile, ugly. Hands moving up to cover your hair, you tried to hide the uneven patches.

If you had paled paper white, the girls who had been bullying you had gone deathly pale. They turned in their seats to look at Kise, eyes glancing between each other and him in a nervous manner. The one holding the scissors tried to hide them behind her, but Kise wasn’t stupid; he’d already seen her holding them in her manicured hands.

“I can give you the haircut not myself,” he offered to them, stepping into the classroom. “But I have to warn you: I’m not very good giving hair cuts.”

Before they could utter any sort of response, both girls dashed from their seats. They didn’t want to be around when Kise got angry.

“____cchi, are you okay?”

You were still covering your hair when Kise walked up to you. His hands were slow as they went over yours, slowly unveiling the damage the other girls had done. Your lip wobbled, knowing certainly that he wouldn’t like having a lover with such an ugly style.

“It’s awful,” you whimpered.

“Actually,” Kise hummed, gently pulling at one of your shorter locks of hair. “Layers are in right now. And I bet I know a stylist who can actually make you look absolutely breathtaking.” Then, as an addition to his thoughts, he added in with a wink, “Not that you weren’t already.”

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GOM x Kagami hcs on they would react to Kagami's cooking

Ooohhhh… If it’s too bad, please slap me. 

Akashi x Kagami: 

  • The first time Akashi taste Kagami’s cooking is when he crashed in his apartment.
  • Akashi insisted eating outside, but Kagami said that if he’s staying in his house, he should be following Kagami’s orders. 
  • Akashi couldn’t help it but to listen.
  • Kagami cooked a few dishes that he would believe Akashi enjoys. 
  • And Akashi never tasted anything so good, he actually die inside a bit. 
  • “You cooked this?” 
  • “Have you not see me in the kitchen?” 
  • “I thought you were playing around.” 
  • From now on, Akashi would pretend he lost his wallet or his bento so that Kagami would cook for him… 
  • And have him deliver it by his guard that is guarding Kagami’s house. 

Aomine x Kagami: 

  • Aomine believed that men can’t cook.
  • And thus, it took a huge impact on him when he tasted Kagami’s cooking. 
  • He was so amazed that it leaves him speechless for a couple of minutes before bursting out. 
  • He’s like… “What the fuck. Did you ordered this outside?!”
  • “You fucking saw me wearing an apron and fucked me before I can even finish cooking! Watch out for your semen, you idiot.” 
  • Aomine gained weight because of Kagami’s cooking. 
  • He doesn’t mind, though. 

Kise x Kagami: 

  • Kise was aware of the fact Kagami can cook. 
  • But he never taste it. 
  • Mainly because he was afraid that Kagami is a bad cook… 
  • He actually witnessed the day when Seirin ate their lunch. 
  • It was their coach’s cooking and Kise was clueless by that fact.
  • So when Kagami came to visit his house — he was bedridden — that was the first time he tasted Kagami’s cooking. 
  • It was so good that Kise even shed a tear. 
  • “Marry me, Kagamicchi!” 
  • “Hold on, we’re still in high school. Wait till we graduate.” 

Midorima x Kagami: 

  • It was actually an accident that Midorima took a bite out of Kagami’s homemade chocolate. 
  • And he was clueless who made them. 
  • He was slightly hungry and asked Kuroko to share some of his chocolates. 
  • In which, Midorima fell in love with the taste. 
  • So when Kagami invited him over to stay at his place, he was surprised to see the mess in the kitchen. 
  • “Sorry about the mess. I made a bunch of chocolates for the team and this happened.”
  • “Chocolates?” 
  • “Yeah, treats for them. I have more. You want some?” 
  • And so Midorima had demanded Kagami to never let anyone taste his cooking ever again… 
  • Because it’s so magical, anyone can die out of it. 

Murasakibara x Kagami: 

  • Murasakibara is also aware of Kagami’s talent in cooking from Himuro. 
  • But he was unaware of the taste. 
  • And so, Kagami had visited them in their dorm. 
  • Himuro had asked Kagami to teach him a few recipe for the upcoming training camp. 
  • Kagami was delighted to help out and so they started brainstorming new recipe for the team. 
  • Murasakibara was there to be the taste tester. 
  • Upon tasting Kagami’s cooking, Murasakibara started saying that Kagami was so good at cooking that he can’t help it but to drool. 
  • “But why are you drooling? You’re eating our foods, Atsushi.” 
  • “I can already imagine Kagami baking.” 
  • “Atsushi… no sweets.” 
  • “I’m on it.” 
  • And Himuro was so surprised to see how Murasakibara indirectly convinced Kagami to bake for him. 
  • Kagami spoils Murasakibara so much. 

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Can we have the GoM being taken care of by their SO when they're sick? Thankies! I really love your writing!

Uwaaaah~ Thank youuu dear! (●´□`)♡

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“Akashi-san, do you want us to call your doctor?” one of his maids asked, stepping up. Akashi waved his hand.

“No thanks.” he replied, coughing. The maid hesitated for a while, then nodded and closed his door.

It was quite surprising, that Akashi actually got sick. Not for the first time, but still. He was overworking himself. He should’ve listened to (Name).

Usually, his fever would go away for about 2 hours, but this time, it’s been going on for 5? 8? He didn’t know. He slept to make it go away.

A knock was heard from the other side of the door. Before he even got to reply, (Name) stepped in, a worried look plastered on her face.

She clumsily made her over to him. “Oh my god, Sei, are you okay?” she asked, placing a hand on his forehead. “Do you need something?”

Akashi smiled. Yep. This was definitely better than calling his doctor. (Name) blushed furiously when realising Akashi was staring at her the whole time she panicked on what to do.

She pulled out her phone from her bag. “I don’t know what to do! I never took care of someone ill before. Should I call Midorima? Uh.. yes. I should call him.”

Akashi chuckled softly at her exclamations and placed a hand on her arm. “(Name), you don’t have to.”

“But I really don’t know what to do!” she frowned, not wanting Akashi to tell her what to do while she follows his orders. That was just rude!

“Have you drank your medicine?” she asked, as her mind started to work on it’s own. Of course, he had to drink his medicine first, right?

Akashi shook his head. “For the day, I haven’t. I just woke up.”

“Well then..” she looked around his large room, then stood up, crazily waving her hands. “Alright, alright. Stay there. Wait, of course you’ll stay there! Let me ask the maids for your medicine..” she laughed awkwardly.

She kept looking over her shoulder and smiling so adorably at Akashi, he couldn’t help but smile, too.

(Name) bumped her back on the door, making her chuckle softly and pull the door open.

“Uhm..” she started, locking eyes with one of the maids that happened to pass by. “Would you mind.. giving Sei’s medicine? Or.. Akashi-san?”

The maid smiled at her clumsiness and excused herself. Then she came back with a small bottle and a spoon. (Name) muttered and thanks and made her way back inside Akashi’s room.

“Akashi-san?” the red head cocked an eyebrow, making (Name)’s cheeks heat up as she placed the items on his bedside table.

“I panicked..” she reasoned, pouring the medicine on the spoon.

Akashi sighed but smiled up at her as she served him the liquid. Without any hesitation, he swallowed it.

“Does it taste bad?” she asked curiously, moving her head closer. Akashi nodded.

“It does.” he admitted, earning a scoff from his girlfriend.

“So.. what now?” she asked, hoping she didn’t sound too awkward, which she doubted. Akashi grinned.

“Sleep.” he replied.

She nodded. “Well yeah, of course. I guess.. I’m done for the day, then?” she forced a laugh and stood up.

“No..” he responds. She furrows her eyebrows. “You look tired.”

“Me? Well.. I guess I do. Do I look that bad?!” she started combing her hair.

He smiled. “No. Not at all. You look beautiful. (Name), come here.”

She gulped, but stepped closer. Akashi placed a hand on her nape and pulled her closer to his ear. “Rest beside me. You need it.”

“I ned rest? Yeah! Of course I do.. like, why wouldn’t I need rest? Or you.. or rest?” she made her way to the other side of the bed, then kicked off her shoes.

“You’re adorable, (Name).”

“Of course. Yeah. She’s adorable..” she replied, laying beside him and gluing her eyes on the ceiling.

“Love, you don’t look too comfortable in your position.” Akashi frowned.

She laughed awkwardly. “Yeah. I’m totally comfortable. I can totally not hear my own heartbeat. Oh my god.” she covered her face with her hands.

“I’m so embarrassing, Sei! I’m sorry.” she apologised, turning to him, her face red.

Akashi chuckled and planted a kiss on her forehead. “You’re not embarrassing. You’re cute when you get nervous.”

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I just read the Aomine headcanon and was wondering if you can do one with Kise. When he finds out that his s/o is Aomine's sister. Sorry for my bad English.

no problem, anon! thanks for submitting! xxx

Kise Ryouta:

  • He doesn’t think much of it when he notices your similar hair color to a certain Touou ace, and finds it cute but boy is he in for a surprise when you introduce him to your big brother.
  • Sputters nonsense when you first meet andcries out his unlucky fate. He still loves you of course, but he can’t see you properly anymore without seeing Aomine, too.
  • At first he’s totally against ever hanging out but slowly accepts the idea and always invites Aomine to their dates. You’re glad that he’s accepting the news so well but you really didn’t want to hang out with your big brother all the time.

Aomine Daiki:

  • Really, he couldn’t believe his luck. You were supposed to be the smarter sibling and he couldn’t fathom why you would choose someone as annoyingly loud as Kise.
  • He knew for a while that you were dating the Kaijou ace but kept quiet about it since he didn’t think it would be relevant since he wasn’t going to be seeing you two anyway, but he slowly regrets not confronting Kise sooner when he starts texting the group chat about how cute and shy and dirty you were in bed.
  • He only tags along on their dates because it’s all Kise’s money and he’s just there for the free food honestly. Sometimes he invites Momoi but is eventually pulled away from the couple by her. “They need to spend time without you in there, Dai-ch

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Hi!! Ask finally open :DD How about GoM reacting to their s/o being executed in front of them bc they are in different sides of a war (if it's too much let me know and sorry xD) I love this blog!!

Kuroko: Neither of you had wanted this war from the beginning, so to hear that you were a casualty of it made him no longer believe in the happy endings the two of you had been fantasizing about. He becomes more active in the war, lending advice where he can, leading from the shadows, and making sure it would come to a stop once and for all.

Kise: This situation almost makes him want to give up entirely. Kise doesn’t believe he can continue on in this war without you and, even if he could, what would he do once it was over? He goes on a rampage of revenge, destroying all enemies in his path and not really caring if he got injured in return. If he become another casualty, then so be it.

Aomine: There were more tears than he had expected when he heard you’d been killed. He had expected to feel unbridled rage, but the first thing that settled in was a numbing depression at the thought of never being able to see you again. It actually grounds Aomine quite a bit and he uses this time to make a good plan before his anger could overcome him.

Midorima: His own men had been the ones to do it, brutally murdering you in front of his very eyes. He felt numb, unsure if he should cry out and be labeled as a traitor or plot his own revenge in silence. Though his mind had been confused over which decision to make, his body immediately chose the former. Lashing out, it wasn’t long before Midorima was captured himself.

Murasakibara: The rage that was in him after watching you die was more than he’d ever felt through this damned war. Murasakibara had lost someone he’d never expected to lose and it was doing horrible things to his decision making. Suddenly anyone and everyone was an enemy, somebody against him who’d ripped you from his arms.

Akashi: Looking at him, nobody would have expected that beneath his calm outside demeanor there was a raging fire battling its way out of him. Akashi needed vengeance more than anything else. He needed to make sure your death was not in vain and that this war would end the way you’d wanted it to. The first step would be destroying those who had destroyed you.

nonsense-girl  asked:

thank you! *sobs quietly* that's so beautiful and heart-warming, thank you!! <3 can I request more please? (sorry, AoKi is life <3<3) takes place during wc finals, after the awarding ceremony, Aomine congratulates Kise and they patch things up ('cause you know their IH match was heartbreaking but we didn't see some angst between them after, they just suddenly become 'ok' after it even without proper talking), and maybe accidental/forced/awkward confession? Light angst plus fluff, thanks again!

Aw you’re welcome! *hug you back* I’m so excited about this ‘ask’, I wonder what it is… lmao xP Take your time! Have a good day too! <3<3

Anonymous said:

scenario with Kise and Aomine where Kise stops admiring Aomine (after Kaijo vs Touou) and fawning over him altogether, after some time Aomine realizes he wants Kise’s attention all to himself after all and confronts him, insert love confession? thanks so much your AoKise are so amazing especially the one with punching Haizaki <3

Hi dears! Sorry if I made you wait! First, thank you for your kind words! I’m really happy that you like my Aokise’s things! (I LOVE THEM TOO) Second, since you two sent me similar asks on the same day, I decided to answer with one but longer drabble! I hope you’ll be satisfied with this, let me know and thank you for your support!

AoKise, Angst + Fluff, After Seirin’s victory, Confession


Don’t Stop Following Me


Aomine fought with the crowd of people that was trying to leave the stadium and cursed every single one of them. Were they a flock of sheep or what? He had also lost sight of Momoi, damn.

After an interminable struggle, he finally reached the exit and inhaled fresh air. He immediately moved away from the mass, choosing a more secluded path. The sky was already dark and he was still thinking about Kuroko and Seirin’s victory, when he caught sight of a well-known blond in front of him.

Instinctively, he raised a hand and called him.

“Oi Kise!”

He regretted his action on the spot, remembering that well, the last time they had spoken…he hadn’t been the best friend he could have been, right?

He hoped the boy hadn’t heard him, but, like a trained dog, Kise stopped and turned in a second.

“Aominecchi?” stuttered shocked, waiting for the other to reach him.

Aomine could see his expressions going from happiness, to bitterness and finally to a blushing uneasiness. He wasn’t feeling any different, but probably his face was frozen in the usual scowl.

“What are you doing here?” Kise asked, fidgeting with his hands.

“Got separated from Momoi. I’m going home,” he explained briefly, eyeing nervously the way Kise avoided meeting his eyes.

“Ah me too! But my team lives in the opposite direction, so it’s fine!” he stifled a laughter, scratching his nape.

“I live near you,” Aomine blurted it before he could realize. Kise for a moment stilled, and then forced a smile. He had written on the forehead that he was uncomfortable and part of Aomine would have liked to punch himself for making that implicit offer, but he had always been good at ignoring people’s feelings and doing what he wanted, so why stop now?

“Let’s go,” he ordered with a nod and started walking. For a second, he didn’t heard any sound of footsteps behind him and his heart missed a beat, yet Kise moved in the end. Aomine sighed in relief, trying to erase the flashes of their last match from the mind.

Kise walked in silent by his side, hands in the pocket and eyes covered by the blonde bangs.

“Tetsu was right all along uh?” at some point Aomine commented to break the silence.

Kise blinked and pushed aside his own thoughts to look at him.

“It seems so,” he agreed with a bittersweet smile. He was grateful to Kuroko for the new world he had showed him, but at the same time the defeat still burned.

The silence dropped again.

“Listen,” Aomine burst, clenching his fists, “About our match-” he began, but Kise interrupted him.

“Are you here to rub salt on the wound?” hissed in disbelief, glaring at him, and Aomine growled annoyed.

“I’m not, you idiot.”

“Strange, oh Unbeatable One,” Kise mocked him shaking his head and Aomine hit him on the shoulder.

“I’ve never done something like that.” He alleged, wounded by Kise’s joke. He had been an asshole but he had never belittled Kise.

“That’s discussible.” The other insisted showing a small pout and crossing his arms. Aomine felt the need to hit him again but restrained himself and inhaled deeply.

“During that match,” he tried again, a little uncertain of how and what he wanted to say, “You stopped following me.”

Kise stiffened and whipped his head to look at Aomine, eyes wide with shock.

“W-what do you mean?” he muttered. Aomine’s blue eyes were serious as they never had and Kise felt a grip around his throat.

“What I said,” Aomine repeated more sure, slowing his pace, “you stopped following me.”

“I don’t know what are-”

“You’ve never done it before. You have always chased after me,” Aomine continued to speak, like his walls had broken down, “You were the only one who never stopped chasing after me. It didn’t matter how strong I was becoming, it didn’t matter if the gap between us was growing larger, it didn’t matter if I was unbeatable. You searched for me. You challenged me. So why had you stopped?” he breathed in the end, slightly panting. He didn’t even noticed he had slowly raised his voice and halted.

Kise was staring at him petrified and some passersby were glancing curiously at them. But Aomine didn’t care. He didn’t even know he was that angry until that moment.

“Why, Kise?” asked again. He needed an answer. He was thinking about it from that time, growing more and more uneasy as days passed by.

The distressed tone that surfaced in his voice unblocked the blond, who took a step back as if Aomine had slapped him and wrapped an arm around his own waist as to protect himself.

“Why? Because that way I could finally beat you. Or that was what I thought.” He answered with a cold, disillusioned smile, “What’s wrong? Your powerful self don’t accept my insubordination? You don’t like it when no one is fawning about how strong you are? Were you offended?” he spited his accuses one after the other letting all his bottled up anger surface.

“That’s not-”

“That’s not what?” Kise abruptly interrupted him and grabbed him by the collar of the t-shirt, “Were you lonely because I wasn’t there? Did you feel left behind? Well, welcome to my world.” Kise hissed, few centimeters away from his lips. Aomine speechlessly stared at his burning golden eyes. Why his voice was so sad? Why he was on the verge of crying?

Kise let him slowly go, trying to calm his accelerated breathing. He didn’t want to speak anymore. He didn’t want to let him see his true feelings a second longer.

“You’re such an egoist, Aomine,” he murmured with the same cold expression he had worn during that fatal match. Then he turned and tried to walk away.

The sound of his name, without any suffix, without any cheerful inflection, echoed in Aomine head. He watched Kise’s back leaving and a thought crossed his mind: “Is this what you have seen for all those years?”

“Kise!” he called reaching for him, but the boy jolted and suddenly bolted away without turning.

Aomine cursed and sprinted after him, stretching his hand. He had never had the need to chase after something, he had never felt the fear of not reaching what he wanted. Yet he was learning how bitter and scary it could be.

“Kise, stop!” he chased after the blond like his life depended on it. Kise tried his best and pushed his body to the limit, but Aomine was still the best, wasn’t he?

He finally caught his wrist.

“Let me go!” Kise screamed, but he tightened the grip.

“No!” he roared before yanking and roughly slamming the boy against the nearest wall. He pinned him by the shoulders, impeding him from wiggling out of his hold. “You have to listen to me!”

“Why? Why I have to?” Kise cried as desperation took over.

“Because I don’t like you stop following me.” Aomine admitted panting and letting his tiredness crept in his voice.

Kise tightened his lips and ducked his head, trembling.

“And what should I do, you egoistic idiot?” he replied trying to hold back the tears, “If you need a dog or a fool for your own entertainment, find someone else. I can’t stand as player on your level because you never recognize me, yet I can’t stop chasing your shadow and become a proper rival because you don’t want it. Do you want to make me even more miserable? I’m tired of looking at you from afar…” he confessed finally dropping any resistance and shrinking against the wall.

“I don’t want you as a rival or player!” Aomine exclaimed instinctively. Only the pained expression that flashed on Kise’s face made him realize that it wasn’t what he should have said.

“Are you a sadist?” Kise whined in disbelief. He was crying and letting him crush his heart and that idiot just poured salt in the wound.

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Then be clear!”

“I’m trying to-”

“Do you want to break my heart again, you insensitive asshole?”

“I said I’m trying to-”

“Not that you car-”

“I’M TRYING TO CONFESS!” Aomine finally screamed it out, exasperated and annoyed at the same time. Why Kise had to speak that much?

“W-what?” Kise stuttered lifting his head and staring at him shocked, eyes still filled with shiny tears. He had to be mistaken…

“I’m trying to confess,” Aomine repeated slowly and rested his head against Kise’ shoulder, “I love you, I don’t want you to stop following me. Please come back, even if I’m egoistic. Sorry for having realized it after so long.”

Kise remained there, petrified for some seconds, and then blinked at the blue haired head. Realization hit me.

“Aominecchi!” he suddenly shrilled and the other guy jumped for the surprise, “Repeat it!” begged catching his face between the hands and squeezing his cheeks.

“Uh?” Aomine looked at Kise dumbfounded and tried to break free, but the guy’s fingers remained planted into his skin. He was staring at him with eyes full of expectancy and incredulousness.

“Say it again!”

“No.” he grunted avoiding his gaze.

“Aominecchi! Please!”

“I’ve already said it. Stop with this shit and answer me.”

“I’m not answering if you don’t say it again.” Kise threatened serious and Aomine groaned defeated.

“…I love you, go out with me,” He muttered unwillingly and embarrassed. A light pink hue colored his dark cheeks.

Kise slowly let him go and took a step back to look properly ad Aomine, struck by both euphoria and confusion. It had happened so fast and after so long at the same time. He felt lightheaded, as if he was still caught in a dream. A happy dream.

“Oi, you said you were going to answer!” Aomine fretted, trying to calm down his own heart. He was starting to believe that Kise was going to escape again. Not that he could have blamed him but-


Aomine stared at Kise’s blushing face. He was wearing a bright smile, the one of the old days, and his eyes shined brightly. All the sadness had finally left him.

“Yes, I love you too,” Kise beamed, as he vibrantly accepted his confession. He didn’t even hoped it for it anymore and yet. He was on the verge of exploding for the happiness.

The other boy suddenly crouched to the ground.

“Thank God!” Aomine sighed in relief holding his head between the hands; “Don’t tease me like this!” growled glaring up at the blond, who had burst into a lighthearted laughter.

“Now we’re even!” Kise chanted playfully, bending slightly towards him with a mischievous smirk.

Aomine however didn’t miss the chance and suddenly grabbed his collar; in a swift move dragged him down and planted a rough kiss on his soft lips.

Now, we’re even.” Aomine allured satisfied when they divided, licking his lips. Kise’s face flushed even more and, with a whimper, he let himself fall into Aomine’s arms, on the ground.

“That’s sly, Aominecchi!”


Some old ladies on the street that had stopped to watch the entire scene clapped furiously and dried their eyes with handkerchiefs, expressing aloud compliments and congratulations. Ah, those younglings in love!

asianandproudtobe  asked:

Yooo I really love your swan in the curse series and can't wait for the next part ~ Also in my mind Kasamatsu and his clan wear something similar to Ashitaka's clothes in Princess Mononoke

He thinks he must be dreaming. The swans are perched in the trees all around him, looking down at him, with the stars behind their backs like they’re haloed by the heavens. Kasamatsu thinks it must be a dream, because he feels at first that he must be surrounded by angels, and it is an impossibly beautiful thing to feel in this moment in his life when he feels so hollow and bereft.

But as soon as he realizes he isn’t dreaming, he realizes that they are even better than angels—they must be his brothers, his brothers have returned, because against all odds he looks at these swans and he sees his family.

Kise,” he says to the closest, largest and most regal of the swans. “Moriyama, Kobori—everyone!”

It does not even disturb him all that much that his brothers have returned to him in the form of swans. At least they are back. Nothing else matters.

The moon hangs low; and when a passing cloud moves, the Kise-swan bows his head, and then one by one, his brothers return to him in the form that he knows and loves best. Kasamatsu has to keep himself from crying—he’s too scared to touch them, he’s terrified this is all a dream; it must be a dream, this is all too good to be true.

But Kise’s face stills some of his joy. Kise and all his other brothers look at him with such solemnity that Kasamatsu begins to think this must be reality after all—they look far too devastated.

“Captain,” Kise says, his voice full of sorrow, “Brother—I am sorry. I am so sorry. You should have never invited me into your home.”


His brothers reach out to him, touching him as if they need to believe that he is there. Their hands are all so cold, and their touch doesn’t seem real—there is something wrong with them; even though their touch is solid it feels like they are ghosts.

Only Kise does not touch him.

“What happened?” Kasamatsu asks, looking at the faces of the people he has known almost all his life. “Who has done this to you?” Now that the initial joy has passed he can sense the curse that has been placed upon them; it is powerful magic, unlike anything he has ever felt before. No simple eudemon could have placed a curse like this; it must have been a powerful, vengeful Beast.

“We do not have much time,” Moriyama says. “Only fifteen minutes each night there is a moon. Then we return to swans.”

“Forget us, captain. You must live your life as your own. There is no helping us,” Kobori says.

“Never,” Kasamatsu cries. “Something must be done, there is always something that can be done. Who did this to you?” He looks to Kise, who has not spoken since his earlier statement, You should have never invited me into your home. “Was it the Gray Beast?”

Kise just shakes his head mournfully. “No, but it was my past. It was my past that did this, and my bonds to this clan that hurt the others. It is all my fault. Please, live your life, find a new clan, it is not worth trying to save us.”

Kasamatsu’s heart beats faster at the statement, and all he feels is hope. “That means there is something I can do. What is it?”

The others look at each other, they look at Kise, but they remain silent.

“It is not for you to bear the burden!” Kasamatsu shouts, barely restraining himself from kicking Kise. “It is not for you to suffer this loss. I am the leader of this clan, you were under my protection. The burden is mine and mine alone. Now tell me what I must do to save you.”

And after a single moment of slight hesitation, Kise tells him.

A/N: Thanks, friend!! I am very glad you are enjoying this story! Ashitaka’s outfit would be a very fitting thing to picture them wearing, headcanon accepted =D Parts One Two Three Four Five

Don’t Be Nervous (Kasamatsu Yukio)

Title: Don’t Be Nervous

Anime: Kuroko no Basket

Pairing: Kasamatsu x Reader

Word Count: 2,100

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by karasunowings

Your eye twitched at the hand wrapped tightly around your wrist, narrowed eyes sliding up the toned arm to the culprit. “Why do you have to involve me?”

Bakagami glanced over his shoulder. “Because you’re one of the scariest people I know.”

A sweat drop appeared on the back of your head. “I never knew you had such a way with words. I’m surprised the girls aren’t falling over themselves to hear you speak!”

He scowled at the remark but chose to keep his mouth shut.

Silence fell as you made your way to the park. For what, you had no clue.

When you reached the destination, your eyes landed on a few familiar faces; Kise, who looked rather chipper. Kuroko, who wore the same blank expression as always. Koganei, who looked excited and ready to go. And Kasamatsu, who looked rather nervous.

Your gaze followed Koganei’s and you raised an eyebrow at the four girls standing off to the side. They were huddled together, whispering amongst themselves and glancing at the group of boys.

You yanked your arm free of Kagami’s grasp and narrowed your eyes into a glare, ready to demand an explanation when you were glomped by a blonde blur, knocking you back a few paces.

“I’m glad you could make it! Now we can go!” His grip around your body disappeared and he hurried over to the girls, ushering them along. Koga followed happily with Kuroko at his side, while Kasamatsu kept his distance.

Kagami gripped your forearm in a gentle but firm hold, leaning down so he could whisper in your ear. “Kise is trying to find Kasamatsu a girlfriend, but he’s useless when it comes to girls.”

You bit back the smart remark that begged to be released. “Okay… so what up with the group?”

“Kise needed two more guys, and when he asked Kuroko, Koganei-senpai said he would do it. He ended up having to beg Kuroko before he would agree.” He scoffed, shoving his hands into his shorts. “Kuroko threatened me with that damn dog, so I had to come along.”

“And I’m here because…?”

“They were short one girl and I wasn’t about to get set up with some chick I didn’t know.”

“Lovely. I knew I should have ignored your call.”

He sent you an annoyed glare, but you weren’t entirely sure it was meant for you. “If I have to suffer, you can to!”

“You’re such a good friend, Taiga.”

“Shut up.”

“Come now. Is that any way to speak to your elder?”

“Shut up.”

To say that the atmosphere was ‘awkward’ would be the world’s greatest understatement. The only ones talking were Koga and Kise, along with their dates. Honestly, you were fine with Kagami not talking to you but the silence was a bit killer, especially with the aura Kagami and Kasamatsu were giving off.

You rested your elbow on your crossed legs and plopped your cheek into your palm, playing with your shoelace to pass the time which seemed to be dragging by. God, you wish Kise would pull the plug already. His little plan obviously wasn’t working. Even when his date said something to him, all Kasamatsu would do was nod. He wouldn’t even look at her!

Your cell phone buzzed in your pocket and you shared a glance with Kagami before fishing it out and flipping it open. Why in the world was Kise texting you when you were in the SAME room?

- Why are you sitting on the floor?

You held in a snort.

- Because I refuse to sit next to some girl I don’t know.

- Participate, please? :(

You glanced up and caught Kise’s frown. No matter how tough you liked to believe yourself to be, that look was not something you could easily look over. You sighed before getting up off the floor, only to plop into Kagami’s lap. He grunted at the added weight, growling into your ear.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Shut up.” You muttered before forcing a smile as you addressed the girls. “So! What do you guys do for fun, hmm?”

“Shopping!” They giggled in unison.

You hung your head in disbelief, the corner of your lips twitching. I can’t work with this, Kise!


Blinking blankly, you looked up at the girl sitting across from Kasamatsu. She was a small thing, probably Kuroko’s height, with hair as green as Midorima’s and eyes like emeralds. Thick rimmed glasses were positioned on her face, helping to hold back her bangs that had fallen from the braids’ grip. She fidgeted nervously, but managed to meet my eyes with confidence in her voice.

“I-I’m on the debate team at school.”

Your eyes lit up and you leaned forward. Hope! There was hope after all! “That’s cool. Ne, Yukio?”

He jumped when you nudged him in the side, his face turning a bright red as his hands tightened around his slacks. “Y-Yeah…”

You twitched again. That fool had no idea what he just agreed to! Kagami sniggered, probably at your irritation, and tried to cover it up with a few coughs. A swift nudge to the ribs had him coughing for real.

“Mou, what’s taking that idiot waiter so long?” The blonde sitting across from Kise whined, crossing her legs and causing her skirt to ride up her leg. She ended up flashing Kise, but she didn’t seem to care. She wasn’t the type to care. “I’m hungry, Ryo-kun!”

“I’ll go check and see what the hold up is!” You jumped up, a little too eager, ignoring Kise’s sharp look. Seeing how miserable he looked, you figured you’d spare poor Yukio, as well. “Give me a hand?”

His blue eyes snapped up to meet yours, as if to make sure you were speaking to him. You held your hand out in confirmation, figuring he might need some help un-sticking himself from between Kagami and Kuroko. He seemed to hesitate, swallowing hard before slipping his sweaty hand into your own. It proved just how nervous and uncomfortable he really was.

You pulled him up with ease, not bothering to spare the others a glance before you turned and left the room, pulling the younger boy along behind you. Only when you were a safe distance away did you release his hand, instead placing them in the pockets of your hoodie.

“Sorry if you wanted to stay. Just seemed like you were pretty uncomfortable.”

“Y-Yeah. Thank you.”

You glanced at him curiously. “You really didn’t wanna do this, did you?”

“I don’t have time for girls.”

You chuckled at his response and he glared at you, unamused.

“What’s so funny about that?”

“You’re only saying that because you don’t know how to handle them. That’s why Kise was trying so hard to help you.”

He didn’t respond, instead turning his head away. Guess you pissed him off.

“Well, what do I know?” You laughed, rubbing the back of your head sheepishly. “I don’t know you well enough to say either way. I was just going by what I’ve heard from Kise.”

“It’s not my fault I can’t talk to girls.” He muttered in a soft voice. You almost didn’t hear him.

“You’re talking to me, aren’t you?”

“That doesn’t count!”

“How so?” You raised a brow curiously.

“You’re different. It’s not like I’m talking to a girl when I talk to you!”

Did he just call you a guy? You think he did. This kid was about as useless as Kagami… Kise wasn’t kidding!

“I-I mean…” He stumbled over his words, eyes wide and face bright red. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to form words, but none came.

You laughed again, waving him off. “Don’t worry about it. I know I’m not the most girly thing out there. I’m one of the guys, and it’s easy to forget that I’m female.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m not so easily hurt, so relax.” You hadn’t realized he had stopped walking until you glanced over and found the spot next to you vacant. Before you had the chance to turn around, arms wrapped around your body from behind, pinning your arms to your side. The embrace was awkward and you could feel just how tense his body was… he really didn’t have any experience. It was actually pretty surprising, considering how good looking he is.

You tapped his arm curiously after a minute of silence. “What are you doing, Yukio?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like it came out. I just…”

“I said it’s fine.” You laughed, patting his arm. You expected his grip to disappear, or at least loosen up a bit, but he tightened it instead.

“The truth is… I always get nervous around you. I never know what to say or do, and I always get jealous when I see how easy it is for Kise to talk to you. I just wanna smack him!”

“You should. Holding in your anger is bad for your health, ya know.” You were dead serious, too. You love Kise, but he could get on your nerves sometimes. He needed some tough love. Especially after tonight. “Your problem is that you think too much.”

You pried his arms off, turning around to meet his confused gaze. His cheeks were alight with red and something burned in the depths of his blue eyes, but you couldn’t make out what it was.

“You think too much about what to do and what to say, and you end up psyching yourself out. Don’t think so much. Be impulsive and just say or do whatever comes to mind. You can think about it later on.”

He looked down at the floor, seeming to think about what you told him. When he looked up again, there was a fire burning in his eyes. You didn’t move as he reached forward, grabbing your shoulders firmly and pulling you into his body. His lips crashed down onto your own, his hand sliding to the back of your neck to keep you in place. Your body was thrown into shock… you couldn’t move a muscle! Was Kasamatsu Yukio really kissing you? It seemed like a dream.

After a few seconds, he pulled away enough to create a few inches between your lips. Having him so close, you realized just how good looking this boy really was. With his spiked black hair and intense blue eyes, his strong features and his well-defined brow. He was almost god-like in looks. Kind of like Kise, but more masculine and rough.

You still hadn’t moved.

He must have taken that as a bad sign because he began to pull away. It was then that you realized what needed to be done.

Your hand grabbed the back of his neck to stop him in his tracks, fingers sliding through his silky hair. His eyes widened in surprise before your lips collided again, this time with more passion and want. The grip around your waist tightened as your lips moved in perfect synch.

The passion began to heat up as he pushed you against the wall, his muscled body making you groan in satisfaction as it molded against your own. You guess the sound snapped him out of whatever trance he had been in, because he jumped away from, eyes wide like saucers and his hand covering his mouth.

You licked your lips to get another taste of him, chest heaving up and down as you attempted to slow your rapidly beating heart.

The passionate air that you had just been bathed in slowly stared to fade away, making way for an air of awkwardness that you weren’t quite sure how you could break. You didn’t know how he felt, so you didn’t know what step you should take next. For all you knew, he could have been just using you for practice.

“I’m s - ”

“Don’t say it.” You scowled, rubbing the back of your head. “There’s nothing to apologize for.”

“You didn’t pull away.”

“Did you want me to?”


Surprised by the answer, your eyes met his. The shock had faded, it seemed, and there was determination burning in the depths of his eyes. A couple steps was all it took before he was directly in front of you, his lips hovering over your own.

“I still feel nervous around you.”

You grinned, throwing your arms around his neck. “Hmm, we’ll just have to keep practicing until your not nervous anymore.”

“What about Kise?”

“Who cares. He’ll find out eventually.” You muttered, capturing his lips once more.

This time, you didn’t let him get away.

The WHOLE summary of Kuroko no Basket season 1 , 2 & 3

Kagami: I becuem number 1 in japan

Kuroko: I help you

Kagami: k


Kuroko: no

Kise: senpaaaaai

Kasamatsu: SHUT UP OR I HIT YOU *hit*


Kise’s fangirls: KYAAA KISE-KYUUN

Kise: oh shit

Moriyama: *crying internaly*


Izuki: *makes a bad pun*


Kagami: I beat generation of rainbow faggots

Kuroko: not easy


Shuutoku: pineapples

Midorima: who the fuck are you

Kagami: who the fuck are you

Takao: haha shin-chan is so funny lol

Kuroko: midorima-kun we beat you

Midorima: not possible

Takao: it okey lol

Kagami: generation of rainbow faggots weak


Kagami: oh shit


Kuroko: aomine-kun pls

Aomine: the only one who can beat me is me

Imayoshi: im gonna murder somebody today

Susa: imayshi no



Aomine: I defeat weak ass seirin

Seirin: NEVAR *gets defeated*

Kagami: aomine u bastud

Kiyoshi: *towards seirin* my beautiful children


Kiyoshi: i love u too hyuuga

Kaijo: we defeat touou

Touou: lol


Aomine: no

Kise: haha I copy u


Kise: I still win

Aomine: no *defeats Kise*

Kise: aominecchi why


Himuro: well well, if it isn’t my younger bro whose I was a total jerk towards and I still blame him even tho he didn’t do anythin wrong

Kagami: tatsuya we bros again

Himuro: no

Murasakibara: muro-chiiiin I want candy

Kagami: who the fuck are you

Murasakibara: im the one who will crush u

Everyone: *GASP*

Murasakibara: kuro-chin is so tiny lol

Kuroko: shut up


Kagami: k


Midorima: FUK

Takao: lol

Hanamiya: ohh kiyoshi, what a great knee you have there…it would be a shame if…



Kiyoshi: it okey hyuuga


Kuroko: NO

Hanamiya: THE FUCK

Seirin: we won bitch

Kiyoshi: hanamiya i hope we play again


Momoi: riko ur boobs are so tiny lol


Imayoshi: we have rematch with seirin and aomine will crush them again haha lol

Kuroko: i meet akashi-kun


GoM: omg its akashi

Akashi: im absolute

Kagami: no ur not lol

Akashi: shut up before I cut u

Kagami: try it lol

Akashi: *cut*


GoM: omg

Akashi: u shall serve me or die

Kuroko: akashi-kun no



Murasakibara: I ENTER ZONE

Kise: I enter zone?

Kuroko: no kise-kun

Aomine: the only one who can beat me is KAGAme


Aomine: im so sad

Kuroko: aomine-kun we brofist again?

Aomine: yeah fine

Alex: *towards Riko, Kagami & Himuro* LET ME LOV UUUUU

Murasakibara: I crush eevry1

Seirin: no

Murasakibara: IM SO MAAAD


*shingeki no kyojin music playing in the background*

Murasakibara: I WIN

Kuroko: NOT YET *jumps 3 meters and stops the ball*

Murasakibara: pfft I never liked basketball anyway *starts crying*

(wait there’s more, season 3 update yaaay \o/)


Kuroko: kagami-kun

Kagami: kurko wtf i told u to throw dis away

Kuroko: but Kagami-kun and Himuro-san be bros 4ever must reunite pls

Kagami: k

Haizaki: hey babe wanna netflix n chill with me

Alex: fuck off

Himuro: leave her alone

Haizaki: the fuk did you said emo nerd


Haizaki: I’m choking a bitch lol

Kise: Shougo-kun staph this

Haizaki: RyOOOOoooOOooOUTA *licks finger*

Kise: whos this blonde beauty

Kagami: It’s you, Kise. It’s you.

Haizaki: I have match with RYOoOuuOUTA and ill win


Kise: aww kurokocchi ily *uses perfect copy*

Haizaki: oh no r u serious ill fuckin kill you (not before slapping egg-head senpai)

Kise: even with hurt foot I still win wanna see

*Kaijo wins*

Haizaki: UR DEAD

Aomine: excuse me *falcon punch*

Haizaki: thats it I’m dead for the show now

Aomine: listen fucker if you dont use these shoes ill kill you

Kagami: k tnx

Akashi: I do not know defeat


Takao: *choked laugher*

Akashi: lol

Nebuya: burp MUSCLES



Murasakibara: fak you Muro-chin I didnt even want to come

Himuro: potato chips

Murasakibara: okay

Kagami: hey son of a bitch I bet you didnt forget about me

Akashi: of course not, youre the peasant that will lick my feet to honor my greatness

Kagami: wait what *gets emperor eye’d*


Miyaji: Midorima, Takao u idiots we can sTILL WIN


Akashi: …impressive



Murasakibara: *acts as Akashi’s walking encyclopedia through the entire season*

Shuutoku: oh

Rakuzan: win

Midorima: akeshi we still friends right

Akashi: no *rejects handshake*

Midorima: wow ok *cries*

Kasamatsu: Kise go show them just how much of an aWESOME FUCKER YOU ARE

Kise: sure senpai

Kuroko: kise-kun I used to hate you


Kagami: we will beat u

Kise: *uses perfect copy*

Seirin: wait that’s too early ur cheating


Aomine: Satsuki do you believe in fate


Kise: no one can beat me now

Kuroko: except the protagonists

Seirin: win

Kaijo: *cries manly tears*

Kuroko: I’ll tell you guys a story

Aomine: hey tetsu we friends

Nijimura: motherfucking haizaki

Akashi: hello I am captain now

Ogiwara: kurokooooooooooo!!! :D

Aomine: no one can beat me and i’m not sure if I want that

Murasakibara: aka-chin weak

Akashi: listen here yOU LITTLE SHIT

Murasakibara: I win then I do whatever I want

*psycho Akashi awakens*

Everyone: well shit

Kuroko: Aomine-kun pls

Aomine: I don’t even remember how to receive your passes anymore… bruh

Akashi: TEtsuYAAa

Ogiwara: *cries in despair because of 111-11*

Kuroko: *to GoM* wHY YOU GUYS DID THAT

GoM: because yolo lol

Akashi: *to GoM* separate ways we must take

Seirin: we will beat u guys!!1!!!11

Rakuzan: lololol bring it on

Kagami: *enters zone*

Everyone: what wait

Seirin: whos dis person

Mayuzumi: hello I am the new phantom 6th player and I hate everyone


Reo: bby watch my shoots… BOYS love shoots~



Akashi: I’m Akashi Seijuro of course




Kuroko: I am just a shadow… and also the protagonist so we would win anyways lol

Fandom: *dying whale noises because of teary smiling Akashi*

the end

for @kagabutt because she’s an enabler with good ideas. 👌👌👌


Taiga enters Maji, takes one look around, and then promptly turns back to leave. Unfortunately, he’s not Kuroko, and his entrance catches the attention of two of the nosiest (for lack of a better word) people he knows.



He sighs, deems his escape a failure, and then marches towards the table where Kise, Momoi, Kuroko, and Aomine (just his luck) are sitting at.

“Yo,” he says in greeting. “I was just going to grab dinner and go, so – ”

“You look good tonight.”

Taiga chokes on air. Did Aomine just tell him he looks good? “Sorry, what did you – ?”

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imagine-with-gods  asked:

can i request akashi being extremely jealous bc kise was flirting with his best friend fo he is madly in love with

“Sorry, Sei-kun! I have to cancel again tonight. Ryou-Chan is taking me to one of his shoots. I really want to see what goes on behind the scenes!”

If murderous intent could kill them Kise would be a very dead blonde. Again, you canceled on him just to have said blonde steal your time. Akashi sighed tiredly and answered you with a fake smile on the other end of the phone.

“Of course. You know the key to a healthy friendship is time apart it not too much time.”

“Oh yea! I promise you the weekend no matter how much Ryou-Chan begs me!”

“Fine, have a nice time with him, Darling.”

“You know I will!”

Just like that you were off the phone and running to Kise. At least, that’s what was running through Akashi’s mind. He put off his jealousy to an aching to be with you…like a normal friendship.

The next time the two of you were in school you were staring at a picture of you and Kise hugged up. Akashi merely glanced at the photo and his face boiled with anger. He smiled at you then pointed to your picture.

“You two look…jovial.”

“Huh? Oh yea! I got to meet some of the models and everything. He’s very popular.”

“So I’ve heard. It makes no difference–”

“The weekend…I’m sorry, Sei-kun. My dad flies back in and we have to cancel.”

Your dear friend Akashi only gave a soft wet smile. He nodded in understanding.

“I understand. Please give him my regards.”

“I will! You’re the best, Sei-kun!”

You leaned over and kissed his cheek. More students rushed in as did the teacher. Later, you separated from him and went home to help your mother welcome your father home. Akashi made plans with Kise so they could ‘talk’ it out. Of course, Kise was quick to take up Akashi’s offer.

“I would love to play basketball, Akacchi!”

“We will meet at the on the courts since I am in the city.”

“Yay! We can go to dinner afterwards.”

“I look forward to it.”

With their conversation ended they met on the courts but played on opposite teams. Akashi demanded Aomine be on his team. A 3 on 3 with Akashi, Aomine and Midorima vs Kagami, Kise and Kuroko. The game ensued and Akashi had his sights set on the one that stole his lovely company. How dare he….

During a particularly intimidating play by Aomine and Midorima, Akashi played against Kise. His emperor eye activated and made Kise fall on his butt. Kise looked up at him and yelled.

“…murderous intent…!”

“Anything but, Kise-kun. You may stay away from our mutual female friend if you would like to keep both of your knee caps intact. I wonder how many photo shoots would be sexy from a wheel chair.”

All of the players on the court took a step back. Midorima was the only one brave enough to put a hand on Akashi’s shoulder.


He quickly took his hand back. He walked over to his team mates and cleared his throat.

“He will need a moment. Break time for everyone.”

jeshaki1  asked:

Last one I promise>.< a scenarios where the knb s/o is running to them to give them something they forgot at home but then a basketball hits her before she gets to them and falls down, and tries to tough it out but is about to cry

My dear, I’m so sorry this took so long. Blame school for the delay.

By the way, I kinda tweaked this a bit. The scenario is that the s/o enters the gym to bring the boys what they forgot then a basketball hits her. I hope that’s okay.

-Admin Katana :*

Kuroko Tetsuya:

Kuroko had spent the night at your house, because both of you agreed to study together for the final exams and before you know it, it was already dark. Your mother was the one who insisted to let Kuroko stay, and it’s not like you’re complaining.

Kuroko left early because he had to go home and change into his uniform, but he left you a letter. You smiled at the consideration, but noticed his wristbands that were sitting on the floor.

You know how much the wristbands meant to your boyfriend. One is from his friend, Ogiwara Shigehiro, while the other one is from Seirin.

You were on your way to the gym, clutching the wristbands on your fist. You were just one step inside the gym, when a ball hit your stomach.

“______-chan!” You heard some members running to you.

The impact caused you to curl on the ground. Your arms wrapped around your torso, your eyes shut tight. You tried to swallow your cry back, which you did not so successfully.

Another pair of arms wrapped around you. He let you lean againts him as he rubbed your back. “______-chan, let’s get you to the infirmary.”

“Oh shit, _______-chan I’m so so so sorry. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose!” Kagami frantically said. “Oh god I’m so sorry. ______-chan.”

“Look at what you did Bakagami! I told you to be careful with the passes!” Riko slapped his back!

“I’m sorry!”

“Kagami, how can you hit a girl? Are you heartless?” Says Koganei.

“No but–”

“You idiot! Run fifty laps outside!” Hyuuga ordered.

You smiled at them. “No, it’s okay. It doesn’t hurt that much. Anyway, you left these, Tetsuya. I came here to give it to you.”

You showed him the wristbands and he took it. “Thank you, ______-chan. But I will still take you to the infirmary. Just now you were curling on the ground.”

“No, I’m fi–”

“Please, _____-chan.” His puppy eyes were something you can’t absolutely resist, so you sighed and gave in.

Kuroko carried you bridal style since you can’t straighten up but before the two of you can exit the gym, Kuroko looked at the coach.

“Coach, please excempt Kagami-kun from practice for the rest of the afternoon. I’m sure he will take care of Nigou just fine.”

Needless to say, Kagami never held a ball whenever you were in sight after that day.

Kise Ryota:

Kasamatsu had finally done it. Moriyama and Kobori always told him to just kick Kise directly if he wanted to hit him, and not throw balls around.

He should’ve listened because now, your waist hurts from the ball that hit you. You’re a volleyball player and you were excempted from this week’s practice because you injured your waist in a match. You used the opportunity to watch your boyfriend’s practice and give his water bottle that he forgot.

You immediately dropped to the ground. Tears spilled from your eyes as you winced in pain. “_____-cchi!” Kise’s voice was laced with worry and concern.

Kasamatsu was panicking. He couldn’t talk to a girl, much less hurt one. He had never ever imagined that he could inflict pain to a specie he had trouble talking to.

“I-I’m s-s-so s-sor-ry!” He stuttered before bowing 90 degrees repeatedly. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry ______!”

Despite the pain, you managed to smile at your senior’s actions. “It’s okay, Kasamatsu-senpai. You didn’t mean it.”

“Ho(w) can y(ou) hu®t a gi(rl) Kasamat(su)-san?!” Hayakawa said, although nobody understood him.

“You dare kill a beautiful girl, Kasamatsu?” Moriyama pouted.

“Shut it, Moriyama.” Kobori sighed. “Kise, go take ______-chan to the infirmary.”

Kise carefully secured you in his arms, knowing that the smallest of movements can hurt you. You clutched his jersey to ease the pain. “It hurts.” You hissed.

“Hang in there, ______-cchi, okay? You’re going to be alright.” Kise’s voice did its magic, somehow making the pain a bit bearable.

“I-I’m so sorry.” Kasamatsu sounded so guilty. Even if the blonde irritated him, he knew how much Kise loved you. If you were hurt, he was, too.

“Kasamatsu-san, be careful next time.”

Kise’s voice was plain and even, but threatening. He didn’t call Kasamatsu ‘senpai’, indicating he was pissed. But he’s still a senior so he can’t really attack him head-on. Not sure if he still won’t if it happens the next time, though.

Kise exited the gym and brought you to the infirmary. Back at the gym, Kasamatsu sighed and went back to practice.

During that month though, he cut some slack on Kise and lessened his training. He also apologized whenever he saw you.

One month later:

“_____-cchi! You can do it!” Kise cheered. You had a practice match againts a powerhouse school in Kaijo. The basketball regulars decided to check it out (mostly because Moriyama forced them to watch it with him to check out the ladies).

You facepalmed at your boyfriend since it was still warm-ups, but smiled back nonetheless. However, when you spiked the ball, the doors suddenly opened and hit Kasamatsu right in the face.

Your eyes widened and ran to the basketball captain. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, senpai!”

From the bleachers, Kise just shrugged. ‘Well, I guess that makes it even.’

Midorima Shintaro:

The ball had finally rang, signaling that classes were done. Gathering your things, you noticed a ceramic frog sitting on the chair next to yours.

‘Ah, Shin-chan forgot his lucky item.’ You thought. The basketball team regulars had to be pulled out whilst classes were going on, so Midorima wasn’t with you as usual.

You decided to stop by the gym to give his lucky item, plus the notes you took for him from the lessons he missed.

“______-chan, let’s go home.” Your bestfriend called.

“Ah, sorry you go ahead.” You gave her a small smile. “I have to give something to Shin-chan first.”

“Let me guess, lucky item?” She grinned.

You nodded. “I don’t know why you still stick with that four-eyed carrot. He’s weird.” She said.

“Oh come on, just because you and Takao are having a lovers’ quarrel, doesn’t mean you can take out your bitterness on my four-eyed carrot.” You smirked.

Her grin disappeared and frowned. “I’ll go ahead.” You laughed and made your way towards the gym.

The sound of squeaking shoes and bouncing balls got louder as you were nearing your destination. The moment you opened the door, you didn’t have much time to move out of the way as a ball came spiraling towards you, hitting your chest.

“_______!” Midorima, Takao and Ootsubo yelled in sync.

You were precious to the basketball team. You gave them winning tactics and strategies, like how you gave Takao the idea to pass to Midorima mid-air, or how you hook Ootsubo with girls, or how you prepare pineapples for Miyaji.

Ootsubo can’t get angry at the first year who threw the ball since it’s an accident. Midorima glared at the said first year, before making his way towards you.

“H-hey Shin-chan.” You greeted him, but sounded weak than you intended to.

You tried toughing it out, gulping hard to stop the tears from flowing. The impact hurt, a lot. It was definitely going to bruise.

As an aspiring doctor, Midorima is quite knowledgeable about first aids. He knelt to your level. “Let me see where it hit.”

You instantly blushed. You can’t just reveal your chest infront of the basketball team now, can you?

Midorima realized this and blushed a deep red himself. “I-I didn’t mean it like that!”

Takao was snickering at the side while Kimura looked away. Your chest, after all is… say, bigger than Momoi’s. And he thought Midorima’s so lucky you’re his girlfriend.

Unbuttoning the first two buttons of your blouse, you saw a prominent deep red amongst your pale skin.

You heard your boyfriend sigh. “You need to put ice over it, nanodayo. It’ll lessen the sting.”

“I-I guess so.”

“I’ll accompany you to the infirmary.” He said as he helped you stand up.

The next day, you met Takao along with your bestfriend at the school gates, holding hands. It was unusual since Takao usually pedals the rickshaw to school at this time of the morning. You decided to ask him.

“Seems you two already made up.” You gave the couple a teasing grin.

“Yeah, can’t really sleep with her mad at me.” Takao said, which resulted to your bestfriend blushing. “Where’s Shin-chan? He’s still not here yet?”

You shook your head. “I was going to ask you, actually. Don’t you usually pedal him?”

Takao looked up, as if thinking about something when his eyes widened and bursted into laughter. “Hahaha! What a slowpoke.”

You looked at him, waiting for a further explanation. “I’m off duty on pedaling for a month, _____-chan. Remember the first year who threw the ball at you yesterday? He’s Shin-chan’s slave for a whole month. I’m betting he’s already running on steam halfway here.”

You did not need a further explanation as you saw a familiar rickshaw with a greenette on it. The first year boy was sweating beads as he parked the bicycle and dropped his head.

Takao’s laughter echoed throughout the school grounds.

Murasakibara Atsushi:

’______-chin. I’m out of snacks. Coach won’t let me leave the gym until practice is over.’

You chuckled at your boyfriend’s message. Standing up, you headed to the convinience store and bought a bag full of Murasakibara’s favorite snacks. It was fortunate that you reached the gym just in time when the coach announced a 15 minute break for the regulars.

“Atsushi.” At the sound of your voice, Murasakibara’s head whipped towards you.

“Waaaa. Thank you ______-chin.” He said with his usual lazy voice and gave you a small smile.

“I want to have a girlfriend!” Okamura wailed in the background.

“Get rid of your double chin, gorilla.” Liu said, resulting to Okamura sulking even more.

“No slacking off first years! Practice that chest pass! Go go go!”

You sat between Himuro and Murasakibara. “Fukui-senpai is really strict, huh?” Murasakibara rummaged through the bag and his eyes lit up when he saw a box of pocky. The sound of a carton opening and munching made you smile.

Himuro chuckled. “That’s just how he is. But he’s a great leader along with the captain.”

After chatting a bit with the players, you stood up and patted Murasakibara’s hair. “I should get going now, Atsushi. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Eh? Can’t you stay here?”

You shook your head. “No, I have to study. Besides, I– OOOF!”

Before Murasakibara can even react, a ball came spiraling towards you, hitting you square in the back of your head. The impact was so strong, your eyesight went blurry and lost your balance. Murasakibara caught you before you hit the ground.


“Oi! What have you done?!” Fukui’s angry voice were resonated throughout the whole gym.

It took you a full minute before you could comprehend what’s happening around you. “______-chan? Can you hear me? How many is this?” Himuro held 2 fingers in the air.

You squinted your eyes to see better. “2…” The world was spinning and you shut your eyes tightly before opening them again to clear your sight. Whoever threw the ball must’ve poured all his hatred into it because dang, it hurts.

You heard him sigh. “That’s good. But still, you might have a concussion. And– ATSUSHI STOP!”

Himuro’s distressed voice with the mention of your boyfriend’s name somehow brought you back to reality. Whipping your head towards Murasakibara, regretting it for a second as pain throbbed in your head, but soon found yourself standing up and sluggishly walking over to your giant boyfriend.

He was holding a boy’s head with one hand, which you immediately concluded that he was the one who threw the ball. “Atsushi, stop. It was an accident.”

At the sound of your voice, Murasakibara had calmed down and released the boy. He turned to you and carried you bridal style without another word.

“A-Atsushi! Put me down!”

“No, ______-chin. I’m taking you to the nurse.” Seeing that you were about to retort, he shut you with a glare, but you both know it wasn’t of any ill intent. “I’m not stupid, _______-chin. I know it hurt and… and I’m sorry.”

You were surprised by the gentleness of Murasakibara’s tone. “What do you mean? Why are you apologizing?”

“Because I shouldn’t have told you that I’m out of snacks, so you wouldn’t have gone to the gym, and this shouldn’t have happened.” He literally sounded like a 5-year-old confessing to his mother about something he’d done wrong.

You sighed. “It’s not your fault, Atsushi. No one saw it coming.”


“Shhh.” You placed a finger over his lips. “That’s enough. It’s not your fault, okay? I love you.”

The look on his face meant he was giving up and just nodded. “Okay. I love you too _____-chin.”

Aomine Daiki:

The moment the ball hit your back, in the spinal cord to be precise, Aomine rushed towards you and cradled you in his arms before you hit the floor. He was just a second too late to knock the ball away.

After losing at the Winter Cup preliminaries, Aomine had began attending basketball practice. Not everytime, but at least little by little. This was one of those days where he just felt compelled to attend practice, and he was never more glad that he did.

“O-ow.” You winced.

The one who had accidentally threw the ball at you was a first year who’s just new to the first string. It was no use toughing out the pain, the impact was hard enough that you’re sure it would leave a mark and it’s just plain painful. A few stray tears trickled down your cheeks.

“Oi! Don’t just stand there! Apologize!” Wakamatsu ordered (yelled) the first year who was about to piss in his pants right now.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Sakurai yelled in a distance, repeatedly bowing 90 degrees.

“Not you, Sakurai!”

Looking behind Aomine, you recognized the first year who had thrown the ball. He is your most persevering suitor, even though you’re already taken. His intentions were clear; it was to sabotage your boyfriend. The look in his eyes were enough of an explanation.

You happened to be Coach Katsunori Harasawa’s only daughter, and even though he’s cool most of the time, he’s very protective of you and would no doubt beat the daylights out of anyone who dares to hurt you.

That said, Coach Harasawa had to attend a teacher’s meeting so he entrusted you with the job of managing the basketball team just for this day. It wasn’t a problem to you, actually you’re a natural leader and you’re excellent at organizing and leading teams. If you were a guy and you joined the basketball team, you would be the captain, no less.

“Oi, _______, are you okay?” Aomine asked, to which she was smacked by a clipboard, courtesy of Momoi.

“Dai-chan, _____-chan almost collapsed on the ground, she’s wincing in pain and you ask her if she’s okay?” Momoi deadpanned, but her facial expression shows she’s worried about you.

Clicking his tongue, he carried you in his arms. “I’m taking you to the infirmary.”

“N-no need, Daiki. I’m fine.” You said hoarsely.

“You need to go to the infirmary, _____-chan.” Says Wakamatsu. “For one, that hit was hard. Second, we value our lives so as to not get killed by your father if he finds out that–”

“What’s going on here?”

Everyone in the gym froze in their spots and one thing crossed their minds altogether. Holy shit.

“A-ah, c-coach! W-what’s up?” Wakamatsu wanted to bury himself 6 feet below the ground for stuttering.

Harasawa raised a brow. “Where’s my daughter? Where’s ______-chan?”

Hooooooly shit. That’s it. We’re so dead right now. Wakamatsu was about to get a pen and paper to write his own last will testament. Aomine couldn’t care less. He stood up with you in his arms, Momoi behind him.

“Coach, before you get hysterical, what happened to _____-chan was a complete accident.” Momoi was the only one in the room who could bravely speak to the coach. “Take ______-chan to the infirmary Dai-chan.”

So he did. Back at the gym, Wakamatsu - the one Harawasa trusted to look after you besides Aomine and Momoi - explained to the coach what exactly happened. Surprisingly, Harasawa was calm, like the man he is, but Wakamatsu wasn’t fooled. There’s some hell after this.

In the infirmary, the nurse had you take off your blouse and bra so that she could put an icebag properly on the affected area. You were laying in one of the beds on your stomach, while Aomine gently pressed the ice bag over your back.

He had been gulping many times ever since you took off your top. To be honest, Aomine had seen you half-naked before, but that was on accident. He’d been ogling at your sexy backside, blushing at the sight of your large breasts being squeezed under your weight.

You got Harasawa’s good looking genes. You’re physically drop dead gorgeous, yet very kind and compassionate. You’re one of Too’s smartest students and you have a fearless look in your eyes. So ever since you and Aomine started dating, a lot of guys had been glaring daggers at your boyfriend, but no one was brave enough to mess up with the both of you.

No one except that damned first year. Aomine clenched his fist; Maybe he shouldn’t have dated you so that nothing like this would happen again. The bad bruise at your back was enough for him to think that you’re risking your safety with him.

“Daiki? Is something bothering you?” You asked, tilting your head to see him. “You’ve been glaring at the floor.”

Your voice brought Aomine back to reality. “I-it’s nothing.”

Knowing how your boyfriend thinks, you sat up. Your long hair covered your assets but only barely. “It’s not your fault, you know.”

A shade of pink spread across Aomine’s cheeks at the sight of your breasts. Looking at breasts in a magazine is so much different than looking at breasts in real life. It wasn’t helping that you’re looking at him seriously.

“Stop staring, Daiki.” You sighed. “But in all honesty, no one could have predicted it happen. That first year… he’s just that desperate. But it wasn’t your fault.”

You cupped his cheek before lying back on your stomach. “Please put the ice bag over my bag. It hurts.”

Aomine did as he was told. He gently dabbed the icebag over the red areas.

“I’m sorry about this, _____.” He started. “I’ll protect you from any harm from now on. I’ll stick with you whenever I can, and I won’t let anyone touch or hurt you again.”

He sounded really serious, and you just can’t help but smile. You were very lucky to have this ganguro as your boyfriend.

There was a momentary silence before you tilted your head and smirked. “So from what movie did you get those cheesy lines, Ahomine?”

He frowned and pressed the icebag a bit harder just to tease you. “O-oi! It came from me! I’m serious teme!”

You laughed at his reaction. Despite this, Aomine managed to flash a toothy grin and he would never ever admit that his heart would skip a bit everytime you laughed like that.

He leaned down to give you a kiss on the shoulder blades then the cheeks before tending back to your bruise back.

That week though, must be the most tiring, the hardest, near-death practice sessions the baskeball team has ever had. Harasawa may, or may not be doing this on purpose. He let you make harder training menus and it’s a miracle that the team had survived it.

Although, when you came home one afternoon, there was a 50-page letter of apology written by the first year delivered on your doorstep.

You shook your head. The things Aomine can do for you.

Akashi Seijuuro:

You had borrowed Akashi’s phone over lunch break because you were cramming to pass a paper due in two hours. Your phone was out of data, so you could always count on your filthy rich boyfriend for times like these since his phone had an unlimited net connection.

After school, you headed to the gym to give his phone back. Seeing that he was still busy coaching his team, you silently made your way to one of the benches and opened a book. You’ll just wait for him to finish.

You did not escape from Akashi’s wide field of view, however. He gave final instructions before telling them to play a mini match, juniors versus seniors. Akashi walked towards you, a smile adorning his features.

“What brings you here, my love?” He asked, sitting beside you.

“I came to return this.” You fished his phone latest model wow from your pocket and handed it over to him. “Thank you, by the way.”

“You’re always welcome, my queen.” He said with a smile. You’ll never get used to the cheesy nicknames that your boyfriend gives you. “Did you finish your paper?”

You nodded. “Yup. Although I doubt sensei could understand my atrocious handwriting from all those cramming.” You unconciously pouted.

“I could’ve done it you know, so wouldn’t have gone all the trouble of rushing.”

“It’s my assignment, Sei.” You said. “Besides, my grades are still high enough to be on par with yours even if I cram a lot.” A lopsided grin appeared on your face, to which he returned.

It was true, nonetheless. Akashi’s grades are all a hundred percent, a feat you could definitely achieve if it wasn’t for your laziness and tendency to procrastinate, which happens all the time.

“I can’t argue with that.” He pinched your cheeks. “Oh, do you remember that book I promised I’d get you?”

Your eyes sparkled at his question. You and Akashi had very similar taste in books, and sometimes, when some books aren’t released in Japan yet, he would get a copy of it in English. It didn’t bother you, as you both were very fluent in the language.

“Yes? Do you have it?” Akashi stopped himself from pouncing on you right there and then because you literally looked like a toddler presented with a new toy.

“I do. It’s in my bag. Wait here for a while.” He pat your head before walking to the bench across where you were sitting.

Your impatience caused you to be unaware of the surroundings. A ball had come spiraling in your direction and hit you in the forehead. A whistle was heard and before you know it, you were on the ground and Akashi was beside you. Mibuchi and Hayama also came to your side.

“______, can you hear me?”

You had trouble focusing on his voice, or the whole world in general. The impact was so strong, that blood trickled down from the side of your forehead to your cheeks. Akashi grabbed a towel and ripped it to make a bandage and gently wrapped it around your forehead. To where he got the strength to rip a thick cotton towel, it didn’t matter. You’re his top priority right now.

It took a while for your vision to clear. “O-ow.”

Akashi, albeit kneeling down to give you first aid, glared at all his teammates that sent chills in their spine. “Whoever was responsible for this mishap, step forward.”

It was impossible to defy Akashi at his state right now. A shaking second year stepped forward, or rather, he was pushed forward. “I-I’m s-so s-s-sorry Akashi.”

The gym was dead silent. Akashi’s eyes looks murderous, not even Mibuchi can talk to him right now. Akashi loves you very much, so whoever dared to hurt you faced his wrath.

Fortunately, the ‘wrath’ part can wait since Akashi sprinted towards the infirmary and took care of you there after memorizing the second year’s face. He has 2 hours to say his last prayers before Akashi came back. Unfortunately, no one had seen Akashi’s true wrath so who knows, that might be the last day the culprit would walk the earth.

The last part meant to be a joke, but you swore that you never saw the second year again. When you asked a member of the team, they would freeze and say that no such person had ever existed.

“He might be in a school somewhere in Africa, who knows.” Was Akashi’s response when you asked him, then kissed your forehead.

Oh Seijuuro.

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Hey can i ask Gom finding out their crush is a mythical creature? *-*

YOOOOOOO THIS TOOK ME SO LONG. I’m sorry ahh,, I hope you enjoy this an thanks for sending a request in! (note: please specify gender of crush next time ><) I chose from a list of mythical creatures and assigned them to the characters accordingly!! I hope this suffices! 

- Kru

Kise Ryouta (Fairy) -  Kise set the stack of books on the library cart, and turned around to grab some more when he heard a strange buzzing noise. It suddenly stopped, but now he could hear squeaking. Although nearly inaudible, the voice of someone’s disgruntled tone could be heard in the silent library. Kise looked around, puzzled and frightened when no one was close enough to classify the voice as theirs.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw something move. He squinted at the tiny thing, and leaned forward to get a better look.

And there you were, struggling under the weight of a book, trying to push it off. Your little wings gladly weren’t damaged, but it was obviously a distressing situation to be in, considering all the profanities that escaped your mouth.

Kise was terrified. “______-chi?!?!?!?!??” he yelped, causing all heads to jerk towards him. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said ‘sorry’ to everyone before returning his attention back to you, “w-what happened here?! How are you so tiny?!”

You groaned and pushed harder, “I’d love to explain, but can you help me here first?”

Kise hesitantly took the book of off you and watched you stand up while dusting off your outfit. A hand on your hip, you gestured for him to come closer. He did so, clutching the book tightly while listening for your words of explanation.

“Long story short, I’m a fairy. I wasn’t always one, but a couple years ago I became one. It’s a transformation thing though. Accept this, please? Don’t tell anyone?”

Kise nodded, his fearful expression turning into one of amusement as he picked you up. You yelled at him and pounded at his hand. “You’re so tiny and bite-size,” he laughs.

“Ah, yes, put me in a kid’s halloween basket, Kise.” You rolled your eyes.

Midorima Shintarou (Ghost) - (I went for the person being possessed by a ghost thing here because I just finished watching Oh My Ghostess and I’m obsessed with that concept haha)

Midorima’s fast reflexes caught you before you fell to the ground. The both of you were having a decent conversation about nearby thrift shops when you admitted to feeling light headed, and eventually lost your balance to gravity. Midorima was flustered, and laid you down onto the couch of the living room, waiting for your eyes to flutter open.

Truth was, you were already outside of her body. You knew that she was weak from the start, and had intentions of leaving a long time ago, but the green-haired basketball player’s sudden interest in you after possessing her caused you to stay. However, it had gone too far. At this rate, you might’ve been stuck in her body forever, which was something you weren’t willing to commit to.

You watched Midorima brush the hair out of the girl’s eyes. He was blushing at his own gestures, and you couldn’t help but laugh. When Midorima flinched at the noise, you covered your mouth.


Midorima slowly turned his head, and saw you sitting on the coffee table. He stood up quickly, immediately in a defensive position, hues wide open.

He can see me?!

“W-Who are you?! How did you get in here?!” he demanded an answer.

You stood on top of the coffee table and waved your hands out in front of you. “W-Wait, Midorima-kun, I’m _______.” You pointed at the girl on the couch.

Midorima grew even more wary to your actions, and watched you get down from the coffee table. Before he could tell you that was bullshit, you slipped on the edge of the table and fell forward. Midorima instinctively reached out to brace your fall, but when you passed right through his arms and down to the hardwood floors, he felt shivers reverberate throughout his body.

“Ah…” You held your head, “that hurt. Why am I still so clumsy even after death?”

“Death…? Wait,” Midorima shook his head and took a step away from you. The light above the both of you flickered as you stood up.

“I’m a ghost, Midorima-kun. I guess it’s…kind of shameful that I’m still here on earth. Although I don’t want to reveal my intentions, I possessed this girl,” you glanced at her on the couch, “but she has a very weak body. I wanted to leave sooner before something like this happened, but…I enjoyed talking to you a little too much.”

Midorima clenched his fists in disbelief. There was no way that ghosts could exist. But he saw you disappear through his arms with his own eyes. “So… the _____ I knew this entire time was you?” Midorima suddenly had flashbacks of when her personality had suddenly changed, and he realized that it was because of your possession over her. He had fallen in love with a ghost.

You nodded with a sad smile on your face. “I’m sorry.”

Aomine Daiki (Ghoul) - It had been almost three days since your sudden transformation into a ghoul. You hated how you felt: the sudden insatiable thirst for human blood was the only thing that occupied your mind. Being scared for hurting anyone close to you, you ran away from home and haven’t been attending school. Although surviving off of pig meat has been sufficient up to now, you ravenously craved the texture of human flesh.

Knees hugged to your chest, crying tears of frustration underneath the dim streetlamp, you felt it wasn’t worth to live here anymore. As far away…as you could. The hunger wasn’t bearable any longer. When a rat that scurried near your feet, you caught it quickly in one snatch. Opening your mouth to devour it, eyes turning red, you heard leaves crunch under someone’s weight. The malignant look in your eyes immediately disappeared when you saw Aomine Daiki.

Aomine’s eyes were wide open, dropping the bags of groceries to the ground in surprise. “Did you just catch that rat with your bare hands?! Holy shit, that’s some skill.” He walked over to you, rubbing his hands together because of the chilly weather.

This wasn’t right. Why was someone awake and on the streets at 2 AM? Usually this time was clear for you to roam around and find prey. You quickly threw the rat away and turned from the boy, tears floating in your eyes.

Aomine scratched his head, and approached you. “What are you doing out here so late, ______?”

“None of your business Aomine. And I could say the same to you,” you sniffled.

Aomine sat down next to you on the curb, and his human scent aroused your hunger. You began to feel dizzy. When he took of his jacket, revealing his bare tan arms, and put it around you, a weird feeling of romance and rancor resonated in your heart.

You couldn’t take it anymore. Eyes turning red, mouth salivating, eyeing down the texture of his skin, you grabbed his arm and brought it up to your mouth. He was surprised, confused, and groaned in pain as you sink your teeth into his flesh. The copper-tasting blood was so delicious that it made you feel grateful for becoming a ghoul only for a split second before Aomine yanked his arm away and looked at you with eyes of fear. “W-What the fuck?!” He stood up and held his arm.

“I-I’m so sorry. Oh my goodness.” You wiped your mouth.

Aomine took a step back when you stood up. His expression broke your heart, and you decided it was best to just look at your feet instead of his eyes. “…I’m a ghoul. Do you get it now? That’s why I’ve been avoided everything lately. It’s more the reason you should stay away from me. Leave, Aomine.” You could smell the fragrance of his dripping blood, which made you so unbearably thirsty.

Aomine couldn’t believe what was going on, but if what you said was true, then it’s more the reason to stay with you. He’s liked you for a very long time, and it worried him sick when you weren’t showing up to school. Something like this wouldn’t scare him away. He stepped towards you. Your eyes didn’t know where to look.

“You biting me totally isn’t cool but,” he looked away, “at least make use of it while you can.”

His arm was held out to you and your tears fell as you gently held onto his wrist, nodding.


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What If GOM (Love AUs)
  • What if Midorima worked part time so that he could support Takao while they live together in a small flat, coming home every night just to see Takao fast asleep, and Midorima himself shedding tears while talking to an asleep Takao as he tells Takao how much he loves him.
  • What if all Akashi wanted was to improve himself for Kuroko, but in the end he ended up being jealous because Kuroko was so concerned over Aomine and his second personality switched over, ending up with not only a broken team but a very frightened Kuroko
  • What if Murasakibara secretly leaves fortune cookies which he made on his own with tiny love messages inside in Himuro's locker
  • What if Kise silently pops gifts from his fans into Kuroko's locker, re-writing the messages written on the cards and re-packaging whatever he opened so that it seemed it was from him
  • What if Aomine skipped practice not just to spend time on the rooftop, but also to peep into Kuroko's practice just to smile at Kuroko secretly and sigh while thinking about how much he loves Kuroko
  • Bonus: What if Takao heard all that Midorima said and was silently tearing up as well as he faced the other way
  • Why am I such a Kuroko no Harem person sORRY damn

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can i request an angst where the boys (Aomine+Mayazumi+Kise+Haizaki+Hanamiya) befriend a girl because they like her friend and ended falling for her instead but she finds out the truth... thank you :D


He hadn’t heard from you all day. Not a phone call or a text. It wasn’t like you in the slightest. Something was wrong. By the end of the day a frown crossed his face as he came to the conclusion that the situation called for  a direct confrontation, since it seemed that you had no desire to talk about whatever had happened.

He waited outside your classroom after school, scanning the faces of your classmates as they left, until he finally caught a glimpse of your face. Your gaze met his for a moment. He didn’t miss how your pupils widened for a split second before your eyes hardened, and the corner of your lip curled in a look resembling anger or disgust. Or worse, perhaps a mix of both.

Unsure as to what’s happened, or what he can do, he walks alongside you. You try to distance yourself from him, the gesture doesn’t go unnoticed.

“___, what’s up with you?” He asks you.

“This didn’t mean anything to you, did it? You only did it for ___chan,” The words leave your lips and encase him in pure shock.

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Fan fic ( KiseXReader) One shot

Well this is a fan fic that I wrote just to give you an idea about my writings

You were sitting behind him, you could smell his shampoo, his eau de parfum and this was one of your favorite moments in school but sometimes it was one of the worst just like this time.

“Ahhum, Igira San, I’m waiting for your answer” Shouted the teacher.

You would really like to answer but the problem is that you don’t even know what she’s talking about.

“Sensei I’m sorry but could you please repeat the question?”

“Repeat the question?” she sighed

“Honestly I haven’t asked anything, I saw that you were in another planet that’s why I wanted to bring you back here” then her tone changed and she shouted:

“Next time I find you daydreaming you’ll be good for detention”

All the students start laughing so hard, you felt so embarrassed and then your crush turned to you:

“Igira San you’re unbelievable, it’s just the second class and you can’t pay attention to it”

You blushed so hard, you couldn’t help but to do so. You adjust your glasses and start think about how to make this situation better. You spent the whole day thinking but only one solution came to your mind :CONFESSING

You were very shy but not even once, in your life you felt so in love with someone. He drove you crazy, he was just so perfect and you always wondered how could just one human has all these qualities. You made up your mind:

“Tomorrow I’ll confess for sure” And once you took a decision, nothing will stop you. That was one of your best qualities.

But there’s still one problem, “How are you going to confess? A letter, he’ll probably throw it up which lead you to one conclusion, confessing face to face”

It was lunch time, the blonde model was about to join his basketball teammates for lunch, he was surrounded by so many girls who were offering him their bento so you took a piece of paper and wrote down:

“Kise Kun, there’s something very important I need to tell you, meet me at the roof in 10 minutes”

You joined the crowd around him and managed to hand it to him discreetly.

You were now at the rooftop waiting for him, he was late and when you wanted to leave, you heard someone opening the door and no surprise it was him:

“What is it Igira-san?” asked Kise, he could expect everything from you except what you just said.

“Kise kun I love you, I’ve always loved and I’ve always watched you” His eyes were wide open in surprise, he never knew that you’d fall for him.

You could see how awkward it was for him but he quickly finds a way out:

“I didn’t expect to have fan girls like you, I’m pretty popular, thank you Igira San”

Then he hurried up and left the rooftop.

You were alone there, the wind caressed your cheeks and the tears dropped down from your eyes: YOU WERE HARDLY REJECTED.

After the lunch time, you headed back to your class, took your things and left the school. You couldn’t bear sitting behind him, not today at least.

Your chest was hurting so much, you could only hear his words in your head:

“Girls like you” it hurt so much to hear that. You went to a café and took a seat there, they were playing a sad song which made your situation even worse.

You were there crying, the waitress was trying to comfort you while working and she was very nice. After crying like for two hours, you had the strength to tell yourself proudly the reason why you were rejected:

“I was rejected because I’m not attractive enough for him, I’m not cool enough for him and that’s why he said girls like you”

It was hard to say that to yourself but you had to then your got up, thanked the waitress and left, looking awful after crying this much.

A week passed and you didn’t go to school, Kise was also absent the three first days of this week.

When he came back and didn’t find you, he felt so guilty and decided to apologize properly.

Next week, you made your entrance in school, when you got in the class you could feel that everyone’s eyes were on you, even the golden eyes of the model.

Nobody recognize you until they saw what seat you’re going to take.

You cut your hair, you got rid of your glasses, you put lenses instead and you put on some makeup, you were gorgeous.

It’s been so long that you weren’t feeling comfortable with your looks, it’s been so long that you wanted to change. You hated your long hair, you hated your pale looks and you wanted to change a little bit but you were afraid of what will happen if you did this, you were afraid that people would think that you’re looking for boy’s attention. You feared the hatred and jealousy of girls if you could be attractive, you knew that they would call you names and spread ugly rumors about you. So you never dared to change, you thought that as long as you have a good personality and a golden heart, people will always like you and never break your heart but it wasn’t the case, and Kise’s scene was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

You sat quietly when the blonde gave you something and winked to you.

“What’s this?” You asked

“Shuut Igarichi” open it later on


“Shuut please, it’s the most severe teacher here”

You stayed silent and  focus on the class, you could hear them talking about you and laughing but this time you decided to live the way you wanted to so you paid no attention to them.

Once the class was over he turned to you with a bright smile.

“You can see what it is now”


You opened the bag and found an apology letter with chocolate.

He added:

“So I’m I forgiven?”

“I don’t see the point of your apology”

“Heeh what? I hurt your fe..” You cut him off

“No you didn’t do anything wrong”

“I was …” You cut him off again:

“Please Kise San I don’t want to talk about this topic, is it all you want from me?” You said with such a cold tone

“Kise San!! You used to call me Kise Kun”

“Yeah I don’t want to call you Kise Kun anymore, is there a problem?” you were like ready to pick up a fight and Kise was surprised

“When did you get so mean!” he mumbled

A month passed and you’ve gained so much popularity. Many boys asked you out, you always refused. In this time Kise tried so hard to befriend you or even get back the old relationship you both had but he failed.

Classes were over when Kise approached you:

“Héé Igarichi Are you free? Come and see me practice I’m very good at Basketball I promise you won’t be disappointed” He said so excited

“No I have plans” You said while packing your stuff.

Kise was leaving the class when he saw another student talking to you:

“Thank you for the music’s CD, I really liked that band and you have good taste in music”

“I’m glad that you liked it, it’s my favorite band” You were laughing and you seemed so much enjoying this conversation which completely pissed Kise off but he was still listening to the conversation

“I have two tickets for a comedy movie, do you want to come with me? I mean are you free now”

“Comedy? I really like comedy movies and guess what I’m all FREE”

At this moment, kise felt like he was about to explode and his jealousy took control over him

He came to your direction, he was looking so angry:

“Of course she’s NOT free, since her boyfriend has practice she must be with him in the gym, it’s obvious no?”

“What you two are dating?”

You were about to protest when Kise said: “Of course” and then grabbed your hand and took you with him. You tried to break free from him but he was too strong.

“Kise let me go, you idiot” You were shouting but he didn’t care.

You were almost at the gym when he pressed you against a wall and started to kiss you roughly. You pulled him with all your strength.

“Did you lose your mind Kise San? What’s happening to you?”

“Don’t call me Kise San, Igarichi I love you”

You were choked at these words, what is he saying? Is it a prank?

“Kise San please stop joking around”

“Does it look like I’m joking?”

“Yeah, totally”

“Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not, I love you and I want you to be mine, only mine”

You didn’t know if you should be happy about this or upset, it’s your crush, the guy that you always dreamt of, you wanted him so bad but he rejected you and now he’s confessing to you.

You started laughing:

“Ah I see, when I was that kind of girls you rejected me and you didn’t even treat me as a fan, you just ran away and when I changed my looks you’re confessing, you’re the worst ever Kise”

You were surprised to see the expressing in his face, it was a mixture of sadness and disappointment maybe you couldn’t really tell. Then he mumbled, if it wasn’t very calm you would probably not understand him:

“Is this really what you think of me?”

“It’s just how things seem to be”

“You said that you always watched me and loved me, is it really me the kind of guy who would do this?”

You wanted to deny but you knew he was right, The Blonde model that you knew would never date someone just because of their looks.

“But that day you …” He interrupted you

“That day I was confused and nervous, I always liked you but I knew that someone as intelligent and independent like you will never look at me so when you confessed to me it was a big surprise”

He paused for a few seconds then added:

“I stayed home for 3 days after this, I cleared my mind to know how truly I feel toward you, I didn’t want to give an answer until I’m sure and then after thinking I found out that I liked you too and I wanted to be with you. I tried my hard to get you back but you were giving me the cold shoulder all this time”

You never felt this surprised before, is it a dream?

You slapped your face, once then twice and you intended to do more when Kise stopped you

“Hé!! What are you doing?”

You smiled weirdly: “Nothing I’m just making sure that this is not a dream”

“You’re acting really strange, let me check if you have fever Igarichi”

“No I’m ok”

“I don’t think so, let’s go to the gym I’ll give you some water maybe you’ll feel better”

He took your hand and walked you to the gym. Everyone were staring at you two.

“Why are you all staring at my girlfriend like this?”

All the team shouted an “ouuuuu” in surprise. You never felt this embarrassed before.

You turned to kise who just brought you a bottle of water:

“Here you are, drink it my kitty”

“Kise I hate you and I never agreed to go out with you”

“You did”

“I didn’t”

You were both nagging each other when a ball made her way to kise’s head. He fell on the ground, you ran to him.

“Idiot come and practice, you can sweet talk later”

You were choked of how brutish his teammate was.

“Kise san, kise kun please wake up”

“Igarichi, is that you? My girlfriend?”

“Yeah it’s me your girlfriend”

At these words Kise jumped like nothing happened and kissed you before going straight to practice.

You opened your mouth in surprise:

“He totally got me”