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Can I get an imagine for one of the Turtles (preferably Leo or Raph) gets seen out on patrol and ends up getting called a freak/monster/whichever so after patrol they go to their friend's (Y/N's) place because the friend never once thought they were a freak or something and the friend comforts them about it?

sure bananon! it’s probably gonna be long aha im sorry

Raph has gone on patrol, per usual, along with his brothers. Got to beat down on a couple of ne’er-do-wells that night, and he and his brothers ordered ‘zza and started to head down to the lair. As they approached a manhole cover, they hear a loud gasp. A human has spotted Leo and Raph, the last two on the surface.

“Gah, what are you?!” The human screams.

Leo calmly tries to get the human to stop screaming. “We mean no harm, just—” Leo holds his hands out, then sticks them up in a surrendering gesture as the human jumps away from him.

“Don’t you touch me, ya monster!”

Raph gets a little ticked. “Listen, pal, why don’t we just—”

“You wish I was your pal, you freak! Get away from me!” With that said, the human runs for the hills.

Leo and Raph sigh, both of their faces looking exasperated. Leo lays a hand on Raph’s shoulder, trying to give him some comfort. “I don’t know about you, but I’m glad they’re not a part of our lives. They’re missing out.” Leo’s trying to ease the tension of what they’re feeling, and Raph appreciates it. Doesn’t mean it worked, though.

Raph offers a lame smile. “Humans are annoying sometimes,” Raph replies, trying to brush it off. “Hey, why dontcha call me when the pizza comes?”

Leo’s brow furrows, and his eyes are clearly full of concern. “Do you want some company?”

“Eh, I won’t get into trouble, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Before Leo can try to go with him, Raph starts walking away. “Bop Mikey if he tries to eat my slices.”

Raph starts running once he sees Leo goes down into the sewers. He’d usually be mad about being called names, or it wouldn’t phase him at all; he’s a mutant, after all. But something about this encounter just made his insides feel all wonky. He doesn’t know where he’s running to until he hears your voice.

“Hey, Raph, whatcha doing here so late? Isn’t Master Splinter going to be kind of worried?” You ask as Raph lets himself in your room. When he offers no response and doesn’t reply to you, you immediately know something’s wrong. You pat your bed and go grab some food he liked. You sat beside him, offering it to him. He doesn’t shake or nod his head; he just looks away. “What’s wrong?”

Raph stays silent for a while. He finally sighs, taking some of the food you offered and finally looks at you. “I got called a freak.”

You immediately get ticked off. You rise off the bed, not knowing how you want to express your anger. Raph gently grabs your wrist and pulls you back down. “Who were they?” You asked. “They have no—”

“Some stranger, I dunno,” Raph replies, cutting you off. “I don’t get it. Usually this stuff, I brush off or forget about. I’ma frikkin’ mutant; I should expect nothin’ else. I guess they just really killed my good time.” Raph sighs again, putting his head in his hands. You rub circles on his shell, trying to comfort him. He suddenly tenses, and he darts his eyes to you.

You stop rubbing his shell. “Sorry, I was just trying to make you feel better in any way I could.”

“It’s not that. I didn’t know why I came here, but I do now.” He locks his gaze with yours. “You… you never once thought of me as or called me a freak or a monster or anything like that. Sure, when ya first saw me, you were shell-shocked, but you didn’t call me anything.”

You give him a small smile. “You’re different from what I’ve seen in my life; doesn’t mean you’re a freak or anything.” You paused, giving him a little fake hurt look. “So because I didn’t scream or call you names, you’re saying I’m weird?”

Raph finally smiles, gently elbowing your side. “Yeah. You’re weird.“

You rub his shell again, throwing your arm around his shoulders right after you lift your hand up. “Weirdos take comfort around other weirdos.” He smiles at you again. “Just because you’re different, Raph, doesn’t mean you’re some instant oddity or evil or whatever. Forget about that person who thinks they have any right to call you something like that. They—”

“Yeah, yeah, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, yada yada yada,” Raph interrupts you. 

You roll your eyes at him, nudging him. “It made you feel a little better, though, didn’t it? Ya know it’s true. You’re not a freak, you’re not a monster. You’re just different, but so is everyone else, y’know?” You gave him a brief, tight hug. “Don’t let someone make ya feel bad for being different.”

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Camila/You: Best Friends?- Part 7
A/N: wow again! You guys are seriously incredible you got the admins telling you to be patient for my update HAHA. But you have to be patient no longer this is the chapter you’ve been waiting for! Let me know what you think and to the anon that wants to marry me, name any time and any place for the wedding ;) anyways so much emotion I had the feels alright enjoy Part 7!

Best Friends?- Part 7 

I saw the abandoned building in the distance and started running like I never ran before, I knew Camila had to be there I just knew it. Lauren told me that it was there special ‘thinking place’ and where else would she go after what just happened? I was maybe 4 blocks away from the building when I heart my phone ring in my pocket, I didn’t want to stop running but something told me to answer it. I yanked my phone out of my pocket and saw the name Laur :P light up on my screen, I contemplated answering it I needed to get to Camila but what if something was wrong with Lauren? 

I didn’t know what to do and my phone just kept ringing, I pressed the accept button and pressed the phone to my ear. 


"Y/N?! Where are you? And where’s Camz?!” Lauren spoke frantically as I sighed.

“I’m trying to find her, she ran off but I think I know where she went.” I told her and I could hear her sigh.

“The building?” She questioned and I nodded my head.

“Yup I’m about 3 blocks away! Is there something that you need?” I asked and I heard silence, she was silent for what felt like forever as I anxiously waited.

“No, no I don’t need anything, just wanted to make sure you were okay…” She said with a hint of disappointment in her voice and I furrowed my eyebrows. 

“Okay well I gotta go I can’t waste any more time, I need to find Mila it’s down-pouring out here.” I said and I could hear her cough through the phone.

“Okay, bye.” Was all she said but just before I hung up I heard her speak up again.


"Yeah?” I questioned wondering what was on her mind. 

“Go get your girl.” She said and I couldn’t help but smile.

“I will” I said and hung up, I started running again thinking about how weird Lauren sounded I wanted to say that she was probably drained but I detected something in her voice that sounded a lot like sadness. I replayed the events of today in my head and I couldn’t put my finger on why she was upset, I was right in front of the abandoned building when it hit me. The words she uttered before while she argued with Camila rang through my head 'attention others would kill for’, others? Like who? Lauren? My eyes widened in shock. I looked between the building and the direction of the bus, did Lauren have feelings for me? Did she want something more? I had all these questions in my head that needed to be answered but then I looked at the building again. The girl that my feelings ran so deep for was in there, the girl who’s had my heart since I was 5 was in that building and I couldn’t wait anymore. I came to the conclusion that my questions for Lauren would have to wait. 

I ran inside the building and I immediately heard the floor board crack. again. I was dripping wet as tried shaking off the water as best I could but I didn’t care all I wanted to see was Camila. I bolted up the stairs and when I came to the door I took a deep breath and tried to relax my breathing, I turned the door knob and the view sent chills down my spine. Even though it was pouring rain the view was still amazing, I shook my head and focused back on Camila I didn’t have time to gaze at the view. My eyes scanned the area and sitting on the ledge with her feet dangling was the one person I would give anything too. 

“Mila!” I yelled and she turned around immediately, the look of shock on her face was quickly replaced with a look of anger and I swallowed hard. 

“I don’t want to talk to you Y/N and how did you find me?!” she asked as I ran back out into the rain straight towards her. I took a minute to look at her; she was sitting here in the pouring rain wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts I cringed just looking at her.

“Mila please you’re going to get ammonia if you stay out here and don’t worry about that c'mon!” I cried as I felt droplets of water from my hair fall against my face. 

“I don’t care, I don’t want to see you or talk to you! You lied Y/N; you said you weren’t interested in Lauren like that!” She yelled this time standing up looking at me dead in the eye; I had never seen so much anger in those beautiful brown eyes before it scared me.

“Mila! I didn’t lie! Please trust me, after 13 years of friendship how could you not trust me with this, I don’t have feelings for Lauren!” I argued this wasn’t going well already.

“Then why is it when I asked why you were shirtless on the couch you hesitated!?” She questioned and I sighed giving up.

“Because she was putting an ice pack on my shoulder! Austin bruised my shoulder! I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to worry you.” I explained and her eyes softened a little.

“H-he hurt you?” I nodded my head.

“Is that really the truth? Lauren was just taking care of you?” I nodded again. 

“Yes Mila, I would never lie to you about me and Lauren’s relationship because she’s just a friend and that’s all she will be.” I told her softly and I watched as she turned around crossing her arms. I heard her sigh and looked at her from behind as we stood there in the rain.

She finally turned around to look at me and I smiled at her. 

“Do you believe me?” I asked and she huffed.

“I want to, I really do Y/N but I don’t know.” I gave her a sad look and I felt my heart break a little, I needed to say something I needed to end this stupid fight.

“Oh my god Mila why don’t you believe me? I’m not the one lying here.” I said a little colder than intended and she looked at me with furrowed eyebrows.

“What are you implying?” She said marching up to me and looking straight into my eyes.

“What I’m implying is that you lied to Lauren, you are hiding something…” I said through a ragged breath as my heart rate picked up.

“I-I’m not hiding anything” she stuttered and I scoffed.

“Then why are you standing here in the pouring rain, crying because you thought me and Lauren were a couple?” I asked and her eyes shifted down towards her feet. 

“I-I don’t know, I just… I can’t explain” she said lowly and I frowned.

“But Mila you do know, you know because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have tried to kiss me earlier.” I said and her eyes widened in shock. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said stubbornly, I just shook my head.

“Mila… Please be honest with me…” I practically begged, she looked up meeting my pleading eyes. 

“What do you want me to say Y/N?! You want me to say the one thing that’s been on my mind since the day I came home? Since the day I saw you look at Lauren the way I wanted you to look at me?!” She yelled and my eyes widened, what was she talking about?

“Mila for the love of all that is good what are you saying?!” She looked at me with a broken stare and eyes that screamed insecure.

“I’m saying that I can’t stand watching you with Lauren, I can’t stand watching you with anybody. I can’t stand not being around you all the time, the 5 months I was away from you were pure hell I invited you on this tour because I need you and I can’t stand being away from you. I hate it when you flirt with Lauren because every time you do I wish it was me, I wish you cared for me like the way I care for you! I have feelings for you Y/N and I’m so sorry it took me so long to admit but I want you, all of you because no one makes me feel the way you do. You have my whole heart Y/N.” She said through her tears and I couldn’t take this anymore, she just told me the only thing I wanted to hear for the last 2 years and my smile was evident but she didn’t notice because she was sobbing so much.

“Mila! Be quiet!” I yelled and she looked at me like I just shattered her heart. I grabbed her hands and looked her in the eyes before I spoke, I took a deep breath as I prepared to speak from my heart.

“Mila you have to be the most oblivious girl I have ever met.” I said with a laugh and shook my head, she gave me a confused look but I just smiled at her.

“W-what?” She stuttered as I wiped the water from her face which didn’t help considering it was raining.

“Karla Camila Cabello you don’t understand how much you mean to me, you underestimated my feelings for you so much. You have my heart, you’ve had my heart since we were 5, there’s a reason why I don’t see Lauren as more than a friend because the only person I see is you it’s always been you, it will always be you because I want you Camila. I look at Lauren with admiration but I look at you like you’re pure magic Camila, my feelings run so deep for you it scares me. I was so afraid to tell you how I feel but I can’t hide it anymore Camila I’m risking everything by saying this but I need you I don’t need anyone but you.” I said with so much emotion in my voice I thought it was going to break any minute, Camila’s face lit up the minute I finished and the smile that consumed her face warmed my body.

“Y-you want this?” She asked and I shook my head.

“No I need this, I need you Camila I’m done hiding I need you as more than my best friend.” I said and her brown eyes shimmered with joy and I couldn’t help but think she was beautiful, it may have been raining and I may have been cold and wet but this was the best day of my life. I watched her as the water from the rain cascaded down her face and nose, she was incredibly beautiful.

I brought my hands up to cup her cheek as I stared into her eyes; I smiled before I leaned in slowly. She leaned in too and I could feel her warm breath against my cold lips, I finally closed the gap and sealed her lips with mine. Our lips moved slowly against each other’s, I felt sparks all throughout my body as I sucked on her bottom lip. I felt her arms wrap around my waist as I held her face in my hands, I tilted her chin up moulding our lips together perfectly pressing them together passionately. I could feel water dripping from our noses and onto our lips as we kissed; I reluctantly pulled away from her because air became an issue. I rested my forehead against hers and pecked her nose softly; we remained like this in silence standing in the rain for 10 minutes.

“That was the perfect first kiss” she spoke up and I smiled. 

“It was?” I asked with a grin and she nodded.

“Yup that’s the way it should be done, soft, slow and not… forced.” She said lowly and I couldn’t help but think of Austin forcing himself on her.

“I’m sorry about the Austin thing I only went out with him because I thought you didn’t have feelings for me and I was too afraid to say anything, I’m so sorry Y/N” she said like she had read my mind, I lifted my forehead from hers and shook my head.

“Don’t apologize, I didn’t tell you how I felt either but I was clearly jealous I’m surprised you didn’t notice.” I said with a laugh, she smiled and put her head in her hands.

“I’m so oblivious I just thought you were being a good friend.” She shrugged and I pecked her lips still not getting enough of her taste. 

“I was but I was jealous you can just ask Lauren.” I said and her smile disappeared, I silently cursed myself for bringing Lauren back up.

“Lauren knew you had feelings for me?” I nodded.

“Yeah I told her, well actually she kinda figured it out she was trying to help us get together it was her idea to go spy on you at the movies.” I explained and Camila smiled again.

“So you and her really were just friends?” She asked and I huffed.

“Yes! And that’s all she ever will be because I have you.” I said with a smile. 

“Oh you have me? I don’t recall you asking me to be your girlfriend or anything?” She said jokingly and I shook my head.

“Oh I thought it was obvious considering I just gave you your first kiss.” I said with a smug grin and she shook her head.

“Nope it means nothing unless you ask” she smiled and I laughed at our cute banter.

“Fine” I said as I kneeled to the ground dramatically and reached my hand out to grab hers. 

“Camila Cabello will you do me the great honour of going out with me?” I asked and she frantically nodded. 

“Absolutely” I stood back up and wrapped her up in a hug as I spun her around in the rain laughing and giggling, I set her down and leaned forward placing a firm kiss on her lips as I grabbed her waist and her hands flew to my hair entangling them in my locks. Our lips moved in perfect cemetery fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle, her lips were so soft as they moved against mine passionately. There was no tongue, no biting or moaning but pure emotion entailed within that kiss and I couldn’t help but smile into it as we pulled apart.

“C'mon we need to get out of this rain” I said grabbing her hand and intertwining our fingers as we ran towards the door and down the stairs. I stopped at the bottom and pulled my sweater off draping it over Camila’s shoulders; she smiled and pecked my lips softly. 

“Thank you” she said as we ran out of the building towards the tour bus. 

It took us 20 minutes to get back to the bus and we bolted inside laughing at how dumb we were for staying out in the rain for so long.

“Oh my god I’m soaked and probably look like a drowned rat” she said while giggling, I walked up to her and pulled her hair back as I cupped her face.

“I think you’re beautiful always” I said as I kissed her forehead, she smiled up at me and blushed. 

“Stop it, don’t do that” I gave her a confused look.

“Don’t do what?” I asked and she shook her head.

“Stop making me fall harder for you, I’m already yours that’s enough.” She said with a smile as she tilted up to place a peck on my lips, I licked my lips savouring her taste and smiled.

“I can’t help it, I speak the truth.” I said and she blushed harder, we stood in the middle of the living area staring at each other until we heard a loud cough from behind. I turned around and was met by a pair of sapphire eyes scanning my appearance, Lauren met my eyes and I couldn’t help but notice how red hers were. She looked extremely tired and drained but she still looked flawless as ever even tired.

“Hey guys, so I’m guessing everything’s good?” Lauren finally spoke and I smiled.

“Yup better than ever actually.” I said grabbing Camila’s hand and intertwining our fingers; she leaned her head against my good shoulder and smiled.

“Yeah everything is all settled” Camila spoke up and I squeezed her hand.

“And Lauren, I’m sorry for getting mad at you earlier I know there was nothing going on between you two I was just afraid of losing the most important person in my life.” Camila said with sincerity and I smiled turning to her and placing a chaste kiss on her cheek.

“Yeah don’t worry about it there’s nothing there never was…” The green-eyed girl spoke and there was that hint of sadness again, I couldn’t help but feel confused.

“Okay good well I’m going to go shower and get ready for bed so goodnight Lolo, Y/N are you coming with?” Camila asked and I shook my head. 

“No I’ll just wait for you to get out of the shower first.” I said with a smile and she nodded walking towards the bathroom. I looked at Lauren who was now sitting on the couch with her laptop; I walked over to her and sat down looking at her waiting for her to realize I was here.

“Can you stop looking at me like that, I’m trying to concentrate.” She said coldly and I reached my hand up to close the computer screen. She turned to me with angry eyes and I felt scared but I needed to talk to her.

“Lauren what’s going on?” I asked and she shook her head.

“Nothing I’m fine.” She said with no emotion and this time it was my turn to shake my head.

“You’re a terrible liar” I said and she turned to me, she had this broken expression on her face and I just wanted to know what was going on in that pretty little head of hers.

“Laur, tell me what’s wrong?” I said quietly and I saw the tears pool over and fall down her cheeks. I sighed moving closer to her and pulling her into a hug, she seemed so broken and I wanted so badly to be there for her and fix her but she wouldn’t tell me what was going on and I got worried. 

“Please I want to help Lauren, you’ve helped me so much just let me be here for you tell me.” I begged and she shook her head.

“It’s nothing I just…” She said and I rubbed her back as she continued to cry.

“I-I miss home” she stuttered and I looked at her shocked, she was homesick? I couldn’t help but think it was a lie but I nodded my head anyway and figured she would tell me the truth eventually so I decided to be a good friend. 

“It’s okay Laur it’s only a couple of months then you’ll be back home, you’re living your dream don’t forget that.” I told her and she sat up smiling which caused me to smile too.

“I know, I know it just gets too much sometimes” she said with a laugh, I brought my hand up to wipe away her tears. I knew she wasn’t homesick you don’t look this broken up when you’re homesick something else was bugging her.

“Are you sure that’s all that’s bugging you?” I asked and she nodded hesitatingly. 

“Yeah don’t worry about me; you should be happy you got your girl right? So what happened?” She asked with a smile and I looked into her deep green eyes and I knew she didn’t want to talk about this, I still had to ask her all of my questions but now clearly wasn’t the time.

“Yeah I did, I poured my heart out to her and actually she told me first that she had feelings for me.” I said with a smile and Lauren smiled widely at my joy, I finally had all that I wanted and I couldn’t have been happier that even though Lauren was upset she still found it in herself to be happy for me she truly was an incredible friend.

“That’s amazing Y/N I’m so happy for you” she said with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. 

“Thanks and it wouldn’t have happened without you, I owe you big time.” I told her and she laughed.

“No you don’t owe me anything I wanted to help you remember?” She said and I nodded.

“True but still I think I still owe you a 'do whatever you want’ task from our bet” I said and her smile widened. 

“Oh yes! You do! But I haven’t figured it out yet but I’m holding you to it.” She said and I nodded.

“Of course you are.” I said sarcastically and she slapped my arm. We sat in silence for awhile until Lauren stood up.

“Well I’m going to bed, I’m really happy for you Y/N I’m glad it all worked out.” She said and I could tell she was still upset about something as she spoke. 

“Thanks Laur and if anything is bugging you please don’t hesitate to come talk to me, I care about you I don’t want to see you hurting.” I told her and she nodded. 

“Of course” was all she said before she disappeared into her bunk, not more than 20 minutes later I made my way to the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed. 

When I finally got out of the bathroom I couldn’t have been happier with being warm and in my pajamas, I climbed into my bunk and pulled the covers up and tried to sleep. I was almost completely relaxed until I saw my curtain open and someone climb in, my eyes were still adjusting so I couldn’t make out who it was. It wasn’t until I saw her wide smile that I loved so much that I knew who it was.

“Hey Mila” I whispered as she cuddled into me and I draped an arm around her waist. 

“Hi baby” she said and I hugged her even closer, loving the way that name rolled off her tongue. 

“Baby huh? I like the sound of that.” I said with a laugh.

“Yeah well I like you, baby” she said again emphasizing the word baby. For the first time in a week I was able to sleep peacefully with the girl of my dreams resting in my arms I didn’t have to worry about anything to do with me and Camila because she was mine and I wasn’t going to let go of her any time soon. If only I knew what was going on with Lauren than everything would be perfect, I couldn’t stop the nagging feeling in the back of my head that something was bugging the green-eyed beauty. I figured that when she was ready she would tell me what’s wrong so I let myself sleep to the sound of my best friend’s heartbeat, as she slept peacefully in my arms. 

A/N: HOLY SHIT IT HAPPENED! YAY!!! YOU AND CAMILA ARE FINALLY TOGETHER! But wait what’s wrong with Lauren? Could she actually have feelings for you? Oh no… That’s not good! (Still no love triangle) okay if you think this story is done just because you and Camila are together you are so so wrong, it’s only getting started the actual tour starts soon and there will be some drama coming our way! Not too much I promise just enough to keep it interesting ;) I have this story planned out from top to bottom and trust me when I say the drama that’s coming is worth it because the end will be perfect! Some fluffy stuff is coming next chapter and everyone loves fluff also maybe we find out what’s up with Lauren?  There’s a lot of stuff that happens over the next few chapters the twist and turns is nowhere near over so stay with me! Feedback is appreciated as always! So tell me what you think! Okay till next chapter lovelies!

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An Encounter (Chapter 1)

Summary: Karla couldn’t deal with it anymore. She couldn’t keep staying in that gang, suffering every single day through their torment, even if it meant survival. So, one night, she snuck out, promising herself and her dead parents that she would never go back. But she wasn’t expecting life to be so hard afterwards, struggling to survive on her own in the streets. Then, Mike Jauregui finds her, immediately feeling the need to help this broken girl.

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When We Collide - Chapter 10

Lauren clenched her jaw; it was like her whole word crashed together. She didn’t know if she wanted to hit her or cry. She let out a little laugh before she turned on her heels, pushing past everyone who looked stunned at the scene.

“Lauren!” Camila shouted as she ran after her.


Camila stopped once she reached the road, she had no idea where Lauren might have gone, but she knew that she had definitely screwed up.

She groaned loudly and was about to go back to the beach when spotted a shadow moving in a fast pace down the street. Camila started shouting Lauren’s name as she ran after the shadow, hoping with everything she had that it was Lauren.

“Lauren, please…” Camila called out desperately, seeing the familiar brown locks and the pale skin, knowing it was Lauren immediately. “Just let me explain!”

She noticed that Lauren stopped, still not turning around.

“Thank you…” Camila breathed, not knowing if she should walk closer to Lauren or not. “I know that I made a mistake and I’m so sorry for hurting you. I never meant for it to happen…”

“You never meant for it to happen?” Lauren hissed, turning around quickly to walk over to Camila.

Camila was surprised on how Lauren reacted. She could see that the other girl had cried, which she had only seen once, when she talked about Vero.

It was then Camila actually realized how strong Lauren’s feelings was for her. If she cried over Vero who she loved with everything she had and now she’s crying over her… Camila’s eyes widened and it was like someone punched her in the guts, how could she be so blind?

“Lauren, I’m so sorry…” Camila sighed, about to take a step closer to Lauren, but stopped in her tracks when Lauren clenched her fists and Camila remembered who gave her the bruises, which she deserved to have now.

“Did you plan this?” Lauren asked, her facial expression had changed from angry and she looked like she was about to break down any second. “Camila.” Lauren gritted her teeth, trying to get Camila to answer.

“Yes.” Camila whispered.

Lauren inhaled sharply, trying her best to keep calm. “Did you want this to happen?”

“I did…” Camila started, stopping when she noticed Lauren’s bottom lip quiver. “But then I fell for you, Lauren… I really did and that wasn’t something that I planned, but I fell in love with you. Please believe me.” Camila pleaded.

The older brunette furrowed her brows, biting her bottom lip before she shook her head. “I never thought you would be so cruel.” Lauren stated.

“Okay, yeah. I wanted revenge after you made my life a living hell for two years. I wanted you to feel as much pain as I’ve had the past two years. No matter how much I pleaded, cried or shouted for you to stop, you never did. You took that as an invitation for more, you gave me more when I never even asked for it in the beginning. You’ve been my worst nightmare for two fucking years.” Camila shouted at her, immediately regretting her words when Lauren grabbed her and slammed her against the wall.

“When was the last time I hurt you?” She hissed, touching Camila’s ribs, but Camila didn’t cry, scream or whimper.

Camila opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Lauren had distanced herself from her when she started dating Karla, she knew Lauren had tried, but she still gave her shit for it. She knew what Lauren had been through, but she still went on with the plan.

“You can’t even tell, can you?” Lauren frowned, feeling her anger rise again. “You do realize you’ve become just. Like. Me.” Lauren said, wanting so bad to hurt Camila, but she knew she would never allow herself to ever hurt her again. “Although, you’re worse than me.” Lauren let go of Camila and stepped back. “Fuck you, Camila.”

Camila bit her lip to prevent herself from crying, but it didn’t help when the tears ran down her cheeks. “You love me, Lauren… You told me you loved me!”

“I loved the person I thought you were.” Lauren spat, glaring at Camila before she turned around and started walking to her car.

Camila let out a strangled noise, watching Lauren speed away. Before Dinah came in, Camila was ready to have her first time with Lauren.

Wait, Dinah…

Camila pushed herself off the wall; her sadness had been replaced with anger, not just anger for Lauren, but for Dinah.

She stormed down to the beach again, seeing Dinah and Ally a little away from the crowd, which had continued with the party as nothing happened.

Camila studied Dinah and Ally who seemed to be discussing something, but all Camila cared about right now was taking her anger out.

She started running towards her two best friends. Dinah turned around the second before Camila tackled her to the ground, pinning her arms over her head.

“Camila what the fuck are you doing?” Dinah shouted, easily managing to throw Camila off her, but Camila was on her again a second later, not thinking straight before she punched Dinah straight across the face.

Dinah flinched and rolled Camila over, scrunching her face up to get the pain in her nose away. She struggled against Camila who was trying to do anything she could to harm her.

“Ally, can you get your car?” Dinah mumbled, distracted by trying not to let Camila kill her. Ally nodded, looking at the scene with a surprised expression before she disappeared.

“Mila…” Dinah tried, taking Camila’s hands and pinning them over her head. “Have you been crying?” Her facial expression softened and she let go of Camila, looking down at Camila with a pout.

Camila ignored her words and pushed Dinah off her, standing up quickly.

“I lost her, Di. I fucking lost her, because of you!” Camila growled, pushing at Dinah’s shoulders, but seeing as Dinah was twice her size, it was impossible for her to get her down.

“What are you talking about?” Dinah asked, trying to grab Camila’s arms, but she wiggled away, managing to kick Dinah’s leg. “Ow, Mila, stop it!” Dinah groaned, having to ignore the pain to push Camila away from her.

“All because of your stupid plan!” Camila sobbed.

“You were in on the plan!” Dinah informed her, confused.

Camila shook her head, sinking down in the sand and Dinah ran over to her side, pulling her into her. “I love her, Dinah. But now she’s gone.” Camila buried her face into Dinah’s chest.

Dinah, finally understanding what was going on, wrapped her arms around Camila and realized that this was part of her blame. She scooped Camila up in her arms and Camila who was now completely out of energy, let her carry her to Ally’s car and Dinah sat down in the backseat with her.

“I’m so sorry, Mila…” Dinah whispered, never seen Camila in this condition before.


Lauren was seated on the kitchen counter; she hadn’t felt this hurt since Vero left her. She lit up a smoke, looking at it confused before she brought it between her lips, inhaled the smoke, keeping it in her mouth for a few seconds before blowing out.

“Relationship blows.” Lauren mumbled to herself bitterly, stomping her smoke when she heard a familiar voice ring through the house.


Lauren jumped off the counter, stumbling over some beer cans that she had finished earlier.

“You’re looking hot.” Lauren slurred, eyeing the person in front of her hungrily.

“Are you drunk?” The person asked, walking over to Lauren to hold her up steadily, but Lauren had something else in mind, pushing away the person’s hair to attack her neck with kisses, sucking harshly on her neck.

“Lauren…” The person shook her head, pushing at her shoulders. “You’re drunk, come on.”

“So? We’ve had sex when I’ve been drunk before.” Lauren frowned, pinning the person against the wall, slipping her thigh between her legs.

The other person gasped at the touch, shaking her head. “Not like this. You’re hurting.”

“You said you would do whatever to help me.” Lauren informed the person, tapping her chest. “And I want sex. I know you want it too.” Lauren husked, pressing her lips against the other persons.

“Finally.” Lauren mumbled when the other person kissed back. She turned them around and dragged the other person upstairs and pushed the other person on the bed roughly, licking her lips.


Monday came by again and as much as Camila refused to go to school after spending her Sunday lying in her bed all day, feeling sorry for herself, but Dinah had forced her to go, saying it would be good for her.

Walking down the hallway, Camila tried to find Lauren. She needed to talk to her. People were definitely paying attention to Camila now. Some were giving her a cold shoulder, other were high fiving her.

She spotted Lauren standing by her lockers and what she saw broke her heart. She saw Normani leaning against her, her arms wrapped around Lauren’s neck with Lauren’s arms wrapped around her.

The fact that Lauren got over her so quick is making Camila feel even worse. She didn’t think she would lose Lauren so quick, she thought maybe they would figure out some stuff, but obviously not.

She knew Lauren had seen her staring, but it was like Lauren wanted her to look, which Camila was not surprised over.

“Relationship blows.” Camila mumbled as she passed Dinah, storming out the door.


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I'll Stand Up With You Forever

A/N 1: Alright, Harmonizers. This is my first fanfiction i’ve written in about two years and it, obviously, is my first 5H fic. I feel as though it could be better, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it so.

A/N 2: This is mostly AU. In this fic, Lauren has a g!p, no siblings and is 17 (turning 18), Camila is 20 (yes, I did make her older than LJ). Also, if I use Camila’s sister in this fic then she will be older as well to have a better understanding of Camila’s side of things in this.

Enjoy and, please, let me know what you think and if i should continue.


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