sorry jotaro

was playing overwatch in Japanese when I made an important discovery when I wanted to say “how embarassing”

meanwhile the actual voice actor for Jotaro is over there

俺は早いぜ・・・ (ore wa haiya ze)

Kakyoin, Please

In episode 2 of Stardust Crusaders, to possess the nurse, Kakyoin would have had to send Heirophant inside of her. Unlike with Death 13, he clearly doesn’t go in through her ear.

He totally slithered up this nurse’s ass, through her digestive tract, intestines and all, and into her mouth.

Jotaro’s realization…

…and then he kisses her anyways. That’s nasty, Jotaro. Think of all the gunk you’re licking. She’s frothy.

Check out how big Heirophant is, too.

Bonus: Jotaro’s reaction post-kiss. He let go as soon as Star Platinum got a hold of Heirophant’s head.

TLDR; Kakyoin reverse vored this nurse.