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American Horror Story


French Toast” {KitXReader}{Warnings: Smut}

Oreo Milkshake” {KylexReader}{No warnings}

I’m Sorry” {TatexReader}{Warnings: Strong language}

Want A Drink?” {KylexReader}{Warnings: Language, mentions of rape}

Personal Imagine For Michelle {JamesxMichelle}{No warnings}

Would Includes:

Dating Kit Walker 

Dating Tate Langdon 

First Time With Tate

Dating Donovan

First Time With James March

Dating Jimmy Darling

Sex With Kyle Spencer

Assassin’s Creed

Would Includes:

Dating Ezio Auditore

Avatar The Last Airbender


Forever, I am Loyal To You.” {AangxReader}{No warnings}

I’ll Admit..” {ZukoxReader}{No warnings}

I Did It For Them…” {AangxReader}{No warnings}

I Don’t Swing That Way.” {SukixReader}{No warnings}

Oh my..” {ZukoxReader}{No warnings}


A:TLA Preference #1: Favourite Thing About You

A:TLA Preference #2: How They Deal With PDA

Would Includes:

Dating Zuko

Dating Haru

Dating Sokka

Being On Team Avatar



I Missed You.” {Tony PerryxReder}{Warnings: Smut, mild/strong language} Pierce The Veil

Would Includes:

Marrying Patrick Stump (FOB)



When They Realise They Love You

Would Includes:

Sex With Lance Sweets

Being Partnered With Booth

Dating Lance Sweets

Sex With Zach Addy



That’s What It’s Like Being A Girl.” {Cameron DallasxReader}{Warnings: Sexual language}

Facetime Call.” {Jack MaynardxReader}{No warnings}

That Was An Amazing Response.” {Hayes GrierxReader}{Warnings: None}


Buttercream Squad: First Kiss

Would Includes:

How You Met Conor Maynard

Sex With Jack Maynard

Sex With Conor Maynard

Sex With Shawn Mendes

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Would Includes:

Marrying Credence Barebone

Dating Newt Scamander

Harry Potter


”Just Stop, I love her.” {DracoxReader}{No warnings}

“Will You Say “I Do”?” {GeorgexReader}{No warnings}

“We Can Make Love” {DracoxReader}{Warning:Smut}

Why Are You Like This?” {HarryxReader}{No warnings}

I Didn’t Mean Anything I Said.” {HermionexReader}{Warning: Girl x Girl}

I’ll Just Stay Quiet..” {HermionexRonxReader}{No warnings}

I Swear To Merlin..” {SeamusxReader}{No warnings}

Personal Imagine for Jessica {JessicaxGeorge}{No warnings}

You’re Not Like The Others.” {BillxReader}{Warning: Boy x Boy}

Let Love Do The Talking.” {HermionexReader}{Warnings: Smut, Girl x Girl}

We Are Inseparable.” {OliverxReader}{No warnings}

You Call Me For Daddy For Now” {DracoxReader}{Warnings: Smut, daddy kink, mild language}

I Hope They Like Me.” {GinnyxReader}{Warnings: Girl x Girl}

Not As Bad As My Reputation.” {DracoxReader}{No warnings}

Who Is Normal?” {RonxReader}{No warnings}

Polaroid Love” {RonxReader}{No warnings}

The Boy Who Lied.” {HarryxReader}{Warnings: Mild/strong language}

Quidditch Love” {FredxReader}{No warnings}

What Hickey?” {DracoxReader}{Warnings: Smut, Language}

Wrapped In A Bow” {GeorgexReader}{Warnings: Smut}

Personal Imagine for Erinn {ErinnxDraco}{No warnings}

Ready For Your Punishment?” {FredxReader}{Warnings: Smut}

Electricity Of Pleasure.” {NevillexReader}{Warnings: Smut}

I’ll Tease You Next Time.” {GeorgexReader}{Warnings: Smut}

Harry Potter Preference #1: How He Deals With PDA

Harry Potter Preference #2: How He Told You He Likes You

Harry Potter Preference #3: How He Acts In Class Without You

Harry Potter Preference #4: First Kiss

Harry Potter Preference: First Fight

Marauders Preference: What Kind Of Girl The Go For

Fan Fics:

Love Throughout The Ages Masterlist 

Would Include:

Hufflepuff Dating George Weasley

Dating Bill Weasley

Being George Weasley’s Ravenclaw Girlfriend

Dating Oliver Wood

Dating Draco Malfoy

Living With George When Both Of You Lost A Sibling

Being Draco’s Sister And Dating Harry

Spending Christmas At The Weasley’s

Being Draco’s Best Friend

Dating Fred Weasley

Dating Cedric Diggory

Dating George Weasley

Sex With George Weasley

Sex With Fred Weasley

Sex With Draco Malfoy

Being Best Friend’s With Dean Thomas

Marrying Draco Malfoy

Being Bellatrix’s Daughter

Being Draco’s Younger Sister



Love Needs No Words.” {LafayettexReader}{No warnings}

Would Includes:

Dating John Laurens

Hunger Games


The Moment They Realised They Loved You

Would Includes:

Finnick Odair Falling For You

Having Kids With Finnick Odair

Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812


What Is The Matter My Love?” {PierrexReader}{Warnings: Smut}

You Don’t Need To See It!” {PierrexReader}{No warnings}

Would Includes:

Dating Anatole Kuragin

The Outsiders


The Outsiders Preference #1: How He Deals With Liking Another Guy

The Outsiders Preference #2: How He Tells You He Likes You

The Outsiders Preference #3: How They Show Affection Toward You

The Outsiders Preference: First Kiss


“Hearing A New Song” {DallyxReader}{Warnings: Suicide, strong language}

Your Body Is A Blessing.” {DallyxReader}{Warnings: Smut, Strong language}

I Had A Little Too Much.” {DallyxReader}{Warnings: Mild language}

Breaking The Bed.” {DallyxReader}{Warnings: Smut}

A Drink?” {DallyxReader}{Warnings: None}

Happy Birthday!” {DallyxReader}{Warnings: None}

Would Includes:

Dating Dallas Winston

Dating Ponyboy

Playing Tag

Orange Is The New Black


Thought You Was A Straight Bitch.” {WatsonxReader}{Warnings: Language}


OITNB Preference #1: How They Tell You They Like You

OITNB Preference #2: Their Nickname For You

The Sandlot


I Could Spot That Hat A Mile Away” {BennyxReader}{No warnings}

Kiss Me” {BennyxReader}{No warnings}


First Date

Would Includes:

Benny Having A Crush On You


Would Includes:

Teaching Castiel To Bake

Doctor Who


Doctor Who Preference #1: How He Deals With PDA

Would Includes:

Being 10th Doctors Daughter

Walking Dead


Walking Dead Preference #1: How You Two Cuddle

Walking Dead Preference #2: How They Spend The Holidays With You



You Name Should Be Dick” {JacksepticeyexReader}{Warnings: Mild/Strong language}

At least I Tried.” {MarkiplierxReader}{Warnings: A ballsack is mentioned}

If He Touches You Again, I swear…” {Caspar LeexReader}{Warnings: Panic Attack}

13 Reasons Why


How They React to PDA

What They Do When They Get Jealous

Would Includes:

Dating Zach Dempsey

Being Best Friends With Hannah

Being Best Friends With Hannah But Dating Zach

Monty Being Protective Of His SO

Who and What I can write

anonymous asked:

Jimmy Kimmel was sooo cute, but my personal favourite has to be the That Was For You moment. How Harry ran straight into Niall's arms and how Niall had to go on his tip toes so he could put arms around Harry. 😍😍😍 Sorry for bad english 😝😝😝

Oh, Non-Non, please don’t apologize for your English. Your English is great, and you shouldn’t need to apologize for it being your second language.

Now, this Narry moment you speak of:


Another great thing about this moment, is the moment right before, where Harry literally had to fight off a bunch of large men to get to Niall:

His need and dedication for Niall is beautiful.