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Name: Vero
Birthday: November 24th
Gender: she/her
Orientation: ace
Age: 23
Favorite Soda: gotta agree with Lizzie: Almdudler. the rest of the world is missing out
Favorite Candy: chocolate
Favorite Pizza: alle verdure
Favorite Salad Dressing: balsamico
Favorite Meal: changes all the time
Best Memory: bunny island
Best Friend: she isn’t active on tumblr anymore, so I won’t link her but she’s the Johnny to my Jimmy and the only person I know who’d laugh 45 minutes because of a stupid pun <3
Favourite Celebrity: (changed it because ‘best’ sounds weird) right now I appreciate Ulrikke Falch a lot but if we talk about more famous people, I’d say Arden Cho or Scott Hoying
One random fact about you: got some serious troubles lately but honestly? the sun is shining and I know it’ll be manageable somehow
One random fact about your day: a friend and I will bake a cake for someone’s birthday party tomorrow yay
One random fact about your job/school: I only realized how good my uni is after having studied somewhere else and now I’m super grateful
One random fact about your favorite TV show: all of them get cancelled so I’m pretty sure a witch cursed me or something

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Jimmy Kimmel was sooo cute, but my personal favourite has to be the That Was For You moment. How Harry ran straight into Niall's arms and how Niall had to go on his tip toes so he could put arms around Harry. 😍😍😍 Sorry for bad english 😝😝😝

Oh, Non-Non, please don’t apologize for your English. Your English is great, and you shouldn’t need to apologize for it being your second language.

Now, this Narry moment you speak of:


Another great thing about this moment, is the moment right before, where Harry literally had to fight off a bunch of large men to get to Niall:

His need and dedication for Niall is beautiful.