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A few weeks ago @secretjeanmarco tagged me in this wonderful post. I had to do it. Prepare for asshole Jean. But it’s okay guys, he’s an actor. Somewhat.

The guy arrived half an hour late, exactly like they had agreed upon, and parked that monstrosity of his right across from their kitchen window, almost on the front lawn.
Biting back a grin Marco dashed out of the door and through the driveway to jump right into the stranger’s arms.

“Hi, sorry”, he whispered, pulling their faces together in what had to look like a kiss from where his parents were standing in the doorway. “They’re already watching. I’m Marco…” Thankfully the stranger went with it, just curled his arms around Marco’s waist and gave a low chuckle, dipping his head.
“Now that’s a welcome … hi Marco, I’m Jean.” His smile was wicked, crooked and with a definite sparkle to surprisingly pretty amber eyes. The stubble he wore was unruly, giving him a rugged look that Marco couldn’t help but find intriguing and his mother would most definitely hate, hair died blond and falling messily into his face. This would do just fine.

“You’re even better than expected”, Marco snickered which earned him another chuckle.
“Watch it, baby…” The endearment was uttered with a smirk to that smoky voice. “I’m just here to grab a meal and cause some turmoil.”
“Oh yeah, sure. Sorry. Come on then!” He let go only to grab Jean’s hand and tug him towards the house with an excited bounce to his steps he didn’t have to fake entirely. “That thing really is hideous, by the way”, he murmured with a nod to the van parked behind them. Jean just scoffed.
“Don’t you insult the van, I can still be a total poster child, you know.” Letting his eyes glide once more over his guest Marco hummed.
“U-huh, sure you can…” He’d really like to see that, with those heavy boots, ripped jeans and baggy band shirt. Shit, Marco knew they’d agreed on something like that but … did the guy have to look like he just crawled out of one of his favorite pornos?
“What, I could totally…”

“Mom, dad! This is Jean. Jean, these are my parents.” Marco put on his sweetest grin as he pulled the other man up the porch and to the door. He was supposed to be totally in love with Jean, not lusting after him like the horny loser he actually was. But that was a whole other story.
“Jean, it’s … uh…” His mother trailed off as soon as they stepped into the light and she took in the whole disarray that Marco’s supposed boyfriend was in. Of course her husband had her back.
“Nice to meet you, Jean. Marco told us so much about you.” Lie. How could he, if he hadn’t even known Jean five days ago? But his father was nice and polite and held out his hand for a firm shake.

“Yeah, nice to meet you, Mr. B!” Oh seriously? How old was Jean, fifteen? But he was here to be a total jerk, so Marco just nodded along. Then Jean turned to his mother, smile going positively lecherous as he regarded her before drawling in a low voice:
“And wow, how nice it is to meet you…” Oh shit, he was good. Marco had to swallow the laugh that was bubbling up his throat.
His mother gave a tight lipped smile and ducked back into the house, quickly followed by his father. Jean gave him a thumbs up and wiggled his eyebrows before they stepped inside as well, fingers still intertwined.

They made it through the first course without anything horrible happening.
Jean made a few jabs at Marco’s cousin for the shirt he wore – to be fair, it really was ugly – and got some in turn for his own attire – which was incredibly hot but still not appropriate, so that much was true – but there was always someone interfering before things could get out of hand.
They improvised a terrible story about how they’d met at the bar where Jean worked one night and he wore a wide grin as he gave enough hints for everyone to come to the conclusion that they’d had sex then and there.
Marco could feel himself turn crimson red at that but his mother’s glare was worth every bit of embarrassment he felt.

During the main course Jean began dropping the real bombs and Marco really had to reign himself in not to start cackling like a maniac during some of his stunts.
Turning the other way to talk to his sister Julietta when Jean was blatantly hitting on the very pissed, very straight cousin he’d insulted earlier was hard, but Marco managed. Listening to the fallout was beautiful as well.
But the real shit went down when Jean turned to Marco’s mother shortly after that.
“So Mrs. Bodt, you have to explain one thing to me…” Marco’s mother was nothing if not patient but the way her head whipped around to their guest spoke for itself. “What is that thing on the wall all about?” She furrowed her brows and turned to see what Jean was pointing at, then looked even more confused when she turned back.
“You mean the … the cross?”

“Yeah…” The word was a little slurred, even though hadn’t touched anything alcoholic all night. He’d written about that in the ad, after all. “Why do you people put these on your walls?” Marco pretended to be very busy with his food, Jean’s plate was empty already. He seemed to want to go all out now.
“It’s … it’s a symbol of our beliefs, Jean. I’m sure you’re…” Jean didn’t even let her finish and fuck, he was really good.
“So you believe in that stuff? Like, the dude coming back from the dead and all? Cause I kinda call bullshit on that one.”

From then on it was hissed words and very thinly veiled insults culminating in Jean shouting and Marco’s father – his father! – shouting and auntie Marion’s baby beginning to cry and then Jean got kicked out of the house.
Actually, physically kicked out by Marco’s father, just grabbed at the back of his worn band shirt, pulled away from the table and pushed out of the front door. Marco had to try really hard to look upset and angry instead of gleeful as he passed his father in the hallway to storm after his date.

Jean was standing on the front lawn, stretching his arms over his head when Marco stepped outside, grinning and shaking his head.
“Well…”, Jean drawled, cracking his neck. “That was intense.”
“Yeah, didn’t think he’d actually touch you. Sorry if that…” Jean just scoffed as they began walking back to the van.
“No, it’s alright, was fun. But uhm, if you don’t mind the question…” Marco looked over at him and noticed a tiny crease between his eyebrows. Cute. “What did your folks do that you wanted to shock them like that? They seemed nice enough to me…”
Rubbing one hand along his neck Marco blinked and scrunched up his nose a little.

“I just wanted to get a point across, think it worked…” Jean shrugged and nodded, fishing in his pockets for the car keys. But Marco kind of … didn’t want to let him go like this.
“Hey, listen. You didn’t get any pumpkin pie, it’s the dessert…”
“Hmm, shame”, Jean hummed, biting his lip for a brief second before he pulled out his keys. “I love pumpkin pie.”
“Yeah, and my mom makes a great one … Your pay was a meal, right? And you didn’t get the whole one yet. How about I bring you some left-overs around tomorrow? ” A few blinks, a tilt of the head, then slowly, very slowly, a smile.

When Marco returned to the dining room it was dead silent. He took a moment to take in the state everyone was in. His father brooding, his mother furious, his sisters a little scared but also excited… Then he took a deep breath. And smiled.
“Since it can’t get any worse than this, how about you allow Julie to bring her girlfriend next time?”

Have some more Teen Titans/Attack on Titan crossover jeanmarco style, because I’ve been stuck in a crammed in a car for over 12 hours and I’ve been forced into family situations with relatives that have existed forever and I’m just now meeting them. 
-dies. i’m literally in a dingy hotel with my dad and sister passed out in the beds behind me. take me home- 
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Tili tili bom

This fic is in honor of my 300th follower, @ameliashepherdisthequeen. I hope you like what I made from it, sweetheart. Thank you for being my 300th follower. You guys mean all the world to me, and damn… This is evil.

OH YEAH. Since angst is my speciality…


It was a clear night above Seattle, one of those they had once a year. 
Many people liked it. Many people didn’t see it.
The people on lincoln road 2583 didn’t see it. The mom and dad were deeply asleep in their room, while the youngest kid of the family, a boy, was happily asleep in his bed, just as the middle child, a girl.

Tili Tili bom,Zakroy glaza skoree,
kto-to hodit za oknom I stuchitsya v dveri.”

The oldest daughter was widley awake. The moonlight had fallen right on her face, through the window, and while she looked out side, she softly sang a russian lullaby her teacher had taught her in school.

“ Tili Tili bom,
krichit nochnaya ptitsa,
on ezhe probralsya v dom k tem,
komu ne spitsya.”

She had no idea what it meant. Her teacher had said that she would get the translation the next week.
The girl had no idea she wouldn’t be singing for a while.

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Sorry to bother you but I'm trying to find this AU where Marco is blind but I accidentally close the tab and I'm trying to find it everywhere

[One shots]

A World Without Color by gyrojpg

Summary:  It wasn’t supposed to be like this, and it hurt to think how he could never see the world ever again. But what hurt most of all, was that he would never be able to see Jean Kirstein’s face from this day forward.

Although I Can’t See You by IrisLullaby

Summary: Jean’s sister atends to a blind school, and each year, there is a family event where students perform what they had learn but this time, Jean meets his sister’s friend Marco Bodt, a guy who went blind in a childhood accident.

C’est l’amour by CaptainKirschtein

Summary: If you are looking for a story in which two perfect people fall in love with all their good things blindly, then this is not the story for you.This is the story of how I, Marco Bodt, and Jean Kirschtein - two imperfect people - fell in love with each other’s flaws and mistakes, and continued falling together in this beautiful yet cruel world, where we fought to be noticed.This is what I call trust; and this is what I call love.


Forever by CaptainKirschtein

Summary: "I begin contemplating the prospect of a ‘forever’ with Jean Kirschtein, and I smile to myself, knowing how happy I am to be a part of it.“A three-shot, full of fluff and feels, of Jean and Marco getting married - and of events taking place before and after it.

[In progress]

If life was a coincidence by passive_aggressive_bird

Summary: Marco is blind. Has been, in fact, since he was born. His roommate also happens to be Eren Jaeger. He then happens to come across a small café where a man named Jean happens to work. They didn’t hit it off quite nicely, however, due to a misunderstanding, but maybe later on they’ll be able to form a much stronger relationship…?

F.I.L.M. by black_roulette

Summary: Jean Kirschstein’s one passion in life has always been photography. Camera always on hand, he makes it a priority to travel around and snap pictures of anything and everything to turn them into his next masterpiece. Now, after graduating with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Jean sets out on a mission to find inspiration for his “greatest project yet.” Taking a trip overseas, he meets Marco Bodt—a talented, aspiring street musician who was left permanently blind after a tragic accident. After meeting this fascinating young man, has Jean finally found his inspiration? After being dumped by his girlfriend prior to his trip and with nothing else igniting his captivation, what does he have to lose?

I hope it was one of these, if not, I’m gonna need some more details… - Mod J